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By: Ulquishinee

Chapter three – The unexpected call for help from...

3: 05 AM – Hours prior, back at Camille's house~~

The ride to the house was silent and Shego was actually thankful for it. She was not in the mood for talking of any kind; not even a short chit-chat with friends she hadn't seen for quite some time. Though, she could feel a slight tension in the air, but her fatigue helped her to ignore it for that moment. Her eyes were dropping and she found herself nodding off and then, what seemed like seconds after, – which probably was – Camille was shaking her shoulder and Shego could see they had reached the mansion-like villa and pulling up in the driveway.

Her body moved on auto-pilot as she robotically opened the door and pushed it open to get out of the jeep. Adrena had her bag slung over her left shoulder and was waiting for her expectantly, and Shego was left wondering when she had gotten out of the car. She flinched almost imperceptibly as Camille came up behind her and gave her a gentle push. Flanked by her two friends, Shego walked in the same robotic way towards the front doors of the house.

She payed no mind to the huge three storey villa, already having been there a couple of times and already knew what to expect. Starting from the numerous bedrooms and bathrooms; the tennis court on top of the roof; the gigantic pool in the back; the living room with the big plasma screen television and stereo system and the mini-bar and hot tub in the basement. There were five cars parked in front of the house – obviously, the property of Camille – all of them expensive and exclusive, but Shego just tuned out her surroundings and let herself be lead by Adrena and Camille.

How Adrena and Camille got her up the stairs and in one of the guest bedrooms was like one, big blur to Shego. She only vaguely registered being led through the spacious entrance hall, through another double door, her boots making a soft, barely audible sound on the marble floor, a complete opposites to Camille's and Adrena Lynn's loud ones. She almost tripped on the stairs once, but two pairs of arms stopped her from losing her footing and rest of the way to the second floor went without incident.

When the light flickered on – Camille or Adrena Lynn probably had hit the light switch – she did a quick once over the room. The guest bedroom was spacious, in different shades of blue and green, with a double bed, a big wardrobe next to it on one side and a door leading to a bathroom on the other, and another one opposites the entryway, leading outside to a terrace with a view over the gigantic pool. For her it could be in darker shades for the interior, but at that moment she didn't care.

She walked inside the room and fell upon the bed and buried her face in one of the soft, white pillow. "Do you want anything, sweetie?" Adrena Lynn asked as she walked inside the room with Camille behind her, who was strangely quiet. Adrena set down her bag and waited with a hopeful smile, her coal-black eyes staring at Shego's prone form on the bed. Shego smiled just slightly into the pillow. Adrena had opted to call her 'sweetie' whenever she was in a gloomy mood.

"I'm tired," Shego mumbled into the pillow, "I just want to sleep." Adrena and Camille shared a look and with a sigh, Camille left the room, knowing that it would be no use to try and get Shego to tell them what happened. "Okay, see you in the morning, but call if you need anything," Shego heard Adrena Lynn say before she left the room. Sighing, she lifted her head from the pillow, her raven black hair a bit messed from her earlier actions with Drakken.

It was hard to believe now that only about two hours ago she had been engaged in passionate sex with Drakken, but she had to accept that it had indeed happened. And also that she was indeed in one of Camille's guest bedrooms and thinking about it. It was strange how things could change from normal to upside down from only a couple of words and twenty three minutes of wonderful, breath-taking, mind-blowing, toe-curling love making. The memory still sent shivers down her spine and tingles all over her skin where his hands had touched it.

She shook her head to rid herself of those thoughts and rolled on her back in the bed. She stared at the ceiling for long moments, until her eyes closed and she fell asleep.


7: 19 AM – Present time, back at Drakken's lair~~

It was exactly one hour and four minutes since Drakken discovered Shego's room void of said beautiful woman, he had been hoping to find there. It took him almost five minutes to comprehend that he was actually staring at an empty room and not the beautiful vision that Shego could present. When the realization had finally set in, it had taken him another ten minutes to decide on what to do.

After taking a quick shower and putting on his usual dark blue, mad-scientist ensemble, doctor Drakken paced Shego's room like a mad man. He knew that possibly rubbing a hole in the black carpet underneath his feet with all of his pacing wouldn't help him find Shego, but he couldn't stop himself. He was full of nervous energy and he needed some kind of outlet, or he felt like he would lose it.

