Don't Have Kittens

Chapter 4


Hank sighed against Alex's hair as the other teen sleep on. He probably got a few hours of sleep but his mind to seem too preoccupied with other things to let him have much more than that. Hank rubbed Alex's stomach lightly; he had noticed the other teen getting larger but decided not to bring it up until Alex did.

He was happy they were getting along again. He didn't know if they were truly together though. He knew he was being selfish with wanting Alex to keep the baby and he was asking a lot of the teen. But … he had always wanted a family but he had thought he would never have a chance for more reasons than just his feet. He knew that he could find a girl that could ignore something like that even … it was that he fact that he would never be able to find a girl that he liked. He has accepted that he was different in that sense even if he couldn't accept his mutation … He nuzzled the back of Alex's neck lightly. He never thought he would end up with someone after the serum had … changed him so much.

He knew it wasn't good to dwell on what if's, and's and buts but in the dark of night with nothing more to occupy his mind other than his own thoughts. He wondered if Alex would ever want the kid or if he was just doing this for Hank and if so … would he ever be able to want their child? Or would he move on and start a family of his own? Hank didn't like the idea of that but knew there was no telling what would happen in their future.

Warren coming in made Hank realize how unprepared he was to be a doctor to mutants. He could adjust some of his knowledge and be fine but wings? He would have to read up on that … on everything. He had been reading a few maternity journals so he would have to ask Charles if he could get some veterinary medicine books as well.

Who knew what was going to coming to this school? Honestly Hank should have thought about that before with his transformation … but there was still a small part of him that hoped he would change back.

"Hank." Alex sighed in front of him and Hank froze waiting to see if he had accidentally woken up the other teen. Soft snoring returned after a few minutes and Hank sighed gratefully. It wouldn't be good to wake Alex up now, he needed rest. And Hank had learned rather quickly that when it came to feelings or pretty much anything with their relationship, whatever it was, it put Alex on the defensive and he didn't want to fight.

Hank, can you come to Warren's room? Hank jerked at Charles' voice in his mind. He pulled away from Alex slowly, thankful that the other teen didn't wake up but Alex made a disapproving noise when his heat source vanished.

Hank quietly pulled some pants on and a shirt before making his way down the hall. He stopped at the doorway to see Charles reading a book while sitting beside the bed with Warren in it. Hank was surprised Erik wasn't there.

"Sorry I hope you don't mind taking over." Charles looked up and smiling as Hank came into the room.

"That's fine, I was already awake." Hank shrugged walking over and placing his palm on Warren's forehead. He figured Charles' had known he was awake and wondered if the man had read any of his thoughts. He was thankful Warren didn't seem to have a temperature.

"Erik and I are going to head to his father's house this morning." Charles stood up putting the book on the chair. Hank looked at him surprised. "I believe that someone needs to … speak with him."

"I would like to have a few words myself." Hank grumbled a hollow anger growling in his chest. But it wasn't his place.

"Hank." Charles touched his shoulder lightly causing Hank to look at him. He opened his mouth but stopped when they heard footsteps and then Erik was at the door.

"Ready?" He looked tired but Hank could feel the anger rolling off the man in waves.

"Yes." Charles looked back at Hank. "We should be back before lunch if everything goes smoothly."

Hank wondered if Charles honestly thought it would. "Okay. Take care of yourselves." He smiled slightly. "I already have more patients than I'm used to."

"And you're doing a splendid job." Charles chuckled patting his shoulder before going to leave the room with Erik. Hank returned his attentions back to Warren. He looked a lot better now.

"You're going to be okay kid." He sighed taking the chair Charles' had been in before and grabbing the book.

It was a book on taking care of birds.


The book was able to keep him occupied until light started coming into the room. Hank sighed putting it on the floor and looking at the boy's wings. There seemed to be several ways they could wrap them up so that the kid wouldn't hurt them. He went over to the side table where one of his aid kits was to see if he had the right supplies.

"Hnn." Hank jumped when a noise came from the boy in the bed. The wing closest to him twitched before spreading out.

"Wait, don't move. I don't know the extent of your injuries." Hank placed a gentle hand on the boy's shoulder causing Warren to open his eyes and look at him.

"AHHH!" Warren screamed at the site of Hank. His wings moving up before knocking Hank away.

Hank hissed when he landed on the table before turning around to see Warren climbing off the bed to get away from him. "Please don't move! I'm here to help you!"

"Stay away from me!" Warren yells at him falling off the bed and letting out a pained sound. His wings flapping around the room wildly pushing the bed over to Hank and knocking other things over. Hank pulled himself up quickly but freezes when he sees the look of absolute terror in the kid's eyes. "Monster!"

Hank sucks in a sharp breath.

"What's going on-Oh!" Sean is running into the room with a pair of pants on and then Alex is there. Obviously the scream having woken them.

"Get him to calm down and keep him still." Hank tells the both of them before leaving the room.

"Hank?" Alex grabs his arm but Hank pulls away.

"There's a-a-a monster!" Hank feels something in him break as he hears the boy shout. His whole body slumping. He sees Raven running up to him with her robe on.

"What's going on?" She looks at him worried. "Hank?"

"You need to help them … and you should change." Hank motions at himself. "I … I scared him."

"Don't worry about it … he just doesn't know you." She offers him a smile and a quick hug before running to where the crashing noises have stopped. But Hank can hear Warren crying. He watches Raven change into the blonde girl she used to look like.

