Author's Notes

Totally random idea, but hey, it works.

Chapters are split into ages. Kouichi's ages to be specific. So first chapter, 11 yrs old.



AW (where Kouichi is physically in the DW). They expected him to turn into a digiegg when his code was scanned, even to be killed...anything, except what actually happened.

Kouji M & Kouichi K

Genre/s: Family/Humour

Rating: T

Eleven years...

Sometimes, it appears that time is standing still before a climax of any sort. A photographic moment; something that can be remembered to the last pixel at a later date, like the moment before a newly-wed couple's first kiss, or the instance a child is first born. Of course, the same thing applies before the prospect of death.

The light sphere had already engulfed the other five before Kouichi froze. Physically anyway. His mind was racing a mile a minute against his heart.

The darkness sphere was already formed in the fallen angel's other palm. There just wasn't time!

He drew in a quick breath, thinking about the risk of what he was about to do. He didn't know what would happen to him, but that was the least of the worries. What he was more concerned about was the fusion of light and darkness.

Would it be enough to stop him?

But no more time...

It just couldn't stay still forever.

He threw himself forward.

Just in time, barely catching the ball between his palms.

'Kouichi!' Five voices melded into one as they screamed for their dearest friend.

Lucemon's face twisted into a frown. 'Fool..,' he snarled. 'Even the warrior of Darkness cannot master the power of darkness that I control.'

The hands slipped, before being blasted apart as the two orbs merged, trapping his body between.

'Kouichi...' Kouji breathed in fear, himself frozen as he watched what seemed an inevitable approaching death. Somehow, this was worse than being trapped in a near death themselves...watching someone else at death's door.

Inside the orb of light and darkness, Kouichi turned to him.

'I know now why I came to the Digital World,' he whispered. 'I always with Duskmon, that I was just another part of the puzzle, just another pawn...but I know I'm not.' He looked up, straight into Lucemon's blue eyes. 'I wasn't a pawn. You aren't the only one to can combine both light and darkness.'

The frown turned into an all out scowl, as Kouichi turned back to his friends.

'Thank you,' he breathed. 'To all of you. After all his, after everything...I don't regret any of it. And if I had the chance, I would do it all again, to have friends like you all...'

Izumi let out a sob, burying her head into Junpei's shoulder.


The addressed took in a shaky breath, unable to say a word, even as the dome dissolved and the body glowed, spirits drifting in the air, before the elder twin gestured them to his brother.

'I'm glad I met you.'

So am I..., he thought, clutching them close.

'I don't regret it. Any of it...'

'Kouichi!' Takuya yelled.

Too late. The purple light devoured him, and he was gone.

Kouichi was gone. Dead

' go too far!'

From there, from the fusion of light and darkness stemmed from sacrifice and the reactions thereof, Susanoomon was born. They fought: Lucemon and Susanoomon. Evil and good.

Good won. Susanoomon defeated the evil tyrant, and the five children and five digimon stood amidst the dissolving remains of the Dark Area, watching the golden shower of Lucemon's digiegg disintegrating and rebuilding life. Or so they thought.

So they watched in silence, and time stood still again.

Until a sudden wail broke through the silence that was beginning to sit.


The astonishment was barely out of Tomoki's mouth before he was gaping at the sight. There, right where Kouichi had vanished, was a baby, probably not even an hour old, wailing its head off.