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So yes! It's mpreg~ and gay and the pairing is Hank/Alex with major hints of Erik/Charles~

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Don't Have Kittens

Chapter 1


It wasn't that he didn't mind company because well, if he was honest it got lonely sometimes in the lab when he was waiting for results or on longer nights. But this was getting weird. Hank's ears twitched but he kept his eyes on his current experiment, trying to ignore the other person in the lab.

Alex had been hanging out more often and, at first, it had seemed he was just wanting Hank to fix him up a new panel but the had been finished for a few weeks now and Alex was still hanging around. And normally, sure, that would be fine … except Alex seemed to have a habit of breaking things.

Let's just say Havoc was a pretty fitting code name.

"So what are you working on today?" Alex leaned over to glance at the beakers Hank was working with. It looked like a little mad-scientist set. "Mixing some purples and blues?"

"Please don't touch anything." Hank sighed trying to ignore the heat and scent coming from the other man.

"I thought you said that thingy I broke wasn't important." Alex huffed sitting on the edge of the table causing some of the objects to shake ominously. Hank gripped the table holding his breath for a second.

"I said it wasn't important for the experiment I had been working on the time. It was expensive though." Hank tried his best not to look over at the blonde. He liked Alex, a little too much and though the other person had stopped teasing him as much Hank didn't want to get delusional over Alex's attentions. The blonde was probably just bored.

"As for the case you broke on Tuesday or the table you knocked over on Friday …" Hank grabbed his notepad. "Was there something you needed?"

Alex didn't respond right away causing Hank to look over at the other mutant. Alex seemed to be pouting for a moment before pushing off the table causing everything to shake again for a moment. "Geez Bozo can't a guy just hang out?"

Hank fought back a snarl at the nickname. It still stung. "Since when do you want to hang out with me? And actually I would appreciate it if you stayed away from the lab while I'm experimenting."

"Well someone's got you all bent." Alex rolled his eyes. "You're not going all feral on us are you Beast?"

"You will be the first to know." Hank bent his ears back, "If you break anything else in this lab I'm going to turn you into an experiment." With that he turned away not really wanting to keep fighting.

"Whatever, I can catch a hint. This was fun Hank … really." The door slammed shut and Hank winced when he heard something fall to the floor with a small crash.

"What am I doing?" Hank ran his hands over his face then through his fur. He went back to his experiment. It would be easier if Alex just left him alone. Then Hank could get over these weird feelings and everything would be back to normal.

But of course things don't work like that.

"I don't know what your problem is!" Alex and Sean came into the lab bickering. "This is your fault!"

"Shut up, why'd you leave it there anyway?" Alex huffed before glaring over at Hank. Hank felt his impatience rising. He glared at both of them causing Sean to pause with his mouth open.

"What do you want?" He tried not to growl but this was a sensitive project and he would be lucky if he didn't mess it up with his complete attention.

"Uh … okay so you're also angry. Good to know." Sean sighed before unbundling the thing in his arms. Hank realized it was Banshee's uniform now scorched with tale tale signs from Sean's blast. "I didn't do it."

"He's the one that left it in the bunker." Alex bit back glaring at Sean.

"Which by the way you totally destroyed!" Sean waved his hands. "Also not my-"

"Just shut up the both of you!" Hank slammed his fist on the table angrily. This was giving him a head ache. Both other mutants froze looking at him wide-eyed. Then there was a small cracking noise. Hank looked over at the experiment he had been working on fell over on the now severely dented table. It crashed and as some of the chemicals started mixing there was the smell of melting metal and a sizzling noise.

"Wow, glad I'm not that table." Sean whistled.

"Get out." Hank growled angrily. "Both of you. Now." His whole experiment was ruined; it would take a couple of weeks to be able to restart it again.

"Hey we didn't do it." Alex crossed his arms angrily at the same time Sean said "Okay." and started backing away.

"Why do you even come here? Do you enjoy messing up my tests? That has to be it." Hank growled stepping closer to the other mutant.

"It's not like they're important or anything. Why can't you just go outside like a normal-"

"In case you haven't noticed none of us are exactly normal." Hank shoved Alex back causing him to hit a table. "And I'll have you know that I seriously doubt that you would even be able to comprehend what anything I do is. But no, I'm just a Bozo right? Still? Now I'm just blue and furry but always a Bozo that has to fix your stupid toys. That's all I'm here for?"

"Hey I didn't-" Alex leaned backwards knocked over a stack of petri dishes. He looked back at Hank wide-eyed.

"Hey uh sorry Hank, we'll just uh … this was a bad time." Sean was obviously worried and didn't know what to do.

Hank closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Don't move." He mumbled counting to ten before opening his eyes. He had both his arms on either side of Alex blocking the blonde in. He didn't' even remember getting this close. Alex was obviously trying to be still but also seemed … worried? Hank blinked realizing how close they really were. Too close.

He didn't' like losing control of himself like this.

"Didn't I say if you broke something else I get to turn you into an experiment?" Hank backed away and made his tone joking.

Sean let out a loud sigh of relief, his shoulder's slouching slightly.

"What? Y-yeah but this was yo- … an accident." Alex eyed Hank warily. Hank looked around before walking over to a cabinet and opening it. He winked over at Sean before turning back over to Alex.

"Alright now don't move." Hank leaned over him again.

"Hey you weren't serious!." Alex went to move back but froze when Hank put a heavy hand on his shoulder.

"Seriously you shouldn't move." Hank leaned forward so they were close again. He couldn't help but stare at the blue eyes, he glance down at Alex's lips before smiling and giving him a shot in the hip. Alex winced but didn't jump. Hank pulled away before he did something stupid like kiss the other man. "Alright let me know if you come up with any symptoms."

