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Warning : Male Pregnancy.

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1st month

"Professor! Professor!"

The door that led to his study burst open. The young professor raised an eyebrow; his deep concentration on his book broken by the loud noises of the children. Hank stood there, panting for air as one hand gripped the doorframe, the other was holding a file. Alex behind him gasped for breaths from the exhaustion, courtesy of their running.

"Hank, Alex, what have I done to receive such… attention from both of you?" Charles smiled, putting down his book before he turned to face them.

Hank took a deep breath and quickly strode to stand upon him. The British Adonis gave an uncertain smile. He was probably be more than happy to read the seemingly crazy thoughts inside of the boy's mind but he decided to just wait and listen to what Hank had to tell him.

"Professor… I… I,"

"We got something to tell you!" Alex was first to speak as he didn't to waste any time, standing beside the scientist. Hank seemed stunned for a moment; his grip on the file tightened. Charles nodded his head as an act of encouragement.

"Go on," the blue eyed man smiled and Alex nudged the taller man beside him with a pair of glowering eyes.

"Go! Tell him!" he scolded Hank in whispering voice and Hank, sent him his own glare.

"Shut up, this must be done with enough care and not coldly!" he hissed back.

Charles, who sat on the leather couch, watched as they continued to argue over the matter that they were supposed to tell him. When the glares and the nudges became too much too handle Charles decided that he didn't need another argument happening in front of him at the time. Charles raised a hand. His action caught their attention and both boys stiffened their bodies.

"Well?" Charles gently prodded.

Hank took another deep breath before he hastily opened the file in his hands.

"I just finished checking on your DNA mutation and based on the biological experiments I somehow caught the ability of your genes to be able to grow into such extends as to produce more hormones towards a specific sort, but also unusually high for a male mutant and the sexual chromosomes to conceive-"

"And long story goes short, professor, you can get pregnant." Alex finally snapped, annoyed the medical explanation.


The three of them said nothing as Charles looked up at the two younger lads, Hank shifted uncomfortably in his standing position and Alex gulped once in a while. But maybe the cause of their actions was not exactly due to the news that seemed to strike their professor.

Maybe it was because of another mutant's presence, the German male who was also known as Charles Xavier's lover and their – Alex, Hank and others – unofficial daddy (they never call him that, though, that would only led to deaths by spoons at the accused).

"… What?" Erik twitched his eyes and oh dear, Alex thought it was time for Hank and him to go and jump off from the third level through the windows.

2nd month

"I am fine, Erik. There is no need for you to be so anxious about my health. I believe it is due to my eating disorder." Charles took a shaky breath as he wiped his mouth with a clean towel that the older man gave to him. The previous contents of his stomach were now inside of the toilet bowl and Erik made it his duty to flush them away.

Erik frowned at him; he rubbed Charles's back as his lover staggered to stand on his two feet. They left the bathroom without much of an argument from both sides. His hands steadied the younger person, ice blue eyes fully aware that the feverish skin belonged to the British male. Once they reached the dining hall, the children greeted them with wide open eyes full of surprise.

"Charles, are you okay?" Raven was quick to approach him once Erik placed him down on his seat – earning him a gentle 'thank you' from Charles – and put her palm on her brother's forehead. Charles made a face of appall at the treatment.

"I'm perfectly fine, Raven. Don't worry. I'm just feeling a bit nauseous, that's all." Charles tried to reassure her, but by the time his words left his lips, Alex and Hank turned to look at each other. Sean, in between them, became surprised by the sudden gesture they had showered.

"I knew this day would come," Alex grinned, voice small but filled with mischievousness and Hank started to sweat.

"What's going on?" Sean darted his eyes toward both boys beside him, as slow as ever. Erik who sat across them did not speak a word but his forehead creased with unconscious worries.

Raven patted on her brother ever-so-neat hair before she sat down as well. Charles smiled at them, the paleness of his lips and skin made him look a lot more worrisome rather than happy, though.

"So... what did you cook for dinner, Hank?"

"Professor, please take and use them." Hank offered a small package to Charles and the professor, who was about to enter his shared room with Erik, raised an eyebrow.

"What is this, Hank?" Charles inquired; his hand reached out to take the package. The lad rubbed the back of his neck and his eyes strayed down to the floor as if it was the most interesting thing he could look at the moment. Erik had appeared at his lover's side a second later and it caused the science savvy teen to shrink.

"U-Umm… I-It…"

"Let me look at it." Erik took the package away from his hand before Charles could pull away and Hank's eyes widened in horror. The tall man took out a long device; the size was like an ice cream stick, only slightly bigger and his blue eyes stilled on it.

