By nightelfcrawler

Warnings: Tasuki's foul mouth

Okay so... in chatting with an rp partner, we ended up discovering that we had been a part of the same fandoms some 10+ years ago. She ran a website that hosted some of my old fics... which made me drag out some old dvds that I'd saved my webpages on... and lo and behold, I found these old fics hanging around still and decided heck why not bring them back. So here they are, a trip down memory lane! These were written in the late 90's and early 2000's when I went by too many psudonyms to remember. I actually forgot who I was until I physically saw the fics listed and went 'oh crap I remember those!'. Ahh memories.

Be warned... these were my first attempts at writing and are likely riddled with grammar, spelling and other noted errors. I've read through them, blushed furiously that I used to write like this, and decided to put them up anyway as-is with no revisions. So please enjoy, but don't bother correcting or whining, they shall be ignored!

Standard disclaimer: These characters aren't mine they're created by the wonderful Watase Yuu, although I wish they were, Houjun-chan is such a hottie! So don't sue me, I need o-ka-ne right now...

"DEMO?" They all practically screamed.

"What the hell! Not another road block?" Tamahome scowled angrily.

"As I was saying," Chichiri said rather piqued, "But, it's not someone we expected no da." He took the picture frame from Miaka, and handed it to Tasuki. "Take a look."

Tasuki took the picture irritably, and glanced down. His smile immediately vanished, and was replaced by a suspicious frown. "What the hell is this?" He looked up confused as Tamahome took it from him, and the others all peered at it. Their breaths in-took, and they all turned their gazes to Tasuki.

Tasuki's face turned red, and he snatched the picture back and stared at it. "This ain't fucking possible."

Chichiri looked solemn. "I'm afraid it is Tasuki….."

Tamahome frowned. "But it shouldn't be. All the Seishi have to be born in Konan, don't they?"

Tasuki couldn't shake his startled glance from the photo, which showed a smiling dark haired woman with a tall orange-haired man holding a young boy with similar hair who had fangs and was waving a paper fan around.

"Actually, that's not true no da. It's an assumption that that's the way it's supposed to be, however, if Tasuki came to our world early enough as a child, he could still be claimed as a Seishi no da."

They looked somber for some time, as the thought ran through their heads. Ame looked about ready to cry. "So….it figures it'd be this way…." Her voice cracked and a tear slid down her cheek. Tasuki shoved the picture into Tamahome, and put his arms around her comfortingly, hugging her close to him.

They all stood uncomfortably for several minutes in silence, then Yui spoke up softly. "Maybe we should head back…."

No one spoke any differing opinion, rather the silence was almost too much to bear. It was uncomfortable, and awkward as Tasuki stood comforting Ame, and everyone avoided other people's eyes. Finally, Chichiri strode out the door. Everyone else looked at each other, and then followed him, leaving Ame and Tasuki inside alone.

"Shit…" Tamahome whispered. "It's like the whole ordeal with Miaka and I over again…."

Miaka slid her hand into his. "Hai, I know…demo, this time we don't have Suzaku to depend on…"

Yui, Tetsuya and Keisuke all stood uncomfortably shuffling their feet. "Ne, how the hell we gonna solve this problem…." Keisuke said softly.

No one answered his statement.

"Ne, maybe Ame could stay here…."

"Iie." Chichiri's voice was short and ill tempered, surprising them all. "It doesn't work that way no da….Someone has to stay here, and someone has to go back to my world…" He suddenly slammed his fist into the nearest tree with sudden energy backed by angry ki, shattering the tree into splinters.

Everyone stood agape for a few seconds before Miaka dashed forward and grabbed his arm. "Calm down Chichiri!"

He was taking deep breaths, clenching his fists, one which was now bloodied from it's encounter with the tree. Finally, his shoulders drooped. "Gomen…..I needed to let out some frustration."

Miaka slowly let go of his arm. "Are you ok?"

He nodded slightly, slowly taking his injured fist into his hand and sighing. "There must be something we can do.."

"Well, no sense standing around here….why don't we go back home and relax, take our minds off of it for a bit, then think about it later." Keisuke suggested coming up next to him. "I'm sure there's an answer." Chichiri nodded faintly, and the group headed back to the car, while Miaka went in to tell Tasuki and Ame. Soon, they were headed back home, the atmosphere dreary and silent.

The mood hadn't improved much later that night.

Tasuki and Ame were out on the balcony with the doors shut and the curtains drawn, Chichiri was on the couch slowly bandaging his hand and thinking, Miaka and Tamahome sat on the chair together, Miaka asleep in Tama's lap, Yui and Tetsuya had gone home, and Keisuke was trying to divert their mother from entering the house.

