"You don't know how long I have waited for this moment!" Sasuke roared with mocking victory, his laughter filled the once happy atmosphere. "Years of training, struggling, surviving and hoping! All leading to this one singular moment!"

"Sasuke!" Makarov barked back angrily brimming with fury at the raven haired boy's glee. "Too long I have put up with your prejudice against Fairy Tail! Now I will ask you a question I know you've fear answering!"

Sasuke quietened down to allow the aged man to speak, the glee had wiped from his face as he waited for this question. "Are you really willing to stamp on Itachi's legacy by destroying us!? Would you really take out his family!? YOURS!?"

"You were never my family!" Sasuke screamed back violently, utter rage filled his usually calm eyes. "Don't speak to me about Itachi! I was his family! And you took him from me! You were never his family Fairy Tail!"

"What about me then, Sasuke?" Naruto stepped forward, locking eyes with Sasuke's onyx.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed towards the blonde. "Naruto?" He asked with confusion, he could tell something was different about him, not by appearance. The aura surrounding him had changed drastically; it was no longer calm and confident. It was colder, to Sasuke, who ahd known Naruto's cheerful side extensively, it was frightening.

"This war with Phantom Lord was my doing." Naruto spoke, shocking the members of Fairy Tail. Naruto turned to Makarov, who looked at him speechless. "I saw what had happened to Team Shadow Gear, and manipulated Fairy Tail to instigate revenge against Phantom Lord."

"I don't believe you." Naruto turned back to the Raven haired Council member. His brow had furrowed to stare at him with speculation. "I know you, Naruto. You wouldn't use Disphoria to push people towards such barbarism for something like revenge. You don't even like using Disphoria."

"You're words have confirmed that it is within my power to do so nonetheless." Naruto responded easily. "Prove to everyone that what I said is a lie, is there any evidence that suggests otherwise. Fairy Tail might have strong beliefs against crimes against their comrades. But with the trouble they are in with the Council already, Makarov wouldn't attack another Guild with an act of war."

"I won't arrest you, Naruto." Sasuke responded bluntly to his blond friend. "This was a war instigated by Fairy Tail, even if you claim to have been the culprit behind it. As you are no longer a mage of Fairy Tail, you cannot be held accountable."

"But the warrant for my arrest still stands." Naruto smirked knowingly to Sasuke's mild surprise. "I know as well as I do what the council has ordered."

"What the hell are you two talking about!?" Natsu yelled in frustration after listening to the two older mages speak between each other.

Naruto continued to look at Sasuke, not bothering to turn and face Fairy Tail. "Without being aligned to the Council or to a Guild. The Council now view me as the biggest threat to the current world because of Disphoria, because of the secrets I know. The only reason the Council didn't arrest me sooner was because Uranai believed I would be kept in check under Makarov. Isn't that right, Sasuke?" Naruto's smirk grew a little bit more seeing Sasuke's lip purse with annoyance. "Your orders are to arrest me on sight, are they not?"

"You were never here, Naruto." Sasuke responded coldly, his fists clenching. "Don't make me do something I will regret, leave now."

"You don't have a choice, Sasuke. I've admitted to instigating the Fairy Tail - Phantom Lord War, if the council learned how you let me go, they'll send you to prison with me."

Sasuke stood silent, stared at the blonde's smirk. 'What's happened to you, Naruto?' He sighed heavily, shaking his head slowly. "Naruto, they'll send you there if you're arrested."

"Abyss Brink Prison?" Naruto smirked further. 'I'm counting on it.'

"One last chance, Naruto." Sasuke slipped into a fighting stance, powerful magical aura rolled from his body. Members of Fairy Tail and Rune Knights struggled under the force of it, the Earth vibrated powerfully from simply the aura of Sasuke's power. "I will rest you along with Fairy Tail otherwise, I've waited too long to just let them go now."