"This is so stupid." Alex huffed blushing for some reason before retreating from the lab.

"Hey wait!" Sean grinned at Hank before following him. "I should watch you in case you turn pink or something!"


Three days without incident.

Three days without Alex visiting.

Sean had come by the next day and apologized before asking again if Hank would fix his suit.

Charles and Erik both stopped by shortly after breakfast. Hank had to swear up and down that yes he had just injected Alex with a placebo that wouldn't do anything and that no, he would not continue to experiment on fellow mutants or students without consent.

Hank was rather embarrassed that he had even done it to be honest.

And Hank hadn't even seen Alex around the mansion. It wouldn't be hard to avoid someone in this large place but Charles preferred if they all tried to eat their meals together. It was just that … He was so close to finishing a new design for a new jet or even trying to figure out traits in mutant cells and-

There was a knock at the door. Hank raised an eyebrow. "Raven?" She would usually come in and yell at him for overworking himself. He still felt bad about how he had treated her … with the serum. He was glad she hadn't used it, who knows what it might have done to her?

"Um." There was an awkward cough that was obviously male. "No but she did send me." Hank raised an eyebrow as the door opened and Alex walked in with a small trey of food. "Not my idea." Alex mumbled looking at the floor.

Hank felt his chest tug. "Oh uh ... thanks?" He didn't want to think too much about it. Obviously Raven was worried and sent Alex down to check on him. Why hadn't she come? Hank frowned at the schematic he was looking at.

"You haven't left here for a while have you?" Alex set the trey down beside it causing Hank to jump. The table shook and a binder full of notes toppled onto the floor and papers flew everywhere. "Shit! Sorry!"

"No it's okay." Hank and Alex both dropped to the floor to pick it up. They picked up the papers in awkward silence. "Um … it was just a placebo." Hank felt like he should let it be known.

"Uh … yeah Charles told me." Alex smirked at Hank. "That was a pretty good prank."

"I still shouldn't have done it." Hank sighed standing up with the papers. "I'm sorry."

Alex stood up handing him the rest. He looked uncomfortable.

"Thanks for bringing me food." The blue mutant set everything down on the table.

"I'm sorry I keep ruining your experiments." Alex suddenly blurted out and the looked embarrassed. "And that I keep calling you Bozo … I know you don't like it."

"You don't have to apologize." Hank froze surprised.

"I'll stop bothering you in here just- can you come out every once in a while?"

"You don't have to stop coming here." Hank paused.

"I keep breaking things." Alex mumbled.

Hank honestly didn't know how to respond without continuing this steadily getting awkward conversation. Alex looked frustrated as he glared at the floor.

"You don't have to hang out here if you don't want to?" Hank offered.

Alex scoffed as if he realized something unbelievable. "You're a complete idiot."

"What?" Hank blinked, he was pretty sure he hadn't heard that right but then Alex was right there leaning up and grabbing the back of Hank's head and kissing him roughly. Hank opened his mouth in surprise before Alex tried to pull him down so it would be easier to explore his mouth.

A low growl came from Hanks chest before he grabbed Alex's hips and pushed him against the table and took over the kiss. It was hot and messy and the first time Hank had kissed anyone after his transformation. Alex was running his hands through Hank's fur and sucking on his tongue. It was dirty. It was the best kiss Hank had ever had in his life.

"Oh." He breathed out when they finally pulled their lips apart. He licked his lips looking down at the shorter mutant.

"Yeah." Alex breathed heavily before letting out a laugh. "Oh."

"You … but … " Hank sighed nuzzling the side of Alex's face. The blonde hummed and moved one hand to start petting Hank's head. They were still pressed together. "I'm furry."

"I don't mind." Alex said in a low tone that had Hank's stomach stirring.

"Hank have you seen Al-" Raven stopped at the sight in front of her. "Oh. Never mind."

Hank and Alex pulled away quickly as she turned around. "Don't worry Sean! Hank didn't kill him. No they're busy, why don't you take me to a movie?"

"Um … " Alex looked over at Hank. "So?"

"You wanna help me with an experiment?" Hank blurted out before ducking embarrassed. Alex blinked at him. "I promise you aren't going to be part of it …I mean … I won't stab you with anything."

"Sure." Alex shook his head with a smirk. "Nerd."

"Um … hold this." Hank moved the trey of food to the side and handed Alex a test tube with blue liquid in it. "Don't let it touch your skin."

Alex held it a bit farther from himself. "Does this count as a first date?"


"I'm glad you're taking a break Hank." The furry mutant jumped when Charles and Erik walked into the kitchen. Both of them dressed for the day. Hank felt slightly embarrassed he was still in his pajamas. "I was worried I was going to have to lock your lab and force you to take a day."

Hank didn't have the heart to admit he was just grabbing toast before heading back over there. He smiled sheepishly. "I guess I can take a day off. Nothing needs my needs my attention today."

"Well he has been taking breaks with Alex." Erik winked with a smirk over at Hank. Charles smiled into the cup of coffee he just made.

"Foooood." Sean stumbled into the kitchen with his eyes closed. He was still in his pajamas and his hair was mostly sticking to one side of his head.

"I believe its Raven's turn to make breakfast." Charles helped Sean to a chair. "Would you like some coffee?"

"Mmrgh." Sean's head hit the table with a loud thud. They stared at him, Erik looked amused, Charles looked worried and Hank decided Sean was in more need and put his plate of toast in front of the ginger. Sean looked up at it before grabbing a piece and biting into it. "MMMmmmm."

"I swear if you're eating Sean I'm going to put dye in your shampoo-" Raven stopped as she made it into the kitchen. She smiled at everyone, she was dressed for the day as well but her true blue self. Hank was kind of glad to be seeing that side of her more. "Good morning."

"Pancakes." Sean mumbled into the table.