He couldn't bring himself to calm down no matter how much he tried. Not even the lingering scent of Shego's perfume calmed him – just the opposites, it made him yearn for her all the more. It was hard to accept that the woman he loved, confessed said feelings to and made love to, ran away to who knows where. And the worst was that he had had the sneaking suspicion in his heart that this would happen, but he still had went to such lengths to confess his feelings to Shego.

The only person Drakken blamed was himself and he felt it was fitting because he had been the one to screw it up by opening his big mouth. It did hurt, though, to know that he might never see her again. And that was something that would never change about him – he was selfish. He wanted Shego to love him, but if he couldn't get her love then he wanted her to be around – even if she would never reciprocate his feelings.

It was heart-breaking to even think about it, but having her around would be a hundred times better than being without her. But, no matter how hopeless he felt, he wasn't giving up.

He would find Shego and to do that, he decided to do the unspeakable. This would trample his pride in the dirt, but he had no other choice, if he wished to find and have Shego back in his life once more. For a just a second he wondered if Shego was worth loosing his pride over and the answer came to him as easily as taking his next breath – she was!



A pale, thin, feminine hand appeared from beneath cream color sheets and reached for the beeping object. When the first few grabs for it were unsuccessful because the owner of said hand couldn't locate it on the night stand, a head-full of reddish-auburn hair appeared from under the covers, leaf-green eyes squinting in the bright morning light.

Before the still drowsy girl could fully recover from her sleepy state, in a flash of pink, a small form landed on the night stand and stopped the noise by hitting the off-button. "Thank you, Rufus," the auburn haired girl said in a sleep filled voice, which was followed by a long yawn. The little, pink mole rat, Rufus, made a sound as if to say 'you're welcome' and then made for his bed, happy that he could go back to sleep.

The girl, on the other hand, threw the covers off herself as she swung her legs over the side of the bed. Stretching her arms over her head, she moaned softly and was about to stand on her still unsteady legs, when a strong, male arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her back against the man besides her in the bed.

"Good morning," his voice was still husky from sleep as it reached her ears and she giggled when he kissed the nape of her neck from behind.

"Ron, stop that," she giggled more as he pulled her on his lap and continued laying gentle kisses all over the column of her neck.

"Stop what?" he teased kissing her jaw line, his hands wandering over her hips and waist, pushing up her baby blue nightgown and exposing the white cotton panties underneath. Occasionally, his hands lightly ghosted over the swell of her breasts and she sighed softly at the sensation.

"I-I can't Ron, I have to mmm-" she started to protest, when he silenced her by capturing her lips with his. With a groan she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed back with fervor, letting his tongue take hers for a dance. She moved on top of his lap so she was straddling his hips and she could feel his arousal poking her between her panty-covered folds.

Ron's hands settled on her hips and he lightly grinded against her. Things actually would have gotten further if it wasn't for something small but hard thrown directly at Ron's head. "Ouch," he exclaimed, having to break the kiss with his girlfriend, "What was that KP?"

Kim was just as confused as he was, when there was a rather small and squeaky 'ahem' coming from the night stand, or rather, on top of it. Rufus was tapping his clawed foot in indignation.

"Rufus," Ron groaned and fell back against his pillow. But Kim found the moment rather hilarious, as she giggle. She leaned over Ron and gave him a peck on the lips. "Thank you Rufus, I had no time to lie in bed all day anyway." She winked at Ron's disgruntled look and quickly bolted from the bed, narrowly escaping Ron's attempt to grab at her and stop her from getting away.

"Come back here, Kimberly Ann Possible, I'm not done with you," he shouted as he leaped off the bed after her. He almost got slammed in the face by the bath room door as he tried to stop her from locking it. Kim giggled and suddenly released the door and stepped out of the way. This made Ron lose his balance and he went sprawling like a log on the bath room tiles. This made Kim crack up even more and she nearly fell over if it wasn't for the sink to grab on to.

Ron started laughing, too, and rolled over on his back. They didn't hear Rufus swearing in his rodent language and putting his pillow over his head to stop the sound from reaching his mole rat ears. When Kim recovered from her laughing fit, she just looked back at Ron. He was staring back at her with his light brown eyes, as if it was normal to lie on the bath room floor like he was casually reclining in a chair.

It had been two years since she and Ron graduated Middleton High and they were still together even if they had spent most of that time apart because of their separate choices in choosing colleges. Both of them had also matured in this time, of course. Though, Ron more than her – or maybe it was because he was more mature in the way he now looked. He had had a growth spurt and was now a foot taller and also effectively towered over her much smaller and lithe frame. He had also started working out – which she hadn't wanted to believe at first because the boy liked to spend most of his time in Bueno Nacho. Or used to, apparently.