And he can't fight the pang of jealously.

He forced himself to go downstairs and down the hallway which now led to some more underground rooms like cerebro and the place Hank was trying to build the new jet. He found himself in the room with the supplies for the jet. He went over to one of the tables with the smaller parts he still needed to connect. Most of them he made himself.

His hands are shaking he realizes suddenly watching them try to put some things together but one of the pieces won't fit which … he made himself so it was supposed to fit. Why wasn't it working? Why wasn't anything working? There was a sharp crack and Hank jumped back watching the part fall into several pieces.

He growled. Angry. He grabbed the table throwing it as hard as he could rejoice in the sound it made when it connected to the wall across from him.

Nothing worked.


He was doing everything wrong.

He growled throwing another table and then grabbing the plans and ripping them in half. What was the point? He might as well destroy everything now instead of waiting for it to be useless later.

He grabbed one of the large tires spinning until he could throw it properly. He growled clawing at boxes and the walls. Why?




Hank growled turning and grabbing the intruder pinning him against the wall hard. He moved his hand to their throat tightening his hold.


Alex. He was choking Alex. Alex was trying to grab at the hand on his throat. "Ha-nk!"

Hank jumped back walking as far back as his legs took him before they collapsed. What was he doing? What had he been about to do? He looked at his hands before looking up wide-eyed at Alex who was leaning against the wall trying to catch his breath.

"Hank what are you doing?" The other teen finally spoke up a little angrily causing Hank to whimper, his ears falling.

He was turning into a monster.


He was a monster.

Just like Warren had called him … that's what everyone really saw.

"Hank?" The furry mutant jumped realizing Alex was getting closer to him again.

"Stay away from me!" He roared angrily getting up and stomping to the back of the room trying to get as far away from Alex as he could. "I'm going to hurt you."

Because he was a monster … that's what monsters do.

Alex faltered but continued walking up to him. "Hank I'm okay."

"This time!" Hank cried staring at his hands as he curled around himself. What about next time? This was getting harder to control. The anger. "I can't control it anymore Alex."

"Yes you can." Alex was there and Hank flinched when the other teen touched his shoulder.

"Don't touch me." Hank whimpered clenching his fists.

"Hank … "Alex ran his hands soothingly down the larger mutant's back. "Hank, look at me."

Hank shook his head letting out a small noise.

"Hank tell me what happened, man." Alex rested both of his hands on Hank's sides and leaned forward so he was resting his head against his back. "See? You aren't hurting me."

"I did." Hank turned around looking Alex in the eyes, his eyes fell down to the other teen's neck which was just a little red but thankfully didn't look like it would bruise. Hank lifted a hand to touch Alex's neck lightly. "I could have killed you."

"What happened with Warren?" Alex grabbed Hank's face making him look at him. But then the blonde was using his thumbs to wipe under his eyes, Hank blinked realizing he was crying.

"I scared him." Hank tried to move away but Alex kept his hold.

"It's okay! We told him you were-"

"No." Hank growled lowly because Alex didn't understand. "Alex. I scared him. The sight of me scared him. The sight of me … he thought I was a monster, Alex."

"He didn't know." Alex looked him in the eyes.

"No one will." Hank put his hand over one of Alex's on his face. "How am I supposed to help anyone if they're scared of me?"

"Hank …"

"I try so hard." Hank closed his eyes. "I try so hard to build, to plan, to fix. I … how am I supposed to do this? I … everything I touch I ruin."

"Not everything." Alex mumbled reaching to grab Hank's free hand and put it on his own hips.

"I'm being serious." Hank sighed but squeezed the other boy's hips gently. "Alex … It's getting harder to control this … this thing. I just want to break everything."

"I'm being serious too." Alex leaned forward kissing Hank's jaw. "You are seriously the smartest guy I know. And you do … a lot … everything around here. Honestly I don't know how you keep doing it. And you're a good doctor."

"I'm in over my head." Hank resigned.

"You've always been in over your head." Alex tried to tease but Hank couldn't bring himself to smile. "Hank if it wasn't for you that kid could have died outside in the cold."

"If it wasn't for me he wouldn't have freaked out this morning and probably given himself more injuries." Hank mumbled bringing Alex into a hug and resting his head on the other's shoulder. "If it wasn't for me … "He stopped. Not being able to bring himself to say it.

If it wasn't for him Alex wouldn't have gotten pregnant. He honestly didn't want to hear Alex's thoughts on that.

"And you know that's not going to stop you from going right back in there and making sure he's okay." Alex huffed. "Just like even though I'm a complete ass you still take care of me. I'm pretty sure Charles reads our minds while we have sex and you'll still help him."

Hank snorted a little angry that Alex was getting him to smile. "I hope not."

"We need you Hank." Alex leaned forward kissed him, licking at his lips. "So please, stop destroying everything you work so hard to build. It gives you an excuse to avoid us."

"I don't avoid you." Hank kisses Alex back hard; moving his other hand to Alex's other hip. Alex groaned pressing against him pushing Hank against the wall. "Well … sometimes I do."

"Choose." Alex gasped out glaring at Hank a little bit. "We can either keep talking about this or we can have sex and, either way, then you go back upstairs and deal with Warren."

"Ah." Hank gasped when Alex slid a hand down his pants and started stroking him. "A-Alex."

"There's my choice." Alex hummed grinning when Hank thrust against him. "Is that yours?"