Raven whapped the back of his head and took his last piece of toast. "I don't take requests."

"I'm going to go get the paper." Erik took a drink of his coffee glancing over at Charles with a smile.

"Why don't you wake Alex up Hank?" Charles took his drink from him and pushed him out of the kitchen. Hank shook his head, everything was strangely domestic here.

"Uh sure Charles." He padded his way down the halls bare-foot. Now that he was blue and furry it seemed kind of meaningless to worry about his feet. The mansion was large. Hank wondered if they would be able to find enough mutants to fill the place up.

He stopped outside of Alex's room pausing. Alex was doing something. He leaned closer to door pressing his ear against it. He did like the extra hearing and smell that came with it. Alex let out a small moan and Hank felt himself warm up. His heart started pounding against his chest a little harder.

Hank could hear Alex jerking himself off. He found himself wanting to see it and before his mind could process what he was doing he opened the door. He was slightly surprised Alex had left it unlocked.

"Hank!" Alex was sitting up on his bed grabbing his duvet to cover himself.

"I … uh … breakfast." Hank couldn't believe he just walked into the room. He couldn't bring himself to runaway either. Something inside him was stirring in his chest and stomach. He let out a small noise that he was pretty sure wasn't human. Or regular human anyway.

Alex was blushing furiously. "Um … thanks?" He seemed to be waiting for something. "Um … going to close the door?"

Hank gulped and shut the door behind him. He didn't even wonder if Alex had wanted to finish alone he just knew he wanted to see it. The monster inside him wanted to see it. And then he was suddenly beside Alex was looking at him surprised. Hank leaned forward and pulled him into a kiss.

He growled licking his way into the other mutant's mouth, nipping at his lips and claiming him. He purred at the thought but Alex was pushing at his shoulders so he pulled away a little reluctantly. Alex was flushed and his lips were slightly swollen.

"Good morning to you too." The blonde chuckled breathlessly licking his lips. "I would not mind getting used to that but dude you aren't helping me with my problem."

"What? Oh … ooohhh." Hank's mind was having a hard time trying to catch up. He looked at the floor embarrassed. "Should I leave?"

Alex licked his lips hungrily. "Do you want to leave?"

"No." Hank answered immediately leaning forward and kissing him again. He moved so he was sitting on the bed. He had one hand gripping the back of Alex's head and the other holding onto the bed tightly. Alex groaned when Hank nipped at his chin and moved to his neck.

"Yeah … that." The teen groaned moving a hand under the blanket. Hank used his hand not in the blonde's hair to pull the duvet back and groaning at the site of Alex's erection as the other mutant pumped himself.

He kissed Alex again thrusting his tongue into his mouth growling. He wanted to touch him but he didn't. The non-animal side of him reminding himself that they had only been "together" for one week. He definitely didn't want to be going too fast. He bit at Alex's neck again earning a moan.

"Hank … Hank … I'm …" Alex groaned as he came over his hand. He was breathing hard and Hank nuzzled his neck placing gentle kisses against the bite mark he left. Alex huffed amused. "That was … an excellent wake up call. They should always send you."

Hank pulled away embarrassed. "They're probably waiting."

Alex grinned pushing the cover off of him. "Let me get cleaned off. They can wait a bit longer." The blonde kissed Hank quickly before heading off to the bathroom. Hank quickly looked in the mirror and tried to pet down his fur, it was looking a little more wild than usual. When they finally made it to the kitchen everyone was eating Raven's first round of pancakes. Charles was smirking and not meeting their eyes.

"Jeez, what took you guys so long?" Sean asked between bites of bacon.


Alex was honestly surprised that Hank had shared interest in starting a relationship. Which, you couldn't blame him because well … even he knew he was a bit of jerk. That and he was a dangerous guy with a criminal record. Not really the best type.

But Hank was killing him.

Slowly. Painfully and somewhat sadistically.

Well maybe he wasn't doing it on purpose but still the boy moved slower than most girls Alex knew. Not that any of those girls were ladies themselves but Hank was no gentleman from what Alex had gotten to know.

He panted as he released a few blasts in the bunker.

Tiring himself out seemed to be the best option for now but if Hank didn't make a move soon Alex was going to have to take things into his own hands.


Hank sighed contently underneath the ray of sunlight coming from the window in the library. He hummed as the beam warmed his fur. It felt good.

He let the book fall from his chest and stretched out his arms. His ears perked up at the sound of movement and he sniffed the air. "Alex?" He opened his eyes sleepily.

"Hey." The blonde kneeled beside him. "Didn't mean to wake you up."

"Shouldn't be sleeping anyway." Hank didn't even pretend like he was planning on getting up. "I finally understand my cat."

Alex chuckled moving some books and lying down beside him. He was sweaty and smelled like nature. "Been seeing how high Sean can lift me while flying." He grinned. Hank opened his eyes surprised and sat up looking down at him. Alex had a few scrapes and scratches but nothing bad.

"You can't fly if he drops you." Hank didn't like thinking about it.

"Actually if I throw out some beams before I hit the ground it works wonders." Alex laughed before humming and stretching out. Hank licked his lips as his shirt rode up and exposed his stomach.

"Might be better once I finish a new panel for you." Hank muttered lifting his hand and putting it on the exposed skin. Alex hummed approvingly. "And if I could be a part of the testing … you know … to take notes."

"Of course." Alex opened his eyes, a smile playing on his lips. "Erik was able to catch me once because of my belt and watch." Hank noticed a small bruise on the teen's wrist and wondered how far and fast he had been falling. "Charles made us stop after that."

"I agree with him." Hank murmured with a small growl leaning over to kiss the wrist before kissing the stupid mutant. Alex made a noise of agreement into the kiss opening his mouth for the blue teen. Hank moved his hand under the shirt and felt the soft skin underneath it. He let out a small noise, wanting to mark every inch of that skin.

