Summary: AU. In high school, there is a hierarchy, and Dean and Castiel are at both opposite ends of it. While Dean's friends take delight in bullying Castiel, Dean soon grows tired of it. He can't help his feelings for the strange boy after all. Please R&R!

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Opposites Attract

~Chapter Six~

After lots of hard work on their project, Dean and Castiel take out the time to play with Sam, to let him get more used to being around Castiel.

The baby grins as Castiel swoops him up and settles him in his arms while Dean grabs a sofa cushion and lets Castiel lay the little boy on it, who shrieks with delight as Dean begins to attack him with tickles. Castiel smiles at Dean who is busy pressing kisses to Sam's belly. Never has Castiel seen such a happy little baby and it makes him feel better knowing that a child is so happy.

"He sure finds life fantastic." Castiel says softly as he strokes Sam's hair, "I've never seen a baby smile so much."

"He's great." Dean laughs, looking to the little boy, "Aren't you, baby boy?"

Sam beams and then yawns, snuggling into the cushion and sighing as Dean pops his binky into his mouth. Dean smiles, a smile full of love and affection, and then he grins at Castiel who smiles in return and moves a little closer.

"Someone's tired." He says, while Dean grins and places a blanket over his brother, hoisting him up into a gentle embrace.

"I'll hold him 'til Mom gets home." He tells Castiel who smiles at him, "He likes sleeping on me anyway. You mind if I lay down?"

"Not at all." Castiel replies with a quiet laugh, "It's your house after all, Dean. You should do as you please."

Carefully, slowly, Dean eases himself onto the couch, holding Sam to him like the slightest move will break him before he settles himself down, the fabric of the couch relaxing him as Sam shuffles on his chest slightly.

"Shhh..." He whispers as he kisses Sam's head, "Sleep now, buddy...Sleepy time."

Sam snuffles and whimpers before he settles again, his pacifier becoming the focus of his attention as his eyes blink open and he suckles wildly on it. He clutches at Dean's shirt and the blanket before he looks up at his brother who chuckles and pats his head.

"That wasn't a very long nap, huh?" Dean says as he blows a raspberry on the boy's forehead.

Sam snuggles closer and rolls over, Dean catching him just before he falls. He passes him across to Castiel who sits there and cradles the little boy close. Castiel looks down at Sam with tender eyes, smiling as he presses against his chest, gripping his shirt.

"He's sure got a soft spot for you." Dean says softly, earning a shy smile from the other teen.

They continue to entertain Sam until Mary gets home, and Castiel decides it's time for him to leave and be with his family. It is a very sad day after all for them and he knows he needs to be with all of them. Especially his mother. Dean understands, given what he knows happened, and he offers to drive Castiel home. The other teen accepts because he doesn't know if he can take having to walk home on a day like this. The sooner he's with his family behind closed doors, the better.

"Hey..." Dean says gently as they pull up outside the Novak home, "I don't want to sound like I'm patronising you or anything, but if you ever need to can call me? Text me if you want?"

Then Castiel realises that Dean is holding a piece of paper in his hand with a cell phone number. His number? Why is Dean giving Castiel his number? Dean wants to talk to him outside of school about things other than their homework project, and he's terrified that Castiel will refuse. But the boy takes it warily and bows his head.

"Thank you." He whispers, "Sorry, I have to go."

"Take care of yourself..." Dean tells him, "I promise that the number isn't fake, and I swear my offer's genuine. I know I hang out with dicks at school, but I like you. You're a good guy."

Castiel nods and smiles softly before he climbs out of the car and thanks Dean for the lift home. Dean drives away and Castiel looks back at the number, smiling again before he adds it into his phone as he enters the house. He finds Anna sitting on the couch in tears. No surprise. He goes to her and sits by her side, before he pulls her into his arms and he holds her, finally able to shed his own tears.


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