"Sh-shut up." Hank growled pulling Alex forward and kissing him hungrily. There was a hand on his shoulder pressing down. Hank pulled away looking at Alex confused.

"Dude I know you're stronger than me but seriously sit down." Alex pushed on the shoulder again and this time Hank dropped to the floor, letting out a noise when Alex pulled his hand away. "Good, I don't know how much time we have before they start looking for us." Alex pulled his pants and boxers off before straddling Hank's legs.

"We could go somewhere more comfortable." Hank licked his lips before pulling Alex closer to him and grabbing his erection earning a moan from the other teen.

"No, I've been wanted to do this since I saw the bicycle." Alex moaned leaning forward. "You didn't give me a birthday shag. In fact I'm going to go out there and say I feel like we don't have sex anymore. I. Want. You. In. Me."

Hank whimpered wanting nothing more than to take Alex right then and there. "I want to. I want to." He kisses Alex's face moving down to his jaw and then to his neck. "I want to make you mine."

Alex hummed pleased. "Do you have lube down here?"

Hank growled keeping Alex in place when the other teen tried to pull away. "You don't understand." He nipped at Alex's collarbone. "I want to make you mine. I want everyone to know that you are mine and I want you, most of all, to know that you are mine."

"Hank please tell me you aren't proposing again." Alex huffed a little breathless. "I'm not a girl."

"I know that." Hank growled squeezing Alex's erection earning a moan. He moved to look Alex in the face. "I know that."

"Fuck me." Alex moaned rocking against Hank. "Do you have lube?"

Hank looked around before realizing he trashed the room. "I don't know where it is."

"Fuck." Alex groaned pulling away from Hank before getting on his knees and leaning forward leaving Hank not room for imagination of what was about to happen.

"Alex?" Hank moaned when the blonde pulled his straining erection out of his pants before giving it a little lick earning some inhuman noises from the blue teen. Alex looked at him giving him a toothy grin before moving back and taking as much of Hank as he could in his mouth. Hank growled trying his best not to thrust up into the small mouth. It was so hot and wet.

Alex sucked in his cheeks before pulling off with a pop. Hank whimpered putting a hand in the other's hair but not grabbing him. Alex made an approving noise before mouthing at the side of the shaft and licking it. Hank moaned.

"Don't you dare come." Alex glared up at him before squeezing the base of his erection.

"Then hurry up." Hank growled trying to contain himself. Though at this point he couldn't decide if we would rather fuck Alex's mouth or his ass. Alex hummed amused before setting to slicking him up with spit.

Hank was shaking by the time Alex pulled away and straddled him again. Hank stopped him. "You need it-"

"Actually." Alex turned a little red, "I woke up and you weren't there and well … I was in the mood so I um … "Alex grabbed Hank's hand making him reach back. Hank leaned forward before pressing his finger at the tight yet already slick entrance. His whole body rumbled. Alex had been like this all morning?

"Alex …" Hank was suddenly breathless sliding his finger in easily causing Alex to shudder. "Alex, oh Alex … you're going to be the end of me."

"I think you can take it." Alex moved pushing Hank's finger out of him before positioning himself and slowing impaling himself on Hank's erection. Taking it in slowly. He took a sharp breath. "Were you always so big?"

Hank groaned rubbing his arms soothingly down Alex's sides and kissing his face tenderly. He hadn't been inside Alex in almost two months. He wanted to push the other teen onto the ground and just fuck him hard then and there but he held himself back.

Alex let out a small noise as he took in as much as he could from how they were sitting. He grit his teeth moving up before pressing down again. Hank gripped his hips thrusting up earning a gasp.

"Oh … oh … "Alex shakily grabbed onto Hank's shoulders. "Hank, please!"

"Alex." Hank kissed the teen keeping a tight hold and thrusting up again. "Alex, I want to fuck you so hard you feel it all week. Would you like that?"

Alex groaned nodding his head and he pressed it against Hank's neck. "Yes, oh … nnnh."

"You'll have to come back to me every time you start getting feeling back." Hank bit into the blonde's neck. "Doctor's orders. I want you to feel me inside you all the time."

"Jesus Hank." Alex groaned moving to take his own erection into his own hands.

"Alex." Hank hummed moving to bit and suck at his ear as he thrust up. "I don't want anyone else to ever see this side of you." He growled possessively letting out a moan as his pace got messy. "I want you to be mine."

"Hank, please, Hank." Alex groaned moving to meet Hanks' thrusts. Alex tightened around him and Hank held his hips in place as he thrust up; coming hard. He threw his head back letting out a little whine. Alex was shaking hard and then coming onto his hand and Hank's shirt.

They both melted against each other as they shook out their orgasms. Hank held onto Alex tightly while the other teen shook as he came down from his high. They were both sweaty and Hank was pleased that Alex had his scent all over him. Alex hissed moving his hand to where they were connected, "Did it?"

Hank shook his head and helped Alex to his knees before pulling out. They both groaned getting up and trying to fix themselves up. Hank looked down at the wet stains on his shirt and pants before taking the shirt off and wiping Alex down with it. The other teen hummed as Hank helped him get his pants on.

"Hank." Alex suddenly chuckled looking at his stomach. "Keep fucking me like that and I might have twins."

Hank tried not to look too pleased at the possibility.


"I'm sorry for screaming before." Hank looked down at Warren surprised. He was sitting back in bed but this time his wings were folded up with him making them look so much smaller than they were.