"You will leave Fairy Tail alone this day." Naruto remained still, yet his own aura was released, if the power wasn't horrible before, it exceeded palpable now. Cracks form along the crust of the Earth were their auras met, Rune Knights and Fairy Tail members fell to their knees under the sheer weight of these two presences, suffocating from the power of these two great mages.

"Mei-Furyū no Hoko!" Naruto moved first, inhaling deeply before letting loose a pitch black cyclone of wind from his mouth.

'This is different.' Sasuke smirked, his eyes changing from their usual Onyx black to deep red, three spinning tomoe in each eye. "Copy Wheel Eye!"

Sasuke's eyes widened with horror after the attempt to copy this new magic Naruto displayed. Instead of seeing vast quantities of formulas, instructions and data. He saw but one thing. A ferocious dragon, with glimmering jet black scales, it's large teeth snarling at him.

Sasuke was blown back from his spot, landing against a large rock torn up from the war, he fell down to the ground, his loud screams of agony filled the air as he clutched his eyes.

He looked up towards the blonde, his eyes were heavily bloodshot and had returned to their Onyx state. Blood poured down both his cheeks like crimson tears. His teeth were stained crimson from the blood from his eyes seeping into his mouth.

"Rune Knights, arrest Naruto Uzumaki!" He ordered with a fury. The Knights surrounded the blonde, who seemed to put up very little resistance.

"Naruto!" The members of Fairy Tail on the other hand, jumped to his defence. "You didn't have anything to do with this, Phantom Lord had it coming to them after attacking Shadow Gear!" Natsu yelled, leading the charge to Naruto's aid.

"Stand down." Naruto glared at them, suddenly Fairy Tail began losing their fighting spirit. Staring quietly at the blond who glared at them. "Do not concern yourself with this. I did what I did knowing of the consequences. You owe me nothing Fairy Tail."

Rune Knights snapped handcuffs around Naruto's wrists, circling him before pulling him away slowly. "Do not follow me, this is a path you cannot walk."

"Naruto was successful." Kisame smirked as Konan relayed the message after returning in a flock of rustling paper caught on the wind.

"Yes, I believe there is no trial being held for him. He is being moved straight to the Abyss Brink." Konan responded dully, slightly annoyed at how this man had taken charge after Naruto had left.

"Time to fulfil your end of the plan, Darui." Kisame turned to the white haired man, who stood in a sluggish manner.

Darui nodded in return. "It's dull, but you can count on me, I'll earn your trust yet." He commented as he began to walk away from the blue haired duo.

"What do we do now?" Konan asked the larger mage as they watched the third member of their team leave.

"Naruto gave us our own assignment." Kisame let off a wide grin. "Phase 1 - Search for a particular mage while Naruto remains incarcerated. Naruto believes he will be useful to the cause. Phase 2 - Scout for any other potential recruits to the team. And Phase 3 - Await and prepare for Naruto's escape."

Kisame chuckled knowingly; escape was too soft a word for what Naruto had planned. He planned to release Morkez Kyūshutsu, even if only temporary, cataclysm is sure to follow. 'He plans to use utter destruction of the prison for escape.' Kisame chuckled even louder at the blonde's future antics as he began to walk in a different direction to Darui.

"Who did Naruto-sama say is this mage?" Konan asked as she caught up to Kisame, annoyed how she seemed to have been left out of pivotal parts of the plan.

Kisame shrugged his shoulders lazily in response to her question. "Naruto said his name is Gaara, or something like that."

"We're gonna go after Naruto immediately!" Natsu yelled angrily to the members of Fairy Tail, other members had rallied behind him. Elfman, Gray, Jet, Droy, Lucy all stood waiting for Makarov's approval. "We can't let him sacrifice himself because of us!"

"It's impossible, just let it pass." Makarov said sternly, yet deep contemplation was written on his face.

"How can we let it pass!?" Natsu's blood boiled even further at Master Makarov's remark on the situation.

