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Chapter 16

The Mad Dash

Chris was sleeping in the center of the room with the kids on his sleeping bag when he heard some noises coming from the long hallway. He grabbed his container of worms and quietly got up making sure to tiptoe over his brother, nieces and nephews as Tom slept on the couch. His little hart could have woke the room if it was not contained in his chest from its pounding. He made his way to the front of the hallway and could see someone standing at the end but it was too dark to make out any features. He bit his lower lip and looked back at his family.

"Mommy?" he asks in a whisper.

"Chris," a woman's voice replied.

"Mommy," he said while smiling and made a run to her.

Wyatt heard whispering and waked up to see Chris running down the hallway. "Chris!" he yelled and ran after him causing Tom to wake as well.

"Mom wait," Chris said as the she stepped into a room.

Wyatt was halfway down the hall when he a man grabbed him and pulled him into a room, "Help!" Wyatt yelled as Tom ran for the door that closed shut after Wyatt was pulled in.

"Wyatt!" Tom yelled and heard Chris scream from down the hall while the children were screaming and swinging at things that were not there in the main hall. "Fuck, I need some help down here!" he yelled.

The sisters stepped further into the cavern with sweaty palms and fast breaths.

"We just need to get past so just let us go," Piper said as she stood in front of her sisters.

"Then all of my efforts would have been in vain," Lucifer replied and smiled wickedly as his other mouths chewed on the other two people.

"We can't do this another time?" Paige asks while Phoebe held her hand.

"You see I can't leave here so I had to bring you to me," he replied as Prue, Lisa and Cole stepped in front of Piper.

"What are you talking about you tried to kill us at our house," Phoebe said not noticing that Cole was walking forward.

"Don't confuse me with the source Phoebe," he said as his other heads stopped chewing and he rose up slightly to be even with the center one.

They stood there confused as Prue turned to face Piper. "Prue get behind me," she said and Prue just smiled. Cole stood in front of Phoebe and Lisa stood in front of Paige.

"You're the same thing dammit," Paige said as Lisa took steps backwards.

"Stupid witches I am Lucifer the fallen Angel once gods right hand man and now I am entombed in ice until I get a chance to fight him once more."

"You don't look like an Angel to me," Paige said and then looked at Lisa. "Get back here."

"Normally I do not intervene with the pettiness of magic but I have grown bored and did like the deal," Lucifer said.

"What deal?" Piper asks.

"There are those who sell their souls for money, power, fame and everything under the sun and who am I not to oblige," he replied.

Piper looked at her older sister and got a chill as Prue's smile was not the loving one she has known but a wicked and satisfying smile.

"Run!" Piper yelled but when she tried to take a step, ice formed around her feet locking her into place.

"Treachery," Prue said with venom in her voice.

Paige tried to run to Piper but began to sink into foul disgusting mud, "gluttony," Lisa said as she continued to back up.

"No!" Phoebe yelled and ran to Paige as she was sinking fast but her eyesight changed and she now can only see behind her and not in front. Every time she turned her head all she could see was the walls of the cave and nothing more. "Piper, Paige!"

"Fraud," Cole said as he joined the other two.

"Phoebe get to Paige," Piper said as the ice was growing up her legs. The cold sting was painful and she was starting to panic as Phoebe just went in circles while Paige was now waist deep in the slush.

Leo looked out through the window after a lengthy search of the house that took hours and could see what looked like headlights in the distance. "What is over there?" he asks Savannah.

"A cemetery why?" she replied as her hands and feet were tied along with Laila's.

Leo didn't know why he needed to be there but he felt an incredible urgency to get there. "Let's go," Leo said to Coop and Henry.

"Leo call Tess, we need Tom," Coop asks as they ran out the door and found two cars parked. One had the keys still in it. "The FBI agents?" Leo asks as he got into the driver seat.

"That is my guess, hay what is that hole?" Coop asks as he could see it from the passenger side.

"I don't know but we need to get to the cemetery now," Leo replied and started the car.