Hank face-palmed himself while Charles' face turned red with embarrassment.

"Hank!" Charles sighed looking at the sight impaired boy and Hank quickly shook his head.

"It was Alex and Raven's idea! I said only one pregnancy test is enough but they said both of you won't believe it so… so…" Hank stammered even more when Erik put his hand inside and took it out only to reveal more pregnancy test devices.

"So we bought twenty…" Hank whimpered like a child being scolded and Charles let out a heavier sigh.

"Oh, Lord… This is not happening…" he shook his head with his eyes closed and Hank muttered rapid apologies before he ran off. When it was only Erik that stood faithfully beside him, Charles had to turn his head and looked into his eyes.

Erik looked indifferent as ever, his hands were tight on the package and Charles began to think about the real issue.

What if he really was pregnant? Perhaps Erik thought that it was weird and…

"We won't know until you check it first, Charles." Erik cut him halfway, giving him back the package and Charles gave him a half hearted scowl.

"What? You were projecting them to me." Erik smirked as he pushed his smaller lover inside their bedroom, an arm wrapped around his thin waist and mouth descended to kiss him with feverish passion.

Charles stared at the device in his hand.

Once upon a time in his life, years ago, he believed that he would end up with a beautiful girl – if one ever fell victim to his flirtation – and had a happy life.

Happy life, however, existed in his dictionary now and he was so very content with it. He had his sister, Raven, by his side, Hank, a young scientist that knew how to create marvelous things, Alex and Sean, the perfect combination of mischievous and naughtiness to paint his life, and a perfect lover, Erik Lensherr.

There existed some talks about marriage, for Erik and him to officially settle down together but Charles believed that they needed some more time to spend life like this. Charles earned quite well in his job, he was part time professor at a local university here in New York – because most of the time, he spent teaching the kids in his mansion- and Erik had his own workshop close to the university as well.

So right now, as he stared at the evil double pink lines on the device, he felt his emotions jolting wildly. Wasn't it supposes to be weird when a male – a mutant male, though – became pregnant? What would Erik say when he came out from the bathroom and yelled 'I'm pregnant and I'm not letting your cock near me ever again!'? Would he look at Charles as if he was a freak?

Questions clouded his mind and before he knew it, his hands were trembling and the nausea returned.

"Charles, are you done yet?" Erik knocked on his door and Charles suppressed the urge to throw out his dinner.

"Yes, yes…" Charles responded, quickly he stood on his feet before he opened the door. Erik stopped him from entering the bedroom – their bathroom was connected with their bedroom – and was looking down at him with expectant eyes. The younger man looked around him, inwardly glad that he had put away all the devices into the dust bin inside their bathroom but when the staring got out of hand, Charles looked back at the bathroom.

"What?" he meekly asked and Erik raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Are you not going to tell me whether I'm going to be a dad or not?" Erik questioned in a small, but tender voice. It somehow slowed his rapidly beating heart and Charles licked his lips sensually.

"Are you not going to be… surprise or something? In a bad way, I mean, since not every man can,"

"Charles, Charles," Erik cut him again and leaned down so that their eyes were at the same level. His blue eyes were filled with anxious and worry, seeing the icy blues upon his. When Erik started to whisper again, Charles stunned to hear him out.

"You are the only person I've ever loved as much as my mother and you gave me everything that I've ever needed and wanted. You gave me yourself. And knowing that you can get pregnant… that you are pregnant with my child… how can you expect me to feel anything but happy?"

Charles felt uninvited tears brimming in his sight. A small smile tugged on his lover's lips and something, something inside of Charles wanted to break free and just cry itself out.

"I love you too, Erik…" Charles murmured, eyes closing as he sniffed and leaned their foreheads together. Erik's smile widened as he wrapped his arms around his lover's waist, pressing a chaste, gentle kiss on his lips afterward.

They stayed in the same position for a minute or so before Erik broke it again. This time, his tone was almost too insistent.


Charles laughed, putting both of his hands on his taller companion's arms to put some distance between them. He looked up at Erik and smiled that beautiful, gentle smile that Erik had come to love.

"Yes, Erik, I'm pregnant."

Erik's smile widened more and more until he couldn't suppress his laughter anymore. Charles watched as the German's eyes twinkled in amusement and the sound of his laughter brought butterflies to his stomach. But before everything turned out okay, it had to turn bad first, right?

"Erik." Charles murmured, face deadpanned and Erik had to stop mid laughter, looking down at his telepath lover in sudden worry.


"Please forgive me."

And before Erik knew it, Charles vomited his dinner all over the front of his shirt.


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