Saber Marionette J to U; Revival

Author's note; First Off, I would like to apologize for the sudden deletion of this fic. Those who have been following this series thus far both fanfiction members and non members alike knew that certain sacrifice is required. The entire fic is deleted, but at the same time, revived as well. I am in need to start a fresher new look with my story telling which has been improve from the past 5-6 years. Because my undying love of Saber Marionette series like Luvweaver before me, I will continue my previous work from these amazing 90's anime which once captured my heart (and properly further influence me to anime stuff. Move aside G.I. Joe and Transformer, the world of anime is here to take over!)

I am not ashamed to tell you I felt in love with the series at first sight (rather quite literally) and had followed the series as best as possible. I even manage to get CD and DVD version of the show with English SUB (not dub, bleh) on the ongoing series. There are three series all together; Saber Marionette J, Saber Marionette J Again (OVA) and Saber Marionette J-to-X. I even got my hands on Saber Marionette R (in a bargain bin, rare to find some surviving antique in a bargain bin :3), which is a standalone series as well as its manga which is o sale for rather weighty price tag. I am however unable to get my hands on the figurine Lime (one of the main stream SMJ character) into my collection; she alone cost me a bomb! \(OAO)/

The story of SM J-to-U; Revival focus on the story right after the final episode of the SM J-to-X, and the title change is necessary because of several obvious reasons;

- It takes place after the event of the last series, and the Saber Girls are revived.

- This fic itself has resurrected, that means a lot for me T^T

-The 'U' stands for Union, the main new enemy of Terra II and their dreadful Bio-Mechs.

For those who is new; here is the closes preview I can stress out;

After Dr Hess brought Neo-Mesopotamia out of Terra II and the Saber Girl (who is on another impossible, one way ticket mission to stop Hess from exact revenge on Earth) the gigantic space ship wisp away back into the Solar System, where Dr Hess and the Saber Girls found the truth that had dreaded Dr Hess for 400 years of suffering before returning to Terra II. The Girls never reach back home due to the exterior damage and cause the Neo-Mesopotamia to self-destruct before reaching back to Terra II (the explosion accorded in warp space). Unknown to the inhabitant of Terra II or Dr Hess, when Neo-Mesopotamia re-enter the Solar System, small satellite just outside of Jupiter (where the Neo-Mesopotamia re-enters) pick up the massive ships as well as the set of coordinates where the ship originated. Earth government notified this discovery and immediately sends a military-scientific space vessel Isimura to reach Terra II and govern the planet. Unfortunately, the planet itself is still not safe for space ferrying, and when Isimura try to make planet fall, the electronic devices within the ship seize to function, causing the ship to crash land on Terra II near Romano. Using whatever technology the Union could salvage, they intend to return back to Earth by neutralizing the Plasma Shield which has been protecting Terra II from the high HV sun rays from burning this planet to charcoal. At this point, a defector escapes in an attempt to stop the Union by frying the planet. The Defector soon resurrected the Saber Girls as well as the recently deceased Otaru Mamiya, resurrected from the dead and in the body of a marionette body. After hearing the Defector's reasons, Otaru and his Saber Girls once again bear the burden to stop an unknown enemy from destroying the world.

This is as much preview as I can give. It really makes sense if you dive into the Saber Marionette world where human would colonize other planet other than their dying planet.

Wish me luck on this old, but fresh new start, and thank you all who supported the dying series up until now.