Author's Notes

And here's the last chapter. If you can call between two and three page documents chapters.



AW (where Kouichi is physically in the DW). They expected him to turn into a digiegg when his code was scanned, even to be killed...anything, except what actually happened.

Kouji M & Kouichi K

Genre/s: Family/Humour

Rating: T

Twelve years...

Kouji stifled a yawn as his cell phone rang at five in the morning.

'Honestly, who rings at this hour?' he grumbled, picking it up and answering the call.

'And here I thought you were an early bird,' a familiar voice on the other line laughed.


'Of course silly,' the older twin (and he really did sound about the right age now) chuckled. 'Are you normally this lost in the mornings?'

'Only in the last few days it seems,' Kouji replied, rubbing his eyes with his free hands. ''tou-san came home yesterday telling me you were eight, and I played with your four year old self the day before, not to mention the confusion the day before that. Tell me you're eleven.'

'Huh?' Apparently, Kouichi didn't remember any of that. 'Actually, twelve. Is that how Tuesday came after Saturday or are you just pulling my leg?'

'Um...' Kouji broke off awkwardly, wondering how he was going to explain the whole situation...before they both had to go to school too.

'Oh,' Kouichi interrupted, before the younger twin could get any further. 'I almost forgot why I rang. Happy Birthday.'

'Happy..?' He blinked stupidly, before looking at the calendar on his wall and face-palming his forehead. 'Whoops, I forgot. Happy Birthday to you too.' After all, they had their birthdays on the same day.

'Weren't you the one excited about having two birthdays?' Kouichi's voice sounded playfully amused. 'How could you forget this one?'

'It's a long story,' the other groaned. 'What was the last thing you remembered before this morning?'

'Umm...' Kouichi's voice trailed off a bit in thought, before he answered. 'The last thing I remember clearly is Lucemon's attack hitting me...then a bunch of crying and other weird things that don't make any sense. Like being a foot off the ground, and crawling like a baby...but that's about it.'

'Well...there is a perfectly good explanation to all that.'

'Oh do tell then.'

'I'm getting there.'

'What? Waiting till next birthday?'

'No! I just...well, it's a really unbelievable story.'

'Even more so than the Digital World?'

'No...I mean yes.'


'Well...when that attack hit you, you kinda turned into a baby. Then grew up really fast.'

The words just rushed from his mouth, tumbling over one another to get out.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, Kouichi had not understood a word.

'Can you repeat that?' he asked, sounding confused. 'Slower?'

So Kouji took a deep breath, then followed the request.

And silence greeted him on the other line.

'Kouichi? You don't believe me, do you?'

'Why wouldn't I?' came the reply, sounding a little...flushed. 'It's a perfectly logical far as the Digital World goes. Digimon go back to digieggs. Humans go back to babies. The growing fast part on the other hand is more confusing. But-'


''s embarrassing.'

'Oh, I dunno.' Kouji laughed in relief as the harder part was over...hopefully. 'I thought it was pretty cute. So did 'tou-san.'

'That's the embarrassing part.'

Something suddenly hit. 'You're not going to continue growing, are you?'

There was another pause. 'I don't think so. You said I didn't remember anything before...right?'

'Right. I explained that I was your brother on Sunday, and you forgot the next day.'

'And I remember everything that growing up fast part.'


'So...should be fine.'

'Yeah...should be. So does that mean you're staying twelve for a year?'

'If you are.'

'Wouldn't have it any other way.'

Kouji grinned, and he could almost see his brother grinning on the phone.

'But seriously. Did you have to ring at five in the morning? The sun's not even out yet?'

Kouichi laughed again. 'Look outside otouto-chan,' he teased.

Kouji looked. And realised he was wrong.

Not that he minded.