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Saber Marionette J to U; Revival
Chapter 02: Little Hope

Thanks to the marvel of science and the DNA of the only living woman rescued by the hero and his maiden automaton of Japoness, Terra II is slowly restoring its proper human way of life by introducing female off-spring clones to replace most marionette construction facility throughout the world. Thanks to the plan presented by Lorelei, the tireless marionette will soon be replace after their 300 years of undying duty and service to mankind on this planet are now coming to a halt. This means the future of Terra II and the future of mankind will begin with the seed of female birth and less dependent to automaton female marionettes. Eventually, cloning will no longer be necessary, and just like the marionette facility that house and repairs these emotionless female automaton, so too shall the cloning facility be close down after sufficient female off-spring are born.

The seed which female babies are born through is a delicate progress, much like male babies in the cloning facility throughout Japoness and beyond. However, during a time, Japoness research facility were attacked by Dr Hess for his cruel needs for machinery to build Neo Mesopotamia and snatch the machine meant for the female babies to be born into this world. However, thanks to the effort of the same heroes that had saved Terra II, hopes are quickly restored to the world, but not without a harsh price. The hero of Japoness lost his three special female automatons in an effort to stop Dr Hess, and their remains are never recovered. However, law enforcement found the female cloning machine hidden in one of the mountains relatively intact and had already produce three female babies. These three female babies are special; they are born into the world with memories implanted into these fragile infant at such tender age and are given to the hero of Japoness by Lorelei, the only living female who is also the same woman who were saved by this heroes automaton. The hero with his teary eyes, he accept such precious gift. The three baby girls, all smiling and giggling, hug at him in return; their soft hands and baby language only soften the harden man's heart.

The hero of Japoness lost something important that faithful day, but at the same time, he gains something equally precious. It was at this moment that the hero by the name of Mamiya Otaru votes to give these faithful girls true happiness, unlike anything he ever did before.

It has been eight years; eight lengthy year since he lost his beloved Saber Marionette but gain three equally adorable daughters in return, he continue to held his promise to achieve true happiness for his loving daughters. Mamiya Otaru stood by the door and settles himself on the edge of the entrance door smiling brightly at the three girls who is doing homework in the living room, sitting comfortable by the table. The three girl's chats and giggle are music to Otaru's ear, and their constant attention to Otaru was brief, seeing their happy, content father smiling at all three of them allowed them to giggle further. There are times when these three wonderful girls would feel more secure whenever Otaru is around, especially that awful bully around the neighbourhood who thinks that 'these strange beings' is far weaker than boys. The fun part however is how protective Otaru is; even from a mile away from the girls, if Mamiya Otaru heard all three of his daughters cried help for him, he would drop everything and race towards the sound of his distress daughters, and would occasionally beat up whoever it is that bullied them, bullies, civilian, citizen or law enforcement itself.

Nowadays the girls are all grown up, and Bloodberry is taking karate classes from the self-defence school in order to protect her other younger, more vulnerable sisters. Essentially the girls know how to safeguard themselves thus far, and it leaves little worried for old Otaru to run across the countryside just because his loving daughters got into trouble. The bully which plague the girls never bullied them anymore, all thanks to Otaru's crazy protective countermeasures (he even dare the bullies father, a council member of the Family Support Association to file a report about him, and the next thing you know, Otaru had immunity thanks to his great deeds to the Japoness Government.)

His train of thoughts are quickly disrupted when the girls giggle at him, giving short comment that he gives such odd look with a smile to them. Otaru never doubted them though, despite being his daughters, all three of them inherit their previous automaton life's since childhood thanks to Dr Hess, according to Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry last memory they told to Otaru. That information wasn't easy to come on though; it took a year for them to develop the ability to speak, and the first thing they say wasn't 'papa' or 'dada', but rather a full name, 'Mamiya Otaru'.

