"Watch out below, giant raging dragon coming through!" Takato yelled down sarcastically while maintaining his grip on Megidramon's tail. His partner continued to snarl and thrash about, flapping its wings on occasion in an attempt to break free from the vortex. Below, Megidramon could sense a strong power. A worthy fighter. It remembered the thrill of battle - the rush of adrenaline. Perhaps that would fill up his hollowness? Just for a while at least.

Below, BlackWarGreymon was wondering the same questions as it looked at the face of its contender. The vortex had finally dispersed as soon as Megidramon landed and spread his large wings that created the final push to disperse the wind surrounding him away. The two megas stared down at each other while Takato appraised the BlackWarGreymon much more grimly. Great, just his luck - first a giant vortex and now another mega. And if the cartoon shows he watched as a kid were anywhere near true, he knew that BlackWarGreymon was a strong mega as well.

Countless battles in the digital world should have had desensitized Takato from the horrors of digimon fighting. At one point, he actually thought it was quite cool. Until Guilmon actually got hurt - then the reality sunk in. Now, after months of not seeing his partner, Takato felt a nervous anticipation about the fight that would break out between these two megas. He didn't want any digimon to get hurt. Megidramon did not look like he would pay Takato's feelings any attention though, and BlackWarGreymon seemed just as eager for a fight. Which brought up another point.

Takato was stuck in a soon-to-be fight between two Megas. '...This is going to be a bumpy ride...' the boy thought with dread as he realized a tail was not the most strategic position to be located on.

"Guilmon, please boy, let's go somewhere else..." Takato pleaded, looking up at Megidramon's eyes and hoping to glimpse any sign of his former partner. No response.

BlackWarGreymon made the first move. "TERRA DESTROYER!" It cried out, leaping towards Megidramon with a large ball of red energy harnessed between its raised arms. It threw the constantly growing ball of energy at the larger digimon.

"MEGGIDO FLAME!" Megidramon declared, releasing its own onslaught of flames at the energy ball. The two attacks collided and spoke flew everywhere. Takato couldn't see much, but he could feel that the tail he was clinging to was moving.

Megidramon launched himself at BlackWarGreymon through the smoke and confusion. It was almost a repeat of the incident earlier - BlackWarGreymon never expected the attack and became pinned down on the ground by Megidramon's bulk. The large dragon digimon began to drip acidic drool on BlackWarGreymon and dug its claws into the other mega's armor. Cracks began to form from the thick armor and black data began to flow out from the other digimon

"...So this is my fate?" BlackWarGreymon asked, looking at its destroyer solemnly.

"NO!" Takato cut in. This was the third time he saw the same scene and he vowed this time, he would make it end differently. The comforting weight of the digivice clipped to his waist verified that he had the power to change things. All he needed was the right card, and he knew exactly what card that was.

"Digimodify," the boy declared as he took out a single card from his pockets and slid it through the digivice as quick as possible - there was no time for fancy card twirling tricks this time. "Training grips!"

From out of nowhere, large firm bands began to tie up Megidramon. One band wrapped around its waist and wings. Another pressed Megidramon's tail to its back. Then, the large digimon felt an immense weight that forced it to collapse forward ontop of BlackWarGreymon. Thankfully, the other Mega was tough enough to withstand the weight, but who knew for how long. Meanwhile, Takato had jumped off Megidramon's tail and walked to where the dragon's head was located so that they could talk face to face.

The dragon thrashed around for a bit before Takato finally lured its attention with a loud "GUILMON!"

Takato didn't know if the name sparked some familiarity within the large digimon or if he was just a convenient target to shift anger upon, but Megidramon did give the tamer grudging attention. Thankfully, its mouth was tied with a muzzle as well so that no Meggido Flame could be launched at Takato. The boy doubted he could live through that.

"Guilmon, stop it!" Takato's eyes glared at the digimon with as much force as he could muster. He took one brave step forward. Then another. "Please boy, we've seen enough digimon die. Leomon, Zhuqiaomon, Calumon," the small voice almost faltered at the last name. Calumon's death had hit Takato just as hard as it did his partner. "But I'm still here. We'll be together forever, right?" Wiping his damp eyes briefly, Takato tentatively wrapped his arms around Megidramon's muzzle. As he touched it, the binds around it began to fade away. "I'm here boy...Takato. Your tamer. Remember?"

"Tamer..." The large digimon repeated. The word triggered several memories. Warm memories of happy times in the park. Happy times of eating bread and playing around. Happy times with his tamer. The empty void he felt was replaced by these warm memories. Although Megidramon still felt the gaping loss of one of his closest friends, it was better now. Everything was better with Takato. In a more calm voice, the dragon asked, "...Takato...mon?"

