The Contest: Justin POV

I can't fucking believe him! So, he's telling me if he can't find anyone better, then he'll just, what? settle for me? When did I become the fucking consolation prize in the "Who gets to fuck Brian Kinney?" contest? God, this is such bullshit! Why do I have to care about him so much, when he obviously could care less about me?

When I see Brian going after that fucking twink in the Dreamboy cut-off tee it's the last fucking straw. I really am tired of being his second choice...or third. I walk straight over to Sheba and tell her to put me on the fucking list. I'm gonna do it after all, fuck what I said earlier at the diner, and most of all, FUCK YOU BRIAN KINNEY! I know I can dance just like I know how hot I am. It's not narcissism, it's fact. I have seen the looks guys give me, both at the diner and especially here.

I also know just how to use that to push Brian Kinney's buttons. Brian and I both know (even though he'll never admit it) that I could have my choice of practically any guy in Babylon...but I want Brian. (Damn him and his ability to fuck me so perfectly that no one else comes close!) He wants me too, I know he does, the asshole just won't admit it, even to himself! I have to force him to own up and nothing will light a fire under his ass like watching the men of Babylon lusting after me as I dance half-naked on stage.

"The next contestant loves the Power Puff Girls, Margaritas and older men who take him for granted. Here's Justy!"

I step out on stage and stare right at him as he turns around, dumb-founded, daring him not to react to what I'm about to do. This will definitely get some kind of reaction out of him, I'm sure if nothing else, it will at least make him think. One thing in my favor is that he is possessive and I intend to use it to my advantage. I have seen him "convince" other guys to keep their distance as we dance together. He thinks he has trouble with one or two guys who get a little too familiar while I'm dancing? Wait until it's half of Babylon with lust in their eyes as they watch me! He's finally going to learn...I am no one's back-up plan!

I really am nervous to dance in front of all these people half-naked, though. I'm not really that much of an exhibitionist, but in order for Brian to wake up, it's something I'm going to have to do. I keep glancing over to the bar where he's standing with the trick. The music starts and I let it guide me as I dance to the beat. I know I'm doing this to punish Brian, teach him a lesson, so I pretend I am actually dancing for him so it will make it that much hotter. I use every move I know is sure to drive Brian crazy and a few that just come from the music. I swing myself high around the pole and slide down as I spin until my feet are on the floor.

I look at Brian as I intentionally grind my dick against the pole again and again. I see him look away and anyone else would see disinterest, but I see that he is interested, hell, he's probably rock-hard right now. He just doesn't want me dancing like this for anyone but him. I make sure to grind my tight little bubble-butt that he loves so much against that pole slowly and seductively. I close my eyes and pretend I am rubbing against Brian's dick like I do when we dance together. He can see I'm getting into this, now, and I know he wants to leave, but the twink is frozen to the spot as he watches me, even as Brian tries tongue-fucking him in vain.

I start to really enjoy myself and all the attention I am getting as I dance. I pop the button on my pants open as I roll and thrust my hips, slowly lowering the zipper. I continue to move my body to the music, wiggling my ass, my pants hanging half-open. I slowly drop my pants and continue to dance in my tight briefs as I start to grind the pole all over again. Several of the guys at the front of the stage reach out and touch me as I dance, their hands stroking my ass and thighs, and I make no effort to stop them. I can't help but smile as I glance at Brian and what only I can see, since I know his face so well... Brian was about to lose it.

When the music ends, I take the cowboy hat off my head and whip it into the crowd amidst the cheers, unable to wipe the 'sunshine' grin off my face.

"I believe we have a winner. Everybody down on your knees, (where I know you all want to be) for the new King of Babylon, His Royal Highness...Justy!"

I work my way through the crowd of admirers to the bar where he was, hands groping me, pushing numbers in my pocket the entire way. I grinned at him. I couldn't help it. "Did you see me?"

"Yeah, I saw you." as he gives me his best unimpressed look, which I'm totally not buying.

"Well?" I know he's about to say something shitty, because he's in a shitty mood now due to all the attention I was getting.

"I think that contest was rigged." Heh, no surprise there. Did I call it or what? Just because I knew he was going to say it doesn't mean it doesn't still hurt, though.

"You know him?" the trick looks at him incredulously, like he can't believe it.

"Yeah. I taught him everything he knows." He's still acting every bit the smug bastard. I guess the lesson hasn't sunk in, yet. Well, fuck him. It appears it's time to go for the jugular.

"Except how to dance." He gets no credit for those moves I just showed off up there, that was all me. There's a long silence due to me finally shutting him up, I guess. I am getting even more irritated with him, so I'm going all in. I start cruising the twink...hard. I am not subtle and I'm doing it right in front of him.

" What's your name?" I nod and gesture in Brian's direction. "I'd ask him, only I'm sure he doesn't know."


"You're hot. I was watching you." I lie so easily sometimes, it's scary. He saw me watching them, I know, so what if I was really watching Brian. This twink didn't need to know that, let him think it was him.

"You were?" He looks surprised that I might even look at him, much less watch him.

I steal a play out of the Kinney playbook and use it right in front of him, with a little added Sunshine sex appeal "It made me wanna fuck all night. You wanna get out of here?"

"You lead." I don't have to look a Brian to know he still thinks I'm not really going to go through with this, it's amazing how little he knows me sometimes...

"I thought we had plans." I shake my head and laugh because I can't believe how lesbionic he just sounded as he said that. I wonder if he even realises how it sounded.