"Hank I want to have sex." Hank let out a small mewl pulling away. Alex was looking up at him slightly embarrassed. "I mean … if … you want to."

Hank could already feel his body betraying him at the thought but … "I … I haven't-"

"Oh." Alex looked surprised before leaning up and kissing Hank quickly. "That's okay, you're a virgin?"

"What? No." Hank scoffed before looking at the ground. "Just … as this … I haven't." He made a small motion at his body. "I mean …"

"Ohh." Alex bit his lip. "You don't want to or …?"

"I want to I just don't know … " Hank ran his hand up and down Alex's chest underneath his shirt earning a shiver.

"If you want to wait you should probably stop that." Alex spoke breathlessly. "Seriously."

Hank paused before doing it again. He bit his lip leaning forward and kissing Alex. "You're up for this?"

"I locked the door and told Raven I was going to seduce you … so yes." Alex grinned pushing Hank back until he could straddle the other teen's lap.

"You told her what?" Hank groaned as Alex squirmed in his lap before pressing down. The blonde pulled off his shirt. Hank growled at the site of the pale flesh. He pulled Alex closer and kissed him running his hands over the smooth body. "I … I don't know if I can stop myself if we start this."

"Good." Alex kissed him hard unbuttoning his shirt and sliding it off of him. "Don't stop. Let go. Fuck me."

Hank growled again and he tried to take a breath but something was coming loose. He pushed Alex back so his back hit the floor and kissed him hard before nipping at his neck and chest. Alex's hands ran through the fur on his back as he groaned. He thrust up against the hard body above him. "Hank, Hank …"

"Alex." Hank purred against the other teen's neck before moving back to kiss him and work at their pants. It didn't take long before both of them were naked and rutting against each other. Gasping and growling. Alex held onto Hank tightly.

"Hank … please."

"I want to … " Hank gasped rubbing their erections together. "I want to …" He groaned pulling away earning a whimper from Alex. He spread the blonde's legs, kissing a thigh.

"Wait Hank." Alex pressed against the other teen's shoulders. "My pockets, check my pockets." Hank let out a small noise before reaching over and grabbing the pants, checking the pockets and pulling out a small bottle of oil. "It's all I could find on short notice." Alex panted pulling Hank back to him. "Have you? With a guy?"

"No." Hank admitted a little nervous. "But I know how to." He poured the oil onto his fingers before gently pressing one at Alex's entrance earning a small noise. Alex grabbed Hank's shoulders kissing him hard as the first finger slid into him. Both teens let out groans. Alex arched up throwing his head back. Hank looked down watching his finger go in and out before sliding another one in earning more noises from Alex. He leaned forward kissing his chest. "It's okay, relax, I got you."

"Hank …" Alex moaned, his hands holding onto Hank's shoulders tightly. Hank slid another finger stretching him out. He used his free hand to stroke Alex a few times earning some approving noises. "Hank I'm ready, c'mon."

"You sure?" Hank waited for a nod before pulling his fingers out and pouring the rest of the oil on his erection. He groaned at the touch before positioning himself. He grabbed Alex's legs forcing the other teen to wrap them around his waist as he pushed forward. Even after being stretched it was still so tight. He growled before thrusting in and bottoming out in one move. Alex let out a yell squeezing his legs around Hank.

"Sorry." Hank kissed the other teens face and licked at his chin. "I'm sorry are you okay?"

"Yeah … just …" Alex had a tight hold onto the fur on his back. They were both breathing heavily and Hank really wanted to keep thrusting but he waited for Alex to tell him it was okay. He kissed the blonde's chest and slid a hand down to pull at the other's erection.

"Hmmm." Alex shifted slightly earning a moan from Hank. "Okay … let's do this." Hank kissed him roughly before starting a pace. He growled at the noises Alex was making. He bit at every part of the teen he could reach wanting to mark him up. His mouth found a nipple and he licked and sucked at it earning some more noises.

"Hank I'm close." Alex scratched down his back as Hank's hand jerked him off. Alex threw his head back as his body tightened around the other mutant's. He let out a small cry keeping his hold tight.

Hank growled grabbing Alex's hips and fucking him hard into the ground. He wanted Alex to feel him for days. He bit down on the blonde's neck as he came inside him. Holding onto him. Alex let out a pleased noise as Hank tried not to fall on top of him.

The both stared at each other, their chests heaving. Alex smiled up and ran a hand through Hank's hair. Hank smiled back and went to pull out except … he paused. He tried again earning a small moan from Alex when he thrust back in. He couldn't. "Umm … "

"What?" Alex squirmed. "What is it?"

"I'm stuck." Hank looked down embarrassed. "I think I'm … well … knotting."

"You what?" Alex squirmed and gasped when Hank rutted against him still buried inside.

"I can't pull out." Hank grabbed Alex's hand and pulled it to touch where they were still attached. "It's um … something common with dogs … I honestly didn't think that it was going to affect me …"

"What do we do?" Alex squeaked slightly. People were going to find them here eventually wondering what they were up to.

"It should go down, we just have to wait." Hank pressed his forehead against Alex's chest. "I'm so sorry." He couldn't help if his hips kept moving against the smaller teen though, it seemed natural.

Alex ran his hands soothingly in Hank's fur letting out a small noise whenever Hank happened to touch his already sensitive prostate. "Guess we could keep going?" Alex smiled when Hank looked at him a little surprised. "What? That was a pretty good screw and I'm not going to try to walk around with you balls deep in my ass."

Hank let out a small laugh. "We're going to need a shower after this."