"It's alright." Hank smiled putting his thermometer up. At least the kid had a normal temperature.

"No its not." Warren looked up at him. "I've been getting screamed at most of my life … I shouldn't have done it to you." The boy looked back down again fidgeting with his hands. "I'm sorry I called you a monster."

Hank tried to smile at him reassuringly. "I must have been a very surprising thing to wake up to."

"You're not mad at me?"

Hank shook his head. "I'm sorry for scaring you."

"So … you're a mutant too?" Warren was looking up at Hank's ears now. "Have you always looked like this?"

"I'm a mutant." Hank nodded pulling out his stethoscope and pressing the metal to Warren's chest. The boy shivered. "Sorry was that cold?"

"It's alright." Warren shrugged. "When my wings started growing my father made me go see lots of doctors."

"Well this look for me is pretty new. Less than a year in fact." Hank thought about how surprising that was. "How about you?"

"They started growing when I was ten." Warren shrugged and his wings copied the motion. Hank pulled away. The kid was in decent health other than his scrapes and bruises.

"How old are you Warren?"

"Fourteen." The boy smiled.

"Cool you know I turned nineteen yesterday." The both turned to Alex at the door. He had a trey with breakfast on it. "Um … Raven cooked."

"Is that why you were humming to yourself in the middle of the woods?" Warren looked at Alex confused. "Is that you normally do when you turn nineteen?" Hank snorted and Alex glared at him setting the trey down in Warren's lap so the kid could eat.

"Nope I was looking for you kid." Alex leaned forward messing up the kid's hair causing Warren to laugh. "So you flew all the way here?"

"Yes." Warren nodded as he started eating. "It took a while because I didn't want to be seen … and well I couldn't really tell where I was going half of the time." He took a big bite of toast. "I'm really glad you found me."

"What about your dad?" Alex couldn't help but ask; he wanted to know what happened.

"He was mad I was outside again." Warren's wings sagged slightly. "He hit me again so I decided that maybe it would be better for him if I wasn't around." The blonde boy looked a little sad now.

"Hey, no matter who he is nobody has an excuse to hit you." Alex sat on the side of the bed tapping Warren's shoulder. "Remember that."

"How did you get cut on your back?" Hank had thought Warren might have been attacked.

"I think I might have hit a few trees when I landed." Warren mumbled looking a little embarrassed as he ate some more eggs. "I was really excited to see it was snowing."

"Yeah I didn't know it snowed this early up north." Alex laughed with the kid before hissing slightly. His hand going to cover his stomach. Hank stood up immediately.

"Are you okay?" He gently pressed his hand over Alex's.

"Yeah … just …" Alex winced. "Okay maybe not."

"Warren I'm going to send Raven or Sean up here so I can take a look at Alex." Hank looked over to the smaller boy who was watching them worried. Hank smiled. "Don't worry, he probably just ate something he wasn't supposed to."

"Is he going to be okay?" Warren asked sounding small.

"I'll be fine Warren." Alex smiled and waved at him letting Hank help him to stand up. "Just finish eating breakfast."

Hank was slightly thankful Alex waited until they were downstairs for his legs to give out.

"It hurts." Alex moaned holding onto his stomach. "Hank."


"Alex … Alex …" Hank cupped the face of the smaller teen as he lied on Hank's temporary patient table in his lab. His machines where all running loudly trying to help Hank come up with answers.

He closed his eyes. What was he supposed to do?

"I'm not dying am I?" Alex groaned holding onto his stomach. He chuckled pained, "Don't give me that look."

"Five months Alex … you've made it five months." Hank moved his hand to touch the small bulge of the other teen's stomach. Alex shivered.

"I don't know if I could make the rest like this." He groaned. Hank was trying not to give him pain medication, worrying about the baby. "Hank I'm really sorry. I thought it was weird I wasn't getting fatter … I should have said something."

Hank shook his head. "Alex that's normal for some pregnancies … and we won't know what's wrong until we get results back."


Hank jumped as Charles ran into the lab throwing his coat on his floor. Hank gaped at the black eye the professor was now sporting.

"Charles are you-?"

"I'm fine. Warren is staying at our school; now tell me how I can help." Charles put his hand over Alex's forehead. "Raven said-"

"That's not from Erik is it?" Alex looked paler the longer the pain lasted.

"There are complications." Hank ran a hand through his fur. "His body is rejecting it. There weren't any signs, I thought for sure there would be a fever or something but-"

"Hank, calm yourself my friend." Charles patted his shoulder. "You cannot work at your best when you are like this."

"Hey Charles … can you put me to sleep or something?" Alex hissed looking over at Hank. "Is that okay? Not pain pills just sleep?"

"... it should be." Hank watched as Charles barely touched the teen's forehead before Alex's body relaxed and he was sleeping.

"He never wanted to know the risks." Hank stared at the Alex in despair. "I wanted to tell him the risks but he didn't want to know. I think it's because I begged him to keep it. He wouldn't have otherwise."

"I think Alex makes a habit of surprising those around him." Charles spoke softly. "Hank, what can I help you with?" Charles walked over to some of the already working machines. "How long until you get results?"

Hank leaned over Alex kissing his forehead gently. "They should start telling us things in about two hours."


Alex opened his eyes slowly. He felt really … heavy. He let out a small moan. The room he was in was really bright and … white?