Chris followed a woman into a small room that was dark but had an eminent light coming from the window.

"Mommy," Chris said softly as he held the container close to his chest.

"You have been a bad boy Chris," the woman's voice said.

Chris's heart sank as the woman got closer," No mommy I haven't," he said and then got a good look at who it was. She had Piper's eyes but they were much darker and when she smiled her sharp pointy teeth dripped blood. "NO Help!" Chris yelled as he ran for the door.

Wyatt got away from Gideon but was now trapped in a corner as Gideon walked towards him with a knife. "You are not supposed to exist, you are a mistake," He said as Tom orbed in.

"Wyatt," Tom said and ran to him but the little boy's eyes were focused on something he could not see. Wyatt he is not real, look at me," he said and picked up the boy.

Chris felt cold hands grab him from behind and he dropped his container on the floor," You're not allowed to have pets Chris," The false Piper said as she put him on the table.

"You're not my mommy!" Chris said with anger and fear.

The woman held him down as she opened her mouth wide and blood dripped on Chris's head.

"Daddy!" Chris yelled.

Leo put his hand to his chest as his hart ached. "Chris, Wyatt," he whimpered and Coop had to take the wheel to keep the car from going off the road. Henry was calling Tess to get Tom to come down.

"Leo what is it?" Coop asks.

"My sons something is happening, Henry get Tom here now!" Leo said and took over the wheel again.

The ice was now around Piper's thighs and she too could feel her hart ached and her ears stung with whispers from her kids, like daggers. "NO!" she yelled and pulled out her car keys from her pocket and started chipping away, but it would just reform and freeze instantly." Phoebe help!" Piper pleaded as the only sister that was not encased in anything was the only one who could help.

"You left me to die you did nothing to bring me back!" Prue said as she continued walking backwards with the others.

"You're not Prue so shut up," Piper said through her teeth.

"I can't find you!" Phoebe said as tears rolled down her face, as she too could feel that something was wrong with her children," Fuck, fuck," she said as she bumped into a wall and then another. She could hear the ice forming around Piper and Paige was vomiting and gagging from the sludge she was sinking into. "God please help us," Phoebe pleaded as she fell to her knees and looked up.

Lucifer was enjoying every moment and his eyes grew with excitement as the sisters were slowly being destroyed and the deal was almost complete.

Up at the cemetery the 3 men stood over three graves as TI was looking at his wristwatch. He felt a surge of power run through his body and smiled wide," Its time," he said as a car pulled up. Ti smile went to a serious expression as three men got out. The two other men pulled out guns and started firing," keep them busy," Ti said and motioned his guards to start digging.

Leo and Coop dodged behind a large tombstone as bullets hit the concrete causing bits and pieces to fly off while Henry fired back. Coop looked at his bow and gave Henry a look, "This is going to work," he said and loaded it.

"Its better than nothing," Henry said from behind another tombstone that was close to them.

Tom ran out of the room with Wyatt in his arms but there was blood running down Wyatt's back. Some of the babies were being held up by some invisible force as three teachers were trying to help. "What is happening?" a teacher said frantically as she pulled the baby away.

"I don't know but he needs healed and I need to get Chris," he replied and handed Wyatt to another whitelighter. Wyatt was semi-unconscious when the man started healing the large cut on Wyatt's back.

Tom ran to the end of the hallway and could hear Chris screaming from a closed-door. He orbed in and Chris was on his back on top of a table struggling with some unseen force as something bit in his shoulder. He screamed in pain as tears rolled down his face.

"No," Tom yelled and grabbed Chris off the table but he had to pull against a strong pulling force back. He decided to orb and ended up in the main hall as his cell phone rang. "Here heal him," He said as he handed Chris to a man. Wyatt was sitting on the floor with the other children with the teachers around at them holding hands with their eyes closed. They were saying a protection spell as the man finished healing Chris and put him next to Wyatt.

"You ok Chris?" Wyatt asks as he held him close.

