Extra Seishi of the Four Gods

By nightelfcrawler

Okay so... in chatting with an rp partner, we ended up discovering that we had been a part of the same fandoms some 10+ years ago. She ran a website that hosted some of my old fics... which made me drag out some old dvds that I'd saved my webpages on... and lo and behold, I found these old fics hanging around still and decided heck why not bring them back. So here they are, a trip down memory lane! These were written in the late 90's and early 2000's when I went by too many psudonyms to remember. I actually forgot who I was until I physically saw the fics listed and went 'oh crap I remember those!'. Ahh memories.

Be warned... these were my first attempts at writing and are likely riddled with grammar, spelling and other noted errors. I've read through them, blushed furiously that I used to write like this, and decided to put them up anyway as-is with no revisions. So please enjoy, but don't bother correcting or whining, they shall be ignored!

Standard disclaimer: These characters were dreamed up by Watase Yuu, and I take no credit for their creation.
This fanfic was done as a joint effort rpg between: Marek VII, Chichiri DA, Chang Lin, and Ou Kouran.

Warning: This fic contains mild lemon scenes, bisexual relationships, and violence. You have been warned.

Tomo heard the woman's voice, she was the only one not affected by his illusions. He still smiled, laughing as he watched what the Seishi were going through. "Hmm, why do I do what I do, you ask!" he started cackling evilly. "Well, I have nothing better to do, and well... I have someone I wish to impress." Tomo blushed as he spoke, thinking of Nakago. "Well, you're not affected." Tomo intensified the illusions for the others. "But that means you get to watch your friends suffer!"

Tasuki ran throughout his house, so fast his legs were veritable blurs of motion, "NOOO! KEEP AWAY FROM ME!" It seemed like around every corner there was a sister, and they were closing on him. "No no no! Get the *%^* AWAY!" Finally, they had him, and carried him outside. "Waaah! No, not the barrel! PLEASE!" Tasuki was so fearful tears were streaming down his face, "NO!"

Kouji struggled, his screams heard by his parents who were struggling beyond his sight calling his name. He heard crashing windows and his sister screaming then silenced. He screamed as the man continued his actions on him and he finally got a grip on himself and reached into the back of his belt and reached for his dagger... he grabbed it and brought it up into the mans' stomach and across his belly with one smooth motion.

The man gave one small grunt, and sagged limply on him. He struggled out from beneath him and stood there panting, then suddenly the knife was snatched from his hand and he felt a stinging pain across his face and he held his hand up to a fresh cut down the side of his cheek as a man stood over him grinning before swinging a fist towards him...

Amefuri looked around, lost. "Is there anything I can do to get you to stop the attack? Please! I'll give anything to stop them from suffering!" Tears filled her eyes as she noted that even her love had to go through this. What good was being a mental Seishi if she couldn't help them. "I swear you can find a way to impress the one you wish without harming them. Please!"

Tomo broke out cackling loudly at the woman's desperation. "I don't think so!" he said between fits of cackling. "Perhaps I LIKE making them suffer! And there isn't any other way to impress Nakago other than this!"

Tomo once again intensified his illusions, the blue symbol on his abdomen glowing brightly. "Besides," he said, calmer now. "It is fun to see you squirm because you can't do a thing to help them."

Chang Lin was getting tired of walking and fed up with everything. He'd been wearing a sword sheathed over one shoulder, and that was getting heavy. He sat down under a tree, to rest and to think. Suddenly, the symbol on his neck glowed brightly.

"...ouchies." he said, as it stung. "That isn't going to be a pleasant thing to have." He sighed, then his mind was filled with visions of what was happening to the Suzaku Seishi. "What the?" was all he could think of to say.

Amefuri heard him say Nakago and her mind clicked. "I know what he would want more. He'd want Boushin back. I know where he is. It was my power that took him away. It was I who messed up Nakago's plan. You want him to be happy and honor you then bring me to him. He would be glad to know the one who messed with his plan...what ever it was...was brought to him!"

"Well... umm.." Tomo was confused for a moment. "Awww crap." he swore, unsure of what to do. His illusions were hard to maintain while talking to someone. "... No." he said, shaking his head. "Nakago doesn't think like that. You're trying to confuse me!" Tomo put all the energy he could into his illusions.

Hotohori had been trying to find the others for quite some time, and when he finally did arrive, he saw Kouran talking to the Seiryuu Seishi, Tomo.

"Just like them." Hotohori groaned. "Send him after us!" Hotohori drew his sword and prepared to attack Tomo from behind.

Amefuri could see him fall slightly...and kept her voice sounding desperate, yet confident. "Nakago does so. I was in his mind twice. I know how he thinks. Just ask him when you get back. He'll know that I'm right and then you'll feel bad when I get away." She gave a slightly cocky smile, hoping she could bring this to an end.

Tomo was about to reply when he felt the energy of another Suzaku Seishi. He whirled to see Hotohori preparing to attack, and focused his energies on the emperor as well. Trapping the emperor in illusions of his fears as well.

"No, I don't think so." Tomo said dryly, narrowing his eyes at the woman. "You were setting me up, so he could attack."