Was he in a hospital?

"Yes you are." Alex almost jumped when Charles came into view but it seemed his body felt too heavy to do so. He looked at the man questioningly.

What had he done to deserve ending up at a hospital? He remembered snow … and Hank … oh Warren had come back to the mansion. Then there was ridiculously awesome sex with Hank … right then he had eaten breakfast … and had spoken to Warren and then there was pain.

Lots of pain.

Hank had been worried about the-

Alex's hand went to his stomach, there was bandages … but

"You still have your baby." Charles put hand on Alex's forehead as he whispered at the teen. "You had to get your gall bladder removed and Hank didn't trust himself with surgery."

"Do the people here know I'm-?"

"I'm sorry." Charles sighed with a small smile. "It made things easier if they thought you were my pregnant wife."

"They all think I'm a girl?" Alex sat up, this time Charles helping him up.

"It made things easier to explain." Charles sighed. "Hank wanted to be here but-"

"How are you feeling?" They both turned to see Erik carrying a bowl of what suspiciously looked like ice chips.

"Other than waking up somewhere else than I went to sleep and finding out everyone here thinks I'm married to this nerdy guy?" Alex asked eagerly taking the bowl when Erik handed it to him. "Not that bad I guess." He honestly wished Hank was here. "Better than being in pain."

"Oh! How are you feeling Mrs. Xavier?" Alex jumped when a nurse came into the room; it took him a second to realize she was talking to him. He glared over at Charles who seemed to be both concentrating and trying not to laugh.

"When can I go home?"


Normally Alex would have had to stay at the hospital for a week for recovery and then take it easy at home but with little coaxing from Charles and Erik they were wheeling him out at the end of his second day.

Alex was exhausted by the time they pulled up to the mansion but not enough to allow Erik to carry him out of the car. He may have leaned against the larger man for support though. And when Hank ran out of the door being clumsy and apologetic for freaking out so much and really glad he was okay, Alex had to grab him and kiss him on principle.

Even if he ended up being carried inside anyway.

"Warren will be glad your back." Hank whispered to Alex as he carried him upstairs. "He's been worried about you."

"Not worried enough to be waiting at the door like someone else." Alex teased running his hands through Hanks fur. "I expect to be waited on hand and foot by you."

"Why is that?" Hank asked lying Alex on the bed gently before fluffing some of the pillows.

"Well other than the fact that I am currently full of your child," Alex patted his stomach that just seemed to be growing. "You're the one that fucked me so hard you freaking ruined one of my organs."

Alex swore Hank's cheeks were purple for the rest of the day, even if he was the only one that saw it.


"I think it looks like it might be a Susanne."

Alex glared at Sean from his place beside the fireplace. He was a little over 6 months along now and his stomach just seemed to be getting bigger. Alex didn't appreciate it. Sean had also taken to trying to name it.

Alex didn't appreciate that either.

Warren giggled. "How about Bruce?"

The younger teen had taken the news rather well. In fact it seemed the only thing he couldn't wrap his mind around was that Alex and Hank weren't married, not that Alex was pregnant. Apparently Warren's mother had been big on the way of marrying before child bearing.

Alex decided not to bore the kid with politics.

"Neither." He huffed reading one of Hank's stupid child-raising books. He had honestly assumed Hank would do most of the work but the look on the other mutant's face with Alex shared that fact had Alex picking up the book just to see what the deal was about.

"Sarah Beth!"


"Neither." Alex answered back as the other two burst into giggles.

"He can't name his kid after you! It's going to be a girl and if anything it should be named after me." Sean tickled Warren until the kid was able to get away by whacking him across the face with a wing.

"It can't be a girl." Warren breathed moving to sit beside Alex. "It has two daddies. You don't make any sense."

"I bet you … your desert for a month that it's a girl." Sean crawled over holding out his hand.

"Deal!" Warren shook it readily before grinning over at Alex. "If it's a boy I'll share some of his desert with you."

"Cheater!" Sean gaped. Alex rolled his eyes.

"Aren't you guys supposed to be-"

"Outside?" Everyone froze and looked up to see Erik with his winter gear on. It had been snowing again which was still a surprise to Alex considering it was still technically the fall.

"I'm tired of shoveling." Sean sighed standing up and heading towards the front door. Warren laughed getting up and looking up at Erik.

"I forgot to say thank you for fixing a jacket for me." Warren held out a hand to shake but Erik just ruffled his hair causing Warren's wings to ruffle in reply.

"No problem, let me know if I need to cut holes in anything else yeah?" Erik pushed Warren towards the front door giving Alex a nod. Alex sighed. Sure he was glad he didn't have to deal with doing some of the chores but he was also going crazy being stuck inside all the time.

"Alex!" Alex looked up at Raven who looked like she was about to go out. "Would you like you come to town with me? I need to pick up some thi-"

"God yes." Alex threw the book to the side before slowly getting up. His balance was getting worse every time he grew. He looked at Raven. "Let me uh, grab a sweater."

"Alright, I'm going to see if I can convince Erik to drive. I'm still not comfortable with the snow." She nudged his shoulder before heading to the front.

Alex quickly went up the stairs grabbing one of Hank's sweaters he paused before heading outside and instead went towards cerebro where Hank and Charles were currently working. He smiled walking into the room. Both men had their butts in the air as they looked underneath a console.

Alex couldn't help but whistle.

