Day Before: Beginning of the End

Chapter 1

Initializing analysis.

Subject: Anthony G.

Age: 15

Handle: G-Angelo

General Overlook: A rather lazy young man who does not take his future seriously. While he can be trustworthy, any appeal is masked by his animated personality and cold bluntness.

No, as the title may suggest, this is not a little game made for the countless amount of smartphones out there in the world, but rather, this is a story of how literally everything I knew as 'normal' ended up getting screwed up with and turned upside-down. The funny this is, the day ended up starting off as normal and mundane as you could get; with some slight differences here and there, but nothing that would suggest anything 'other-worldly'. I was just there, minding my business as usual, sleeping if I could get the chance…

Anthony's POV

"Anthony," said an all-too familiar voice, "get up, sleepy-head, lunch time is almost over." I felt someone scratching the pile-of-a-mess I call my hair. I groaned in response and moved my arms a tiny bit to get more comfortable.

"Up, you freak," commanded another just as familiar voice. I groaned once again and made no effort to move. I suddenly felt something moving down from the back of my neck to my spine. My whole body instinctively jumps up and my hands quickly covers my mouth before any sound could come out.

"Damn it, Lauren, what did I tell you about doing that," I yelled after letting out a shaky breath.

Sarah suppresses a chuckle, "Be thankful it was her who woke you up and not me."

I stretched and stared at my two best friends, both of which are girls. Sarah was the 'leader' of our little group, and boy does she make it a point to let us (specifically me) know it. She has straight, dark brown hair that is so long, it reaches to her thighs (the amount of times she smacked me for calling her 'Rapunzel' is not even funny), her favorite color is blue, evident with her clothes, which are usually jeans, long-sleeves and sometimes a thin hoodie, and she is so obsessed with cats, if you call her a crazy cat lady she'll take it as a compliment. She wears glasses with sky blue frames and stays indoors a lot so she's rather pale. Also (admittedly) she is the most physically strong from all of us (play an arm wrestling game with her and you'll lose any and all pride you may have had) but she's so slow and lazy, I always end up overlapping her during P.E. class. She's also really violent, always smacking/hitting me every time I made a stupid joke (what? People laugh so it can't be that stupid) and has been in her fair share of fights. That's not to say she's not smart: girl uses sarcasm as much as I drink coffee and, last time I checked, she was in the top ten of our sophomore class.

Lauren, who was sitting right in the desk behind me, is the second smartest in our group, although she rarely ever acts like it. While her grades are amazing (straight-'A's everywhere), she enjoys acting like a total ditz, which is popular with many of the other students here (mainly people who are looking to get into somebody's pants but whatever). But man, when she gets serious, she is freaking serious. I won't get too in-depth about that because she doesn't like me talking about it, but I just warn you to stay away from her when she's pissed off; unless you want to hear some very creative ways to kill enjoys wearing loud colors and is pretty fashionable: a purple knit cap that blankets the top of her brown, curly hair with matching glasses, an orange, flower print dress that covers her left leg but shows her right (I think she personally created that), a pastel purple sash that she wraps around her waist, letting people see her hourglass body (and trust me, they let us know when they see it), and a pair of red high-heels (I don't know specifics so don't ask me exactly which kind of heels). Amongst being the best eye-candy in our group, she is also one of the shortest: a whopping five foot zero, which I think is one of the main reasons she wears heels on a daily basis, but she'll obviously deny that.

Lauren is so special, she's also the only one who actually has a boyfriend. Yep, that's right people you heard correctly, she actually socializes. Speaking of her boyfriend, he just came into the classroom right now. His name is Phillip and, wearing a sweater vest, dark jeans, and a pair of Converse shoes, I greet him with what I think is the most appropriate nickname ever: "What's going on, Phlipster?" He glares at me, clearly not amused, while Sarah attempts to stifle a laugh.

Lauren slaps my leg, "Not funny, Anthony!"

"Seriously, people who don't know me actually think that's my name," sighs Phillip.

"Mission accomplished." I respond. He rolls his eyes as he sits atop of Lauren's desk. I meet Sarah's eyes who holds up three fingers, "Three," she begins, "two…one."

"I missed you, baby," Phil coos and they begin their face-eating session. I convey my thoughts to Sarah by making a disgusted face and pretending to throw up. She gives an amused smile and turns her attention to her phone.

I sit on top of my own desk and stretch, letting out a loud yawn. I stare at the classroom clock, 12:56…one more class after this and we're finished with this cruddy year of high school. I take a glance at the lovers and, after confirming that they were still being a picture-perfect couple, call out to Sarah,

"Hey, maybe we should start making out like a couple."

"Hey, maybe we should re-enact Romans back then; I can be a warrior and you can be a dead person," She replies, not bothering to look up from her phone.

"God, aren't you the romantic one."

"Well, gee, isn't that a surprise? The possibly only asexual in this school isn't into romance."

I scratch the back of my head. "Sarah, you're literally sarcasm, personified."

She shoots me a wink and sticks out her tongue in response, "Why thank you! That's the best compliment I've ever gotten in my life." During the course of this conversation, make-out twins' noise was getting louder and louder until I couldn't take it anymore. I take a deep breath before I end up screaming and turn to them.

"Hey, Phlipster, did you just come here to digest Lauren for the last 10 minutes or did you actually come here for a reason?" I say.