"Mmhmm," replied the boy. He looked once again at Megidramon's eyes and noticed that the slits had returned to normal pupils. "Guilmon?"

An uncharacteristic whimper came out of the digimon's throat. "Takatomon...was I a bad boy?"

The tamer laughed in relief. Guilmon was back! "No, not at all boy." He rubbed Megidramon's armor affectionately - he could see his former partner within this large monster much more clearly now. "You may want to get off of BlackWarGreymon now though..."

"Oh, right," Megidramon agreed and quickly rolled over to get off the other digimon. Now Takato just hoped that BlackWarGreymon would be too incapacitated to attack. Soon afterwards, the training grips on Megidramon disappeared into spare data. Megidramon got up again, stretching its wings as if testing that they were still functional after the binding. Then, Megidramon caught sight of BlackWarGreymon getting up again and began to growl fiercely. The sight of his tamer holding out a hand - an indication to stop - was the only thing that stopped Megidramon from knocking BlackWarGreymon down again

"So...BlackWarGreymon, huh?" Takato asked, walking around the digimon curiously. It looked so much larger than he imagined when he was watching the television series. However, Megidramon was still larger.

BlackWarGreymon ignored the human's inquiry. He was much more interested in the stronger mega and the scene he witnessed earlier. "Why. Why do you obey someone weaker than you?"

Megidramon put a claw to his chin thoughtfully which absolutely ruined his menacing look. He still had the manerisms of a guilmon despite being a vastly different digimon now. His tail wagged a bit as he gave the question some thought, then came to the most simplest and obvious conclusion. "Takato is my tamer!"

"A...tamer?" BlackWarGreymon repeated with confusion. He had heard of the term digidestined, but never of the term "tamer."

Megidramon nodded and decided to elaborate for the other digimon. "Takato makes me stronger and I want to get stronger to protect him!"

"Because we're friends," Takato added, walking up to Megidramon. He decided it was probably safer around his own digimon than a potentially hostile mega. His partner offered a palm and the tamer hopped on it like a platform.

"Friends," BlackWarGreymon repeated once more like a parrot. It was almost like Megidramon coming to his senses all over again with all the repetition. Just the thought of BlackWarGreymon being anything like Guilmon almost caused Takato to inappropriately chuckle. BlackWarGreymon, thankfully, did not notice. The digimon was too caught up in the memory of his earlier conversation with that Augumon. "I have heard of this term before. But I am a digimon made of control spires. I do not have a heart, I cannot feel emotions, so this term, friends, holds no relevance to me."

'...wait, control spires?' There were no such things in his digital world, but as a hardcore fanboy (he had bought gogglesafterall), he knew a digital world that did have control spires. And a BlackWarGreymon made up of control spires. This seemed way too similar to be a coincidence. Megidramon just looked at his tamer in confusion. He didn't quite know what "control spires" were, but the other digimon seemed quite sad and lonely. Having gone through those same emotions, although he was a bit more aware of them than BlackWarGreymon was, Megidramon felt a connection to the other digimon.

"You don't have friends?" Megidramon asked. The large digimon seemed to droop and Takato could even imagine guilmon pouting - it wasn't quite as obvious with Megidramon's numerous rows of dangerous teeth though.

The BlackWarGreymon looked down at its clawed hands with an unreadable look. "I am not like other digimon, I was created through control spires. I cannot feel this friendship that you speak of."

Megidramon tilted his head curiously. "But Takato created me and I have friends."

This seemed to draw BlackWarGreymon's attention away from his claws. This other monster indeed did not look like any digimon he has ever seen. Could they be similar? "You were also created from control spires?"

"No," Megidramon shook his head. Control spires were still a foreign concept to the digimon. Takato cut in.

"I created him...It started as a drawing. I wanted to have my own partner - like Agumon, but even stronger. Then," Takato paused, not knowing how to quite explain the odd incident with the digivice," ...and then one day I just found him." Takato shrugged lamely, there was no better way to put it.

This seemed to confuse the other mega even more. "How can a human create a digimon?"

Takato ran his hand through the back of his hair sheepishly. "Uhh, I dunno. But it happened, because Guilmon is here and we're still friends."

"Yup!" Megidramon chirped in cheerfully. His tail wagged about in an uncharacteristically playful manner.