Both of them jumped before getting out and looking at him. Charles had a light flush to his cheeks and Hank was chuckling.

"Enjoy that?" Hank got up wiping his hands on his pants.

"A little bit." Alex teased them both. "Anyways I was going to go to town with Raven and wanted to see if you needed anything?"

Hank looked over at Charles who smiled. "She already has a list from me. Hank?"

"Oh! My new glasses should be ready if you have time to stop by." Hank scratched his head sheepishly. It had taken him a while to finally order them when Erik got tired of his squinting at things.

"Okay." Alex glared over at Charles wanting the other man to look away. Charles turned around and started whistling. Alex quickly gave Hank a kiss on the cheek. "I might see if they have any … uh more entertaining reads on raising kids."

Hank's ears perked up. "Finish the book I gave you?"

"No." Alex admitted. "It was … kind of boring … and actually it seems like there's a lot of work to this."

Hank's ears went down. "Yeah … well there is …"

Alex sighed realizing he was already upsetting Hank. Within five minutes of entering a room. Sadly it was not a new record. "Don't worry, I'm trying … just … I'm going to look for another book."

"Okay." Hank leaned forward kissing Alex on the forehead. "Please … don't get hurt. Trip on ice or anything."

"It happened once!" Alex flushed embarrassed. "We should be back by dinner. Try to get out of here by then."

"No promises." Hank teased as Alex left.

Alex slapped his head as he made his way out of the mansion. Why couldn't Hank accept the fact that Alex wasn't ... well he was glad he was making Hank happy by having the kid but he still didn't think that he should be in charge of someone else. He obviously could barely take care of himself.

"Alex hurry up!" Alex looked up to see Erik sitting in the driver's seat with Raven beside him. Sean and Warren were in the back seat waving at him.

"Hey we have to pick up Hank's glasses." He told Raven as he climbed in.

"Oh we can do that and swing by Miss Oatley's for lunch? Burgers sound good to you guys?" She turned around smiling as Warren nodded enthusiastically.

"Any food sounds good right now." Sean whined.

"I'm sure I could find something you would disapprove of." Erik smirked from behind the wheel.

No one argued the point.


"Oh Raven! I haven't seen you in a while!" They walked into the burger joint with their arms full of bags. "And what a lovely group of gents you have with you." The older woman at the cashier winked at Erik who smiled at her in return.

"Just here to get a late lunch and two to go." Raven looked at Sean. "Wait let's put these in the car … you guys get a booth." She practically manhandled Sean out of the restaurant with the bags. Alex rolled his eyes scooting in the booth letting Warren slide beside him. Erik took the other side as the older woman came over to them.

"How is her brother Charles doing? Do you know him?" She was speaking to Erik so Alex decided to show Warren the fun of dining hall pranks and gently unscrewed the salt shaker.


"Charles may I ask you a not very hypothetical question?" Hank sighed looking over at the other man who was beneath the console with him.

"As long as that didn't count as the question, then yes." Charles hissed as a wire shocked his finger before sucking on it letting the wire be … for now.

"Do you think that Alex and I … do you think we stand a chance?" Hank sighed putting down his tools; he wasn't going to be able to continue working like this.

"Hank …" Charles sighed. "I can't predict the future."

Hank smiled over at him sadly. "Too bad."

"You know that the both of you are already going to be facing some difficult times ahead." Charles patted Hank on the shoulder. "But know that I will be here for you and so will the rest of us."

"Thanks Charles." Hank sighed. "Sorry to be throwing that on you.

"It's quite alright." Charles chuckled.

But then it seemed everything gave a lurch and then the world started shaking around them. Hank quickly crawled out of the console in surprised as everything rocked back and forth in quick motions. He looked up just in time to dodge a panel falling from the roof.

"Charles get out of there!" Hank grabbed the smaller man pulling him from the console. "Hurry up!"

"I believe it's an earthquake!" Charles held onto Hank as they made their way across the room. There was a loud cracking sound before suddenly the hallway in front of them caved in. "We haven't put up the extra support yet!"

Hank looked up watching the ceiling crack above them as the panels fell. He grabbed Charles pushing his head down and towards the desk. "Get under it!"

"Hank you too!" Charles pulled on his arm.

"I'm too big!" Hank shook his head pushing Charles all the way underneath as the ceiling caved in.


"Oh my! We haven't had one of those in ages!"

Alex heard the old lady shout as the shaking stopped. He had shoved Sean and Warren under the table and Erik had leaned protectively over Raven. It seemed his body wanted to keep shaking even though the world had stopped. Warren was holding onto his hand tightly obviously trying not to cry.

"Are you alright?" He ran his hand soothing down the boy's hair. Warren just nodded so Alex looked over at Sean who looked a little pale. "First earthquake?"

"Yep." Sean nodded a little wide-eyed. "You?"

"There were quite a few when I lived in Hawaii." Alex laughed nervously. "It's been a while though."

"I'm sorry dears but we're going to have to close." The Lady looked over to them looking a little shook up, she handed Raven a small bag. "Here is what our chef had done, don't worry about the pay but I think I should go home and check on Arnold."

Alex looked at Erik wide-eyed. "Hank and Charles were working on …"

"I'm sure they are fine sweetie." The old lady patted Alex on the shoulder. "Don't worry yourself too much. Take care of yourself Raven."

They all practically ran to the car. Hank and Charles had been underground. Where they okay?