"Multiple reasons:" Makarov replied rather easily. "No one knows where Abyss Brink Prison is, even members of the council don't know its location. Only its employees and the highest ranking in the Magic Council do, and they'll never disclose its location. Second of all, the Prison was built to house the most notorious of men, it's an impenetrable fortress. Third, you'll never make it in, and even by some amazing luck you do, you'll never make it out alive. Mahisrem Kyūshutsu, the Gold and Silver Brothers Kinkaku and Ginkaku, and hundreds of other powerful mages employed as guards will decimate anyone who enters without permission, that is their orders, their duty!"

Natsu's face filled to grim fury at the impossible odds now stacked against their plan. "Besides…" Makarov continued, his face saddened deeply as he look towards the ground. "That wasn't the Naruto that left our guild. Something's happened, something has changed in him. I hate to say this, but I feel like I can't risk any of you being around him until we've found out more about him."

"Dammit!" A fist connected to an impeccable canvas white wall, cracking under the force. Sasuke gritted his teeth as he cursed angrily, his eyes had healed after that strange occurrence with Naruto, yet they still strained to have the perfect vision they once had, yet they were healing, slowly but surely.

Yet it wasn't his eyes that angered him, it was that blonde mage. He thought he knew Naruto inside and out, nothing was hidden between the two of them, how did he not foresee this? The change in Naruto. Was Fairy Tail really the best place to keep Naruto? Without them, Naruto seemed darker, less interested in Sasuke's attacks against them.

"Naruto…" Because of the injury to his eyes, he had to let Fairy Tail go, he didn't have the manpower with him at the time to restrain the guild as well, he planned to do it all himself, and Uranai confirmed Naruto was behind the war through the use of Disphoria, Fairy Tail eluded his grasp after he was so close. 'Why have you done this?'

"Sasuke…" He heard his name being called, looking he saw Ultear watching him with concern on her face. "I know how hard this was for you. Naruto was like a brother to you, to arrest him and have to watch him be sent there as well."

"If the Council trusted me enough with its location, I would have escorted Naruto to Abyss Brink myself." Sasuke muttered back angrily.

"Or allow him to escape on the way." Ultear smiled as Sasuke whipped around to face her after hearing the accusation. "That was their biggest fear, they know of the bond you two share. They were worried you would allow, even help Naruto to escape."

Sasuke gritted his teeth even more as a snarl escape his mouth, he couldn't lie to himself. He probably would have let Naruto free if he was charged with escorting him, Naruto had done much for him. He showed him that he wasn't alone, their routine fights became less like battles and more like extensive training between friends, between brothers.

"The Council may not let you know Abyss Brink's location. But the Council does trust you, Sasuke." Ultear smiled him, handing him a sealed envelope. "Your newest assignment, hopefully this shows you how much we trust you."

Sasuke looked at the black haired woman speculatively, snatching the envelope from her hand, before opening it. His eyes squinting as he scanned over the documents inside.

His eyes snapped open wide with shock, his mouth hung agape. This new mission, it was unreal. "T-This is…!"

"Yes." Ultear smirked, already knowing the assignment given. "We've finally found Tartaros' most prized possession. Lucifer's most valued item. The Demonic Mirrors. Your assignment is to capture them, return them here Sasuke, if unable to, then destroy them."

Sasuke nodded, slipping the document back into their envelope. "Oh, and Sasuke…" Ultear continued, slowly moving towards him, lifting her head to plant a soft kiss on his cheek, dangerously close to the corner of his lips. "Good luck." She whispered as she pulled away.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed towards her because of her actions, but didn't waste time pondering on them, he turned and walked down the hall of the Council Building to prepare for his assignment.

Ultear sighed heavily, leaning against the wall with mild frustration. "He still won't crack under my charms."

"Did he take the bait anyway?" A new male voice spoke, Ultear looked upwards, a confident smirk arose from her tightly pursed lips. Siegrain stood across the hall from her, leaning against the wall with a calm look on his own face.

