Hey everyone! I'm so excited to start my second fic (even though my first one doesn't really count as it's a one-shot)! I really hope you enjoy it. The reason I decided to do DW/HP crossover is because they are my two favorite things and I haven't really seen any REALLY good fics with them. This takes place about a few weeks (about six) after Sirius's death. I'm not really planning on making it super long; maybe just about 5-6 chapters at the most. However, if there's a great enough response, then it will probably change. Not sure if there's a companion for the Doctor yet- I'll have to look into it, see were it could go! Anyways, enough from boring old me, let's get on with it!

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Harry Potter was a special boy, no doubt about it. Fresh out of his 5th year and still gripping with the death of his godfather, Sirius Black, Harry had little to do in the summer other than write letters to Ron and Hermione and brood. Harry seemed to do a lot of that; brood over Sirius's death, Voldemort's continuing power-sweep of the Ministry, lots of things.

"Oi, why is your face looking like that?" Who had said that? Harry looked around, trying to find the source of the question. Finally, he spotted it.

"What?" Harry replied to the strange character sitting across from him on the Underground. He had taken the trip to London to go visit the Order and discuss things he'd rather not talk about -like what he was going to do after Hogwarts or his feelings, especially his feelings- with Dumbledore.

Speaking of Dumbledore, Harry was starting to grow weary of the overprotective old man. In his first few years at Hogwarts, he had seen Dumbledore as his father figure, his missing parental guidance. Beginning of fourth year, though, when his name had been pulled out of the cup and the tasks and everything, he started to get annoyed with him. He yearned for moments when he wasn't being micromanaged upon or lectured or protected by the geezer.

But back to the subway car.

"I said, why is your face looking like that? You know, all sad like and stuff." Harry had no idea why this man was talking to him. The man in question had on a white button-up shirt, a light brown, ill-fitted, tweed blazer, under which looked like black suspenders, and basic black dress pants that were a bit too short and revealed his ankles. On his feet were what appeared to be purple and yellow-striped socks, over which he wore old fashioned brown lace up shoes. Around his neck was a crisp, neatly pressed, deep blue bow tie. Harry hadn't the faintest idea why someone would wear a bow tie; in his opinion he thought the looked old fashioned and simply ridiculous.

"Um, excuse me?" The Boy-Who-Lived didn't like being treated like a celebrity, but he did like when people treated him like a decent human being. Right now, he felt like he was being treated like neither.

"Oh, I apologize, was I being rude? I have to work on that." He had on a slightly amused expression, at least for someone who sounded like they were trying to apologize. "Let me rephrase the question: why do you look so moody?" He gave a questioning look to Harry, as if to ask, Is this the right way to say it?

"I'd rather not talk about it with a stranger." Harry replied, hoping his face gave off the impression that he wasn't someone to mess with. He was growing rather tired of the peculiar man, with his odd clothing and behavior.

"Alrighty then," said the man, hopping over to sit in the seat next to Harry, giving him a cheery smile, "My name's the Doctor. And you?" He said expectantly, holding out his hand for Harry to shake.

Harry stared at the man for a moment, not sure how to react. "Doctor Who?"

"Exactly!" said the Doctor. Harry thought this was abnormal; wouldn't a real doctor have a name? It certainly wouldn't be the only abnormal thing about the man.

"Okay...well, my name's Harry Potter." He figured this was safe to tell the man; though he was dressed rather strangely for the London Underground, he didn't look like a wizard, and even if he was a Death Eater, he should have already recognized and killed Harry. He took the Doctor's hand and shook it.

"That's a funny name, Harry Potter. Reminds me of a man I met in the Rashanae Forest. Very boring man, he was." The Doctor realized he was probably being rude again, for he quickly changed the subject, or so Harry figured. Anyway, Mr. Potter, why so glum?" The man called the Doctor said this in a way that made Harry want to tell him everything, about life, about recent events, about Sirius's death. In fact, the whole about the Doctor made Harry want to spill his metaphorical guts.

And that's exactly what he did. Harry relayed everything to the mysterious and quirky Doctor. Of course he kept out the parts directly involving magic. Periodically, he would subtly check the Doctor's reactions to make sure he didn't think he was crazy, although he didn't understand why. He had the feeling that he wanted to impress this (basically) stranger, that he didn't want to let him down. When he was done talking, the Doctor just peered at him. Finally, he said something.