"I want daddy," Chris replied and buried his head into Wyatt's chest.

"He will be here soon," Wyatt said and saw Tom orb away.

Paige was choking and vomiting as she tried to fight against the sludge as she too could feel that her children were in trouble, "Help!" Paige yelled in a garbled voice. Phoebe was at a loss she could not see them and every time she tried to find them she walked into a wall.

"You are a false prophet Phoebe you could have saved me but you let it happened, you're a fraud," Cole said as his soul was sucked into the red head of Lucifer.

"Because of you I killed myself, all you wanted was to drink and you sold me out for it, gluttony!" Lisa said as she too was sucked into the yellow head of Lucifer.

"You never even tried to bring me back, treachery!" Prue said.

"Wait we are not dead you can't do this," Piper said as the ice was now chest high and it was hard to breathe.

"Is that what you think," Lucifer replied.

"We have not been sentenced," Piper said.

"Yes you have, remember Minos he sentence you."

"No I know the poem and you can't do this," Piper said as the ice was hardening and her body was chilled to the bone.

"Truth is more disturbing than fiction," he said and looked at the head next to him. He then spit out Dante from it. Lucifer could not help but laugh as the man's bloody body rolled on the floor and stopped besides Prue. "I do have a present for you," he said and looked to his other head and it opened its wide mouth to reveal Gideon who had large puncture wounds all over his body from the teeth that continuously chewed.

"You!' Piper said as rage was almost warming the ice.

"That's it Piper let it fill you," Lucifer said and let his eyes rolled back of his head out of pleasure.

Prue shook her head and placed her hands on her face," NO stop it, Piper fight it don't let your hate consume you," Prue said as she ran to her. Lucifer's pleasure was ended as he looked at Prue.

"You are mine now get back were you belong," he bellowed and Prue was being pulled backwards.

"Prue!" Piper yelled as the realization that this might be her sister hit her hard.

"Piper forgive him its not for him, its for you so you can move on," Prue said as she was now inches away from the black head of Lucifer. "I love you," she whimpered and was gone.

"NO!" Piper said as the ice was now at her chin. The cold liquid went down her throat and she was drowning standing up but the minute it hit her lungs it froze solid. It felt like razor blades going down her throat and every time she took a breath it was sharp and painful. Her eyes were set on Gideon as the ice finally covers her entire face and she was completely encased.

Phoebe was rocking back and forth as she could not help while Paige would drown and then start the process all over again. She could hear Piper's muffled painful screams and Paige's gagging as she just stared at her stone wall.

Tom orbed into the graveyard and had to dodge behind a tombstone to avoid getting shot. "Leo what is happening?" Tom asks.

"My kids are they ok?" Leo asks.

"Yes they are fine," Tom replied.

Coop has made his way down the roll of tombstones as he tried to get close enough to shoot one of them. "Coop why do you keep running from me," Medusa said behind him. Coop's heart stopped beating and knew he could not look at her. "Shit," he said as bullets flew past him.

The men were done uncovering one of the graves as Ti walked over to the wooden casket, "Just a few more minutes," he said as the men started on the others.

Henry was also closer and felt a hand grab his shoulder, "You," he said and was pushed up against the tombstone by a man.

"How does it feel to be trapped and alone?" the man asks and then put his hand around Henry's neck.

"Get away from me you're not real," Henry said and fired his gun into the man's chest. The man just looked at the nonexistent wound and smiled wide.

"Leo why are we here?" Tom asks.

"Because they are here," Leo replied referring to the sisters.

"What the hell is Henry doing?" Tom asks as he looked over and could see Henry holding his own throat.

"Dammit he is hallucinating, go help him," Leo said as he could see Coop facing the tombstone. "Coop!"

Back in the Inferno Phoebe was losing hope and could feel her energy be completely drained as she collapsed to the ground while she put her hands to her face. "I'm sorry," she whimpered as she heard footsteps coming in. "Coop," she said but was greeted by a woman's voice.