Chichiri just finished his work and had leaned back with his eye closed in thought as Miaka and Keisuke's mother entered the room followed by Keisuke himself, looking apologetic.

"I want to know what is going on right now…Miaka, Taka!"

Miaka was fast asleep in Tamahome's lap, and he looked up apologetically.

She looked exasperated, and turned her gaze to Chichiri. Her eyes widened a bit and her eyebrows raised in surprise. It wasn't just his appearance, but there was something foreign about him in general…..She crossed her arms and frowned.

Sensing someone there, Chichiri opened his eye, then stood politely and bowed to her. "You must be Miaka-chan's okaasan no da. I've heard a lot about you from her no da."

She seemed slightly taken aback. "Yes…..I am her mother. Who are you, and would YOU kindly tell me what is going on here since my son refuses to give me a straight honest answer." She glared meaningfully at Keisuke, and he cowered slightly.

Chichiri caught Tama's gaze and then looked back at Miaka's mother. "Of course I will explain things no da… much would you like to hear no da?"

She frowned deeper. "All of it."

He glanced sideways at Tamahome and projected his thoughts. ~How much does she know already, Tamahome-kun?~

Tamahome shook his head slightly. ~Nothing at all. She wouldn't believe it if we told her the truth.~

Chichiri frowned slightly pondering if he should use the tactic he had originally had in mind, then discounted it. It would be too much of a shock. "Hai, wakatta no da. Why don't you come with me and I'll explain it no da." They both walked into another room to sit and talk, leaving Keisuke, Tamahome, and the slumbering Miaka alone.

Keisuke flopped down on the couch. "Whew…..she almost slaughtered me back there…"

"Keisuke-san, you should really move out."

Keisuke shot a glare at Tamahome. "Hai, I know. But I don't have the money for my own apartment…."

Tamahome shrugged. "I think you would come up with it if you were serious enough about it."

Keisuke just deflated into the chair more. "Mou….you never give up." He glanced back at the room. "What do you think he's telling her?"

Tamahome shrugged. "I have no idea, to tell you the truth."

Keisuke flipped the TV on just to kill time, and they sat for several long minutes in silence, not really watching it.

Then they heard movement, and turned their heads to see Miaka's mother and Chichiri coming out of the other room. Miaka's mother's face was very pale, and she looked slightly frightened. Chichiri followed her, and let her sit on the couch in his spot, standing there calmly with his arms crossed. Tamahome and Keisuke exchanged glances. "Okaasan…..daijoubu?" Keisuke asked leaning forward and putting his hand on hers.

She jumped a little, looking up startled. "Ah…..yes…yes I will be."

Keisuke looked up at Chichiri with a puzzled glance.

"I told her everything no da."


"Meaning from the very beginning no da."

Tamahome looked surprised, and Keisuke looked slightly taken aback. "E…everything! From day one!"

Chichiri nodded.

"Che….." he whispered, remembering what it had been like reading the book all the way through. He wondered what his mother was thinking.


He looked up.

His mother was looking at him with a strange expression in her eyes. "Everything he told me….is it really true…..what he showed me…." Her voice shook.

Keisuke suddenly understood. The monk must have used some of his magic to transfer some of his memories of the incident to her to make it easier to understand and believe.

He stood up and moved next to her. "Hai okaasan….everything is true."

She looked shaken, and looked over at Miaka, then at Tamahome who was watching them silently. Her face softened. "My god….." She looked down. "I apologize for the things I said to you Tak- er…..Tamahome…."

He looked slightly surprised, but then smiled as he stroked Miaka's hair gently and nodded to her. "No offense taken. I understand your point of view."

She smiled slightly. "I can't believe I'm actually believing this whole thing." She laughed slightly, but then looked up at Chichiri and stopped, upon seeing his earnest expression. "You're…..really from another world?"

He nodded with a faint smile. "Hai."

As if to emphasize the point, there was a sudden 'pop' in the room, and the Nyan Nyan appeared floating right behind Chichiri, and jumped onto his back, startling the monk half to death. "Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

Choking his startlement back, Chichiri turned his head and looked at her. "Nyan Nyan! Don't appear like that without warning next time, ok no da?"

She just smiled and gave a victory sign, then floated into the center of the room. "Taiitsukun say time go home."

A look of pain crossed his face. "So soon?"

She nodded seriously, as Miaka's mom stared open mouthed at the floating girl. "Hai…..time up now."