Once again Mamiya Otaru is caught dreaming again, and the all three girls stare back with their oh-so-adorable face back at him, and the blushing grown man would scramble to the kitchen to bring a cup of fruit juice for all three of his loving daughter while his daughters giggles. A short celebration erupted by the hyperactive child Lime, screaming out "yay!" before gulping the fruit juice down to the last drop. Cherry is more modest, and she sip it much slower than her hyperactive sister to enjoy the savouring flavour. Bloodberry however gulp a few down and let out a satisfying sigh into the air; her tomboy matter has not change at all, even when she is sitting on the tatami floor she would rather cross her legs wide than to politely fold it. After the girls are done with their homework, Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry would close up their book, tidy the room and off they go playing outside after giving their father a much loving hug. Otaru loves hugs and so as the girls; it never gets old. The once young male human with a hopeful mind wish the girls and him would stay like this until he died of old age.

That is… if it wasn't so complicated.

In the middle of their hug, Otaru suddenly feel an awful pain on his chest, like someone punch him with a force that could rib his ribcage out; the pain cause him to cough aloud in front of the girls, forcing him to drop to his knees and cause the girls to cry desperately to their father. Their father asked for medicine on the kitchen between coughing, which one of his daughters Lime zooms in and grabs what appears to be a bottle with thick blue pill. After swallowing the pill, Otaru could feel the pain subsiding, he pat at Lime for her quick responds. The girls stare at their beloved father with worried looks, but Otaru insist that he will be alright, and push his own daughter out to play outside while he had himself waving at the girls.

Otaru Mamiya had been feeling uncomfortable ill these past several weeks, and the symptom is something he never experience before; the local doctor were unable to determine the problem, claiming that the slight chest pain Otaru is experiencing maybe some old injury or perhaps something more. Otaru know very little about it, so he always had some painkiller pill with him every time he feels ill. Doctor constantly advise him not to take too much of the drug as it has bad side effect on its own, but with the chest pain constantly raging against Otaru's chest, he had no choice but to swallow one and rest for a while for the medicine to take effect.

Many times during those several weeks Otaru would feel sharp pain on his chest in front of the girls, and the three girls would rush in and asked what's wrong, their eyes often filled with tears. Like a lost sheep and clueless puppy, the three girls all cuddle beside their father trying to calm him down. Whenever he wasn't in pain, the girls insist that he should visit Lorelei and see what's wrong instead of going to the local doctors, though Otaru stubbornly reply that he is just fine. It's been 5 year and though the connection between him and the only lady in Terra II station in the castle is usually connection by letter or by phone, no visible contact has ever been made. Probably because how little incident that would consider priority danger to Otaru or to Japoness itself

As Mamiya Otaru sees his three daughters disappear over the horizon, Mamiya Otaru shut the door when suddenly the pain comes back for round two; Otaru clutch his chest at a rapid haste, gasping for air. He kneel down slightly and try to struggle the overwhelming pain as he venture into his private room where he keep stash of painkillers pills from the girls innocent eyes. He got in, lock the door and hastily grab one of the bottles of painkillers which is camouflage as a decoration. Otaru, gasping for air at one second, gulp down two pills and toss himself into the bed at the next, trying to ease the pain with a series of breathing technique. His pain slowly vanished and Otaru feel well again.

"I really need to go to Lorelei's place," Otaru utter out, breathing slowly but surely.

Ever since this chest pain incident started, he keep on having a bad dream; he dream that he may leave his daughter at a very young age, and the girls would cry uncontrolled at their father's sudden and untimely departure, especially Lime, who always loved Otaru since the very beginning. That really scares him; he promises an abundant amount of happiness to his daughters, but with his current condition, he begins to think fate had a twisted destiny to separate him from his daughters again.

"No more lingering around..." Otaru said gentle, breathing slowly this time, "time to go visit Lorelei. She'll knows what's wrong with me."

Several blocks away... children's playground...

"Don't you think it's weird that Otaru always has pain on the chest?" Lime asked among her sisters, worrying about Otaru wellbeing.

"Yeah, but he said that it's alright every time we bring it up." Cherry reply, playing with the swing by herself. "I still think we should get him to see Lorelei though."