"No but I think your be glad I am here," Haley said as she helped Phoebe up. Mark looked at Piper who was encased in ice but her eyes were still moving. "Um this is bad Haley," he said.

"I've seen worse," she replied with a small smile. "Mark go help the other."

"Who are you? "Phoebe asks as she still could not see.

"An ally," she replied and now stood in front of them facing Lucifer.

"Good more to feed on," he said but Haley just smiled. "Oh I'm no witch, "she said and closed her eyes while stretching out her arms. Light started from the center of her body as tears ran down her face and a smile of pure pleasure and peace took over her expression.

"No they are mine," he bellowed causing the cavern to shake.

Mark was trying to pull Paige out of the sludge but it was no use, "Please help my kids," she begged as her only concern was her children at the moment."

"Hang in there," he said while holding her hand.

Phoebe could not see anything but she could definitely feel it as her empathy power was almost enhancing Haley's. Phoebe put her hand to her chest as the love was overwhelming, it was an incredible embrace something she only felt when she held her children and even beyond that. The light that was small that came from Haley was now growing in intensity, "Phoebe come to me," she said in a soft loving voice," I can't, I can't see you," Phoebe replied.

"You don't need to see with your eyes child, see with your heart," Haley said as Lucifer was trying to get free trying to lash out, but everything he did was deflected by the light.

"They are mine!" he yelled.

"NO they are not!" Haley bellowed back as she eyed him down. "You do not fight them, you do not control them."

Phoebe could feel the warmth with her hands as she stretched them out. She closed her eyes and let that warmth guider to Haley and when she touched her shoulder she saw a flash of bright light and the power that surged through her body almost made her collapse as it took her breath away. "What are you?" Phoebe asks.

"Faith," she replied and now the light blasted out blinding Lucifer, Paige and Mark. Haley used that opportunity to pull Paige out of the sludge and then ran to Piper but could not break the ice. "Piper I cannot help you unless you help yourself, your sister was right you need to forgive him or you will be encased forever."

Piper's mind was in a flurry of emotions and thoughts, she hated that man with every fiber of her body but she wanted to see her children again and her husband and maybe safe Prue. She did what she was asks and the ice began to melt as Paige stood next to Phoebe who could now see clearly. Piper collapsed to the floor and started vomiting the water that still existed in her lungs. "Piper!" Phoebe said as her sister was clearly having problems getting a breath in, "Come on honey just breathe," Phoebe said while rubbing her back.

"We need to go the light will not last forever down here," Haley said and looked at Lucifer who was covering his eyes with his wings and howling. "NOW!" she said and made a run for it with the sisters in tow along with Mark.

Coop decided to use Medusa as a weapon as he made a run for it right to one of the men who was shooting. He made jagged movements trying to avoid the bullets as Medusa followed him. He then dove behind another tombstone a few feet away from the man who was shooting at him, but the man got distracted as all he could see was her green eyes stare back at him. He then turned to stone and the other man panicked and ran off. "Leo I need your sword!" Coop yelled and a sword orbed into his hands. For a moment he thought they had their powers back but when he heard Tom's voice he realized he did it. Coop used the car window to see Medusa reflection as she ran up to him. "I will kill you!" she yelled as she ran up behind him. He closed his eyes and made a large swing around and felt friction when it connected with Medusa's neck. Her head went flying in the air and rolled a few feet away.

"What are you swinging at?" Leo asks as he could not see her.

"You don't want to know," he replied as he opened his eyes to see Medusa's body fade away. Henry was still fighting with his so-called hallucination when he remembered how the man died. He lifted the gun just as his oxygen was running out and pulled the trigger once more, shooting him right in the head. The man fell back and then faded away as Henry got his breath back.

"Come on we need to get them out," Leo said as he ran to the open graves.

