Authors Note: I know, I know its been a long time. Over a year actually and I'm really sorry! I've been finding that while I havn't been able to stop drawing Prince Chaos I havn't been able to write it at all really but it seems that now I've managed to find myself again and actually have something for you guys!

This is a very short chapter and from now on unless some major things are happening I expect that they will all be like this, as it means I will be able to get more stuff out to you more often, and as I'm going to hopefully be in uni in September its probably the best format for me.

I woke up to the feeling of someone watching me, just like the previous morning. I turned over to see a very smug Dark Lord sitting in a chair by my bed.

"Are you going to make a habit of watching me as I sleep in the mornings?" I sat up and then I noticed the added weight around my wrists and neck.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me!" Around my wrists were two identical bracelets, I brought a hand up to my neck to feel a thin strap of leather attached there. I jumped up, ignoring my current state of undress, and dashed into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and automatically my attention was drawn to the thin leather strap fixed around my neck. I brought a hand up to stroke the object, it was smooth and the light reflected of it in a mesmerising manor. I lifted my hair and moved it around to see the back of my neck. As I expected there was no clasp or anything so that I would be able to remove it.

Even though I knew I should have been royally pissed off with Tom for doing this, I couldn't help but love the look the small change in wardrobe made on me. I let out a groan and turned around to walk back into my room, only to turn and find Tom leaning against the doorway with a hard look on his face, anger and concern flowing through his aura.

Unable to come to any conclusion as to why he was mad at me I turned back to the mirror. Thats when I realised my glamours had dropped again in my sleep. He was now staring at the word carved into my back that I swore to myself that no one else would ever see. I usually kept layers upon layers of undetectable glamours wrapped and intertwined over the scar, there was no way they could have released in my sleep, they were woven especially so this could never happen.

I looked down and noticed the new additions to my wrists. That must be it. That Bastard. I looked back up to the reflection of Tom, fury in my eyes. I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off quickly.

"I had no idea that the bands would do this." My eyes flickered around his aura looking for any hint of a lie, anything that would tell me that he was lying. Finding nothing I looked down at my hands that were now gripping the marble surface, my knuckles turning white. I released my grip and moved my hair back to where it covered the scar. I flicked my hand, trousers materialised onto my legs. I felt naked enough without having to actually be physically naked.

"I'm guessing 'He' did that to you." The words were harsh and spat like the thought of such a thing disgusted him. And I knew it did, it disgusted even myself. My eyes flickered to meet Tom's before quickly moving back to my reflection, avoiding the burning rage in his eyes, that seemed to pierce my soul, by letting my eyes trace the new bruises adorning my ribs and chest after my death related experience.

"After third year Vernon decided he needed to give me a more... permanent reminder that I was nothing more than a worthless freak." I heard movement and looked up to see Tom's reflection walking up beside me, his arms crossed over his chest, a bitter look on his face.

"And why do you sound like you believe him?" Now I could tell that his anger flowing through him was partially directed at me. I returned my gaze to my reflection, my eyes scanning each scar. I wasn't sure if I looked away from him to remind myself how the scars got there or if I just couldn't face looking at the disappointment and anger flowing through his aura.

"I know I'm not worthless, I've always had a part to play. Whether it be as the Light's 'Golden Boy' or now as the Master of Death, but I have always been a freak." A hand shot out and grasped my face, harshly turning it towards Tom's own.

"You are no freak! Him, and his family are the freaks! You are a wizard, something to be revered, something more powerful than those pathetic muggles!" His voice was loud but controlled, his face mere inches away from my own.

"Thats just it though Tom. Even as a Wizard, I'm a freak! I'm only fifteen, my magics not even fully developed yet and look at all the things I can do! No other boy my age, or even older could dream of holding all the power I have. A power I didn't even ask for! How can I not see myself as a freak?" My breath raced and I could feel my heart pounding. I closed my eyes and moved my head out of Tom's grasp, lowering it towards the ground.

"I'm nothing but a freak."

"YOU ARE NOT A FREAK!" I jumped at the outburst and automaticly my arms came up above my head as protection. I felt hands softly grab my wrists and pull my arms down, holding my wrists gently between us.

"Harry." I opened my eyes that I didn't even realise I had closed and looked up. As soon as my eyes met crimson I couldn't escape his gaze.

"Just because you're powerful does not mean you are a freak. Just because we are powerful does not mean we are freaks." One of his hands rose to cup my cheek and I couldn't help but lean into his touch. The corners of his lips twitched up slightly but suddenly he moved back taking his hand away from my cheek and raising the one that held my wrist.

"The bands are a way for me to know where you are at all times and I will be informed if you are hurt. The leather of the bands have been woven with protection enchantments and many other spells that will hopefully keep you out of trouble." I looked at the band with a disgruntled look. "You only have yourself to blame, if you weren't so reckless there wouldn't be a need for them. But this one..." He slipped a finger underneath the band around my throat. " just a warning, don't do anything to make me collar you like a dog." He pulled his finger back the leather seemed to evaporate into black smoke before disappearing altogether.

"I guess I should be happy that this is all you're doing." I pulled my wrist out of Tom's hand and walked into my room, rubbing at my throat. I pulled a robe out of the wardrobe and put it on.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" I turned to find Tom had changed his looks back to 'Voldemort' and was standing right behind me with his arms crossed.

"Well for one you could have kept with your threat to keep me locked up in a tower like some dim witted princess."

"I believe I said i was going to lock you in a room not a tower. If you so desperately want to be a princess though we can always name you Rapunzel." With a smirk Voldemort moved past my shocked form and towards the door to the hallway. "Now we are late enough for breakfast as it is, we better hurry up."

"Did... Did you just make a joke?!" A fading deep chuckle was my answer. With a quick wave of my hand my boots were on my feet and I was soon out the door, jogging to catch up with The dark Lord.

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