Hotohori found himself in the Konan palace, wearing his imperial clothing once more. He was confused momentarily, not understanding what was going on.

"Father!" he heard a child's voice scream. Boushin.

"Hotohori!" It was Miaka.

"Hotohori!" Houki.

"Heika!" the Seishi.

He began running to try finding them. He ran into a large room where he found the Seiryuu Seishi. He'd arrived in time to see them kill Boushin and Houki, then Miaka. He tried to run forward, but couldn't move. One by one, they killed the Suzaku Seishi, his dearest friends. "NOOOOO!" Hotohori screamed in sheer hopelessness.

Chichiri paced back and forth worriedly. "Well... Tomo's controlling these illusions? And obviously something went wrong because we are both here in what was supposed to be my illusion..." He frowned.

Ashitare closed his eyes. The drugs Nakago had given him had long since worn off, and he could think for himself now. "What if we focused our ki?" Chichiri mused. "Retaliated and broke through the illusions?"

Ashitare frowned. "That wouldn't work... just knowing you're in the illusion doesn't make it easier to break it... you need something to break your brainwave's concentration."

Chichiri nodded slowly beginning to understand. "So what should we do to break it?"

Ashitare frowned. He had remembered one method... but he wasn't sure... "Well, pain usually takes the mind off of it's concentration..." He said slowly.

Chichiri sighed. "Sou ka..." He put a hand to his head. "What do you suggest?"

Ashitare grimaced. He didn't know... there were many options...

Tasuki held his breath as he has shoved into the rain barrel, but couldn't do anything about the water going up his nose. This made him start to cough, and being underwater, that wasn't a good thing. He thrashed wildly, struggling to get to the surface, but the hands held him under. Just as it seemed he was done for, they pulled him back out, gasping and choking.

Chang Lin was running again. This time, through his visions, he knew where the others were. I have to help them! he thought, running as fast as he could. I have to get there, and oh Seiryuu, no! he thought again. Oh ~Suzaku~ I have to help them! He continued running, terrified he would be too late to help them.

Amefuri looked at Hotohori in complete shock. Her face loosing everything that would of said she had known. She stood in mere shock for a second and then looked at Tomo...letting him inter her mind and inter her thoughts. It hurt her to do so but she did. Showing him what she had seen in Nakago's mind while she was there...and what she had been doing while she talked to him. Opening a path to direct her mind was a delicate and dangerous thing to do. Mostly to her. Although if one was to try to harm her while she was open to him...the hurt could come back to that person. Knowing at least a little about Tomo, she knew he would know that.

Of course, no sooner had he regained his breath than down he went again. He struggled, and choked. His life very nearly started to flash before his eyes, then brought back up, coughing, but significantly weakened.

Tomo was surprised by all of this, distracted as well. He knew he could do nothing, so he remained silent. Little by little, he became convinced he could impress Nakago by taking her. And while he was doing this, he lost concentration on the illusions cast over the Suzaku Seishi.

Chichiri was about to answer Ashitare when suddenly everything flashed and he found himself seated on the ground in the garden again. He looked around and immediately realized what had happened and he exchanged glances with Ashitare and the large Seiryuu Seishi helped him up and then lifted him onto his back and they ran towards where Tomo Tasuki and Hotohori were...

Tasuki then found himself standing where he was, back with the other Seishi. "What? Illusion?" He quickly looked around, and finally spotted Tomo. "Aha! I seeeee yooouuu!" He quickly drew the tessen, and stepped to clear Kouran of what would soon be a literal line of fire.

Ohh shit!" was Tomo's only response as he realized he'd released them all by accident. He forced his way out of Kouran's mind and turned tail to run away. Another time! he thought viciously. And you'll be mine!

Hotohori had regained control, and when he saw Tomo running he quickly grabbed the Seishi and slammed him against a tree. Hard. The emperor's strength had grown in the past few years, and he was in no mood for Tomo. "Stay put." he snarled angrily. "I want to talk to you! Where is my son!"

Tasuki saw him flee and quickly leapt after him in pursuit, "Leaving so soon asshole!" He brought the tessen to bear, swinging it in a wide arc at the fleeing Tomo. "Lekka SHINEN!" and a column of flame was sent at the runner.

Tomo had dodged the fire, but not Hotohori. He had the wind knocked out of him when he hit, and it was several minutes before he could talk. "... why should I tell you anything?" he looked away angrily.

Hotohori narrowed his eyes as he looked at the feminine Seiryuu Seishi. "Hey, Tasuki." Hotohori called. "Give me a hand in interrogation here, will you?"

Tasuki grinned as he walked over to Hotohori and Tomo, Why should you? Because if you don't, I'm sure we can all make things VERY uncomfortable for you. And it ain't gonna be no illusion, either!" he cackled maniacally, just waiting for Tomo to so much as look crossed at him or Hotohori.

Amefuri watched everything happen with a glazed expression. She was watching all that happened. It appeared that the others had been freed. She smiled softly and slumped to her knees. her hair and eyes going to their original color. She watched them...her mind completely open...her power so low it wouldn't harm a fly. She was open to attack, and if Tomo ever got a chance, he could easily turn her against herself.