Ti could feel the power surge leave him and knew the deal was broken. He closed his eyes and tapped his cane on the ground causing him to disappear as the four men ran to the open graves. Leo looked down and could see wooden coffins and his stomach almost emptied on the spot. "Piper," he said and jumped down as Coop went to the other and Henry went to the last one. The men strained, pulled and tugged until finally was able to get them open. Leo was first and could hear a car pulling up as he picked up his wife in his arms and held her. "Come on baby breathe," he said as her eyes were wide open and she felt cold to the touch. "Tom!" he yelled but Tom was lying unconscious with a bullet hole through his chest that was slowly healing. Piper awoke but she could not move or even blink as she looked into Leo's eyes. She wanted to smile but could not even do that as her lungs ached and her mind was going fuzzy. Haley and a very tattered Mark stepped out of the car and ran to the open graves as she took out a jar from her black bag. She handed one to her partner and stopped at the first one she came to. "Put some on their lips," she said and Mark nodded.

"Paige come on sweetie come back," Henry said as he held his wife while Mark jumped down and put the salty mix on her lips. "Who are you?" Henry asks as she held her tightly to him.

"Mark FBI agent and don't worry this will help her," He replied and climbed out of the whole to get to the other.

Haley put the mixture on Piper's lips as Leo rocked her," Your sons need you, I need you," he said and put her face to his. He could feel tears on his cheek and she started to stir. Her back arched as she took in a long needed breath, "Leo," she said through a jagged voice. "Piper," He said and moved some hair out of her face. Paige and Phoebe were also stirring but they were having trouble moving. Tom stood up as his wound was healed and ran to the open graves. He jumped down and put his hands on Piper and the familiar orange glow emanated out. She could feel her muscles beginning to work and her mind becoming clear. After he was done with her, he went to heal the others. Leo and Piper crawled out of the grave and she dusted herself off as she could see her sisters do the same. Piper looked at a tombstone and flicked her wrist and to her delight it exploded. "Thank god," she said as her powers were fully restored.

"Now I think that's bad luck," Phoebe said as she walked up to her.

"Oh for god's sake Phoebe its not a mirror," Piper said and then her eyes started to water as the thought of Prue being stuck down there made her sick.

"Piper I don't think she was real," Phoebe said as she noticed her sisters expression.

"You don't know that, why would she have tried to help me at the end if she was not real," Piper said as Leo and the other husbands were confused.

"Can we deal with the voodoo guy?" Leo asks as he wanted him dead.

"You bet," Paige replied.

Phoebe walked over to Haley," Who exactly are you?"

"Would you jump off a cliff?"


"With everything thing you know and have seen would you jump off a cliff?" Haley replied.

"No," Phoebe replied not sure what she was getting to.

"I am faith, I have no doubt that he would catch me," she replied while looking up into the heavens. It was then that Phoebe got it.

"Now would you jump off a cliff?" Haley asks again.

Phoebe pondered the question for a moment but shook her head no," I understand," she replied as pure faith was unbeatable, it was the equivalent of giving yourself over completely with no doubt no second thought and no fear. Even with all she knows, she still would be afraid that she would plummet to the earth. Haley smiled at her and then headed for the car.

"No one ever told me you had gifts," Mark said as he followed her.

"And why do you think you were picked out of the 1000 people that applied?" she said.

"Lucky I guess."

"You are reason because blind faith can be dangerous at times," she said and his expression narrowed in confusion. "You have gifts too," she said as she got in the car. Mark smiled and then frowned, "What are they?"

"You'll see in time, your see," she replied and they drove away.

Tom orbed all of them back to the manner and went to the book of shadows looking for how to kill TI.

"Leo are the boys ok?" she asks nervously.

"They are fine honey," Leo replied as he stood next to her.

"You're not going to believe this," Phoebe said as she looked at the page for TI.

"What?" Phoebe asks.

"It takes the power of four," she said and then looked at Piper.

"We don't have the power of four," Piper said and then started to walk away from the book as she held her stomach. "Give me your hands," she said.

"Why?" Phoebe asks.

"Just do it!" Piper yelled as she could feel something happening in her gut.