He sighs in response and starts fishing through his backpack, "I'm not sure if I should call you smart or just selfish," he pulls out a thin, rectangular box covered in birthday wrapping, "Here, Lauren said you wanted to try out a new game." I give a prideful grin and put the gift in my dark green messenger bag.

"Happy Birthday, Ant," he said, clearly trying to get me with that nickname, "How old are you turning?"

"Eighty-seven. And dude, we all know that name isn't going to stick because, well, have you actually stood next to me?" I was the tallest in the group: six-foot-four.

"Anthony, quit being stupid, you're fifteen today. And yes, we all know how tall you are." Lauren chided.

Phil shook his head in amazement, "Incredible; the tallest boy in the school happens to be one of the youngest, and he acts even younger, too."

"Hey, what the hell is that supposed to mean?" I asked. He gave a mischievous smirk and the bell rings, allowing him a scapegoat. He kisses Lauren in the cheek, hugs Sarah, and runs out of the room before I could come up with a snarky remark.

"Happy Birthday, loser!" He shouts.

"Have a nice day, asshole!" I answered. Bad timing: the teacher just walked in at that moment. She glared at me; I just made the final class of the day just that much harder for me.

"Smooth, Anthony," Lauren quipped.

"Blame him!" I snapped. I sat back down on my desk. Beside me, Sarah nodded and put her phone away.

"Hey, after school, you want to go somewhere?" she asked me.

"Oh my, are you asking me out on a date?" she glared at me and opened her mouth to say something in return but I quickly cut her off, "Just joking, calm down. Uh, sure, but let me go home first so I can look presentable." I patted my curly black hair. I always try to brush it down in the mornings but, usually after the first class, it always manages to stick up. "What did you have in mind?"

She pulled a silver debit card that was so shiny, if I tried staring at it directly, I'm sure I would've gone blind. She shrugged and flipped the piece of square plastic through her fingers, "I don't know, your birthday, foo', you choose."

"Well, I just got to check with our chauffeur to see if she's fine with taking us anywhere." I answer, shooting her a wink.

She glared at me, "I'm NOT your chauffeur." Sarah is the only one of us who has a car and driver's license. She claims that her family's not rich, but with the amount of new things she always talks about having, I seriously think otherwise. I turn until I can see Lauren, who was braiding her own hair.

"Any suggestions?"

"Hmm…" She presses both her index fingers unto the side of her temples. She acts so cute sometimes it's ridiculous. "Let's go to an amusement park!"

I turned to look at Sarah. She stares, expressionless, then gives a small smile and nods. I let out a small fist pump and Lauren cheers.

"But like I said, let me-" I began.

"Go to your house, yes, I have ears thank you." Sarah interrupted.

"You know, you're too much of a smart-ass for your own good." I felt pain in the back of my head. My hands immediately covers and continuously rubs that spot and I cursed really loud.

"Anthony! Stop using bad words!" scolded Lauren.

"Yes, yes, sorry mom."

Suddenly, something is slammed unto my desk. With a yelp, I flip my head to face the teacher, who just put the last Finals exam of the day on the table. She glares at me, the square frame black glasses making her seem more angry and threatening.

"Maybe, if you actually listened to your friends you'd actually make it through life." She spits the word out like she's actually surprised I'm worthy enough to call the girls anything less than goddesses, "Now leave lovely Ms. Sarah and Ms. Lauren alone, as they are exempt, and focus on your work." She turns and walks back to her own desk in the front of the class.

"Hey, Miss, last time I checked, wasn't this the only class I actually had an 'A' on? Shouldn't I also be exempt?" I asked.

"Last time I checked," she responded in a cold tone, "the requirements to be exempt state that a student must have both an 'A' in the class and a maximum of three absences. You, Mister, have," she fiddled with a school-assigned IPad, "Eighteen unexcused absences! Wow, I'm actually surprised you have an 'A' in this class. Of course, that can easily be deciphered by the fact that you most likely copied most assignments from Sarah and Lauren." I slightly shrunk into my desk as the rest of the students laugh.

"Now, unless you want me to go back and change all those grades into zeroes, I suggest you focus on this exam."

With a triumphant smirk, she opens a book and completely ignores me. I breathe a heavy sigh and glance at the others. Sarah is practically dying from laughter and mouths I'm so sorry before she puts her head into her arms and continues to feebly stop the laughter. I feel a pat from Lauren and turn to see a sympathetic smile from her. That doesn't make me feel any better. I look down at the packet in shame and already the test makes me want to knock out. I move the paper slightly to the side and flop my head down on the desk.

"I'm so glad this is the last day of school," I mutter quietly and close my eyes, taking an unintended nap.

Hey! Long time, no see. I made the decision to re-write the whole story since I had no idea what direction I taking with the old version (the cause of many writer blocks) and since I feel that I can write much better than before, I think this could be better. So those of you who sent me OCs, please send another one (or the same one) through PM or some other form that doesn't let other readers see it as it may contain possible spoilers and due to some special requirements I'll ask. As you can see, I changed some of the characters dramatically, so if you can, send some unique OCs (coughs uncomfortably at Lucifer Anarchy). And since I'm re-doing the story, it also means any of you who hasn't sent one before can do so now! (I'm planning a lot of characters, so don't be shy!) That's all from me~ Merry Early Christmas!

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