"If you really want another one of those jets I'm going to need a place to build it … and time." Hank handed Charles his new design. He looked around the study and down to the chessboard; Erik and Charles seemed to be in the middle of a new game. Hank wondered if Charles knew he was losing.

"I was aware." Charles frowned also looking at the board before realizing what he did. "Sorry Hank, I'm a bit out of sorts today."

Hank shrugged with a smile. "Everyone has to have those days every now and then. That's what makes us human." He paused. "Mostly anyway."

"Of course." Charles smiled unrolling the plans out on his desk. "These are wonderful Hank!"

"I made some adjustments … I don't know if it will be any more resistant to a tornado but I did add some more weather proofing." Hank pointed out some of the changes. "But I'm going to need somewhere to build it, unless your father had another secret but larger underground bunker?"

"No." Charles pursed his lips together before grinning, his eyes glinting mischievously. "But you have given me an idea."

"That makes me kind of worried." Hank joked scratching behind his ear. "If you're going to be building more underground bunkers can I suggest a circular one for a new cerebro?"

"Brilliant!" Charles laughed. "How are the plans for that one going?"

"I'm hoping to adjust a bit of the settings so it puts less strain on you but-" There was a thud outside in the hall before some laughing and then a crash.

"I told you to be more aware of your surroundings." Erik's voice sounded a bit amused. Hank and Charles peaked around the office just as Raven ran by. Alex ran by soon after but tripped and hit a vase on a stand; it was about to fall over but Hank barely managed to catch it with one of his foot.

"Good catch." Erik was suddenly there before looking sheepish at Charles.

"I thought you were going to be giving them a class in German." Charles had his arms crossed.

"I tried … they were bored." Erik shrugged.

"I thought I said no more training in the house unless there were certain conditions met." Charles eyed the other vase that had broken before down the hallway.

"Hey." Erik caught Sean who had tried to sneak by. "Go get everyone, we're moving this outside." He released the red head who saluted before going on his way. Erik looked at Hank. "You joining?"

"Um." Hank fumbled but Erik grabbed his arm and was pulling him down the hall.

"You too Charles, you both can't just exercise your brains you know."


"Hank." Alex groaned rocking his hips as the rode the other teen. Hank growled, his hands tight on Alex's hips thrusting up into him. Hank couldn't even believe he was in the situation he was in now. Whatever he and Alex were … the amazing sex. They still kept it to themselves other than slight touches in front of the others.

He knew none of them minded but he still didn't really know what this was either. Maybe if he looked normal they would go out of the mansion and do what normal people do but even if he was back to being a plain guy, two guys weren't really meant to date.

"Hank." Alex whimpered leaning down and kissing him hard. Hank returned it enthusiastically. Maybe he didn't need to put a label on this, besides it had only been a few weeks. He squeezed Alex's hips before moving one hand to the other mutant's straining erection trapped between their bodies. The blonde practically mewled at the touch his hands holding onto Hank. The blue mutant nipped at his lips and neck, licking the spots afterward.

"Ah!." Alex buried his face into Hank's neck as he came, his body tightening around the other's. Hank groaned and kept thrusting up, he was so close. Alex kissed his neck and chest before moving to giving him a proper one and then Hank was coming. He held Alex in place as he shivered to completion.

Both of them panting. Alex squirmed a bit, rocking his hips before moving a hand to where they were attached. "Did it happen again?"

It seemed that knotting, thankfully, didn't happen every time they had sex.

"I don't think so." Hank groaned when Alex pulled off, wincing slightly before collapsing beside Hank. Hank nuzzled the side of his face. "We should take a shower."

"Nnn in the morning." Alex huffed wrapping an arm around the furry teen.

"I would really hate to think about what would happen if this stuff dried in my fur." Hank chuckled nipping at Alex's ear.

"Fine but we're moving to your room, I don't feel like cleaning my sheets too." Alex yawned letting Hank pull him up so they could take a late shower. Thankfully it was rather late so everyone else would most likely be sleeping.

"It's a deal." Hank pulled Alex with him to the bathroom and then into the shower. He shivered at the hot water before pressing Alex against the wall and kissing him. The blonde hummed into it sleepily.

"I thought we were getting cleaned." Alex smirked, his hands rubbing soap over Hank's chest.

"We are." Hank purred rubbing soap into his palms before running his hands through Alex's hair. He kissed him again.

And things are fantastic.


"How was it?" Hank peaks into the bunker now with a line of fire starting from Alex's feet to the left side completely missing the target.

"I don't know … it seems right I'm just having problems aiming." Alex has a light sheen of sweat on him and he's panting lightly. Hank frowned putting a hand on his forehead. They hadn't been testing the new panel that long.

"Do you feel sick?" Hank asked quietly worried but Alex just shook his head.

"Just tired." Alex mumbles offering Hank a cocky smirk. "You've been keeping me up later."

"Actually you've been going to bed earlier compared to when you used to join me in lab and break things." Hank smiles but he was still worried so he started unbuckling the panel. "Maybe this thing is requiring more energy than the previous ones, let me check it out and you go lay down or something."

"Ugh I'm not sick." Alex rolled his eyes but he started heading out anyways.

"Doctor's orders." Hank couldn't help but tease before grabbing the closest extinguisher and putting out the flames. He picked up the panel trying to think if there was a mistake he made. He was pretty sure it would work the same, maybe Alex was coming down with something?

Ah Hank! Can we get your help outside? Charles' voice came from inside his head a little breathless.

Uh sure, just don't bother Alex I think he's coming down with something. Hank thought quickly in reply hoping the other man didn't already call the other teen.

Alright, we're in the back. Charles sounded a little worried. Hank put the panel up in his lab making some notes for tests he could run on it, he passed by Alex's room to see the teen passed out on his bed. Hank frowned worried before making his way outside.