"..." Bloodberry just sat at the ground looking worried. Though being the oldest among the group (well, when she was a marionette, she was considered as the youngest among the group, despite looking much older), Bloodberry just didn't like how Otaru would respond to them so carefree. It's as if he knows something that he does not want the girls to know about.

Past experience would easily tell these girls that Otaru is a poor excuse guy with even more poor excuse to lie, since the man can't keep a straight face for too long without revealing his secret. So seeing their father kept this kind of secret for so long is really fishy, not to mention he keep on having that fake smile every time he is in pain.

Bloodberry simple bust from the ground, looking rather angry for a 8 year old child, "Let's just force Otaru to see Lorelei!" She said angrily, "I don't really care if daddy is hiding something like a pain in the chest; it's getting worse by the day, and I can't stand seeing him always smiling when he knows that it really really hurt here!"

"We all want to Bloodberry," Cherry said, she stop playing with the swings as her concern for her father is worsen by Bloodberry's outburst, "but we're now little kids; what can this small hands do when we can't even hold down that bully neighbour and their scary looking dog?"

Bloodberry simple clutch her tiny fist. Cherry is right; she can't do anything since they are all officially small children, insignificant when compare to the older days when they can do much, much more when they were still functional marionette.

If they were still in marionette form, they could do something, or better, grab Otaru and drag him all the way to Japoness castle just to have him visit Lorelei by force.

Being the ultimate carefree person, Lime simple smile, "I'm sure daddy is alright; he survive far worse than that pain in the chest... right?"

Yeah, kind of.

Otaru had survived that Godzilla-size Ponta monster which Bloodberry once drag him with her during her automatons activation.

Or when Cherry tries to stage a 'rescue the damsel in distress' gone wrong and had a giant mech punch him hard.

Or when Lime got herself captured by a bunch of marionette collectors and cause physical and mental harm to Otaru.

Or when all three of them had a brief amnesia on Xi-an and Otaru had to fend off three heavily modified combat marionette to near death to ensure the safety of the girl.

Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry suddenly feel like Otaru had done a lot, both painful event and the event that had force them all to remember who they are today. It also brings the brief situation what Otaru is now experiencing. Suddenly the thought of Otaru lay dying when he is in need for pop up in their mind, and in unison, all three girls can't help but to feel the shivering winds to blow at them.

"...We... we should go home and tell Otaru to visit Lorelei." Lime suddenly spoke up, she feels a slight shiver down her spine. "Somehow... I don't like being away from daddy now."

"Yeah... me too." Cherry agree, sharing her blue hair sister's cold chill.

All three girls stop whatever they were doing and all three jog home, their heart pound with every beat equally as their trembling little feet stomp softly on the ground. By the time they were home, Lime open the door with fear in her heart, "Daddy, we're home."

No reply.

The girls walk in in a hurry after removing their sandals in search of their father, all three girls split off in search of their father in their tiny cosy house but found no one safe for a paper note on the dining table. Cherry pick it up, briefly reads it and yell over the girls to rally with her. Hearing their sister's yell, Lime and Bloodberry poke their head out and walk out from their whatever room they were in. Tiny hand wave about in the air, with the concern Cherry looked rather worried.

"What's it says?" Lime asked Cherry, her eyes is teary at best, almost at the verge of crying.

"It says... 'I'm going out for a while'..." Cherry mumble at those small words before she let out a cry. Tears roll down her cheek forcing Lime to approach her.

"Come on, stop crying..." Lime tug and hug her sister, she too begin to shred tears of her own. "Maybe he went to search for Lorelei?"

Bloodberry gentle took the letter off Cherry's hand, reading the horrible handwriting from her father. Unlike Cherry or Lime, she did not burst into tears like most 8 year old would, instead she stare at the door leading outside their apartment thinking maybe Otaru did go and seek help from Lorelei, but what if they were wrong, what if...

