Chapter 1

A very upset Lilly Evans appeared outside Remus and Danielle Lupin's apartment.

"Lilly! What happened?" He said, concerned for his friends and Lilly.

"Nothing, don't worry. Sirius and James are alright." He noticed that when she said James' name, she teared up. "Can I stay here please? Your the only person I can turn to." She said sadly. He smiled sympatheticly, and motioneed for her to come inside. "Me and James have split up." She sobbed. "We were arguing a-and he said, "Look! The door is right there!" and I left. You were the first I thought of." She broke down crying. Remus took her into his arms.

"Oh Lilly. Of course you can stay here until you and James sort it out. Danielle needs a women figure around anyway." He said. She sniffed thanks and they took her stuff into one of the guest rooms. The thing Lilly and James had started to argue about was the subject children. James had wanted to wait for the war to end, but, unbeknownest to him, Lilly was already pregnant. She snapped at him and they arued. he didn't actually want Lilly to leave, but she did because she thought he wanted her to leave. Lilly changed into her sweats and a vest top, she walked into the living room and sat next to Remus on the couch.

"I'm pregnant." She told him. "I know you might be suprised but I don't want a fuss then something bad happens." She said as Remus wet into the kitchen to get 2 tubs of chocolate ice cream and 2 spoons. He gave Lilly a tub of ice cream and one of the spoons and they dug in.

"Nothing bad's gunna happen." He reasured her. "But I think we should tell irius at least." Lilly thought for a moment after he said this, then nodded. Remus floo-called Sirius and explained. At first, Sirius wanted to tell James, but he promised to keep it a secret. He promised to help out, and he moved in with Remus and they helped Lilly. But, Lilly and James were a stubbon as ever, and they never got back together. So, Remus, Sirius, Molly and the Weasleys, Alice and Frank, and Dumbledor (after they found out about the prophecy) helped Lilly. Lilly had no problems during the pregnancy, and was fine. But, the problems started when Harry turned 4...

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