The young man strode toward the right door. Every eye was upon him, and the weight of the stares pushed down on him like a physical force. He trusted the princess with all his heart, and didn't hesitate when he lifted the latch on the rusted metal door. The door opened smoothly, because though the door was rusty the hinges were well oiled. Out of the darkness of the chamber was a rustle of movement. The youth's breath quickened, and for a moment he feared the tiger would pounce on him and kill him. But he banished the thought and waited. Out of the darkness stepped a fair lady with a beautiful turquoise gown. Her fair hair hung around her shoulders, and she was stunning. She stepped out into the open and the crowd cheered. The youth breathed a sigh of relieve and joy. He was to be married! He gave a nervous glance at his lover, for he knew her jealous, fiery ways. She sat there staring at the lady, or maybe him, with absolute hatred. He quickly looked away and embraced his bride. The church bells rang merrily while the crowd cheered, but he was feeling a lot less happy.

The princess stared at him as he opened the door. She saw the childlike delight as he gazed upon the lady, beautiful as ever. She saw him glance at her, quickly, nervously, but then look away just as fast. Anger burst in her chest as she saw him grin and hug his bride. She had saved him, yet they would still not be together. The priest came out of the door at her father's feet. Choristers sang their merry songs while maidens danced and blew golden horns. The brass bells rang in delight, but right then the sounded like the tolling of funeral bells. She watched as her love was wedded to the lady. She almost cried as he kissed her, and another burst of anger erupted in her as she saw the lady throw her a smug look. She felt like sinking into the ground and staying there. Then the young man looked at her, and this time he held her gaze. She saw in his eyes, that if there was any other way, he would be with her. She saw his regret at having to make her suffer this way. She saw that he still loved her with all his heart, and suddenly, the anger left her, and everything was okay. He may be married to the hated lady, but he was still hers.