"Yes. Sasuke will be out of the way for the next phase of our plan, Jellal-sama." Ultear smirked as a cunning fox would towards her masquerading master.

"Excellent. He's too powerful for his own good. I won't take any chances with Sasuke running around the council when the time arrives." Siegrain let a victorious smile grow on his own face as he chuckled quietly. "If only I could have persuaded him to join me sooner."

"There is still time to do that, Jellal-sama." Ultear spoke back, offering the suggestion. "If you could just wait a few more-"

"No. The time is upon us now." Siegrain cut in midflow of her sentence. "The R System is ready. I won't waste any more time. I've been waiting eight years for this moment."

"Naruto…" Uranai Hoshi, Chairman of the Magic Council sat across the cart from the chained Naruto. The blond stared back at his withered face blankly. "You were as a Grandson to me, you still are. What in the world has happened to you?"

"Nothing, Uranai." Naruto commented bluntly to the old man's question. "To me, something has happened to everything else. My perceptions, my beliefs. They have been proven false. This is the reality we live in, falsified to satisfy the needs of some in the expense of others."

"You know I have tried to change that. I've sought equality for all mages, but it's not easy to change a whole organisation's beliefs overnight." Uranai sighed heavily in response.

"But it can be done." Naruto responded, Uranai's eyes widened with horror at the look Naruto gave him, where was the sweet, innocent timid boy from days past. Had he been devoured by this… monster lurking in the darkness before him. The monster, he himself, had helped create."

Uranai couldn't think of a way to respond, he couldn't read what went through the young blonde's mind at this moment. He looked out the window of their cart. "Hmm. You've received quite the honour Naruto." A small smile grew on the old man's face. "You've been escorted to Abyss Brink by the Chairman of the Magic Council, and it appears the Head Warden himself is here to greet out at the front gate."

"Mahisrem." Naruto uttered out the man's name, almost anticipating the meeting between himself and the man.

"Promise me Naruto." Uranai looked at him with concerned eyes, almost pleading. "Promise me you will not aggravate Mahisrem, he is beyond a force of reckoning when set to a task. His being here is only preparing him for the time he takes my place as Chairman of the Magic Council."

Naruto's brow rose with surprise, the chairman of the Magic Council is usually one of the, if not the most powerful mage on the continent. And Mahisrem is preparing for that duty.

The cart stopped, and the door flung upon. "Out." A Rune Knight ordered him. Naruto rose from his seat, stepping out into the light.

Or what little of light there was. He looked upwards, Earth walls rose thousands of feet above him, the sun being visible from the top, yet it was artificial light that kept the place bright. 'Should have guessed by the name it would be at the bottom of something, but a fissure?' Naruto looked up with interest. Scaling out of this place would be a bother.

He looked towards the cart, seeing Uranai giving him a pained look before closing the door once again. He and the cart being rising by Engine Lacrima, throughout the journey it felt as though they were riding on a road, to think they were actually flying to the destination. 'They've been well prepared to keep its location concealed.'

"Naruto of the Left Hand Path. The Magni Magi Metus." Naruto turned. There stood a man, surrounded by men wearing similar uniforms to Darui. But this man, he had similar sparkling blue eyes like himself, and held a warm, calm and collected smile on his face. His hair was canvas white, set in thick locks spiking upwards and sleeked back, with longer ones at the side of his head and two falling over his forehead. Two more extraordinary long locks grew from the back of his head, reach down past his back. He was adorned in a long white coat, trailing far behind his body and buckled up with belts. More belts were fastened on the back, leading to grey cloth tied to the back of the cloak. Underneath he wore grey pants leading into boots a similar colour to his hair and cloak. Covering his hands were a pair of matching grey gloves. "My name is Mahisrem Kyūshutsu. Welcome to the Abyss Brink Prison."

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