He was surprised at the rather large hole Charles, Erik, Sean and Raven seemed to have dug in a short period of time. "What's this for?"

"Underground bunkers of course." Charles chuckled. His skin flushed by the sun. Hank gaped.

"That will take a while! Only the five of us!" He took the shovel Erik handed him.

"We have an advantage!" Raven shouted from across the yard.

"Not me, I've been trying to figure out the right pitch to make holes." Sean grumbled when Hank looked at him, the red-head had a hat on and long sleeves but he was already pretty red.

"It would probably be faster if we had bigger shovels." Erik said as he put his hands out concentrating. A couple of the shovels lifted up and started digging in the hole.

"I think we have some metal panels in the barn." Raven ran up a little breathless. "I think I saw some when I was looking for shovels."

"Please lead the way." Erik held out an arm and Raven laughed taking it before pulling him towards the barn. Sean stopped digging and went back to trying to plow the ground with his voice. Hank flinched at the high pitches.

"So what's wrong with Alex?" Charles put on his worried face.

"Well we were testing out the new panel like I said at breakfast but after a few blasts he was exhausted and he couldn't aim. I'm going to test the panel tonight but I'm worried he might be coming down with something." Hank let his toes curl in the grass. He suddenly realized it had been a while since he had left the house.

"I'm glad we have our own resident doctor." Charles thumped Hank's shoulder. Hank ducked his head a little embarrassed.

"Charles have you thought about how deep you're going to have to dig for what you want?" Hank shifted the subject back to the task at hand.

"I was thinking … very deep."


Alex panted leaning against the building in the shade. The weather was getting cooler but the blonde mutant was out in a tank top and jeans. Sean stopped jogging when he realized Alex had stopped.

"Hey you alright mate?"

"Yeah." Alex nodded rubbing his forehead. "Just not feeling very good."

He had been feeling off for a while now that he thought about it. He took another deep breath. Normally it would take a couple more laps for him to be this out of breath. He looked up at the red-head who put a hand on his shoulder.

"Should I get somebody?" Sean shifted on his feet as if he would run until he saw someone if Alex asked. Alex smiled shaking his head, he still wasn't used to having a friend like Sean … or Raven, Charles Erik … or Hank. He blinked a few times at a wave of nausea.

"No, I think I'm going to go lay down." Alex huffed. He didn't like feeling weak. It was bad enough if he had to come down with the flu or something. He offered Sean a smile before steadily making his way inside. He paused at the warmth of the mansion. His whole body shivering making him realize how cold he was.

Maybe he was sick.

He paused when he passed by the study, there was a low purring sound coming from it. Alex grinned slipping in and looking around. Hank was sleeping sitting up, his back leaning against a window with diagrams and books spread out around him. The blonde rolled his eyes. Hank was such a nerd, kinda cool sometimes, but mostly a nerd.

And a pleasant source or warmth.

Alex moved some of the things around trying to be quiet before sliding up to the furry mutant. He gently wrapped one of Hank's arms around him sighing contently at the warmth. He leaned his head against Hanks shoulder.

Alex blushed realizing what this kind of looked like. He hoped no one would come in and see them but then Hank made a noise wrapping his arm around Alex righter and nuzzling the top of his head. The furry teen pulled back looking confused.

"You weren't here before."

"You're not wearing your glasses." Alex slid an arm around Hank, he was so warm.

"You're freezing!" Hank rubbed his hands on Alex's arms. "You're shaking."

"You're stating the obvious today, usually you're a little bit more … smart." Alex huffed before closing his eyes feeling sick again. "I don't feel good."

"Please don't throw up on me." Hank put a hand on Alex's forehead. He felt clammy but still not feverish. "Is it the flu?"

"How should I know?" Alex huffed pulling away. "You're the doctor. I'm going to go lay down."

Hank sighed pulling Alex back to him, noting the other teen barely fought it before flopping against him again. He ran his hand through the spikey blonde hair. "What do you feel like?"

"Crap." Alex huffed, deciding his body was out of his control if it snuggled closer to the furry mutant.

"Hmmm it could be anything with symptoms like that." Hank tried not to chuckle but was happy to see Alex smirk. "Anything else?"

"Just tired." Alex huffed closing his eyes.

"Then you should probably lie down." Hank moved a hand to rub Alex's back. "I can see if Charles has any medicine."

"No I'll be fine now shut up, pillows don't talk." Alex sighed pulling his legs in closer and keeping his eyes closed.

"Neither do blankets." Hanks huffed but left Alex to lay against him. He grabbed one of the books from the floor and tried to remember where he left off. He leaned his head against the blonde, Alex smelled like outdoors, sweat and something that was distinctly Alex. Hank purred against him. The blonde was obviously coming down with something, Hank chewed his lip lightly. They should probably get him something before it got worse.

"C'mon Alex." Hank sighed nudging the blonde who squirmed unhappily letting out a displeased noise. Hank huffed leaning to slide an arm under Alex's legs before slowly standing up pulling Alex with him so he was carrying him. He was thankful for the new strength and flexibility that came with this blue form on more than one occasion. He gently cradled Alex's head before adjusting him so it would be easier to walk.

"Are you seriously carrying me?" Alex mumbled into his chest. Hank's ears lowered, embarrassed.

"Maybe." He walked up the stairs. "Debating taking you to your room or to Charles to see if he has any medication."

"I don't need any medicine." Alex moved to glare up at Hank. "And I don't need you to carry me. I'm not sick."

"Well you're not 100%. You were exhausted after just a couple of blasts the other day and you were only running outside with Sean for 10 minutes." Hank ducked into Alex's room, walking over and dropping him on the bed. "You're welcome."

"Wait." Alex huffed grabbing Hank's arm before he could leave. He glared at the floor. "Thanks."