Fear filled the eyes of the Seiryuu Seishi when he heard Tasuki's threat, and he tried his best to compose himself. Then he saw the woman. He used Shin once again, creating illusions. Tasuki and Hotohori will hurt you. he said in her mind. You must defeat them; you're strong enough to do it! Go!Tomo smiled again, looking at Hotohori and Tasuki. "I don't want to tell."

Tasuki just beamed, and quickly bashed the Seiryuu Seishi across his face with the folded tessen. "That felt GREAT! Keep not answering, please!" He held the tessen ready to deliver another blow, tat grin just refusing to go away.

Suddenly Kouran's eyes glazed over fully and her eyes turned a dark blue. Her hair turned a dark gray. The colors of Amefuri earlier only darker, more evil. She quickly stood and walked slowly toward the Seishi. She looked up at the tree and snapped it with her mind...sending it down toward the Suzaku Seishi.

Tomo shrieked as he was hit by the Tessen, it's sharp edges cutting his face and making him bleed. He didn't loose focus though. "I'm not answering." he said again.

Tasuki heard a peculiar cracking noise, and turned in time to see a tree coming down towards him and Hotohori. "Shit!" and with that, he leapt, tacking Hotohori out of the way of the falling trunk, but not enough to keep his foot from getting smashed, "AHH!"

Hotohori released Tomo and grabbed Tasuki, dodging back with both of them. They were barely missed by the tree. "Kouran what is the meaning of this!" he shouted

Tasuki winced, fortunately, since Hotohori and he had both looked out for each other, it was a mere sprain. He grinned at Hotohori, "Way to look watch each others backs, eh, Hoto-sama?" He then gave Hotohori a clap on the back, a friendly gesture.

Amefuri looked at them with dark eyes. "Only what I must."

Ashitare skidded to a halt as the tree came crashing down in the midst of the battle and Chichiri gasped. "Kouran..." He whispered in shock and slid off Ashitare's back quickly. He then limped over and took her arm and looked into her eyes. "What are you doing?" He rasped in controlled anger.

Ashitare meanwhile leapt towards Tomo and snarled as he pinned the Seishi to the ground...

Chang Lin felt more evil near the others and forced his tired body to keep running. He wanted to collapse and go to sleep, but something inside him wouldn't let him give up. No! he thought. I have to keep going! They need help!

He caught sight of a group of people in the distance, and saw a battle going on. "Not hard to find are you?" he muttered breathlessly, quickening his progress.

Tomo was startled when Ashitare leapt on him, and he began laughing. "Ohh, Ashitare." he cackled. "I never knew you were attracted to me!" He threw Ashitare off of him and started running. "Maybe next time!"

Ashitare snarled as Tomo threw him off almost like a rag doll. His character blazed brightly on his back as he ran after him using his super strength and speed to catch up to him, then leaping on him, his claws digging into the Seiryuu Seishi's back. "Attracted to you?" He snarled, "You're more of a monster than i."

Nuriko woke up just then and watched his friend attack his other friends. He came up behind Amefuri and grabbed her from behind.

Amefuri glared and her eyes grew darker. She used her mind and from behind Nuriko brought a rock and slammed it into the Seishi head. Nuriko stared wide eyed and then slumped over. Falling to the ground. Blood came from the cut that had appeared on his head from the rock. Amefuri then looked at the other rocks in the garden at with one look, sent them toward the Seishi.

Kouran glared at Chichiri with a look of pure evil and shook off his hand. "Don't touch me, you will not live long if you do."

Chichiri felt a jolt of shock go through her as Nuriko was injured, then heard her cold words and bit his lip. He grabbed her arms and shoved her against a nearby tree trunk. "Kouran, stop it! Stop it now!"

Tasuki looked over, and sow a whole lotta rocks heading their way, "Incoming! Heads up! Hit the dirt!" and flopped to the ground in time to see a fairly good sized rock come flying over his head.

Hotohori saw what Tasuki meant, and cried out in terror. The young emperor didn't know what to do now! "AHH!" was all that came to mind.

Amefuri glanced once at Chichiri. Her dark eyes took on an even darker shade. "I had warned you Seishi." She looked around and pulled forth a rose bush from the ground. she swung it around and sent it right for Chichiri. As she did this, she mentally took herself from his arms and over to Tomo. Her evil side seeing him as her master. Being slightly stupid she asked...

"Would you like me to help you out of this situation?" Her hair momentarily turned lavender again and her eyes purple. Then they went back to dark gray and dark blue. Showing she was fully under Tomo's command.

Chichiri gasped and had no time to react as the rose bush head towards his face, then hit him full on. He fell to the ground feeling an explosion of pain as the thorns scraped his skin... but there was a sharper pain that throbbed excruciatingly as a thorn lodged itself in his right eye. He curled up on the ground in pain and felt blood and tears drip down his face.

Tomo shrieked when Ashitare got him again, claws in the back HURT!

"Can't take a joke, can you, Ashitare..." he gasped, feeling pain more than before. "Come on... let me go..." Tomo tried to throw him off again, but only succeeded in getting deeper cuts

Ashitare just growled more. Tomo had been almost as bad as Nakago had been. "I'd stop if I were you unless you want that pretty face ruined."

