The negative

Chapter 1

Best of intentions

Takes place after season eight.

Paige was in the basement of the manner as the afternoons sun was at its midpoint in the sky. She was on a search to find photographs and videos of Piper when she was younger. Phoebe and her have decided to make a video collage of Piper's life for her birthday but found out that this family was not known for taking a lot of pictures in the past. After searching for hours and her hair was now becoming a refuge for spider webs, she finally came across a box labeled photos. "Thank god," she said and opened it excitedly as dust particles also found freedom from their resting spot. Inside the cardboard box were pictures of Prue, Phoebe and Piper when they were kids along with a photo album that was put together by Prue. A tear could not help but escape as she looked upon her deceased older sister's name that was written on its cover. "I hope this is ok," she thought as she pulled out all the pictures and the few albums that were there. Underneath were some videotapes that grams took and a DVD labeled 'Dan and Piper' that was in a smaller box with some other things, like perfume bottles and hair barrettes. The small box was labeled Piper's and the handwriting was unfamiliar. She bit her lower lip when she looked at the DVD and smiled a little too wickedly as the practical joke was playing out of her head, "This would so piss off Leo," she said and pulled out the DVD along with the other tapes. Paige headed upstairs where Chris and Wyatt were putting decorations on cupcakes as Phoebe instructed them.

"Hay did you find anything?" Phoebe asks while handing four-year-old Chris some sprinkles.

"Besides cobwebs and dust filled lungs," Paige replied and put the box on the table.

"Do you have spiders in your hair Aunt Paige?" Chris asks as he stopped putting the sprinkles on the cupcake and now looks very worried.

"No I don't think so Chris, that is so beautiful," Paige replied and looked at her nephew's creation that had way too much sprinkles and other additives encased on the icing.

"Thanks," he said proudly.

"Ok boys we need to get mommy's present before she gets home," Leo said as he entered the room and looked at Paige whom was still dusting herself off. "Was there an attack?"

"You know for someone who's a clean freak the basement is a mess," Paige said as she went to the sink to get a washcloth.

"Nope she was just looking for some photos of Piper when she was a kid," Phoebe said and helped the boys down so they could get ready.

"I saved my allowance daddy so I could get her favorite perfume," Wyatt said with a smile.

"What kind of allowance are you giving these kids?" Phoebe said knowing that Piper's favorite perfume was not cheap.

"We will combine our money and trust me it's not that much Phoebe. Piper is afraid of spoiling them."

"Were not spoiled were just well-maintained," Chris said and everyone chuckled.

"Where did you hear that from?" Leo asks.

"That's what mommy says," Wyatt replied and ran out to get his money.

"Do you guy's need anything while we are out?" Leo asks.

"I think we need some more paper plates," Paige answered.

Leo left the room with the boys as Paige pulled out the DVD labeled 'Dan and Piper'. "Hay I found this and thought it would be a good practical joke to add some clips."

"Oh Leo will get so jealous," Phoebe said as she looked at the disk.

"Have you seen it?"

"Nope but it's probably just them hanging out," Phoebe replied as the front door opened.

"Hello," Piper said from the other room.

Paige put the disk back in the box and then orbed it away as Piper came in while Phoebe put the cupcakes in the container and hid them.

"How was your day?" Phoebe asks as she closed the door to the cabinet and tried to look normal.

Piper gave her a sideways look as she put her purse on the table and could tell from their silence and body language that something was up, "Ok if you guys are planning a birthday party, don't because it's just an invitation for an attack."

"Piper it is not and we aren't," Paige replied.

"Paige you're a horrible liar and do you have spider webs in your hair?"

"No, I need to go see you later tonight," Paige said but Phoebe would not let go of her hand and Paige had to force it away.

"Ok I give up you guys do whatever you want. Where are the boys and Leo?" Piper asks as Paige orbed away.

"They went out for ice cream," Phoebe replied and went to the back to straightening up the kitchen. "So how was your day?"

"Well I had two waitresses quit and go to a bar down the road and the band I had procured is going to be late on Saturday, yours," Piper replied as she blow a strand of hair out of her face.

"Sorry but on the bright side it's your birthday today," Phoebe said and gave her a hug.

"See it's only nice for everyone else, because they're not getting older."

"Well with all the magic in this house it's not like we can't reverse aging," Phoebe said and knew Piper would not find that humorous.

"Yeah that's not personal gain," Piper said and gave a smile to her younger sister.

"Hay did you and Dan ever take videos when you guys were together?" Phoebe asks as nonchalantly as she could.

Piper narrowed her expression at the question," What why in the world would you asked that?"

"Just curious."