Hank lifted his free arm and placed his hand on Alex's forehead again. "How are you feeling?"

"Honestly?" Alex sighed letting Hank play with his hair. "Tired and still a bit cold." He smiled tugging on Hanks arm. "You have any plans today?"

Hank could think of three projects he should be trying to finish off the top of his head. "I have time for a nap." He smiled as Alex scooted over, he climbed into the bed so they were lying beside each other. "You just want me here as a blanket." Hank wrapped his arm around the blonde pulling him close.

"If you don't want to be used as a blanket then stop being such a crappy pillow." Alex chuckled getting comfortable. "After this we can have sleepy wake up sex."

"With my pet names being pillow and blanket you're leaving me no imagination of what prison life was like for you." Hank teased. "Getting close to inanimate objects?"

"Shut up."


"So I think I'm going to have to hire some people to finish up our hole and underground sanctuary." Charles sighed leaning against Hank's table. He was covered in mud, Sean had discovered an underground well in the midst of digging.

"You didn't honestly think the six of us could build it?" Hank asked incredulously.

"You've built even more amazing things on your own Hank." Charles smirked challenging. Hank sighed.

"I'm not an architect."

"But you could be! Endless possibilities Hank." Charles spun while talking. "This is what this is all about. Never sell yourself short."

"Sure." Hank rolled his eyes. "Now when will there be people here building your underground layer?"

"Tomorrow." Charles sighed.

"What about us?" Hank fidgeted. Charles looked over at him wide-eyed but frowned. "You know … at least I won't help with the whole secret thing."

"They're only here to put down the basic support." Charles seemed to finally notice he had been tracking mud around Hank's lab and smiled sheepishly. "I expect for us to work on the rest. As you pointed out, none of us are architects yet so we will have to rely on others. Erik and I are having a disagreement on how to go about it but it isn't as if we should have to hide from everyone."

"But we do." Hank mumbled pushing away from the table. "We do for now, they aren't ready Charles … with this I will agree with Erik. I'll stay inside while the workers are here." Hank smiled. "Not like I go out much anyway."

"You should, you're still caging the animal inside you up and one day you aren't going to control it if you don't learn to work with it." Charles was about to put a hand on Hanks shoulder but paused. "I believe I'm making a mess of your lab."

"Indeed you are." Hank laughed. "Why did you come here?"

"To give you a heads up about the workers. Sorry for it being last minute but I do want this done as soon as possible. Who knows how many more students we can get to this school." Charles grinned before going on his merry way.

Hank felt bad for wanting to point out that it wasn't much of a school yet. "Oh Charles do you have anything for the flu?"

"Are you sick?" Charles stopped at the door looking worried.

"No, uh I think Alex is coming down with something. I checked in the bathrooms, all of them, and I couldn't find anything." Hank shifted, he was surprised at the lack of medical supplies in the mansion honestly.

"Everything is in the closet before the bunker." Charles laughed. "I'm sorry I thought I showed you. It was pretty hectic when you got here. Would you like me to-?"

"No I'll go check it." Hank smiled leaving the room with him. "You have a basic kit in some of the bathrooms I was surprised to see you didn't have any aspirin." Charles' smile faltered a bit but not much.

"Ah yes, when I was younger I used to get headaches and my parents were worried that I would become addicted so they locked it up with the rest." Charles stopped at the stairway.

"Do you mind if I asked where they are?" Hank had been wondering.

"They've both passed. A time ago." Charles had a sad smile as he looked at the floor. "I hope you don't mind I read your file, you were raised in an orphanage?"

"Nuns, they were worried I would never be adopted because of my feet but nice enough to let me read their entire library." Hank admitted. "I'm sorry about your parents."

"It's history," Charles patted Hank's shoulder. "Now go take care of Alex, I don't think he'll be very likeable sick."

"Understatement." Hank chuckled going the other way. He stopped at the door leading to the bunker and opened the other door beside it. Unlike the closet he had been expecting, it was another room with very organized supplies. Hank couldn't help but feel grateful that Charles' dad had been a little paranoid.

He looked around hoping that the flu-shots would be up to date. There was a lot in here. Hank wondered idly if either of Charles' parents were doctors. He smiled when he found a familiar looking box. He opened it, it had vaccine and syringes. He checked the date. They were only a year old. Hank paused closing it and frowning.

Had Charles been keeping it up to date?

"You're not hurt are you?" Hank jumped and turned to see Erik eyeing him for injuries.

"No, no." Hank shook his head quickly. "I'm going to give Alex a flu shot. Actually there's enough for everyone and it really wouldn't be a bad idea." Hank scratched a spot behind his ear.

"No that's a good idea." Erik nodded. "Everyone needs to be in good health. Have you seen Charles?"

"He went upstairs." Hank didn't really want to know what Erik wanted everyone to be in good health for. The other man nodded before continuing his way. At least it looked like the other man was able to bath. He wondered if Erik hadn't been able to see the mud trail.

Hank grabbed another kit. He would clean and sterilize everything before he used them. Just in case.




Hank yelped when someone pulled his ear while he was sleeping. He growled grabbing the intruder and pinning them to the mattress.

"Hank! It's me!" Alex groaned. Hank blinked a few times trying to slow down his heart. He looked down at the blonde.

"Alex?" The other mutant had been angry after the flu shot and had ignored Hank for the rest of the night. The blonde wheezed and Hank immediately jumped back. "I'm sorry are you okay?" He walked over to turn on the light.

"No." Alex looked feverish, there were bags under his eyes. Now that Hank could see him, he looked awful. He was shivering, his skin glistening with sweat. "I'm not okay."

"What's wrong?" Hank quickly got Alex onto his bed so he was lying down. He looked pale. "Alex?"