Tomo whimpered in fear for the first time in a long time. He was frightened, and even though he was calling out to Nakago in his mind, Nakago wouldn't come! "... someone help me..." he murmured in fear. "Yes I need help!" Tomo said in a fearful voice. "Get this doggy off me, he's not my type!"

Ashitare's head swung around as the woman came up from behind him and Tomo told her to deal with him. He growled and remembered what she had done to him in hell. His eyes narrowed and his hatred began to burn.

With an explosion of red light, Chang Lin was beside Chichiri all of a sudden. He knelt by the monk and focused his powers to heal his face.

"I don't know who any of you are." he said softly to the Suzaku Seishi. "But I'll help you!" He turned his attention to Tomo.

Amefuri glared at Ashitare and then mentally started raising him high in to the air, away from Tomo...she then tossed him...straight at Hotohori and Tasuki.

Hotohori had been ducking the rocks when he saw a boy come beside Chichiri and heal him. The boy bore a startling resemblance to Hotohori. "Who... is that boy?" he said aloud.

Tasuki stood up after the rocks had passed, and looked at Kouran. "That's enough..." He swung the tessen at her, "Lekka Shinen!" and once more that stream of fire ensued, this time heeding for Kouran.

Chichiri felt a warm sensation and suddenly the pain was gone. He opened his eye and saw Boushin. "Boushin-sama!" He gasped in surprise, then remembered Kouran and shoved himself to his feet.

Chang Lin looked at Ashitare and stopped his flight through the air with difficulty, then lowered him gently to the ground. He remembered Ashitare. And liked Ashitare.

Ashitare lost his bearings as he was hurtled through the air. He didn't have time to right himself for a proper landing, and winced as he realized the landing would hurt, when suddenly he was brought down and set on the ground. He stared at the young boy who looked familiar...

Tomo had gotten to his feet and started running again.

She'll have to wait until later. he thought as he ran from the battle. Nakago won't be happy about this one!

Amefuri placed up a mental shield between herself and the fire. It wasn't quick enough and her right leg became badly burned. She looked at it and then the Seishi. "You will pay for that." She then brought the tree behind him crashing toward him.

Chang Lin turned to the blue haired man who looked strangely familiar.

"Who's Boushin?" he asked, turning away quickly. The locket he wore swung on it's chain as he started running towards Amefuri. "Stop this now!" he shouted, hoping he could stop her somehow.

Chichiri gasped in shock as Boushin ran towards Amefuri. He shouted loudly, not actually speaking. He teleported between them, acting as a shield between Boushin and Amefuri. "STOP THIS NOW!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, his voice actually sounding normal for the first time in years.

Tasuki jumped. Under normal circumstances, he could have easily avoided the tree, but not on his sprained ankle. The tree hit him pretty hard, and he fell to the ground with a loud *thud.*

"Why should I?" Amefuri turned her cold eyes at him. "You are but a boy. I will hurt you if you do not listen. Stay out of this. I warn only once."

"Don't make me have to hurt a woman." Chang Lin said, his eyes pleading with her to listen to him. "I don't want to hurt you, you helped me before. Why are you doing this?"

Hotohori had been too slow to get out of the way, and his left leg was pinned under the tree. He was helpless to do anything but watch. "Help!" he shouted.

Tasuki lay on the ground, his eyes closed. he simply sprawled there, but remained breathing. Apparently, he was knocked unconscious.

Ashitare was about to go and aid Chichiri, but he heard a yell and saw that one man was caught beneath the fallen tree. Knowing that he could be seriously hurt, he rushed to the tree side and knelt down gripping the trunk, his character flaring and he strained, veins popping to lift the tree. He managed to lift it enough for Hotohori to crawl out. "Go" He screamed.

Chang Lin focused on the woman's mind, entering it and making himself vulnerable. It hurt his head to do it, but he had to. You are not Tomo's puppet! he insisted. And Tasuki and Hotohori, as well as Chichiri and me, are your friends. We aren't enemies, so come to your senses already!

Hotohori tried to rise to get up, but his leg wouldn't move. He dragged himself out from under the tree and got far enough away so Ashitare could let it down. "Thank you." he closed his eyes in pain.

Tomo had collapsed a ways away from them, the pain in his back too much. He knew he'd lost his power over Amefuri. "Damnitt." he said softly. He'd been calling out to Nakago for help, but none ever came.

Ashitare let the tree fall with a heavy thump. He panted as sweat rolled down his face and he knelt by Hotohori, keeping a wary eye on the battle. "It's broken badly..." He tore part of the emperor's sleeve off and snatched two sticks nearby and quickly bound it to keep it set. After having so many of his own bones broken, he had learned a thing or two.

"Ow!" was all Hotohori had to say when Ashitare had touched his leg even. He was confused as to why Ashitare was helping, but he was very grateful nonetheless. "Thank you again, Ashitare." Hotohori gave a wane smile, turning his attention to the battle again.

Ashitare nodded curtly at the man, watching the battle. It seemed to be over... he was glad... He stood up slowly and looked around for Tomo with a hungry look in his eyes.

