Chapter 1

Evelyn felt a thin bead of sweat on her forehead and she absent mindedly wiped it away all the while sipping a worn plastic bottle that had been refilled more times than it should have ever been. The water was warm bordering on being hot and Evelyn briefly considered finding a teabag. She adjusted a small black bag that contained all of her world possessions, which consisted of a single change of clothing, a small military issue dagger, and exactly fourteen dollars. Most or actually all of these items had been in fact stolen.

Tucked safely in the band of her jean shorts and hidden by both her tank top and open collared shirt was a police issue 9mm berretta that was also stolen. Evelyn brushed the back of her hand against where the gun was located to ensure that her weapon was not only secure but concealed. She looked back at the old "borrowed" Toyota truck that had broken down and as she shrugged inwardly before moving to cross the large and deserted highway completely oblivious to car that was traveling at impossible speeds.

She noticed the black and white vehicle when it was too late to completely avoid the car. Evelyn jumped back feeling the police cruiser clipped her upper arm as it made no attempted to evade the woman. She was sent rolling into the asphalt of the road with a cry of pain. Holding her now bleeding arm she cursed as she pulled her torso off of the burning highway watching as the black and white Saleen cruiser continued driving as if the police officer had done nothing.

"You bastard pig!" Evelyn screamed using both hands even her injured arm to flip the police car from her position on the ground. Evelyn anticipated the police car to continue driving away but instead seemingly in response to her insult that she was convinced he or she wouldn't hear; the police car fishtailed, a stunt that Evelyn only thought possible in action movies, kicking up a cloud of dust as the back tires hit dirt. Unconsciously she screeched as the police cruiser leveled out in the middle of the road and sped up, obviously intent on running her over. Evelyn fell back pulling her arms up and tucking her head into her chest on instinct to protect her body from the incoming impact. Instead of running her over, the police car stopped in an impressive display; engine roaring, tires smoking slightly, and the grill of the bumper only millimeters away from the flesh on Evelyn's arm.

Desperately she blinked out of fear, face to face with the intimidating head lights that seem to watch her like some great and fearsome beast. She clawed at the harsh asphalt using her legs to push her body as far away as possible from the demented police vehicle. Quickly she pushed her body off of the ground, standing on legs that despite her best attempts, trembled violently.

"I'm sorry." She whimpered, repeating the phrase over and over as she made her way to the drive's side instead of being before the deadly vehicle. "I swear I didn't mean what I said!" Evelyn continued to plead as she came to stand inches before the door seeing her reflection in the tinted window. She grasped the door handle and ripped the door open while simultaneously pulling her hidden berretta out and aiming it in the driver's seat.

"WHAT!" She choked out, blinking to clear her vision. Lowering the 9mm slightly she shook her head glaring at the empty driver's seat, listening to the running engine and looking at the distinct lack of keys in the ignition. She blinked again in complete disbelief as she examined the obviously empty interior before backing away from the car with her gun still trained on the demon cruiser.

"I don't like this one bit." Evelyn muttered to herself as she studied the surrounding desert looking for any explanation that would make this situation logical. Seeing nothing but dirt and shrub life she circled the car, examining every aspect of the black and white Saleen mustang. Evelyn stopped abruptly at the message scrawled in white; instead of the traditional "to protect and enforce" the lettering read, "to punish and enslave." Evelyn ran her hand over the message, the metal feeling suspiciously cool despite the over a hundred degree weather. She came around the other side as well, her eyes glancing over the police insignia realizing that it wasn't quite right but she couldn't quite place what was wrong.

Once again standing before the Saleen cruiser she weakly ran a hand through her mahogany red hair as she released a loud sigh, blowing a lock of hair out of her eyes. Take a few steps back she pulled up her berretta and aimed, her finger brushing gently against the trigger. Evelyn held her position, listening to nothing but the silence of the desert and the now vicious sounding engine expecting that if the car could move on its own it would do so to defend itself. Granted, she was frightened and at a lost to what she would do if the car did actually move she still waited feeling the weight of the gun resting heavily in her grip. When nothing happened Evelyn dropped the muzzle of the 9mm away from the police cruiser.