Bloodberry quickly banish that foolish thought, and focus on the positive, holding the tears that is trying to escape from her eyes... her mind set on believing their father is now walking towards Japoness Castle in search of Lorelei. She believe it firmly, hoping that it would not be their undoing, "Come on girls, daddy is probably heading towards Japoness Castle; if we hurry, we may catch up with Otaru."

The two girls stop sobbing, hearing such a positive thoughts from Bloodberry. Cherry uses her long handkerchief to blow her nose while Lime... well, she wipe her nose with her long sleeve. Both girls gives a confirm nod, their teary eyes long for their sickly father, more than ever.

At the same time... Japoness Castle...

"That would be 1500 yen sir," said the young Japoness driver, who is driving a yellow automobile with a big 'Taxi' on the side of the automobile. Otaru nod slightly and gives the appropriate change.

Mamiya Otaru is not one who would take a long walk towards Japoness Castle when he is now almost at his thirty, and with the body pain that ache like hell, walking over long distance is no longer a variable option. He is resort to use this so called 'taxi' service thingy that came from New Texas. To Otaru's acknowledgement, these 8 years span seemed brief, but so many things has change since then, there are new shops that are completely alien to him, and some areas had high soaring buildings with no clay roof while others had an equally complex traffic system. The city which Otaru knew is completely alien to him, even when he had stayed here for almost a decade long. So much has change and Otaru is oblivion to the changing culture as well. Perhaps it's because he and the girls decided to stay at a more rural, traditional area than staying in the city state like the ones near Japoness Castle that has become rather technologically advance for a simpleton civilian like Otaru to keep up. Nowadays everyone who lived in the city would go on with their business without looking at each other to greet, not even a gesture wherever or not the people who lived here would give a simple greeting to friends and family, unlike the area where Otaru are quite well known for being popular in many ways.

Here in the city life, Otaru is just a nobody. How times change these 8 years can do to one man. He likes being a nobody under the eyes of the people around him; it makes him normal and will not attract too much attention. For the hero of Japoness, Otaru kept that 'civilian' guise than wearing his 'hero' guise in the public area, and no one seemed to notice it at all.

"What do you want civilian?" The guardsman at the entrance door asked as Otaru approach the gate.

"I'm here to see Lorelei," Otaru request, with a tired smile he is known for.

Or not...

"And what business do you have with her?" The same one speaks.

"...I'm her friend. I came to greet her, " Otaru reply.

"Ha, you're a friend of Miss Lorelei? The one and only female on the whole Terra II? That's a laugh!"

"What?" Otaru blink a couple of times, his chest felt hurt, "what's so funny?"

"Sorry, but only official and business man can approach Lorelei, and no civvies who loosely claim to be 'her friend' can enter without clearance or proof."

"..." Otaru stare at the guard; he looks new, almost as young as a newly posted guard, who happen to wield a Naginata spear with great pride. Otaru drew out the Shogunate Lightning Jitsu out from his belt, showing an absolute authority in front of the guard, "is this proof enough?"

"Hey..." the same guard gesture, before he suddenly burst in anger for absolute no reason, "that's the missing emperor weapon! Hand it over!"

Otaru quickly drew his Jitsu back, readying his combat stance; despite not having such action since his last advent adventure, Otaru combat stance is rather screwy at best, he had not practice swords play for so long he had forgotten his stance completely. Otaru did however keep a good distance between him and the single guard. "What are you talking about? I'm Mamiya Otaru, one of the Shogunate most trusted-"

The Japoness guard bellow a battlecry, cutting whatever phrase or words Otaru might utter out, "Be silence thief! Return the stolen weapon or face my wrath!"

The Japoness guard did not held his words as he begins to thrust his Naginata spear against Otaru, and the old adventurer veteran avoid the razor blade weapon by a hair. Using his weapon the Shogunate present it to him long ago, Otaru fought back, activating the Jitsu to suddenly extend twice its length, turning the short weapon into a rather long metallic weapon filled with electrical discharge. The guard blink his eyes when the Shogunate weapon the 'thief' is using is used against him, and try as he might, but the guard's constant blocking only gives a sudden sharp jolt at the hands or at the ribs as each thrust Otaru did with his Lightning Jitsu produce an electrical discharge to hit the guard at short distance. Otaru knows his weapon length is much short than the guards, so he approach the guard with quick strike and close combat, neglecting the guard from having any kind of range advantage.