"I'm sure they're fine." Raven bit at one of her nails nervously. "Don't worry about it."

Alex let out a sigh of relief when they pulled up the mansion and nothing looked out of order but instead of stopping Erik drove onto the snow stopping when they got to the back.

"Oh my God." Raven jumped out of the car as soon as it was stopped followed quickly by Eric. The underground places had caved in. Alex sat in the car staring horrified.

"I'm going to go check inside." Sean grabbed Warren's hand pulling him with him as they ran to the house.

Alex shakily opened his door before walking over to the large hole.

"Charles! Hank!" Raven was shouting and about to jump down but Eric stopped her.

"We don't know if it's stable." He pulled her back towards Alex. "Stay here I'm going to get some rope."

"The hallways are buried too." Sean shouted from the house.

"Raven, keep trying to get a hold of Charles." Erik motioned at his head before looking at Alex. "Alex, get inside." But then the older man was running off to the shed. Alex stared down at the hole.

"Hank …"

"Charles can you hear me!" Raven screamed at the hole and Alex realized she was crying. "Charles!"

"Hank!" Alex suddenly shouted grabbing Raven's hand as she switched back to her blue form and wrapped her arms around him crying. "Hank! Charles!"

Raven gasped in his arms. "Charles!" Alex looked at her. "He's alright …"

"Hank? What about Hank?" Alex squeezed her a little tighter. Her eyes were moving as if she was trying to listen to something far away. Her face fell as she looked at Alex worried. He gripped her tighter as he felt his knees about to give out. "What about Hank?"

"He doesn't know." She answered softly hugging onto Alex as his knees gave out. She lowered him slowly onto the snow. "Alex he could still be fine! Don't lose hope!"

"Hank … you stupid …" Alex didn't know what to do. He looked up at Raven. What was he supposed to do?

"You two stay back!" Erik was back there tying a rope around his waist before walking over to one of the larger trees and tying the other end to it.

"Erik! Charles says he fine but he doesn't know about Hank." Raven yelled over at him keeping her arms around Alex.

Erik goes to the edge waving his hands above it. Alex watches as the dirt and snow starts shaking. Erik's face goes red as he concentrates lifting his hands up. Raven squeezes Alex
as everything starts moving upwards. Some of the dirt and snow falls through cracks in the metal and some of the smaller pieces are falling back to the ground but Eric finally gets a large mound of metal with layers of dirt and snow out.

He throws it to the side with a flick of his wrist before looking down. Alex and Raven lean forward and they can see some of cerebro now but there was still dirt everywhere. Alex could see the top of some of the desks Hank had been working on before.

Erik takes a few deep breaths before raising his hands up again and the metals starts moving.


Everyone jumped as if they all heard Charles at the same time. Alex realizes they probably did.

"Charles!" Erik pulled on the rope making sure it was secure before making his way down into the hole. Raven gasped as a small hand came out from underneath the desk closer to their side. It was small and white and obviously Charles. Alex knew he should feel relieved and happy but what about Hank?

"Charles!" Raven hugged Alex before crawling over to the edge. Erik had finally gotten down there running over to the hand and helping dig Charles up. Alex watched as both men were having a conversation.

Still no Hank.

He felt cold. Of course he would feel cold he was sitting in the snow … but this was something different. He hadn't felt it in a long time. A different kind of numb that would be hard so hard to explain.


What would he do if … if he didn't have Hank?

Alex hissed as a sharp pain clutched in his chest. He couldn't raise this kid on his own. He needed Hank.


"Alex!" Raven grabbed his hand getting his attention. He looked over and saw a blue arm in the dirt.


Sean had joined them at some point as they watched Erik and Charles gently pull Hank's limp form from the dirt. There was a small pole that had gone through one of his shoulders.

Hank was dead.

Alex took a sharp breath in. "No."

Charles looked up at them. Alex, he's alive. Please try to stay calm … we are going to need help getting him out.


Hank was alive.

Alex wearily pulled himself to his feet.

Alive as so much better than dead.

"Hank McCoy I'm going to beat the crap out of you!" Alex yelled down the whole wiping the tears on his face. Raven laughed hugging him tightly.

Hank. Hank.

"I love you so much." Alex cursed himself. "Of course I figure it out and you're passed out in the middle of a giant hole."

"Could be worse." Raven laughed beside him. "It could be so much worse Alex."

"I don't know." Alex shivered as the cold air seeped into his bones. "Seems pretty hopeless to me."


Hank groans as his consciousness slowly returns. He feels heavy and stiff. And his mind seems to be trying to reboot but failing. He didn't remember going to sleep.

He's in his room, he realizes as he blinks his eyes open. He tries to move his legs but they seem to be constrained- Alex is sitting on them. He blinks as he looks at the teen who is sitting with his back against the wall, his legs slung over Hank's and he seems to have fallen asleep reading a book.



Hank sits up and winces when he tried to use his left shoulder. "Augh!"

Alex jumps at the sound.

"Hank!" Alex moved forward. "What are you doing? Lay back down!"

"What happened?" Hank fell back as Alex pushed him.

"What do you remember?" Alex ran easy hands through his fur. One of the books was now on Hank's chest from all of the movement. Alex moved so he was lying down beside him.

"There was an earthquake. Charles … I was able to get him under one of the desks … I remember being hit … and Charles tried to keep me awake …" Hank lifted his head to look at his shoulder covered in bandages.

