Disclaimer: All characters belong to the BBC and RTD

Set: Second season

Spoilers: Tiny for Cyberwoman

Author's note: I have literally stopped the myriads of jobs I have to do to scribble this down before I forget. Plot bunnies are savage. I hope this hasn't been done before.

Ianto's Secret

Ianto Jones has secrets hidden deep in the bowels of the Torchwood Hub. He hides them in a storeroom the team think is disused, protected by a six digit entry code that only he knows. He feels a stab of guilt at his actions, hiding things is the Hub has not ended well for him before. But there they are new, crisp and grey; in neat rows like soldiers.

The collection started after the events with Lisa, when their predecessor gave up its threadbare grasp on life. He has used his not inconsiderable research skills to track them down from the unlikeliest of places; old army bases, house clearances, even on Ebay and now he has a respectable number. He worries though, what Jack will say if he ever found out, and each time he wonders he increases the security a little more.

He can't imagine what would be said, or done; if Jack found out he has a secret stash of military coats on hand to replace the Captain's after each disaster in which it is damaged beyond repair.

After all, he has a reputation as a miracle worker to maintain.

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