Hotohori had tried to get up in spite of his injury. He wanted to see this boy who had been such an assistance to them. But even with the splint, his leg wouldn't hold his weight, and he fell to the ground again.

Amefuri cried out as her mind was invaded. She shook violently and then fell to the ground, her hair going back to lavender and her eyes going back to dark purple. She gasped as she slowly helped Boushin out of her mind, so as not to hurt him. She then curled up, her heart and mind hurting. Her inner pain more than the outer. Her leg remained a burnt cinder. All she could remember is what she had done to her friends. Her loved ones. She had harmed Hotohori and Tasuki. She had tossed a rose bush at Chichiri. She had tossed a rock at Nuriko's head. She may had killed her best friend. And not even know it.

Chichiri saw Kouran collapse, and her hair and eyes changed back to normal, he knew it was alright. He limped over to her and knelt down, wiping his face a bit since it was still a bit scratched up, but held his hand over her injured leg and took away the pain from it.

Kouran sat up and looked around. The damage of her attack visible even from her sitting position. "What have I done? What have I done?"

He didn't answer her. Instead, he clutched her to him tightly, tears spilling down his cheek as he closed his eye and let his emotions take over.

Never before had Chang Lin used so much of his energy. He fell backwards, unconscious and drained of almost all of his energy.

Nakago had watched the whole battle from a far. So the woman who had messed with him, been in his mind and seen nothing, she could be evil. If knew he had a use for Tomo now. He went over to his hurt warrior, knowing that she would be on their side soon. "Tomo, you did well. Rest and we will soon get back at them."

Tomo relaxed his hurt and tired body, glad Nakago was here with him. He sighed and relaxed more when he realized Nakago was beside him. "Forgive me." Tomo said softly. "I have failed you..."

Everything snapped at once... the only thing he saw...

A loud snarl ripped from his throat and he sprinted full force at Nakago, his eyes burning with a blood red fire.

Tomo saw Ashitare coming, and he put himself in front of Nakago to protect him. "Bad doggy!" he shouted, trying to use Shin to make Ashitare hallucinate.

Nakago watched Ashitare head toward them. He shook his head. He couldn't let Tomo be caught yet. He had big plans for him. He looked up into the trees and nodded. Soi and Suboshi appeared and readied their power. Suboshi's weapon whirled in a hectic pattern as he waited for Ashitare to get closer while Soi held her lightning hand at the ready.

Ashitare's anger had completely overwhelmed his mind. He wasn't reasoning, it was completely animal instinct that controlled him now... that and a combination of him being another Seiryuu Seishi, Tomo's illusion didn't work. Instead, Ashitare leapt and landed directly on Tomo's chest, knocking him down.

Tomo ha been scared until he saw the others in the tree. He began laughing even though Ashitare was on top on him. "As I said, you're not my type, kakakakaka!" Tomo cackled and attempted to throw Ashitare off him again.

Tasuki groaned, and slowly looked at his surrounded "What's goin' on? Wha' 'appened? Were iz e'reyone?" He looked about groggily, he could see Hotohori, Chichiri, Kouran, and Nuriko. his eyes weren't well focused yet, and he could see some figures further away, but couldn't make out their shapes.

Chang Lin had been somewhere else, dark and strange, yet safe. When he opened his eyes again, he felt energized and relieved of pain. He rose to his feet, looking over to the others. He didn't know any of them. "Alright." he said, walking over to them. "You people have some explaining to do!"

Kouji had been unconscious through the whole battle, and once he woke up, he spotted chaos and leapt to his feet and saw Nuriko lying on the ground blood around. He panicked and knelt by him.

Ashitare snarled and dug his claws into Tomo as he leapt towards Nakago, his anger blocking out all other attacks which headed towards him instantly.

Soi and Suboshi's attacks hit at the same time.

Ashitare howled in pain as the lightning struck him, and curled up as the ryuuseisui hit him. He felt his rear leg give out and he tucked it beneath him and dropped onto all fours, smoldering slightly, but his rage only was further angered. He leapt towards the two, Nakago put out of his mind for the moment.

Soi's lightning flew into him, electrocuting him. Suboshi's ball cut into him, tearing into his skin, slicing around the enraged dog.

Nakago had had enough. He placed Tomo into Suboshi's full care and watched Soi take on Ashitare. Since he was focused on her. He focused on him. Nakago built up his ki and then unleashed it at the beast he had once had on his side. He watched it head for him, just as Soi's lightning rained from the ground, straight toward Ashitare.

Ashitare collapsed halfway towards them, crawling still intent on them, but not able to make it. He barely knew what hit him...all he knew was suddenly incredible pain was lancing through him like lighting, and then everything exploded in pain at once and he collapsed to the ground, motionless, and unconscious.

Nakago watched Ashitare go down, and then with Suboshi's help, picked up Tomo and headed off, Soi following behind.

Nuriko moaned slightly. Blood still flowed from the massive cut on his head. He felt himself growing weak. He knew one thing. If he lived after this. He would kill Kouran himself, with his bare hands.

Kouji knelt by Nuriko and pressed a cloth to the Seishi's head worried by the amount of blood. This was bad...

