shhhh don't tell ff . net this is the second time i'm uploading just author's comments, i don't think that's allowed

as for the purpose of my rule breaking: i wanted to let people know that this story is coming back. i'm planning another rewrite, but this time i'm writing down ideas and summaries and trying to make a chapter outline so i can actually finish it this time. i've literally never done that before, hence the amount of unfinished stories i have. i've been having a tough month (pm me if you want to know, i don't feel comfortable talking about it publicly) and really need something to focus on so...ya know, might as well write something.

power and control is, for the time being, shelfed. i have no intention of abandoning it. i love my powershipping and i love my bdsm and i love my bdsm powershipping. however i have no motivation for it right now and i'm not really in the mood anymore to write descriptive smut anyway. but kiss and dwell will live on under a new name. i already have 10 chapters outlined and i'm ready to begin writing soon. the first few chapters will follow the original, but there will be a lot of noticeable changes (hopefully)

anyway, i hope people see this and are as excited to read it as i am excited to write it! now that i actually have a plan it will make a lot more sense. i won't be replacing the chapters here, it will be an entirely new story, so make sure you watch out for it i have no idea what i'm going to call it yet though lmao