"You left stuff out. Important stuff, key details. I saw it in your face." The Chosen One became a little nervous when he said that. He hoped the Doctor wouldn't ask for those specific key details, the important stuff. All while Harry was thinking this, the Doctor had once again been studying Harry's face. He saw the flashes of hesitation go across his face, not to mention the apparent nervousness. The Doctor went out on a limb, hoping he was right in his suspicions. "What if I told you I had a blue box that's bigger on the inside that could take me and my friends anywhere we wanted to go in time or space?"

Harry looked at the man incredulously. He had to be lying. No person could travel back (or forwards) in time unless they had a time turner. Apparition was possible, yes, but only for relatively short distances as far as Harry knew. How could one Apparate to another planet, let alone galaxy. However, Harry saw this as an opportunity. "What if I told you I was a wizard, with a wand and everything?"

"Then I would say, 'Cool', because wizardry is cool. Ya know, I once met Merlin, the famous one. He was a pleasant fellow. He told me this brilliant joke about an octopus, a loaf of bread, and a bank teller." The Doctor gave a smile, possibly remembering the joke.

"Are you serious? I mean, you believe me?" Harry asked seriously. At first, the Doctor had seemed kind of crazy, but now... Harry didn't know.

"Completely. Speaking of wands, I have my own special little kind of wand." The Doctor made a movement towards his pockets and Harry shut his eyes very tight, for he was afraid that (on top of being very weird) was a -ahem- flasher. What he heard next though, was a questioning Doctor.

"Harry, why are your eyes shut tight like that? You look stupid." said the Doctor. "Oh, no I'm being rude again, aren't I? Sorry." Taking this as a sign that the Doctor was not what he thought he possibly was, Harry slowly opened his eyes. He saw the Doctor holding a small, silver, bulky, pen-like thing that had a round green tip at the top. The Doctor pressed a button and the green part lit up like a light bulb, and the contraption gave of a loud, slightly irritating buzzing noise. "It's a beauty, isn't it?" He asked Harry happily. "You know what's better? The TARDIS. Wanna see?" Harry thought the Doctor sounded silly, a bit like a nine year old boy. He had no idea what a TARDIS was, though he was intrigued and wanted to see. Seeing his curious/suspicious look, the Doctor took that as a 'yes'. He started walking towards the stairs of the Underground, Harry following him. The Doctor climbed the steps leading to the sidewalk above with a spring in his step, Harry noticed. When they got to the surface, the Doctor started walking towards an alley across the street. That's when Harry became a little worried, inconspicuously as he could, he put his right hand in his right pocket, gripping his wand. He wanted to be ready in case this 'Doctor' person wasn't who he said he was. The Doctor led him a little down the alleyway, then stopped in his tracks. Harry almost bumped into him. He would have, had he not turned his head at the last moment to avoid a collision.

"Isn't she gorgeous? The prettiest thing you've ever seen?" said the Doctor with deep admiration. Harry squinted into the rest of the alley. He had to wait for his eyes to adjust to the sudden darkness of the the small space. When they did, he gave a tiny gasp; there right in front of him was a blue police box, straight from the 60's. A sign lay nailed to the door:



for use of


Harry thought this was rather odd. "I thought you said you were a doctor." Harry asked quizzically. "Why does your- what was it, TORDUS?- say 'police box'?"

The Doctor looked agitated. "First off, she's a TARDIS: Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Second, it's because the chameleon circuit is broken, obviously. She's a Type 40 TARDIS, she's a bit obsolete. Sorry, baby." The Doctor said this as though it were so simple and he couldn't believe Harry hadn't the faintest idea of what a TARDIS was. It was amusing to Harry when the Doctor muttered the sincere apology to the TARDIS, giving her a gentle pat, almost lovingly. Then his attitude suddenly changed, his irritated yet somewhat sorry demeanor changing to pleasantly amused. The Doctor looked very excited. "You want to see the inside? It'll knock your socks right off, that is assuming you're wearing any!" He looked at Harry's feet for a second, then back up. He was practically jumping for joy when Harry gave a hesitant yes. He walked up to the door and placed a key in the lock, slowly turning it. The blue (the same exact blue as the Doctor's silly bow tie- or was the Doctor's bow tie the same color as the TARDIS?) door swung upon and the Doctor and Harry stepped inside.

Harry gasped.

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