16. Reflection.

Notes: Lyrics: Atreyu - Wait For You.

When I turned, she was standing with arms across her chest, just under her breasts, giving them a slight lift from their orginial position, the Wutai ninja kneeled against a wall.

"I knew it!" The ninja had snapped, clicking together her fingers, she stood pacing herself towards me, her index finger was aimed directly at me.

"I just knew it! No one can just look like her, you are her! You're Aerith!" Her voice cracked as she cried out. Tears came to steam down her eyes, as she wrapped her slender arms under my waist, she buried her face in my chest.

The girl cried silently, tears of joy I'm sure. "Yeah.." Was the only thing I could muster up, I pulled my arms around her, gently messing with the ebony locks.

It kinda hurt, having to hide everything from them, and now everything was out in the opened, my spirit was flying high. I peered up, trying to comfort Yuffie the best I could, I looked at Tifa. She was staring at me.. It felt like she was staring through me. I'd pull Yuffie back by the shoulders.

"I really need to talk to Tifa now." I whispered to the girl, smiling just softly. How nice it was to see her as... Myself.

I touched my breast pocket of the jacket, before watching Yuffie nod, forearm rubbing against her violet eyes. "Let's catch up.." She chimed, "She's really cute.." She smiled, before walking off, trying to catch her breath, and reclaim herself.

Reclaim herself. I thought, I think I'm about to do that too..

I breathed, before dashing my fingertips against the ends of my arched bangs. "Tifa." I whispered, before floating over to her, taking my sweet time, carefully stepping.

She was silent, her head cocked off to the side, as she leaned against the doorway to the Seventh Heaven. "You're.." She began, biting at her bottom lip. "You're really her..?" She whispered, almost in disbelief.

"I'm sorry," I almost begged, "I know, I'm sorry!" I cried out, standing just afew feet away from her, my arms outstretched behind me, she placed her index finger to her lips, before ushering me into the Seventh Heaven.

"Let's not make a scene." She whispered, drifting to a nearby chair, sitting and resting her arms against the top of the table. "Where's-?" An eyebrow lifted.

I breathed, it was all out in the opened as it was anyway. Why not finish the truth while I was at it. "Zack." I replied.

"Uh huh.." Tifa's fingertips would dance across the tabletop with a click of her fingernails, "Kalani and Zadok?" She questioned.

"May I?" I held my breath for a moment, my hand aimed at the chair infront of her. She gave me a small nod, before I would slip into the chair. "Fake names." I bowed my head, "We couldn't let anyone find out."

"But, we did. Here you are."

"I know, I know..." I bit my bottom lip, trying to figure out the words I wanted to say before.

"Everything I've told you.." She leaned back, kicking her feet out infront of her, one ankle across the other, arms under her breasts again, her eyes traveled across the ceiling, trying to find their own place. "You know, that.." She paused, shaking her head.

"She..Was the only woman whom I actually loved.."

"Yes.." I nodded, my fingertips began to dig into my skirt, my shoulders were stiff.

I closed my eyes. I felt like I was a child about to get scorn for touching something she shouldn't of been, oh god, why did I come here?

"Where is he now?"

I wonder if her mind was racing between the pregnancy, Zack, how I pretended to be someone else, everything she told me, where I've been this enough time. What Yuffie had known.

"Gongaga, with our daughter to visit his mother."

"Oh.." She nodded, kicking back in the seat, and pulling herself to her feet, she began to pace back and forth. "Why are you here?"

"I wanted to see if you were alright... I just listened to the voicemail and everything, I'm sorry! Ayanna is a gorgerous child, Zack has been there for me with everything -"

Her index finger had found the center of my lips, I opened an eye, looking up at her. "With a mother like you, I'm sure she would be gorgerous.." I opened both of my eyes, just watching her, not moving.. I was almost afraid to. "Zack, huh...?"

I'd nod, she removed her hand. "He's grown.." She rubbed the back of her neck.

I only nodded, bobbing my head slowly.

"You two?"

"Trial separation.." I whispered, she lifted a brow, kneeling down infront of me, and placing her palms to my cheeks.

I wonder if she was trying to figure out if she was talking to herself, dreaming, and this will all be a bad dream.

"Engaged.." I confessed, "But separated. Oh, Tifa. I'm sure he's tortured."