Tasuki staggered to his feet, his feet, his eyes finally coming into focus, he sat on the tree heavily, clearing his head, then looked over to Chang Lin, "Oh, hello again. We're Suzaku Seishi, and you are, too."

Chang Lin was instantly defensive of that remark made by Tasuki.

"How do ~YOU~ know!" he challenged. "Tell me that, huh! And who EXACTLY are all of you! Plus," he turned to the one with the blue hair. "Why do you keep calling me Boushin?"

"See that glowing red thing on your neck, Boushin?" he lowered the cuff of his coat, exposing the 'wing' character on his forearm, "We all have them somewhere on us. That is the mark of Suzaku."

"MY NAME IS CHANG LIN!" He shouted, balling his hands into fists. "I don't know who the hell Boushin is!"

"Fine! The name isn't important, Chang Lin. No matter what your name is, it won't get rid of the fact that you, like us, are a Suzaku Seishi." He scowled, and connected with the boy, sending him all the images of what had happened between the time he'd been taken from the palace and when they'd rescued him

Hotohori forced himself to rise to his feet, almost falling because of his broken leg. "I am Hotohori," he said, turning his attention from the boy to the battle. "Hadn't we better help Ashitare!"

Chang Lin's mind was filled with more visions, and he moaned, shaking his head.

He suddenly "felt" Ashitare's pain, and his eyes turned the red of Suzaku's. He ran at the Seiryuu Seishi, attacking viciously with his sword. He wouldn't let them hurt anyone else today, and it wasn't even Chang Lin who was doing the attacking. Rather, it was his body, but Suzaku's mind.

Chang Lin stood his ground before Nakago for a moment, the ki blast hitting a barrier. "Go back whence you came." he said, his voice no longer the voice of Chang Lin but of Suzaku's. He moved one hand at the Seiryuu Seishi, and they ceased to be there. He'd sent them back to Kutou where they belonged.

Kouran slowly stood and limped over to Boushin/Chang-lin. She placed a calming hand on his shoulder. "Chang-lin. Your past is in there. You know the name and those here. At least three of them. I'm not too powerful as myself. Amefuri could do more damage than good. But I can open your entire mind to you. You won't remember all at once. But you will remember some. Eventually you shall remember all, but it'll be at your pace." Kouran let the sign on her hand glow and opened his locked memories of long ago. For him to see at his digression.

Chichiri bowed his head in grief as Kouran separated from him and simply left his embrace without a word. He knew what was going to happen now...he'd suffered through endless pain and torture, and this was his payment...His heart broke in two...

Chang Lin gasped as memories came. Most were too fast to understand, and his eyes faded from red back to blue as Suzaku left him as well. Chang Lin heard the name Boushin, it WAS his name. He looked to Hotohori and realized he was the man in the locket. "Fa.. father.." he said softly, feeling like a small child again. He wanted to cry, to be held, but he didn't know what to say. "Forgive me... Suzaku forgive me for the things I've done." Chang Lin began to cry softly.

Hotohori limped over to his son, his eyes glistening with tears. "Boushin," he said, making his way to his son. He hugged him tightly, trying to comfort his son, to stop him from crying. "Shhh... everything will be alright."

Kouran looked over to Chichiri and limped back to him. When she saw his face her heart fell. She lowered her head. "I am sorry Chichiri. What I have done I can not undo. I can't even help Nuriko, whom I have hurt the most." She turned and looked at Boushin. "I will ask for forgiveness. I could not hold onto you when we left Kutou. I may have caused you pain by loosing you. Gomen...gomen nasai...minna." She then broke off into tears and headed for a far tree, there she collapsed into tears.

Chang Lin broke away from his father's embrace; partially because he needed to speak to Amefuri, and partially because Hotohori felt like a stranger to him. "Amefuri..." Chang Lin walked over beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "You have caused me no pain." he said gently, understanding of her situation. "You have brought me to my father, to my family." he smiled at her to encourage her. "When they were attacked, it wasn't by you. It was by Tomo. None of this was your fault." Chang lin looked sorrowful for a moment.

"I too have hurt people before." he said sadly. "But the people I hurt aren't alive anymore. And I've been hurt a lot. But I owe one thing to you, you've given me the chance to start over, with my father." He smiled sadly and gave her a reassuring hug.

Hotohori was startled when Boushin pulled away, but thought it was simply because he wanted to comfort Amefuri. He nodded, sitting down slowly because his leg hurt badly, and watched them both.

"You can call me Kouran. I am only Amefuri when my hair is gray. I understand all that. It is not that I can't forgive myself, for I could if I tried. I know they shall never forgive me. I have lost the two things I hold most. My love and my best friend. Both shall always remember this, and never forgive me."

"So it would seem you believe that." Chang Lin shook his head sadly. "My father has forgiven you, I can tell." He smiled softly as he turned to walk over to Nuriko. "And I know Chichiri will. Tasuki in time will so as well. Their hearts tell me this." he smiled and knelt down beside Nuriko, and as his hands flared red light, the wound vanished.

"I'm not too sure here though." Chang Lin laughed. "Hard to tell when they're asleep!"