The sisters did what she asked and they stood in a circle holding hands. The room started to shake as a wind came from nowhere whirling around them as Piper chanted something in Latin.

"What is she saying?" Phoebe yelled over the wind to Paige.

"I don't know I don't speak Latin," Paige replied as Piper's stomach glowed a blue and green light. "What the hell?"

The light formed a ball and then went into the center of them. It flashed and sparked as the energy was becoming more intense in the room, glasses were breaking and wood was cracking while the men backed up not sure what is happening. Piper still had her eyes closed tight as she was chanting and it was becoming more intense every second. Until finally there was a shock wave that made them break the connection and shoot them backwards. After they got their bearings Prue was laying there unconscious and they were all stunned for a moment. "Prue!" Piper yelled and crawled over to her sister. "Paige heal her."

It took her baby sister a moment to take it all in and then she crawled over and started the process of healing. After a few anxious moments Prue arched her back and took a deep breath. Piper could not contain her tears as she held her sister so tight that she was cutting off the circulation. "Piper I can't breathe," Prue said with a mixture of a laugh and confusion," Where am I?"

"Home your home" Phoebe said as she hugged her too.

"How?" Paige asks as she let go of Prue.

"My daughter I don't know how she did it but she did," Piper said as she rubbed her stomach. Prue let them help her up as she was still wearing the close she died in many years ago. "Prue I am so sorry, I didn't know you were in limbo," Piper said as she cried heavily.

"Its ok Piper I'm just glad I'm out of that place," she said and then looked at her self. "God I look awful."

"Coop go to the elders and find out what's going on," Leo asks because he was still not sure if this was really her. Coop nodded and harted away.

"I guess we have the power four now," Paige said as she walked back over to the book. "Should we kill this son of a bitch?"

"Definitely," Prue replied and stood next to her.

"Wait you just got back Prue what if you don't have your powers?" Piper asks.

Prue bit her lower lip and looked at a vase on a table. She then waved her hand and half of the attic went with it," I guess I have my powers back," she said wide-eyed.

"And then some," Paige said.

"Ok let's do it," Piper said and they all stood together as they summoned him. It only took a few moments for Ti to materialize into the room and he now faced down four very angry sisters.

"You pissed off the wrong people," Piper said and before he could react she blasted him into the wall. "Now!" she said and they started chanting," The power of four will set us free," they said it four times and Ti grabbed his stomach while screaming in pain and then exploded that also caused his army to die as well. "Well that was easy," Prue said with a smile. Coop harted back in and looked at Piper's stomach with a goofy smile on his face.

"What?" Piper said as she put her hand to her abdomen.

"Your daughter has the ability to bring souls back from limbo," Coop said and smiled as he walked over to Phoebe.

Everyone was flabbergasted as Piper was speechless, "She is only a few weeks old," she said as Leo stood next to her.

"Aren't you excited?" Phoebe asks.

"Excited, terrified," Piper replied.

They all went downstairs to relax and to try to wrap their minds around what happened. Henry talked to the FBI agents and found out that TI was connected to the human trafficking ring and the website that had the videos. They also found out the DVD that they found in the box labeled Piper was accidentally dropped when the man who ran the site use to pick up the recordings. Because it was the 90s he had to leave the equipment at the houses and then when no one was home he would go pick them up. Ti used the powder to make the women have brain damage to the point of not knowing who they were, or what was going on. It was almost like a lobotomy but not quite as severe. They also found out that Ti made a deal with the owner of the site and the trafficking ring to sale them. Henry's face was red with rage at the fact his wife was going to be sold to those men for the use of sex. As for Laila and Savannah they were given memory dust and so was Dan and Susan as magic was involved. Piper understood Savannah's anger towards her as she has a son herself, but it did not excuse her actions. The only reason they let them go was because they were afraid of exposure. The site was shut down for good and the sex ring was exposed and the people responsible were arrested. Piper remained nameless in the investigation and memory dust was used on her friends to keep the secret. The elder's said it all came out as it should of and that they were supposed to come upon this and save innocents. The women who were taken against their will were returned to their families and completely healed by Tom. But some wounds were going to take time as Prue needed to reconnect to her family and get back the years she lost. Piper was furious with her mother and her grandmother for not telling her the truth. Grams said that they did not know where she was and have been looking for her since she died. She did know that Prue refused to cross over and felt she was in limbo but could not find her. The elders said in time she would be returned with a power that has never been seen before. Melinda would bring her back and they had to be patient.