"Alright Evelyn." She spoke silently to herself. "Three years on the run and your finally starting to lose it. Brilliant." She finished shooting the car a glare trying to determine her next plan of action.

After several minutes of debate she scowled pulling her gun up once again aiming at the engine of the mustang. "Fuck it." She determined as she began the process of pulling the trigger. Before the bullet could fully leave the barrel of the berretta, the frame of the Saleen distorted ever so slightly before filling the air with a musical arrange of metal grinding and an alien sort of clicking that Evelyn could not describe. Parts of the car seem to detach, rearranging and forming into something new and deadly.

The bullet that Evelyn had managed to fire deflected off of the smooth metal of the now enormous robots shin without doing so much as chipping the paint. She couldn't help but gawk out of fear with her jaw hanging open and her hands almost losing their grip on the berretta; her eyes staring intently into the pulsing red ones that hung above her. Evelyn closed her mouth aware of the fear that was so intense that she was certain she couldn't even wet herself.

Evelyn didn't think as the large clawed metallic hand of the creature came swinging down in an arch, intent upon crushing her like a mere insect. Instead she just moved; tucking her head into her chest and rolling. She felt the air hit her back as the large hand missed her by centimeters. She hit the ground still rolling but when she finally got her feet under her she stood and ran between the robot's legs as fast as possible for her own long legs. Still gripping her 9mm, she pulled the trigger rapidly missing all but except twice. It didn't matter though because the bullets just seemed to ricochet of the metallic beast, seemingly not causing it any pain.

The once mustang rotated its torso, bringing its clawed hand around to swipe at Evelyn as she continued to sprint. The large talon of the robot caught her legs causing Evelyn's body to become air born, flipping slightly before landing quite painfully on her back with a loud audible thud. As she landed she lost grip on her weapon with it landing only inches away from her fingers. Before Evelyn could recover the same hand that had tripped her came crashing down upon her torso trapping her much like a cat traps a mouse. The air from her lungs was knocked out of her as the distinct pressure and unimaginable pain clouded her mind and body. The large monster continued to press his clawed hand harder and Evelyn cried out in agony as her ribs threatened to shatter under the weight.

"Pathetic." The beast hissed a distinct gruff metallic voice that rang out in Evelyn's mind. She hissed herself but more out of pain than anything else as she locked her eyes with the glowing red of the beast eyes. With her hand she reached desperately for the berretta, feeling her fingers touch the warm metal of the weapon. She gripped it tightly and brought it around frantically as the hand continued to apply more pressure. In a stroke of genius, Evelyn pressed the barrel between the black and white metal of the robots wrist before pulling the trigger until the 9mm was spent.

Giving a roar that burned Evelyn's ears, the humanoid robot reared, removing the weight of his hand off of her giving her the ability to breathe again if only briefly. Its other hand swung around, backhanding the woman and sending her flying through the air. As she was airborne, Evelyn's eyes beheld the beauty of the blue sky before she hit the ground with enough force that the rough road ripped away at her exposed fleshed and caused a pain that she had never felt before to shoot from her spine, throughout her entire body.

Evelyn remained motionless, seeing the blurry silhouette of the large metallic beast approached her, feeling the ground shake from every single step he took. He stopped before her, slamming both clawed hand on either side of her body. She was aware of the blood dripping from multiple wounds on her body as the very human-like face of the creature lowered inches away from her own. Weakly she reached for the gun that was on the other side of the highway hearing the robot laugh at her pathetic and useless attempt.

"Your tenaciousness and depravity, disgusting fleshling, will serve my purpose well." The large metallic being stated with a low sadistic chuckle that resonated deep within the monster's throat causing Evelyn to snarl lowly that sounded more of a moan than an actual growl due to her weakening state.

"Fuck you." She managed to choke out as one of the deadly clawed hands wrapped tightly around her now seemingly frail form. As Evelyn was plucked from the ground the world around her finally began to fade and the consciousness left her.

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