Kouran watched as Nuriko awoke. The blood disappeared and he sat up. He looked over at Kouran and his eyes grew cold. "You hurt me. You wounded a friend! Your gonna die for that!" Nuriko shouted toward Kouran. Kouran bowed her head and looked down. She had expected this. Nuriko stood and started running toward Kouran, a look of pure hatred in his eyes.

"Stop!" Chang Lin shouted, trying with all of his might to hold back Nuriko. He wasn't very strong, and Suzaku wasn't within him, so he also tried using his mind to hold him back as well. This might hurt. he thought.

Nuriko dragged Boushin, his mind closed to all. When he reached Kouran he took one look at her and let his fist fly. It connected with Kouran's face, sending her back into the tree. Blood dripped from her cut lip and nose. Nuriko went forward and kicked hard at Kouran's hurt leg. She cried out in pain, her leg breaking in two places with a loud crack. Nuriko then punched her again, her eye being the target and her head whacking the back of the tree. She gasped in extreme pain and the passed out. Nuriko finally calming down...his anger spent.

"You!" Chang Lin shouted at Nuriko, bringing his arm back to punch him as hard as he could. "It wasn't her fault!" he shouted, punching again and again. "She didn't do it on purpose!"

Nuriko allowed the two hits to his face. He stopped the third on and held the kid in a tight embrace. "I know that kid. I know. I deserve those two hits. But don't try for more. Kouran knew she deserved the one hit. She so much as told me when she didn't move as I came near. I over did it and over stepped. That was my fault. Now calm down kid. You can hurt someone." Nuriko spoke with a slightly cut lip. It hurt to talk, but he did it.

Chang Lin struggled to try freeing himself, but realized it was no use. He'd thought he was strong, but Nuriko had proved stronger. He sighed and shook his head, resentful of someone proving him weaker than they were. "Put me down!" he ordered Nuriko, whom he thought was a woman. "Do it!" He was madder still. "Sheesh, showed up by a woman." he said aloud. "Yeah, right, I'm a Suzaku Seishi alright!"

Chichiri knelt where he'd been for the past several minutes, staring at his hands not thinking of anything specific. He felt dull, as if something he should have realized long ago was finally removed. His heart. He gripped his pants legs with his hands and let his tears fall silently to the ground, not moving or speaking, but sitting there and simply letting the tears come.

Tasuki stood and limped over to Chichiri, kneeling beside him and putting a hand on his back. True, it was a vain attempt to comfort, but it was all he could do. There are times to talk, and there are times to keep your mouth shut. This was one of the times to keep your mouth shut. Chichiri felt a hand on his shoulder and was vaguely aware of Tasuki there. He bit his lip and bowed his head more, greatful for his friend, but too broken to say anything.

Kouji was amazed when Nuriko was healed, and he decided that since the day had been so weird anyway, why the hell not. But then he saw something that chilled his blood. Ashitare was lying motionless, blackened not far from the group. Considering he still didn't trust the large Seishi, Kouji made a very un-bandit like action and ran to his side. He felt for a pulse, and was relieved to find a faint one. He looked at the creatures' wounds. His leg was injured, though luckily not broken, only bleeding heavily. The rest of his body was singed from the lightning... He looked over at the others. "Oi, guys? We gonna let him die or are we gonna do something?"

Tasuki shrugged, "I suppose it's our responsibility. After all, he has proven an ally to us. I'm not really sure who can heal him though.." Tasuki sounded almost drunk in his voice, yet the words showed clarity... How odd..

Kouji scowled. "Feh, I don't f*ing know!" He stared down at him. "He's pretty beat up... geeze, took Soi, Suboshi, Tomo, AND asshole to beat him up." He looked down at the large Seishi. "Wouldn't wanna be on the wrong end of his stick."

He had no idea how to heal the poor guy, he'd never dealt with this sorta thing before... "That's true. He also took Nuriko, though that battle was a tad more even in the outcome. I suppose we'll just have to wait until we figure something out." Tasuki looked on, mental gears whirring at how to deal with this event.

Chang Lin had managed to get away from Nuriko and had run over to Ashitare's side. He sighed, then knelt beside the fallen warrior. He began focusing his energy once again to heal him. Chang Lin was getting tired and he didn't know how many more people he could heal. And when he managed to heal Ashitare, it took a lot out of him. "Ugh..." he moaned, almost falling over. "Okay, whoever needs healing, speak up now."

Hotohori said nothing in response to Chang Lin's offers of healing, only rose and limped over to Chichiri's side. He placed a comforting hand on Chichiri's shoulder, nodding to him. He knew how Chichiri felt. And he knew words wouldn't help any, only comfort.

Tasuki merely sat by Chichiri. His wounds were pretty inconsequential, after all. A sprained ankle, some bruised ribs. No biggy. He looked over at Hotohori and nodded slightly.

Ashitare stirred slightly, and opened his eye slowly. Nothing hurt anymore... He slowly sat up disoriented and put a hand to his head. What had happened? He couldn't recall... He glanced to the side and saw a blue haired bandit next to him, and Kouji gave him a glance. "You ok?" He asked cautiously, and Ashitare nodded in response. He glanced over and saw various people scattered about, Chichiri appeared to be unhurt, but he didn't look happy at all...