"If you couldn't do better. I told you I might have plans, too." See how you like being the back-up plan, for once, asshole.

"What's his problem?" the twink asks me.

"He's just my stalker." I see his expression change ever-so-subtly, a change so subtle and quick no one else would notice. Finally, that got his attention!

"I suppose we could have a three-way, only he's kinda old." I laugh before I can stop myself, because I don't see him as old, quite the opposite. As soon as the sound leaves my throat, I see his tighten. He interpreted the laugh all wrong. I know he thinks I laughed because I agree with the twink.

"We're also kind of leaving." I put my arm around his shoulders and head for the back room since it's too late to take him back to Deb's. (That whole 'No tricks after midnight' is really a plan-crimper sometimes!)

The Back Room: Justin POV

I lead the twink to the back room. what was his name again? Sean? right, Sean and I go to the back room so I can fuck his tight little ass. I may be a more than willing bottom for Brian, but with anyone else, I top. He pushes me against the wall and kisses me then drops to his knees eagerly unzipping my pants. He pulls out my dick and starts to suck me off and I was surprised, he was better than I thought he'd be, but that's not what I brought him back here for.

I pull him up and push him against the wall as I pull his pants down. I take the condom out of my pocket and rip it open with my teeth, Kinney-style, then roll it on my dick. I slip inside his tight little ass with no prep and a moan and I wonder if this is how Brian feels when his dick is buried in my ass. The kid grabs my ass and thigh as he tries to pull me in deeper, rocking back to meet my strokes. I start to build up a slow rhythm as I fuck the twink and think about Brian fucking me. Just the thought of Brian inside me makes me twice as hard as I was...but the thought that suddenly crept in of me fucking Brian? I've never been harder in my life.

I start fucking this twink like a man on a mission, because I am, I'm letting myself play out what I have been yearning for. Right now, I'm not fucking some twink in the back room of Babylon...I'm fucking Brian. I close my lips tight, so I don't accidentally call out his name as I fuck this kid. (even I know the mere hint of the 'Stud of Liberty Ave' bottoming is a fate worse than death for Brian's image) I build up a steadier, faster rhythm as I imagine that it's Brian's hot, tight ass I'm ramming into over and over. The moans and sounds I know he wouldn't be able to hold back. I wanna give him a taste of what he's given me...taste, how I would love to rim that sexy ass of his, FUCK! I can feel the familiar beginning of my impending orgasm swirling in my gut, but I also feel...unh, I knew he couldn't resist. Brian is watching me.

I realised a while ago I have developed the ability to sense Brian's presence sometimes and I can feel him watching me fuck this twink. Oh god, I'm so hard, knowing he is watching is almost enough to make me come right now. It spurs me on as I drive into the twink's ass again and again balls deep, purposely turning my head so I can see the stairs out of the corner of my eye and maybe catch him watching. Sure enough, he's by the stairs watching, but he doesn't know I can see him. The twink, what was his name again? Sean? (God, I'm turning into Brian) turns his head to kiss me, so I kiss him, delivering a few more thrusts as I do, at which point I see Brian turn and leave. A few more thrusts and I come, more than I would if Brian hadn't been watching, but not as much as if he had been fucking me...or God, if I was fucking him.

The twink is definitely can't compare Brian (no one I've fucked so far has even been in the same ballpark), but he is more than just a decent fuck, so this night won't end that badly, I guess.

The Diner: Justin POV

"What a night!" I sort of sigh as I sit down heavily (amidst cheers and clapping from the guys) in the booth across from Brian. He never looks up from the paper he is pretending to read. Even though everyone else is looking at me, he won't.

I have just barely slid my ass onto the bench, but I know it's coming, he just can't help himself. "So, how was he?" He tried to make it sound so nonchalant, but I know better. Well, he asked for it.

I look Brian in the eye as I say matter-of-factually, "He had the greatest ass. I brought him back and fucked him all night." then as an after-thought to Mikey, I add, grinning "I think my dick's gonna be sore for a week."

"That's enough." I can't help but laugh inwardly as it appears someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. The empty side most likely, judging from the attitude.

"Actually, I'd like to hear more..." Mikey thinks he'll get to make Brian squirm for a change, so he is egging me on. Today, I am more than happy to help Mikey out.

Ted is enjoying the obvious tension, too. "Speak slowly and e-nun-ci-ate." I hold back a smile as I watch Brian flick the hand Teddy has stretched across Blake's shoulder.

He's not looking at me, but pretending to read that damn paper again. I know that is all it is, pretense, so he can try to avoid the conversation. No matter how pissed at him I may be about last night, I don't want to purposely hurt him. Even though he would never admit it, I know if I say too much, it's very possible I can.

"Uh, he gave great head. He wanted me to fuck him with my crown on." we all (except Brian) have a quick laugh at that. "It was kind of kinky." I start to feel uncomfortable, as well as I know Brian, he is too. I decide to wrap this conversation up quickly.

"After a while though, he got really clingy. He wanted to know when he could see me again..." I let the sentence drift as I see him look up at me, curiously.

"So, what did you tell him?" I think for a minute as he locks his eyes on me, expectantly, waiting for the answer.

"I told him he could see me in his dreams."

Brian is holding back a grin, though we both know I see it in his eyes, even if no one else catches it. I can also see the look on Micheal's face as he remembers where he heard it before and looks between Brian and I as we stare at each other in silent understanding.

^The End^