Chichiri sighed and closed his eye in defeat. "Wakatta….." He stood up slowly. "I'll go tell them no da." And he made his way to the balcony and rapped on the window softly before opening it and saying some hushed words, then coming back in.

Miaka's mother was staring up at the Nyan Nyan fascinated. "How….how do you float in the air like that?"

The Nyan Nyan just cocked her head to the side. "Nyan Nyan just do."

There was the soft sound of the door opening, and Tasuki came in slowly followed by Ame, both looking upset. Chichiri turned around, and Tamahome gently woke Miaka up, and they too stood up and looked sad.

"Well!" Tasuki said with false cheeriness. "Guess it's time to say goodbye again….."

A tear was sliding down Ame's cheek as she turned away from him and threw herself into Chichiri, crying silently. Chichiri looked up sadly at Tasuki. "We'll find a way Tasuki…..I swear it, we'll find a way." His eye was dead serious.

Tasuki looked genuinely shocked by the look in Chichiri's eye, but he pushed it aside with a grin. "Fe, don't get fucking serious on me Chichiri. You two go back there….tell the old hag if I ever see her again, she owes me big time."

Chichiri looked at the Nyan Nyan. "It's not possible for me to stay here in his place?"

She shook her head. "No, must be fire-head." Tasuki glared at this. "Demo, not have to stay here yet. Just time for minna to go back because Nyan Nyan can't hold out power much longer." She smiled cutely. "Miaka-chan come visit us, ne?"

They seemed surprised by that, then a smile flashed across their faces and Miaka squeezed Tamahome's hand. "Want to go back for a visit Tamahome?"

He smiled. "Aah…..It would be nice to visit my family's grave again….." He looked thoughtful. "I wouldn't mind."

"Yosh!" Keisuke said standing up. "If you're going, so am I! I've wanted to see your world for a long time, and go….er, gosh darn it I'm gonna see it!" He avoided the glare his mother was throwing at him. "Count me in."

Chichiri nodded, then a thought occurred to him. "Ne.." he said turning to Miaka's mother. "Would you like to see it for yourself no da?"

She seemed surprised. "Oh…I…I can't miss work."

"You wouldn't…you see, time is different there okaasan!" Miaka chirped up taking her hand. "Come see!"

Nyan Nyan sighed. "Hayaku….Nyan Nyan can't hold power much longer."

Miaka's pleading eyes bore into her mother and reluctantly, she nodded. Nyan Nyan held her hand up into the air, bright light forming around the two fingers she held up as she closed her eyes and whispered a spell. The carpet vanished into a pool of brilliant white light, and Miaka's mother gasped and took a step backwards in astonishment, but Miaka held her arm smiling reassuringly. And then, the world faded, and they were once again standing in Taiitsukun's palace waiting room, the bright sunlight filtering down into the room.

Nyan Nyan had disappeared, leaving them in the marvelous room alone. Miaka's mother was staring in shock around her in complete wonder, when the scene was shattered. "Whaaaaaaaaa!" They all heard the voice scream out. Keisuke was laying twitching on the floor in a state of shock. Of course, Taiitsukun looked less than happy as she cleared her throat meaningfully. "Quite a party you brought back with you Chichiri, Ame."

"Taiitsukun!" Miaka smiled brightly running up and throwing her arms around the old lady, startling her every so slightly.

"Eh….enough Miaka." Taiituskun shoved her away, but a small hint of a smile was on her face. "It's good to see you to. Tamahome, you as well."

Keisuke was brushing himself off when suddenly Tasuki was up and screaming hysterically in her face. "What the hell are you thinking having me have to stay there, huh? There's gotta be something you can do! I ain't fucking staying there!"

Taiitsukun simply drew a hand up and zapped Tasuki effectively shutting him up. "Alright, now that we have order…" She clapped her hands. "Nyan Nyan!" The annoying small girls popped into existence around her. "Fix them rooms to stay in." They vanished again, and she turned her gaze appraisingly to the group. "I never did say it would be easy for you two Tasuki."

He was staring sullenly at the floor. Ame put her arm around his waist comfortingly.

"Taiitsukun… there a way to avoid separating them no da?"

She looked appraisingly down at the monk. "I will not reveal that to you at this time." She turned her back to them. "For now, rest. We will discuss this in the morning." And with that she vanished.

The group collectively sighed. There seemed so little they could do at this point…they felt helpless.

Miaka's mother was busy staring out the window in complete amazement. "H…how do they do this…." She gaped aloud. Miaka sweatdropped at that, and she and Tamahome exchanged glances as Keisuke joined her, marveling at the scenery.