Chang Lin sighed and sat down hard on the ground. He was tired and still more than a tad confused about everything including the red symbol on his neck. He didn't know why in hell he'd attacked the Seiryuu Seishi like he did, nor where his powers were coming from. Ashitare, are you alright?" Chang Lin inquired, the world spinning around him as he felt very dizzy all of a sudden.

Ashitare heard his name mentioned, and glanced over at the boy who didn't look too well. He stood up, feeling strange. Something was bothering him, but it wasn't hurting... it was something inside of him...like an itching...He shook it off and nodded to the boy, speaking softly. "Yes, I'm fine, thank you." He stopped when he heard his voice... it wasn't as deep as he was used to... other people wouldn't notice since he rarely spoke any way, but he could tell... Hotohori sank to the ground beside Chichiri as well, his leg hurt too much for him to stand on it. But it didn't matter. He had to help Chichiri feel better; Chichiri had helped him so many times in the past. He still said nothing, nor did he show the pain he felt. He just focus his attention on Chichiri.

"Ooof!" Chang Lin fell over onto his back, lying down and closing his eyes a moment. He was very tired from everything. It had been one hell of a day for him. "I'm glad you're okay, Ashitare." he said softly.

Chichiri couldn't feel anything but the hole in his chest. It was as if someone had ripped it out and burned it... The tears wouldn't stop... at first he'd refused to believe that Kouran had changed... but now it was obvious... and he felt as if someone had crushed him. A heavy weight rested on his chest, and he felt numb.

His eye stared at the ground with a glazed expression. What had he lived for the past 8 years? Why had he suffered and endured the incredible pain and torture? For what means? He found himself wishing that he hadn't….

Ashitare knelt next to the boy and helped him sit up. He was faint, he could tell. He'd over exerted himself with healing. Ashitare felt bad... He put his hand up and placed it on the child's forehead, and his character began to glow on his back, shinning brightly. He then transferred some of his ki to the boy, in order to make him feel stronger. He lowered his hand and smiled encouragingly.

Kouji had been watching Ashitare carefully, watching him with interest. There was a subtle change about him... Kouji frowned and scratched his head in frustration. What was it?...

Then it hit him... Ashitare wasn't as heavily built, or as hairy... amazingly...

Ashitare stared at his hand in shock... what was happening to him?

Chang Lin felt stronger from Ashitare's ki, and was able to stand by himself. Physically, he was okay. Emotionally, he was exhausted.

"Thanks Ashi-whoa!" Chang Lin looked at Ashitare. "Umm... wow. That's... strange... whoah..." Chang Lin couldn't believe it. "You're turning into a human?"

Ashitare stared at the boy in shock and surprise, his eyes a emerald green color. "Human?" He whispered surprised. "Me?"

But as he glanced down, he saw the child was right... he was becoming human... His hands were smooth now, smaller than his usual ones, and as he stood up, he found he could stand completely straight up. His white hair fell down to his shoulders loosely, his emerald green eyes flashing in surprise as he looked down at himself. He was tall, and... skinny compared to his usual form.

Then something clicked in his mind. This was his talent! He realized it like a slap in the face. He hadn't had the opportunity to learn it before... he'd thought it was his super strength and physical body... but he realized the truth suddenly. He could shift from his human half, to his wolf half, and a blend of both! He'd just never tried before...

Tasuki watched Ashitare, Kouji and Boushin or Changlin or whatever the heck his name in off the distance, taking mental stock, but not going to Join them. His buddy Chichiri was hurtin' for certain, and Tasuki felt it was his duty to remain by him. After all, Chichiri had always been there for each of the Seishi, now was a time to begin to pay him back.

"This is... your power, eh?" Chang Lin laughed, sweeping back his long hair out of his face. The red streaks at the corners of his eyes stood out when he did that. "Well, I wish I fully knew mine. But I don't yet." he laughed, his blue eyes flashing happily. "I'm just glad this ordeal is over with."

Ashitare blinked at the boy in surprise, then smiled for the first time in his life. "Yes... It would seem so." He said in a soft mellow voice.

Chang Lin smiled, happy for Ashitare. "Wow, a smile." he laughed. "I don't remember ever seeing that. I am happy for you, Ashitare." Chang Lin had never been happy like this before. It was new to him, and he liked it.

Ashitare's smile brightened at that. "Domo." He bowed politely, his white hair sweeping over his face and back as he bowed. He felt something inside of him brightening for the first time. He suddenly realized, he would fit in with normal people now! He might be able to actually live a normal life.

Chang Lin was happy for Ashitare, and he wished he could live a normal life. But from how his father had been dressed in the locket picture, he had a feeling his father was a nobleman or something.

"Well, what do you think you're going to do, Ashitare?" he asked, not wanting to talk to the others. He felt he knew Ashitare better than the others.

Ashitare looked thoughtful, and glanced over to Chichiri, remembering what the man had told him before... He knelt down to the boy's eye level and glanced over then looked him straight in the face. "Listen... I have something to tell you about your past..." He glanced over at the others again, seeing Chichiri was in no condition to relate the tale.

Chang Lin hesitated a moment, then nodded to Ashitare. "Go ahead.. I guess." he waited to hear the story.