"I think Dan took some video with his phone but that was when we were at the park, why?"

"Like I said just curious," Phoebe said as her cell phone rang and she was relieved of the interrupted. "Hello."


"Hi Elise, ok I will be right there," Phoebe said and hung up the phone and for once was glad that her boss called her into the office.

"Phoebe it's my birthday," Piper said as her sister put the phone back in her pocket genes.

"Oh its ok I just need to sign some paperwork, so I will be back soon."

"You better," Piper replied as Phoebe left the kitchen and she went to the cabinet to get some things out for dinner and saw the cupcakes in the clear plastic container. She could not help but open the lid and smiled brightly when she saw the icing that spelled I love you mommy on it. She put the lid back on and went to her earlier task.

Later that evening everyone gathered around the TV after eating dinner and having dessert. Chris was snuggled up next to Piper and Wyatt sat on the floor in front as Paige put the video in. She went to a company to have the video collage done professionally and was excited to show it as Phoebe and some of Piper's friends sat around as Piper was already starting to blush.

"Did you like the cupcakes mommy?" Chris asks.

"Yes they were delicious and now I have a huge sugar high," Piper said and kissed him on the cheek.

"Did you like your present?" Wyatt asks while turning around to face her.

"I sure did sweetie thank you," Piper replied and the video came on. The headings said welcome to Piper's childhood and the journey to now. All of them watched and giggled when pictures of her came on the screen when she was only a baby.

"I think you were destined to be short," Paige said and Piper hit her playfully.

The video would continue as her baby stage would past and her teenage years into focus. Her friends could not believe the transformation as Piper's face blushed even more and then she busted out laughing when a picture of her dressed as a female Star Trek character came on the screen.

"Oh my god you were a Trekkie?" Elizabeth said and could not believe it.

"No he was my first boyfriend and he liked to go to conventions," Piper replied but just nodded her head.

"So you dressed up?" Phoebe said as her memory was starting to come back.

"Well everyone there was dressed up," Piper replied.

"I so would have burned that picture," Tom said as he wiped his eyes that were watering from laughter.

Leo could not help himself and did the Vulcan sign, "Live long and prosper," he said while his two sons were completely confused.

"Oh shut up," Piper said as her eyes were watering as well from laughing.

"Do you still have that?" Leo asks while giving her a wink.

"Leo," Piper replied and her face was now bright red.

The jokes would continue as the videos would progress until finally reaching the end but, there was one more clip. Paige was curious on how the man who did the tape would add the Dan clip and was happily surprised when the title on the last video was labeled 'just for Leo'.

"Oh should we leave the room," Elizabeth asked.

"No it's a joke kind of," Paige said as Piper squinted her eyes and then they widened when Dan's bedroom came into view. She was very confused at first until her and Dan was on the bed clearly having sex with her on top. She was completely naked and so was he," Oh god," she gasped out as Paige ran for the DVD but had issues with turn it off as her nerves were now on the edge. Everyone was silent as the kids were trying to grasp what they were seeing.

"Dammit Paige turn it off!" Phoebe yelled as she could feel Piper's panic and embarrassment and Leo's jealousy.

"I'm trying," Paige replied and finally the screen was now blank. She turned around and could see Piper's face that was beat red and not looking at anyone.

"Mommy we are not supposed to watch that stuff," Chris said as he played with his hands.

"Leo could you take the kids upstairs?" Phoebe asks but he just sat there in shock. "Leo!"

"Yeah," he replied and picked up Chris as Wyatt followed him up the stairs. "Daddy is mommy in trouble?" Wyatt asks but Leo did not reply as he took them to their room.

"Piper I am so sorry I didn't know," Paige said as Piper got up and left the room.

"Ok I think the parties over," Phoebe said to the other guest and they had no problem with leaving as the situation was very uncomfortable.

"Phoebe tell Piper its ok, I mean hell I have don't that with one of my old boyfriends," Elizabeth said and hopes to comfort.

"Thanks Elizabeth but we need some time alone," Phoebe replied and everyone left the house.

Piper was in the kitchen cleaning up as her insides were in turmoil and Phoebe could feel it the minute she walked in and Paige's guilt was overwhelming.

"Piper I am really sorry," Paige said as Piper stopped her cleaning.

"What the hell Paige, why would you think that was funny?"

"Ok in her defense I asks you about Dan earlier today," Phoebe said as she was trying to calm the situation and defend her baby sister.

"What, Phoebe do you think I knew about that or that I permitted it?" Piper said as her shame was now turning to anger.

"Wait you didn't know?" Paige asks.

"No Paige I didn't."

"That son of a bitch," Leo said at the door way of the kitchen.

To be continued…