"Hmm." Alex shivered leaning into Hank's touch. "Don't feel good. Someone needs to clean up the bathroom." He groaned. "This is that damn shot, I knew it."

"It was supposed to be a preventative for the flu but sometimes it doesn't work." Hank pulled his blankets over Alex as he knelt beside the bed. "In fact you probably should have had one when you started showing symptoms."

"Hate shots." Alex sighed. "This is the second one you've given me. You're bad news."

Hanked laughed. "Then why did you come here?"

"You're a doctor. I'm dying. Fix me." Alex shivered.

"You're not dying, you're sick." Hank ran a hand through the blonde hair. "I'm going to go get some things, I'll be right back."

"No shots." Alex mumbled hugging the blankets.

"No promises." Hank placed a kiss on his forehead before getting up.

"Ah sick, who died?" Hank stopped to see Sean jump out of the bathroom. He jumped when he saw Hank. "Oh hey, um bathroom is a mess."

"Yeah can you get Alex a cup of water from the kitchen?" Hank closed the bathroom door, the smell already making him nauseous. "He's sick, he's in my room. I'll be right back."

"Uh sure." Sean blinked before making his way to the kitchen. Hank didn't run but he moved as fast and quietly as he could to the closet downstairs. Grabbing what he needed and then stopping at his lab for a few more supplies before he went back.

He stopped when he saw Charles at the top of the stairs. The other man smiled tiredly putting a finger over his lips.

"I'm sorry was I too loud?" Hank whispered as he walked up the stairs lightly.

"He thinks very loudly it seems, when he's miserable." Charles sighed tiredly walking with Hank down the hall. "I believe he also thinks he's dying. Very dramatic but let's not wake the others."

"You seriously made a mess in the bathroom." Sean was snickering when they entered the room. Alex was drinking the glass of water.

"You should go back to bed Sean, we don't know if he's contagious. Or if you're awake you can clean the bathroom." Charles chuckled at Sean's disgusted face.

"No thanks man, I don't like you that much." He patted Alex's knees before bumping Hanks' shoulder. "Fix'm up Dr. Beast."

Hank's ears perked up. He liked that a lot better than Bozo. He glanced back at Alex who glaring at him. "No needles."

"Scouts honor … for now at least." Hank chuckled kneeling beside the bed and pulling out a thermometer. "Say ah."

Alex wriggled his eyebrows opening his mouth. Charles cleared his throat. Hank blushed. "Alex apparently you're broadcasting your thoughts." He mumbled causing Alex to smirk at Charles.

"Sorry Boss."

"I think I'm going to head back to bed if you have it under control doctor." Charles wrapped his robe around himself. Hank noticed he wasn't looking at them anymore and blushing slightly.

"Got it, good night." Hank waited for Charles to leave before glancing at Alex who was trying to read the thermometer by moving it around in his mouth. "You know it works better if you stay still." Hank paused reaching to pull it out. "What did you think about anyway?"

"Other things I like having in my mouth." Alex smirked tiredly laying back. "I think you should say 'say ah' next time."

"You're messed up." Hank couldn't help but smiled as he checked the thermometer. "It's a little high but when you had your physicals before you're body temp was higher than this …" He frowned. Alex's body heat was higher than a normal person's on a regular basis, why would it be cooling down?

"What's that mean?" Alex asked shivering under his blanket. "Is that why it's so cold?"

"I would like to run a few tests." Hank paused when Alex glared at him. "Alex I would definitely like check this. If I can't figure it out you might need to go to a hospital."

"I thought you were a doctor." Alex mumbled. Hank sighed putting everything up before getting up and turning off the light. He went back to the bed and pushed Alex over before crawling under the covers with him. Alex's body even felt a little cooler than usual. He wrapped his arms around him and was glad Alex didn't fight it too much.

"I am but I obviously wasn't working in a hospital when I got picked up. We'll run the tests in the morning, so let's just get you warmed up." Hank rolled his eyes at Alex's chuckle. "Not like that."

"Why not, it's more fun."

"Go to sleep Alex."

"Good night."

"Good night."


Hank sighed as he ran his tests. He had taken some blood and a urine sample. If he couldn't figure anything out from this then he didn't know what to do next. Hopefully it wasn't some sort of mutated that no one had ever heard of … though with their current luck …

Hank shook his head. It didn't help if he thought that way. He looked over at the machine he had designed to run some tests for him. This was honestly the first time he had gotten to use it one someone else's samples other than his own. It would definitely make things quicker for hospitals if it worked out. He looked back under the microscope.

Hank blinked.

He looked back over changing the zoom and focus.

"What?" Hank felt his heart pounding in his chest. He needed to get a medical journal. He needed to …

"What!" He jumped up running out of the lab and down to the library. He looked around frantically before spotting a few medical journals. He grabbed as many as he could before running back to his lab. Jumping around Raven when she came out of another room.


He threw the books down on a clear table before thumbing through them until he found what he needed. Because it couldn't be. It didn't make sense. He ran back over to the microscope checking the pictures to the one in the journal.

"That doesn't … what?" Hank's voice hitched just as his machine across the room when off. He quickly went over to read the notes it printed off. He blinked at the results.

He read it again.

"Hank are you okay?" Raven peaked in from the doorway.

"I don't … what … " Hank's mind was racing. He stopped.

In fact if felt like the world had stopped.


"Oh what? Hank are you alright?" Raven opened the door wider but jumped back when Hank ran over to the cabinet where he kept his less important experiments.

"I did … I did … " He pulled at the fur on his head. "It shouldn't have worked, I mean, it wasn't finished. It shouldn't have done anything."

"Hank you're worrying me." Raven was still at the door. "What's wrong? Is it Alex?"

"No … He's … yes Alex!" Hank turned to her. Was it just him or was the room spinning. "He's … "

And then everything went black.