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"HOW THE BLOODY FUCK DID YOU GET HERE?" James screamed at Older Harry.

"I-you- what?" Harry said, confusedly, to his dad. He had no idea why his father was acting this way. Then he remembered: James didn't know he was Older Harry's father. However, before Older Harry had time to respond properly to James's question, James had whipped out his wand and had it pointed at the teenager's throat.

"Are you a Death Eater?" James asked heatedly. "Well, are you a spy?" When Older Harry didn't immediately reply, James asked him again, this time much more angry and forceful. "I said, are you a spy for Voldemort?" He had a crazed look in his eye. Older Harry noticed it and strangely admired that about his dad, despite the fact that he was on the brink of cursing him. His obvious loyalty to his family and his desire to protect them was very respectable.

"N-no!" It was the only thing Older Harry could manage to say (more like sputter nervously), what with James digging the tip of wand painfully into the side of his throat.

"Well, then, who are you? Only our Secret-keeper can get past the enchantments 'round the house. Well, him and blood relatives...," James paused for a moment. He ran a hand through his hair, as he so often did. Older Harry noticed that he seemed to be thinking intently. "Hold on." Finally, James dropped his wand from Older Harry's throat, much to his delight. He took the time to look at Older Harry- really look- and was startled to see the same mop of untidy, unruly black hair on Older Harry's head that he had on his. Moving down his face, he was extra startled to see that Harry shared the same color and shape of his wife, Lily. He had the same nose as him, with Lily's mouth. In fact, if James really concentrated, he saw that the boy in front of him looked similar- very similar- to the baby playing with Lily in the sitting room. "Who...who are you?" he said more quietly this time, peering intensely at Older Harry.

Harry's mind raced. He didn't know if he was actually allowed to tell his father that he was the baby playing on the floor, figuratively speaking of course. The Doctor hadn't mentioned it when he was talking about the restrictions of the visit, so he went on a very thin limb and figured it was acceptable. What could go wrong? Only everything, he thought. Well, here goes nothing.

"I"m Harry Potter. Your son."

James only looked at him in bewilderment. He couldn't comprehend what was happening, that this boy could get past the Fidelius Charm, a spell that required some very old and powerful magic, let alone be his son. The befuddlement only got worse, though, as Harry dropped the next magical bomb on him.

"From the future." Harry was looking nervously at James. It was clear he was unsure about how he would respond.

James took a moment to consider what Harry had just said. Then he pulled out his wand with lightning speed.

"You're lying. You're not from the future." His words were filled with venom, stinging Harry with every syllable. His face was contorted into a look of immense anger, bordering rage."You're just some cracked-up Death Eater that Voldemort sent to kill us 'cause the sick bastard couldn't do himself." James said quite smugly.

"No, I'm not lying!" said Harry quickly. He sincerely hoped and silently prayed his dad didn't do anything rash before he could explain.

The more Harry thought about it... how was he going to explain the whole situation to James? I met a weird guy with a time machine in the Underground, so naturally I went with him to see it, we talked about feelings, and then we took a trip to here, Harry thought. Yeah, that'll go over well.

Harry's mind snapped back to the present, trying to find an answer. It was moments like these, he realized, when he wished he had Hermione to come up with a clever solution, or maybe Ron to create a distraction so they could escape. Yes, he was really that desperate.

All of the sudden, he had an idea.

"I used a Time-Turner to come here so I could tell you something." James raised his eyebrows as Harry realized his mistake. He couldn't tell James that he and his wife were going to die tomorrow.

So Harry decided to do something against the rules of time that he and the Doctor had gone over so extensively during the trip there- not to mention his better judgment.

He told them.

He didn't tell them the specifics. That was a last minute decision. He knew, deep down, he couldn't tell them the whole truth, that everything that has happened to him basically happened to him because of what would go down tomorrow night. As much as it broke his heart, he knew if he told them, things wouldn't be the same somehow. If he told them, he reckoned, the future could very well change. He didn't know if it would be for better or worse; he didn't want to take a chance. No matter how much it hurt, he couldn't tell.

Besides, Harry was sitting in their kitchen, drinking their coffee, out of one of their mugs. He didn't feel like pushing his luck.

"So tomorrow night... bad things are going to happen?" Lily asked nervously from her place at the kitchen table, balancing Baby Harry on her knee. He let out a happy giggle as she started bouncing him.

"Yes," Harry said with a sigh. He didn't know it before, but his eyes were starting to well up. His voice caught. "Very. Bad. Things." He quickly wiped at his eyes before anyone noticed them watering.

Lily looked at James with a sad look in her eyes. He was standing over her, with a protective hand placed on her shoulder."I don't really know what to say... I mean... I just wish you were able to tell us."

James spoke up. "It's kinda amazing, though." He said thoughtfully. Both Lily and Harry looked at him, shock evident in their faces. "NO, not like that," He said quickly, trying to make a smooth recovery. "I just meant the fact that our son from the future is standing in the middle of our kitchen, while the baby him is sitting right on your knee." He spoke while pointing at Lily, a small smile spreading slowly across his face.

She gave him a sheepish smile. "It is sort of cool. I just wish it weren't for the fact that he came to warn us." She looked at the floor. "It must be really horrible, isn't it? Whatever happens tomorrow?" She said this very quietly, almost a whisper. As she looked up from the floor, Harry figured out she was talking directly to him.

"Yeah...it is, it is."

Harry stayed for a few more hours at the Potter's, talking to them and things like that. After their chat in the kitchen, Lily picked Baby Harry up off her knee and stood. She made her way towards Older Harry, then offered him to hold the baby.

"Oh!" He was startled by her offer, though he didn't know why. He just assumed it was nerves, as he had never actually held a baby. Lily noticed this, too, as she began to explain how to hold a child properly.

"Yes, that's good... remember, support the head." Lily spoke as she handed off Baby Harry to Older Harry.

Older Harry looked at Baby Harry. They were pretty much the same, except for a few differences. For one, he didn't have a red lighting-shaped scar from Lord Voldemort on his forehand.

At least, not yet.

Older Harry shook the thought away, then spoke up.

"Well, this is quite a sight, isn't it?" Older Harry said with a small laugh. "I'm holding baby-me."

"Hahaha, yes, it is!" said Lily with a marginally louder laugh than Harry's. James, who had popped out of the room for a moment, stuck his head through the door way.

"What is?" he asked. Older Harry told him, which got a laugh. "You're right, very strange."

Harry left after a few more hours.

He had said sad his goodbyes to his ill-fated parents. They said there's.

It was just very sad in general. However, they all knew he couldn't stay there forever. He was soon out the door, tears falling silently down his face. He walked down the path to the street, where he promptly sat down on the curb and waited for the Doctor.

It was a good 45 minutes before he showed up.

"Oi, where have you been?" called the Doctor as he stepped out of his TARDIS, which had just appeared in front of Harry. "I've been coming here every 30 minutes to see if you were out yet!"

Harry stood up. "It's been a good 45 minutes!"

"Time is relative." The Doctor muttered quickly before he pulled Harry into big blue box. "All right, ready to go?" He turned to Harry expectantly.

Harry turned to face the Doctor, then looked down. "Not really, no." He sniffled.

"We never really are, aren't we?" said the Doctor before he started moving in a blur, pushing buttons and pulling levers and whatnot.

They were off.

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