Don't Leave Me


Note: I do not own Camelot, King Arthur mythology, or any of their characters. Spoilers for Reckoning.

Approaching the door to the former dungeon (now the Sorcerer's inner sanctum) Arthur bit his lip. Merlin had retreated here after Igraine's death, only stopping to give Arthur news of the Queen's murder. The King was grieved at his mother's death; he had loved her and would always resent the fact that he hadn't gotten to know her better. But she had not raised him and he could not find it in him to mourn for her as strongly as he had for his foster mother. Taking a deep breath, he gave a brief knock and then opened the door.

"WILL YOU PLEASE LEAVE ME A- Oh... Arthur. It's you." Merlin said, lowering his tone. Arthur felt a pang of relief; he didn't know what he would have done if Merlin had turned him away."Are you...did everything al-" The sorcerer shook his head as if in exasperation at his inability to find the right words.

"Everything's fi- that is, nothing else has happened." Merlin's face relaxed a bit. "I- I just wanted t-to say..." Arthur paused. What had he wanted to say? Why hadn't he though this far. "I miss her too." He finished finally.

Merlin looked at him, the anguish and concern in the sorcerer's eyes never leaving. Then, stumbling towards Arthur, Merlin gripped him by the shoulders so tightly that it almost hurt. "Please... Please promise me that you won't leave me, too."
Arthur choked as he drew the sorcerer into an embrace. "I-I promise." And it was then that he realized that Merlin needed him as much as Arthur needed Merlin. It was only later that he also realized he should have extracted the same promise from Merlin.