I nodded, standing up to my feet, almost preparing to run out the door, the girl stood up along with me, running her fingertips across my jacket, testing the waters and fabric.

"You really are here.."


"Isn't there some sort of punishment for this?"

I could only nod, opening my mouth to speak but the fighter had already grabbed ahold of my upper arms, and pressed her lips against mine into a quick, longing kiss. I gasped against her lips, I could feel the heat of her breath against my lips as she pulled back to speak, her tone choked as she readied her words. Her fingers wrapped tightly around my arms.

"Oh, Aerith.. I've missed you." She cried, as she lead me in for another kiss, my eyes opened wide, unable to fathom what just happened. Her honey hues were shut tightly to contain her tears, but they still found a way out.

She took a sharp intake of breath, before releasing me from her grip.

Trial separation.

I smiled, shaking my head just slowly. "He's tortured because I'm still in love with you, Tifa.." I do love her right?

We never physically had a relationship of any sorts, if you looked at it from afar you'd probably call it a best friend thing going on there. Nothing sexual, or romantic.

Apparently the both of us wanted it that way.

I wondered silently to myself, before I lowered my forehead against her collar bone, her fingers would run into my locks, finding their place against the back of my neck. "I want you, Aerith.." She whispered teasingly into my ear.

I lifted my head, taking afew steps back, waving my hands wildly infront of me, "I can't.." I replied, her eyes pleading with me.

Her hands reached for me again, and I fell into her grasp. "I need to know if you're really here." Her lips were so close to mine, "Please."

"Tifa..." I whined, shaking my head, "I'm right infront of you, I just -"

She pressed her lips against mine, holding it there for a delicate kiss, my being yearning for her. Desiring her to touch me with those strong hands, embrace me and never let me go.

...This is what I wanted right?

I gave into Tifa, she led me into the backroom where we first had our encounter. Her lips never leaving mine, as she stumbled into the room, before gently setting me on the bed. Her being laying overtop of me, palms to my cheeks, kissing my lips every few seconds.

Her fingers would begin to work against the buttons in the front of my dress, tugging at the jacket, pulling it from my shoulders, aiding in her every way I could. I heard the fabric in the ground as her lips would find the nook of my neck.

Tifa's lips were exactly as I had pictured it, gently, and delicate as they pressed their way.

She worked on her own vest and slipped out of each garment of clothing she wore on top, she began to sink downwards, her chest exposed, bouncing as she went, she slipped my legs upward, she didn't speak, but only gave me a quick glance, almost asking for permission.

Every kiss, every touch she offered up now, compelled me back to Zack.

Every kiss, every embrace, every moment with him.

He was taking a leap of faith.

It was my turn to catch him.

My voice carried a gasp before I jolted myself upward and knocked Tifa backwards, she gave me a look, her arms at each side of her form, like she was just shot with something.

"What's wrong?" She questioned, "Did I do something wrong?"

I smiled, slipping my fingers to tug my dress back across my exposed breasts, "Nothing.." I said, as she dug into my breast pocket of my jacket, before pulling out my phone, and flipping opened the top.

I moved myself out from under Tifa, shaking my head, I just smiled. I couldn't contain myself. I smiled, and it hurt to smile, my cheeks actually hurt. "I just can't do this.."

She sat on her knees, tilting her head, almost unable to react.

"I'm sorry..." I whispered, before putting my free hand to work with buttoning me back up, the one with the other searched for Zack's number.

It started with a kiss and turned out something else,
The blood courses in through my veins, I think of no one else,
I never believed in much but I believe in this,
I'm incomplete without you, I'd kill to taste your kiss.
I'm lost and lonely scared and hiding,
Blind without you.

"I'm not going anytime soon.." He spoke as he hid his' face in my hair. "Not ever.." His' voice didn't sound so sure..

"Zack..." I whimpered, drawing back, lifting my eyes to his.

I would hit the send button, and pulled the phone to my ear, listening to the ringing. I gave Tifa a quick look, who was climbing off from ontop of me, and pulling her leather vest back over her shoulders.

She didn't give me any eye contact.

"I'm sorry..." I whispered, as she sat up, leaning forward on the bed.

The ringing continued.