Bystanders who caught the action were hooked by the thrill of fighting (perhaps out of boredom?), and the crowd gather at the side as the fights intensified, causing the local police to approach the scene. The roar of battle and the cheering and booing crowd intensified as Otaru had the upper hand, despite facing a foe that had a weapon much longer than his own and much younger, Otaru only advantage is experience, and having a title bestow him as the 'Hero of Japoness', the man with a wild mob of hair fear nothing out of this guardsman. The Japoness Castle Guard, feeling numb all over his body due to multiple electrical discharges fell down on his back, his weapon drop and roll to the side. The guard inner instinct is to get up and grab his weapon, but a stop short when he sees the 'thief' held the sacred weapon at neck point, preventing him from moving and suggesting that the guard should surrender. Otaru breath much slower now as victory is secured, with experience and knowledge grant him fully capable of handling his own. This small skirmish is his.

Too bad his body suddenly betrays him.

As a fitting but cruel end, Otaru's body starts to jerk forward and the pain intensified much worse. The pain is so bad that Otaru drop on all four while holding the Lightning Jitsu firmly on the grip. The Guard, seeing as an opportunity rose up and punch Otaru's face hard, causing the hero of Japoness to collapse to the ground, adding more pain besides his chest. The guard, grinning at his own glory moment taunt at Otaru, "Is that what you got thief? What's the matter, had a little problem with your own pain?"

Otaru offer no word, except a few painful grunts and groan; he is sweating beyond belief, his breathing is heavy, and the added pain on his face did little but eases his only concern.

"I'll take that." The guard walk towards the Jitsu and held at the metal rod only to find out that Otaru still held the other end tightly, "give me that weapon ya stupid thief!"

In respond, Otaru held the weapon tighter, he open his left eye staring at the guard with great hatred and anger. The guard did the same, yelling him to let the weapon go, "I'll kill you if you don't let go, ya stupid thief, hand that weapon NOW!"

"You want it?" Uttered Otaru, breathing even more heavy as he endures the pain, "I'LL GIVE IT TO YOU!"

Unknown to the Japoness guard, Otaru press a hidden button which is attach within the Lightning Jitsu and it produce powerful voltage of electrical discharge that could short circuit most automaton machinery to a stop, and to the unfortunate Japoness Guardsmen, he had just feel the taste of massive voltage meant to shut down combat class marionette; the discharge run across his entire body before the guard collapse and start shaking violently before falling into unconsciousness.

It IS called Lightning Jitsu for a reason, after all.

Satisfied, Mamiya Otaru begin to feel rather tired; the pain did not go away, and his vision begin to blur. As his grip on the Lightning Jitsu loosen up, Otaru is about to enter in a state of unconciousness when he could see three colour uniform approach him, all in kimono uniform. They have the cutest face, but their expression shows sheer terror and sadness. One of them try calling him, but Otaru hear no sound, nothing at all, as if some kind of vaccum just suck the noise out of him. He could see two approaching female in the same outfit, but carries weapon. Is that Tamasaburo and Baiko? He wasn't sure; everything begin to look hazy. All three female child begin to shake him violently with teary eyes, attempting to wake him up. He couldn't, he couldn't stay away from this sleepy state. When he finally shut his eyes tight, he briefly, just barely heard three distingush voice calling him in unison.


Somewhere across the Terra II...

"Hmm... this one is broken, need to replace that one." A young man, with the same slightly gruff voice spoke out, looking down at the broken marionette. Her eyes are open wide, shooting off the halo and blank stare most marionette are known for, "The damage is so severe, it would take several more weeks to perfected the system."

"Do... do you think she'll be fine?" A different model version marionette asked, looking at the automaton doll in awe.

"So long as I fix this problem, she would probably start running around like a loose cannon again." The young man joke.