"How come he said you were his?" Paige asks referring to what Lucifer said in the Inferno.

"I wasn't he just wanted me to believe that, that I deserve to be there and after many, many years of torment I started to believe him," Prue replied with a jagged breath as the memories of limbo came back." Leo can you use that memory dust on me?" she asks.

"No Prue its too much to remove and you will need some time to handle this, but we are here for you and your home now," he said and hugged her. She completely understood why Piper loved his touch, even though he was not a whitelighter anymore he still had warmth to him.

Tom brought down the children and Wyatt ran to Piper and Leo while Chris hid behind Tom's legs while still holding the container that held his small friends.

Piper smothered her older son and kissed every part of his face," Wyatt I love you," she said over and over again and then her eyes searched for her youngest son. He was huddled behind Tom's legs as he looked at her fearfully. Her heart sank as she could not understand why he was afraid of her. "Peanut what's wrong?" she asks as she knelt down to get to his level. Chris said nothing as he just stood there." Please baby come here," she said and stretched out her arms.

"No you bit me," he said with his head tucked behind Tom's leg.

Piper closed her eyes tight trying to keep the tears overflowing and knew he had a hallucination. "Chris sweetie I would never hurt you, it wasn't me it was just a spell from a demon," she said as everyone else was quiet were holding their kids. Chris wanted his mother badly and when he looked into her eyes he knew it was her and not the bad version of her. "Mommy," he said and ran to her. Piper scooped him up into her arms and held him close while kissing him on the face. "I love you peanut," she said and he said it back.

Coop had to tell Phoebe about Medusa, that she was his first assignment and he messed it up. He mistake lust for love and it caused what happened to her. He never for gave himself for that and began to cry as Phoebe held him. She rubbed his back and just rocked back and forth. She told him that it was not his fault it was the man who raped her and the Greek gods that condemned her. Most of all she as blown away by the fact he was that old and now felt like Piper when it came to Leo. They held each other all night and finally drifted to sleep safe and secure.

Henry told Paige about an accidental shooting that occurred when he was a police officer. It was dark and his partner came around the corner, but his partner was on leave for an injury and was not supposed to be there. He fired his gun and before he could do anything his partner was dead. It took years for him to get over that but in some ways he never did. He became a parole officer so that he would never have a partner again and he still hated carrying a gun but with therapy he was able to move on.

There was one thing that was confusing them, how did they end up in the caskets? After drinking the tea it knocked them out and that is when Ti showed up and put the spell on them. It separated their bodies from their souls and that's how they ended up in the Inferno while Ti and his men buried them alive.

All of them still had questions like how could Medusa affect other people when the other hallucinations could not. Coop said that her eyes were so powerful that even though she was not exactly real to them, it was because of magic mixed with it that made her power work on others. Phoebe was starting to understand why her empathy power was not affected by the spell. It was because it is emotional and emotion is human not magical and came in handy when they were in the Inferno to help Haley and make contact with her family. The next day Prue was playing with Wyatt and Chris in the living room as she was getting acquainted with her nephew's for the first time. Piper stood at the door way in her pajamas and smiled wide as she put her hand to her stomach," Thank you," she whispered while rubbing her belly. Prue would get her life back and her death was removed from everyone who knew and it was like she was never gone. She also got her job back at the magazine but she was now more interested in the FBI considering that if it wasn't for those two agents they would not be there today. The underworld was now in complete fear as the power of four was a reality and the family was determined to kill them all.

The End or is it?


Thanks everyone for reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it. Now it is time to finish the others.