Just Friends

(Author's Note: I do not own Baccano! I only own Lila. Also, this is based on one of my stories that I'll probably never put on here. Well, this is what happens after Lila, my character, kisses Czes on the cheek and this is the narration.)

A blush spread across both of their faces. Lila smiled, which made it all so much better. Compared to Czes, Lila seemed like more of a child, she had that innocence that only a child can have. Although she's been alive for about the same time that he has. Something about her made almost everyone she met smile. Lila had feelings for Czes ever since she first saw him, he never really knew what to think of her. At first she was, annoying, and she often pestered him about things he really didn't care for. Although, he was impressed by her pure white hair. She'd always thought he was just adorable, she thought he acted like too much of an adult, it made her upset when he never wanted to play with her. After a while to him she became cute, always smiling and laughing, she had a wide-eyed innocence that he never had. Even before he became an immortal he was very mature. Although Lila was childlike, she still wasn't as loud and obnoxious like other kids he'd seen. Czes was so confused, Lila was as well. They didn't really know how to feel about each other. Were they friends? Were they lovers? Maybe they were both. Lila felt butterflies in her stomach, she was really embarrassed. She wasn't really saying words, she just seemed to mumble. He started to laugh a little, he'd never seen her like this, she'd always been energetic and bouncy. She began to laugh as well, she couldn't help it. They were both completely engulfed in thought that they hadn't noticed that they were holding hands.

"Hey um...Do you want to go play ball?" Lila asked a little shyly, expecting him to say no.

"Sure, that sounds like fun." He began to lead her to the park, still holding her hand.

That's how they spent time for a long while, playing ball. Maybe they just were friends. Maybe later they would become lovers. For now, they just want to play ball.