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'It wasn't my fault, Principal Figgins! He was harassing my boyfriend!'

'That is no excuse, Mr Anderson. You are suspended for a week!'


You curl up and hold each other in silence underneath the blankets after you hear the news about the boy from Dalton who was murdered for showing who he was.


'Blaine, why are you laughing? It's not funny! You can't just giggle in the middle of an argument!'

'You're hilarious when you're angry. Your nose scrunches up and it just looks really... cute.'


Watching Kurt dance around his kitchen when gay marriage is legalised in New York, you allow yourself to think that maybe, just maybe, one day, things will be fair.


When he shows you his scars for the first time, and tells you the story behind every one, you realise for the first time that he's not completely perfect. And perhaps it's not so weird that you love him all the more for it.


'It's the anniversary of the day my mother died.'


'Hello, Kurt Hummel speaking, who is this?'

His face turns so white it's frightening. He looks like a ghost.

'Kurt? Kurt, what is it? What happened?'

'Finn's been in a car accident. He's... they said he's in critical condition.'


The apartment is small, and kind of dingy. It's certainly not quite how you imagined living in New York would be. But the way Kurt's face lights up as he looks out at the city is enough to make you forget all your misgivings. It's not much, this place, but it's a start.


He's beautiful, of course. He has an amazing voice, and a fabulous personality, and so much bravery. He's all kinds of wonderful, but the things that you love most about him are the little things that you learn along the way. Like the way extra strong mints make his eyes water, and the freckles that only appear across the bridge of his nose in the middle of summer, and the fact that he can make a perfect daisy chain in less than a minute.


'Excuse me – um, hi. I'm new here. Could I ask you a question?'

He whirls around, utters a ridiculously high shriek, and throws his arms around you. You ignore the looks of disgust that are sent your way, because it just feels so good to have him near again.


'Blaine Anderson, admit it. I know you stole my hardback copy of Prisoner of Azkaban, so give it back to me now or I swear, I will skin you alive!'

You hastily hide it behind your back, just before a pillow hits you square in the face.


'Ugh. Kurt, I can't be bothered.'

'Yes you can. Unless you want to fail Chemistry?'

'Frankly, I don't even care anymore.'

'I'll make out with you if you study for half an hour.'

'Okay! Okay, I'm working, Kurt, see? I'm revising really hard over here!'


Driving from New York to California in the middle of July with an irritable Kurt Hummel is probably the best idea you've had in your life.


'That's my mother.'

'Wow. She's so pretty. You know, you look a lot like her.'

'Everyone always says that I have her eyes.'

'It's true.'


Today, his eyes are blue. Tomorrow they'll probably be leaning more towards green, and maybe the day after they'll be a little more gray. It's funny that you knew the word for them was glasz before he did.


He looks into your eyes as you finger the velvet box in your pocket, almost as if he knows what you're going to do next, and all it does is remind you that this is the only guy you want to spend forever with.


Every night, Kurt sits with your two children and tells them a story. Their favourite has always been 'How Daddy and I Fell In Love'.


One day, you both go back to the coffee shop where you said your first 'I love you' s, the matching rings on your hands glimmering in the afternoon sunlight. After Kurt has gone to find seats, the barista leans over and smiles at you, touching your ring.

'I always knew you two would last.'

At your look of mild confusion, her smile grows even wider.

'I never forget a face.'


The best time of day is just before he wakes up, when you watch him breathing steadily next to you and a smile crosses over your face for absolutely no reason. Except, of course, that you're the happiest man in the world.



'Yes, Blaine?'

'I've been talking at you for almost 2 hours. Why didn't you say something?'

'You needed someone to listen to you, Blaine. I know how that feels. So naturally, I was a good husband and listened to you rant about your latest show for an hour and forty-five minutes.'

'I love you.'

You can practically hear him beaming, even over this phone, with its stupid, scratchy connection.

'I love you too, sweetheart. Goodnight.'

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