Tasuki and Ame headed off on their own, and eventually Tamahome and Miaka did so as well. Chichiri vanished without a trace, leaving Keisuke and his mother to wander around the place. They spend hours just admiring the architecture of the building, exploring the structure fascinated. They wandered around outside, and examined the gardens and the gorgeous scenery around them, taking the time to catch up on the complete story.

They eventually found themselves in one of the far gardens, the one with the gigantic versions of Bonsai trees growing around the rock garden, with a small red bridge crossing a good sized stream rimmed with pretty flowers. They paused and stared in fascination around them, then Miaka's mother's eye was caught by a figure sitting on the bridge railing, throwing pebbles into the stream idly. Keisuke frowned slightly, recognizing Chichiri, and stepped forward towards the monk who had by now changed into his normal clothing. "Hi." He said softly, and Chichiri turned his head and gave a small smile. Keisuke noticed he still hadn't put his mask back on. "How's it going?"

He sighed. "I can't seem to come up with some alternative no da….." He shook his head seeming depressed. "I've thought about many different things, but no luck no da."

Keisuke leaned against the railing and stared at the running water, carp visible in the stream from time to time. "Maybe you should give it a rest for a bit."

He didn't answer, and Miaka's mother stood on the other side of him and looked up at him nervously. She'd been wary of him ever since he'd explained things to her, but respectful of him like she'd never been to anyone before. "Why are you so worried about this…I'm not sure I even understand what's going on."

"I simply want my sister and Tasuki to be happy together…I don't want to see another heartbreaking incident like with what happened to Tamahome and Miaka as they tried to stay together no da." He said softly clasping his hands in his lap. "If there were some way where I could take Tasuki's place, I would gladly do it to see them be happy."

They both nodded in agreement. Miaka's mother kept glancing up at him awkwardly, then spoke up uncertainly. "May I ask you a personal question?" He nodded, glancing at her. "How…..did that happen.." she asked pointing at his scar. "If it's not too personal…."

He smiled tentatively and shook his head laughing softly. "It's funny…..two years ago, I would have refused to answer your question…." He smiled fondly. "Amazing what time does to someone…."

Keisuke looked down, considering his words as Chichiri went on briefly to explain the story to her. After he'd finished, Keisuke asked him a question he'd wanted to ask for some time. "Ne, Chichiri, do you think you'll ever use that water Mitsukake gave to you before he was reborn?" He looked up to meet the monk's eye.

Chichiri looked thoughtful, and leaned back on the railing, crossing his legs for balance and frowning. "You know, I've thought about that a lot actually no da…..It's…." He paused. "Something I've given a lot of thought on, and I'm still not sure no da."

Keisuke nodded slowly. "I think…..well, it's not relevant what I think…'s your decision in the end."

The monk nodded slightly. "Hai, but I think that it's harder that way. I have personal reasons to keep it no da…demo….." He shrugged. "I've actually been leaning towards using it recently."

Keisuke seemed surprised. Yes, he had noticed that Chichiri had more self-confidence than he'd read in the book, but he didn't think that the monk would ever actually consider it.

Keisuke's mom shook her head. "This is….very strong…..I've never heard of such devotion in anyone before." Her voice trailed off, then she posed a question. "Is all of your world like this? So…." She searched for a word to describe it. "So, well our world is too shallow….this is exactly the opposite."

He turned his head and looked at her with interest. "Since I've only been to your world twice, I can hardly answer that question no da."

She nodded faintly, pondering that. "It just seems….." She sighed and looked him up and down taking in everything. "You're so impassioned about these things…..I've never met anyone who…..was quite like that." She looked down. "I'm not making sense…."

He smiled quietly and put a hand on her shoulder comfortingly. "Daijoubu. I understand what you mean no da." He glanced back to the palace. "We should go back now. Taiitsukun says that dinner is ready for us no da."

Keisuke gave him an odd look. "She talks to you mentally or something?"

The monk nodded standing up and starting towards the palace. "Hai. She either does that or just pops in front of me without notice no da."

Keisuke chuckled. "Sounds typical of her."

Keisuke's mom spoke up tentatively. "You're close to that old woman? Is she family of yours?"

Chichiri chuckled softly. "Iie….she's my sensei no da. Ame is my only family, well, besides the other Seishi no da."

She looked surprised. "Your only family? She's your sister, ne? What happened to your parents?"

"They died in that flood I told you about no da."

She looked extremely upset. "Gomen….I didn't mean to pry….."

He chuckled lightly. "Don't worry about it no da." He smiled. "Why don't we head back no da."

They both nodded, and followed the monk back towards the palace, to dine and ponder the situation more, as it ran through their heads.