When the world comes crashing down and the skies begin to fall,
I'll wait for you
When the days grow old and long and my skins turns into stone,
I'll wait for you,
When the pain it seems too much and my heart starts beating out of touch, I dont need a thing,
I'll wait for you.

"Aerith?" His voice was like a melody to me.

"Zack Fair.." I replied, unable to contain my smile.

"Is something wrong?"

"Why can't we be like that, Zack.." I finally said.

Yes, Aerith. It was time to completely forget about her. Even if I didn't want to know the truth - even if she really did marry him.. I somehow didn't want to know.

"Like what?" Zack had rolled in my direction - literally rolled - I couldn't help but to smile.

"Like them."

"Which part of it?"

"Zack!" I huffed, sitting up rather quickly, slamming my palms against the ground. His' eyes opened wide for a moment, but he could tell I wasn't in much of a mood for games.

"Like them.." He nodded, his' body twisted and he fell on his' back, "There's alot to risk, Aerith.." He said that already, my eyes just narrowed.


"Nothing is wrong, can you come back for me?" I couldn't help but to watch Tifa, the sorrow that had built up inside of her.

She was out of the room now, I could hear her sitting and rustling aorund in a nearby chair.

It's all so different now, emotions burn me out.
I have a lifeless touch, this distance leaves no doubt,
I fear it all too much but part of me believes,
As the years pass away you made me recognize,
I'm lost and loney, scared and hiding,

I turned onto the opposite side, placing my head into Zack's lap. He would tug locks of hair behind my ear.

"I'll be there soon." He told me, I could hear his voice smiling from across the line. "I'll see you soon.."

I nodded, and only replied with a simple Yeah. before both of us hung up the lines, and I restaged myself, before wandering out to Tifa. I kneeled infront of her like she had done to me before, I placed my hands on her knees.

"I'm sorry, Tifa." I told her, shaking my head, I began to rework her vest, adjusting it before placing my hands on my own knees.

"It's alright." Tifa had a half heartfelt smile on her face, she placed a hand on my shoulder. "I think I get it."

'Cause I'll wait for you...

I couldn't resist him.


Is the only word I can place for Zack's touch.

My body arched, drunk with passion.


Groans as he bound himself ontop of me, embracing my small frame into his, as my fingertips dug into his back, trailing and traveling.

It was louder than words.

He could make me forget all in the same day. My vocals rang out with desire, begs and pleads.

His lips were danced along my ear, whispering sweet nothings, and promises for a better tomorrow. I could only whimper in return, gasping out his name.

Oh, Zack. You're a gift..

His body would arch as he found his release, declaring his love along with my true persona.

I couldn't help myself when he found my trigger and released me. His name would dance out from my lips, and fall into a melody.

He was my gift.

It wasn't that I couldn't resist him, I wanted him.

I gushed as I stood to my feet, spinning on my heels, screaming to the Heavens, "My name is Aerith Gainsborough, and I'm in love with Zack Fair!"

I turned to Tifa, grasping her hands. "I'm sorry, Tifa." My cheeks hurt yet, as I rushed out the door upon hearing the familiar truck pull up.

There he was, leaning over the front seat, rolling down the window as he called my name, before I heard the truck slip into park, and the man appeared out infront of me.

It was an instant when I appeared in his arms, face buried in his chest.

I couldn't contain myself as I cried, as he rubbed my back.

I love you.. is what he would whisper in my ear.

When the world comes crashing down and the skies begin to fall,
I'll wait for you
When the days grow old and long and my skin turns into stone,
I'll wait for you
When the pain it seems too much and my heart starts beating out of touch I don't need a thing,
I know I don't need a thing,
I'll wait for you

Zack looked like the perfect father.

No... Zack was the perfect father, the perfect lover, he was there when I needed him the most, he was standing right at my side when I crumbled, caught me when I fell..

I probably didn't want to believe it then, but it was obvious and I allowed everything to be transparent.

I should of known it all along, I should of figured it out soon. I shouldn't allowed myself to pull the strings on Zack like a puppet master.

"I'm so sorry, Zack!" I cried out, biting down on my bottom lip, "I truly do love you." I breathed between my tears.

Notes: Obviously I wasn't going to end the story how everyone probably thought it was going to end. Sorry, but it was hard to me to keep it how I wanted it to end.

But it was kind of a mind fuck though.

I truly do encourage TifaxAerith as well as AerithxZack.

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