"I thought you died." Alex mumbled moving his hand to gently touch the bandaged shoulder.

"Is Charles alright?" Hank moved to put his good hand in Alex's hair.

"He's fine." Alex sighs, his voice shaking a bit. "We had to take you to a hospital. You had a metal pole through your shoulder."

Hank stiffened. "I doubt I was well received."

"Not at first …" Alex sighed moving his hand to run through the fur on Hank's neck. "Charles had to … alter some things so they would work on your faster. I'm pretty sure he fixed their memory when we left."

Hank sighed sadly, not sure how he should take that. He looked at the book sitting on his chest. "You're reading parenting books."

"Don't tell anyone." Alex mumbled kissing the side of Hank's face, his cheeks flushing. "Oh!" He jumped before squirming beside Hank.

"What's wrong?" Hank tried to sit up again but Alex put a hand on his shoulder glaring at him.

"Stop moving … it's uh … something that started happening yesterday." Alex grabbed Hank's hand moving it so it was over his stomach. "Of course all the exciting things happen while you're pass out … trying to die and all."

"What are yo-Oh!" Hank's eyes widened as the baby kicked in Alex's stomach. He could feel it.

He could feel the baby kicking.

His and Alex's child.

"Alex! That's so- its kicking!" Hank grinned, laughing a little bit.

"Mmmm tell it to stop, it's hard to think." Alex squirmed again chuckling.

Hank moved so he was on his good side and kissed Alex, keeping his hand on the other mutant's stomach. The baby still kicking.

Hank purred against Alex. He was so happy.

Alex rolled with eyes with a large smile. They lied beside each other comfortably as the baby settled down.

"Alex I love you." Hank looked the blonde in the eyes before looking away. "You don't have to- I mean. I just want you to be happy and-"

"Oh right you were unconscious when something else important happened." Alex huffed moving to grab Hank's face.


"I might have figured out that I love you a little bit." Alex kissed Hank's nose.


"Usually you speak with more syllables." Alex teased.

"You love me?" Hank asked incredulously.

"Just a little bit." Alex shrugged before rolling his eyes and sighing. "Okay maybe a bit more than that."

"That's … Alex … "

"Hank." Alex looked at him bored. "Kiss me."


Hank happily complied.


"He likes you more than me." Alex pouted from his spot beside the window.

"I think it's just because I'm softer." Hank smiled unapologetically as he paced around the room rocking their son in his arms. He had been crying moments before.

"He was inside me for nine months!" Alex huffed crossing his arms. Hank chuckled moving to sit beside Alex making the teen move over. He moved so Alex could look at their son with him.

"Felix Steve McCoy." Alex leaned forward. "I can't believe you named him after a Nobel Prize winner."

"I do believe Steve is from Steve McQueen." Hank teased leaning against Alex. "At least Felix Bloch made vast improvements on-"

"The first time you told me I didn't really care." Alex chuckled interrupting him. "Not that I'm sure he wasn't fascinating."

"I still think you should have named it after one of us." Warren came bouncing in the room with a smile. Sean and Raven were peaking around the corner. "How is he?"

Hank moved so the younger boy could look at the sleeping baby. "He's just fine."

"How's mommy?" Sean smirked over at Alex.

"Fine enough to kick your ass if you keep going on." Alex threw a pillow at him.

"Don't mind him." Raven laughed. "He's still upset he has to give Warren his deserts."

"He's so small." Warren was looking at him wide-eyed. "I'm kind of sad he isn't blue and furry though."

"I'm not." Hank admitted.

"Hey! He still has a chance; remember you weren't blue and furry until a year ago." Alex nudged Hank with his foot.

"Do you think he'll be a mutant?" Warren asked towards Alex.

"Only if he's lucky." Everyone turned to see Erik at the door. "Charles has lunch ready if you guys are done bothering the new parents."

"We'll be down in a second." Hank nodded over to Erik as the other's left. He looked at Alex. "We're parents."

"We are." Alex smiled nervously. "Weird."

"Very." Hank admitted leaning to give Alex a kiss before walking over to the crib. "How are you feeling?"

"The stitches itch a little." Alex got up putting a hand over his stomach. He watched Hank stare at their kid. He sighed. "I'm really a mother aren't I?"

Hank looked up amused. "Don't worry, I still find you attractive." He moved over to Alex grabbing his hips and kissing his neck.

Alex snorted. "You know exactly what to say." He hummed grabbing Hank's face and kissing him. "You're lucky Felix likes you."

"Hmm." Hank pushes them until Alex's back hits a wall. "Shut up, you love me."

"Just a little bit." Alex groans wrapping his arms around Hanks shoulders and kissing him hard. Thrusting his tongue into the other mutant's mouth earning a low growl. Hank shifts a bit before grabbing Alex's legs and lifting him up so he has to wrap his legs around Hank's waist.

"Nn." The both froze as Felix let out a small noise.

Boys please come to lunch before you wake young Felix.

Alex put a hand over his mouth to try to muffle a laugh.

"Shhh." Hank chuckled. "Shhhh, we should get down there."

"Shut up." Alex hissed at Hank trying really hard not to laugh. "Put me down."

"Hn." Hank sighed, putting him down and grabbing Alex's hand instead. "Fine."

"You think we could get Raven to watch him for a bit after lunch?" Alex asked as he pulled Hank out of the room. A gleam in his eyes that had Hank wanting to push him against the wall again.

"I really hope so."




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