"What about me?" The marionette asked, pointing at the damage part she sustain from an unknown source, "I don't feel anything distinguishably wrong, only a bit dizzy. I can still be operation, correct?"

The young man comes forward and check the damage underneath her left armpit, massive hole and electrical spark can be seen going off once or twice. "With that damage? No. I recommend shutting you down... though I fear that you might protest."

The female automaton gulp her artificial saliva, "Will the procedure be... be dangerous if I'm left active?"

"Very. I might even burn a circuit or two. Don't worry, I won't allow any harm to come your Maiden Circuit." The man answer without giving pause. "I'll have to replace the damage part that involve your powered fuel, and any rupture could damage your memory data held inside the Maiden Circuit. Please remove it from your body."

The marionette, which the young man spoke too only nod. She blush slightly in front of the man, since she had to pull her dress up and detach her circuit in front of the man she do not trust for five straight years. As she did so, she merely detach the small palm size device from her body, but the wiring and such still attach onto the other end of the device.

"I'm very sorry if I... offend you in anyway." She said, "I'm... I'm still not used to being stare by someone I had barely recognize."

The young man blink, "But I had known you for eight years."

"No," she corrected him, a small pout face seal the deal, "you only know this empty shell for eight years; I had only been recently active for less than half a dozen years."

The young man let a small chuckle escape, "Point taken"

The marionette is asked to place herself in a sleeping position on the table she sits. She reluctant at first, but she did so after a few breath of air; she is going to miss being active again, for god knows how long.

"Ready?" The man said, as he gently took the small device off her hands, his other hands calmly placed on her baby soft cheeks to comfort her.

"Ready. I'll see you soon, right?" She said, with a slight smile, hoping she would be active again.

"Once I'm done repairing this body you borrowed." The young man reply, pulling the wires off the Maiden Circuit. The marionette mouth open slightly, eyes no longer focus, and her entire posture froze in place. The man turns around holding the fragile device with great care before pulling a small box filled with tons of cotton and clothes to ensure the Maiden Circuit is not damage, even at the slightest impact. The man rub the side of the device, and the small palm size device glow blue in return, "... until then, good night."

The device glow blue ever so slightly in respond, before it goes dim ever so slowly. And with that, the man shut the box tight.

Japoness Castle... several hours later...

The three girls cry their eyes out, calling their father's name and whatnot...

...And Mamiya Otaru who is sitting on the hospital bed sigh at their constant crying. "Come on girls, I'm not going anywhere, what's with the water works?"

"Because!" All three girls cried out before more tears and cries came from three little girls. Otaru could only pull a guilty smile, brushing the heads of his beloved daughters.

After the commotion, the young man and his daughters are brought into the infirmary by the veteran guards which knew who Otaru is. Otaru is glad that not all of Japoness guard are as idiot as the one standing at the entrance; most veteran guardsmen are retired lieutenant that is station inside the castle as a drill instructor for future guardsmen, but due to their own faulty failure, they did not prioritise Mamiya Otaru and his family as 'loyal subject' to the late Shogunate, and some of the younger generation of guardsmen have little knowledge who Otaru is, or how important the civilian looking man is.

Most young guardsmen originate from city folks after all; most people there had other prioritise, like fame, fortune and... whatever it is in between.

Despite that the glorious hero of Japoness has dwindle into nothingness, Mamiya Otaru didn't mind if his name fade away as time passed on; he dislike outside attention, and fame and fortune once cause a lot of harm than good for poor Otaru. He rather stays on a small apartment away from those who sees wealth and status as a way to escape reality.

As Otaru fruitlessly try to calm his waterworks daughter down, several guys dress in doctor's uniform march in with a paper board in hand, looking at Mamiya Otaru with a questioning looks. All of these gentlemen in coat give a rather strange look at this commoner, disbelieve that the person on the bed happens to be the hero who had once save the world from certain destruction. Perhaps they all believe the hero of Japoness would be wealthier, more muscular perhaps? It was total silent for a brief moment until Lorelei arrive into the nursing room that Otaru's smile rise above his cheek. The three young girls all cried Lorelei's name, and the aged woman who is still in her prime kneels down and hug all three crying girls.