Though, he hadn't been a weakling before, due to the fact that he had been the runner in the football team at school, but he hadn't been nearly as buff as he was now. Even now, lying on the bath room floor in only a pair of white boxer shorts, he continued to amaze and tease her at the same time. His shoulders were now broad, his arms covered in sinewy muscles as well as his chest and he had perfect six-pack abs. Her eyes strayed lower, blushing as she remembered what he hid underneath those boxers, missing his grin.

"What are you looking at?" His voice brought her out of her thoughts and her eyes strayed back to his face to meet his gaze. A big, cheeky grin was stretching his lips. His blond hair was now longer and his bangs fell over his light brown eyes, but was otherwise messy and sticking up in every direction. His face had also lost its roundish shape and this also added to his new manly look. He had been cute before, but now he was literally gorgeous and irresistible.

"Oh nothing at all," she shrugged feigning nonchalance and turned around, intending to take a shower, once more missing his mischievous look as he picked himself up off the bath room floor and closed the door with his foot. The sound of it slaming shut echoed in the room and the next moment she felt his hands on her hips, pulling her back flush against his front.

"You sure about that?" he teased, "…because it didn't look that way."

"Yup, I'm pretty sure," she said dismissively, but it was hard for her to keep her face straight and hold back the grin that was forming on her lips. "Now will you let me take a shower?" she added when he wouldn't relinquish his hold on her.

"Oh no, no, no! Not happening…unless-" Ron's hands played with the hem of her nightgown as he spoke lowly in her ear, "…you let me join you, that is."

Kim snorted despite herself, earning a pinch in her sides from Ron, who was serious about his offer. "No, I'm afraid you'll have to wait your turn like a good, little boy." She laughed and squirmed when Ron started to tickle her sides.

"I'm hardly a little boy!" Ron playfully whispered as he nipped her earlobe, making Kim melt against his taller and stronger frame. With a sigh, Kim turned her head sideways to meet his lips, finding that she couldn't resist him no matter how she tried to show him that she was stronger than his seductive scent and taste.

Ron broke their kiss only to turn her around, so they were face to face with each other – face to chest in Kim's case – and then recaptured her lips once more. Kim's hands settled on his hips, but didn't stay there, as they continued their journey upwards slowly. Her small, delicate fingertips ran over his perfectly sculpted abs, lingering there for a moment before they moved higher on his torso. When her warm palms settled on his pectorals, Kim felt him shudder and took pleasure in knowing that she could affect him the same way he did her.

"So does this means, I can join you?" Ron whispered when he finally let her take a breath from their long make out session. He was grinning and cupping her cheeks in his palms, his eyes a shade darker than usual.

Kim returned his grin. "I don't know, can you?" Ron's grin grew even more if that was possible at her words and he picked her up suddenly, making her squall in surprise.

"I definitely can."


After Kim and Ron were done with their morning shower, as well as with something more physical, both were now sitting in the living room by their makeshift table that consisted of two carton boxes covered with a bright yellow tablecloth. Both of them were dressed in equally white and fluffy bathrobes and were eating heated-up leftover pizza from their last night's dinner. Rufus had also joined them and was eating nachos with cheese and lounging around on the 'table'.

Kim and Ron had moved into their small, three room apartment only two weeks ago, so there weren't many pieces of furniture, except for a double-bed and a bedside-table in the bedroom, a red sofa in the living room and some kitchen appliances as well as a washing machine in the kitchen. Both of them had decided that having their own place after they graduated from their respective colleges would be better than living with their parents. Not that they didn't love their parents, but having their own place gave them more freedom as well as privacy. Also, moving in with each other had been yet another big step-up in their relationship they had been more than ready to take.

They were both looking forward to a relaxing Saturday morning, possibly, followed by a slow, uneventful afternoon, when Kim's communicator distracted the couple at the table. Knowing it was Wade – because there wasn't anyone else who would try to reach her on her communicator – Kim answered and Wade's face appeared on the screen.

"Oh hi Wade, what's up?" Kim said, already feeling that it wouldn't be a slow and uneventful day like she had thought. She wasn't wrong when Wade cut to the chase immediately.

"You both won't believe who is asking for your help," Wade said and Kim and Ron shared an intrigued if not nervous look.

"Oh, who is it then?" Kim asked shrugging off the uneasiness she suddenly felt.

"Better if you see for yourselves."

The screen turned black for a second before the last person appeared on it and both Kim and Ron gasped, "Drakken."


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