BlackWarGreymon stared at the couple a bit more. It was slowly soaking in the information. If the large monster was indeed also created and could experience emotions, perhaps he could as well. Perhaps there was something more to having a "heart" than just the physical. But even then, BlackWarGreymon wondered out loud, "Even if I do have a heart, if I can make friends, how will this help me fill this emptiness I feel?"

"Errr..." The thoughts in Takato's mind were jumbling around quite hectically. He wasn't quite sure how to answer. As unlikely as it was (but hey, this was the digital world - when was anything realistic?), this definitely, sounded like the same BlackWarGreymon from the Digimon TV series that he used to watch. It had been a while ago though, so he couldn't quite remember how the Mega came at peace with his existence. He vaguely recalled something about Agumon, Stingmon, and Veemon becoming friends with him. And there was that scene - that heroic scene where the mega forever earned Takato's respect by sacrificing his body to block the gate to the digital world, even if he had ultimately failed in the end. It had still been touching to young Takato. But that was the future BlackWarGreymon, vastly different from the current soulsearching one.

Luckily for Takato, Guilmon - Megidramon now actually - had an answer. "Friends give you yummy food and a lot of food makes me full!" Thoughts of bread actually elicted more drool from Megidramon's mouth. Takato inched away, half in awe of Guilmon's complete misinterpretation of the question and half amused. This would probably be a good time to step in before BlackWarGreymon thought they weren't serious.

"Err," he tried again, "Well, if you have friends, you won't be alone. Fighting isn't everything, sometimes you just have to relax and have a good time with your friends. It's...nice."

If BlackWarGreymon could frown, it would have. It had been alone all of its life. It was unique - no other digimon was like it. It knew nothing else. "I have been searching for a worthy opponent, and you are indeed worthy. But even after this fighting, I feel an emptyness. Perhaps fighting is not a solution...perhaps I should look into this friendship that you speak of."

This was it - this was the sort of change that Takato remembered BlackWarGreymon went through in the cartoon shows in his childhood. Of course, he knew he wasn't supposed to be the one causing it. Takato wasn't quite sure what he was doing, but he was kneedeep in it already so there was only one way to go: forward. "Let's be friends then," suggested Takato with an encouraging smile.

"Friends, friends!" Megidramon chimed in after Takato.

"Yes, friends..." BlackWarGreymon stared at its claws once more. It remembered that Agumon once again. The rookie had said something about handshakes making the "friendship" official. The mega held out a hand to Megidramon and Takato. The two looked at it curiously for a moment before Megidramon approached and held up Takato to the giant claw. His human hand was so small in comparison, but Takato gripped a tip as firmly as he could without cutting himself and shook it a few inches.

"It's official then!" He declared, giving BlackWarGreymon an encouraging smile. BlackWarGreymon retracted the claw and stared at it again contemplatively. He now had friends. Something inside him felt...better. Less empty almost.

"Does this mean we can eat now Takatomon?"

In the distance, Arukinemon and Mummymon watched on in fascination. This was indeed unexpected - never did they imagine that destroying a destiny stone would bring forth such a digimon. And then there was that human - perhaps another digidestined? But the digivice that summoned bindings out of nowhere that could hold a mega seemed different from those of the digidestined. In the end, the most surprising thing happened - BlackWarGreymon and the human seemed to share a handshake. A deal of some sort?

"What does all this mean?" Mummymon wondered out loud to Arukinemon.

"I don't know," she snapped back. She hated not knowing. "But we need BlackWarGreymon to help destroy the destiny stone. And that human...Mummymon, let's follow them."

The other digimon nodded and started up the engine of the car the two of them were in. "I'd go to the ends of the digital world for you my darling," he declared before the two drove closer to the two megas.

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My theory is basically that all versions of the digital worlds are vaguely connected and their is a brief opportunity to cross dimmensions during times when the boundaries between these worlds are corrupted. The tamer verse's boundaries were corrupted by Megidramon's existance because he's the Hazard (which the show never fully explained but I'm guessing hazardous things tend to corrupt barriers) and the adventures/02 verse's boundaries were corrupted by darkwargreymon curb-stomping the destiny stones. Thus MAGICAL VORTEXES OF DOOM. Yay author plot devices.

Season 1 and 2 are an anime in season 3's universe. This is because the two worlds are very closely linked despite being seperated. So ideas or events that end happen in one universe may come into the other universe through people dreams/imagination. Out of that dream/imagination people pieced season 1 and 2 into an anime, although it may not have completely captured everything to the tiniest specifity of course. Hopefully you guys will be able to enjoy some of the nerdier characters theorizing about this later.

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