"Oh dear, whatever happen now?" Lorelei asked, and yet the girls crying only make Otaru feel guiltier than relief.

"I... I may have something to do with it." Otaru reply guiltily, his free hand scratch the side of his face.

"Oh, Otaru." Lorelei huff, she shook her head, "I guess being a father is rather difficult even for you."

"No, this had nothing to do with my parenting." Otaru reply, when he drop his smile and tense his face seriously, "but this is..." he added, placing his hand on his chest.

"What's wrong?"

"Otaru always had chest pain!" Lime cried aloud, "he always says his fine, he always says his okay. We got scared."

"Chest pain?" Asked Lorelei

When Lorelei turn her attention to either Bloodberry or Cherry, Bloodberry gives a confirm nod, her brave tears roll down her face, with equally frown lips while Cherry rub her teary eyes before the young girl nod repeatedly. Lorelei turn her attention to the man who had save Japoness and her life to lay down on the bed before she begin examine his condition with some sort of machinery which Otaru have no knowledge about. It looks complicated, and asking Lorelei what it does only cause her to lose her focus. Mostly Otaru would just go along; hoping whatever problem he is having would be cured by a gulp away.

As Lorelei and her male college work on the machine, all three girls held on to their father's hand worried their heart out. Despite his attempt to cheer the girls up, the girl only respond is teary eyes and worried. Otaru had devoted his life to make them happy, not frowning. Such look really hurt his feeling and his accomplishment.

Lorelei and her fellow 'scientist' work until whatever work they did begins to beep excitedly. This notified the female scientist with a shocking expression; whatever it is that it beeps, it seems like a bad news, or worse. Lorelei walk at the monitor at a fast pace, tapping the keyboard at lightning speed before yelling at her fellow college to 'check again'. Something must have made her scared, and a scare it is as her face is as pale as a ghost. She continue her work on a machine sweating as she went, and the three little girls and Otaru feel like this is going to be bad. The girls got scared now; it is a situation which they cannot understand, and when such situation that they do not understand or comprehend, all three girls would usually asked Otaru what's going on, and to their aching heart, Otaru doesn't know what's going on.

"When did it happen?" Lorelei asked aloud, and the man with a wild hair mob tied at the back of his head could only cried out "huh?"

Lorelei storm towards Otaru, her worried look scares Otaru greatly. Lorelei stood so close to Otaru that smell her perfume, "your condition," Lorelei asked again, gasping and holding her breath as she hold her tears from running down her eye. "When did it happen? 5 days ago?"

"Umm..." Otaru try to recall, "several weeks now?" He said innocently,

Lorelei gasp, her hands on her mouth. That can't be good. "You need real medical attention!" She quickly said, before she turns around and order several of her male college to get him into the operation theatre. Otaru's eyes open wide; is his condition that serious?

As several man in scientist coat drag Mamiya Otaru on the hospital bed into the operation theatre leaving his three daughters behind, the young and confuse girls stands near at Lorelei, all with their worried look and held a small question that needs answering. "Lorelei... what's going on?" Little Lime asked, her worried eyes and equally teary eyes stare at Lorelei. The other girls did as well, worried about their father, and all of them wanted an answer.

...and Lorelei, who had send the man who she owe everything to the operation theatre couldn't help herself but to kneel down and hug all three crying and sobbing girls in an effort to comfort them. She too begins to cry, "your father... he had... complication..." she whisper into their ears, "heart complication." She finish her sentense, before she proceed to cry even more.

End chapter 02


Chapter 03 – Near Losses

Mamiya Otaru is hospitalized near the Japoness Castle and is treated pleasantly until an unknown intruder arrives and barge into the facility. With the man in bed with his serious illness worsen, can he fight off these unknown intruder who happen to be… his own marionette?

Nothing new to add today, but at this point on, it will be both fighting and painfully heart breaking moment from this point on. Read and Review it please!