The Last Seishi

By nightelfcrawler

Warnings: Tasuki's foul mouth

Okay so... in chatting with an rp partner, we ended up discovering that we had been a part of the same fandoms some 10+ years ago. She ran a website that hosted some of my old fics... which made me drag out some old dvds that I'd saved my webpages on... and lo and behold, I found these old fics hanging around still and decided heck why not bring them back. So here they are, a trip down memory lane! These were written in the late 90's and early 2000's when I went by too many psudonyms to remember. I actually forgot who I was until I physically saw the fics listed and went 'oh crap I remember those!'. Ahh memories.

Be warned... these were my first attempts at writing and are likely riddled with grammar, spelling and other noted errors. I've read through them, blushed furiously that I used to write like this, and decided to put them up anyway as-is with no revisions. So please enjoy, but don't bother correcting or whining, they shall be ignored!

Chapter One: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Standard disclaimer: These characters aren't mine they're created by the wonderful Watase Yuu, although I wish they were, Houjun-chan is such a hottie! So don't sue me, I need o-ka-ne right now...


Hot flames flickered hungrily, feeding on the rafters like rabid wolves. They howled through the remains of the shattered village, devouring everything in it's path. Empty and ghostlike, the eerie scene was bathed in a primeval light.

A lone figure knelt in the center of the town square, bowed in grief. His shoulders could be seen quaking with sadness and anger. He raised his head to the morbid scene and cried out in agony as a fierce wave of dark pain overwhelmed his mind.

It was happening all over again. But this time... he would have to face it alone, he realized with sorrow, as the last flicker of life died away from the essence he knew.

"Why?" He murmured angrily, "Why must everyone close to me always perish?" First it had been Nuriko, then Chiriko, then Mitsukake, then Hotohori, and now...the person he had considered to be his best friend among the Seishi.

Each loss had magnified his sorrow, made him more dedicated, and enlightened his knowledge of death...but painfully.

He raised his head to the heavens and released a built up store of anger, with tears streaming openly down his face.

"Why, Suzaku? Such pointless deaths...all for what cause? Is it for some cruel game you gods play? We are not pawns in your game of chess! We are not things that are easily expendable!" He couldn't continue, for the tears had overwhelmed him.

Bowing his head and clasping prayer beads in his hands, the only thing that remained of his fellow Seishi, he whispered grief struck.

"Then...I am the last. The last Suzaku Seishi."

He jerked upright in bed, wide awake, shock and horror flooding his mind.

What was that? My God...He sat there frozen in fear. No...It couldn't be...I've felt this before. Something bad has happened. Another one has...

He glanced over at his sleeping wife, now murmuring in her sleep. So peaceful, he thought tartly. Sleeping blissfully, she doesn't realize anything has happened yet...Suddenly, as in response to his thoughts, she stiffened and let out an agonizing scream, sitting abruptly upright in bed.


She gasped, and stopped screaming, her heart pounding fiercely. She grabbed on tightly to his warm body and sobbed into his chest.

"Something bad has happened! Oh, Taka...I'm scared. It's just like the feeling when..." She broke off crying uncontrollably.

Taka closed his eyes and fought off the dread threatening to overwhelm him.

"It's ok, Miaka. Just try to calm down..."

She stared up at him in horror. "Who do you suppose it is? Tasuki or Chichiri?" She choked, unable to consider the thought of either one of them dying.

"I don't know, Miaka. I don't know." He ran his fingers gently through her tousled hair tenderly. "Maybe they're just hurt or something..." He hugged her close. Maybe...He closed his eyes and swallowed painfully. He knew the truth. Miaka also knew the truth. They held each other until the sun rose, casting and surreal light on the city buildings below.

Chapter One: Total Eclipse of the Heart

A soft rumble echoed through the distant mountains as billowing clouds let loose their unleashed sorrow on the world below.

One figure stood, head bowed, in the pouring rain soaked to the bone.

He sighed and raised his head, viewing the melancholy sight below. The village's fire had been extinguished by the rain, and this had made it easier for him to drift through the rubble and collapsed structures searching for any sign of life. He had found some, badly injured, others just with minor wounds. He had somberly carried the dead, with the aid of the few villagers remaining alive, up the mountain to the cemetery. There they prayed in solemn silence and performed the burial rites.

He had carried out the entire task with frozen blank emotions, but at the height of the ceremony, glancing down at his fallen friend, he could no longer hold the tears back. The remaining villagers had sensed his overwhelming grief, and had returned down the hill, leaving him in peace with his sorrow.


That word held so much more in it's words than it ever had before.

"Moshi Moshi?"


"Miaka! Why are you calling so early?"

"Gomen, Yui, but something has come up, and...well could you meet at my house with Tetsuya in an hour?"

"Umm...what's this about, Miaka? What's wrong?"

"I'll explain when you get here...Will you come?"

"Hai, Miaka. In an hour. We'll be there."

Miaka hung up the phone and sighed.

The doorbell rang suddenly, and she heard Taka answer it.

"Oh, hello Keisuke, come on in."

"Hey, Taka, what's this all about, huh? Ya woke me up from a very well needed sleep."

Miaka forced the tears back as she went in to greet her oniichan.

"Miaka!" Keisuke grinned as she came in, glad to see her. "It's been a while, little sister. What's this all about?" His smile faded as he caught the look on her face. He snatched a look at Taka and jumped to a conclusion. "You're pregnant, aren't you Miaka?"


"Owwwww! What was that for?"

Taka growled at him. "Now why would we be depressed about a think like that, baka?"

As the two exchanged verbalities, Miaka decided to take her shower. When she had finished, Yui and Tetsuya were sitting and chatting with Keisuke while Taka prepared some hot tea and coffee.

Now that everyone was settled down, Miaka grasped Taka's hand and took a deep breath.

"I suppose you wonder why we've asked you to come over here."

The three leaned forward, rather irritated, and said in unison, "It did cross our minds."

Taka sweatdropped, and elbowed Miaka. "Get to the point."

Miaka sighed and whispered softly. "One of the Suzaku Seishi has died."

The three guests sat stunned for a long moment, horror reflected in their faces.

"Oh, no." Yui whispered.

Keisuke swallowed hard. "Which..."

Miaka began weeping while Taka hugged her close. "We don't know." He said.

"What are you going to do?" Tetsuya solemnly removed his sunglasses.

Miaka and Taka exchanged glances with each other.

"We've talked about it, and we've decided we're going to go and see..."

The three nodded, not surprised.

Yui sat thoughtfully. "Miaka?" She looked at her childhood friend with some trepidation. "I'd like to go with you."

Tetsuya sighed. "Guess this means I go too."

Keisuke was still processing what his sister had said in his mind. He had read so much about the Seishi in the 'Four Gods Sky and Earth' that he felt he knew them personally, although he had never met them, and had only seen Tasuki and Chichiri, the last two remaining Seishi, from a distance during the final battle against Nakago. He looked up. "I'll go too."

Some hours later, the five stood once again in the library with the 'Four Gods Sky and Earth' before them.

Miaka clasped it to her and prayed to Suzaku, the Phoenix of the South land of Konan, and once again the red light enveloped them, sending them hurtling into the wondrous game that had begun two years, real time, ago.

As the light faded they were aware of a dismal dreary atmosphere surrounding them.

Rain pelted their skin hard, feeling like miniature needles of ice.

Luckily, they had thoughtfully packed umbrellas with them, and this gave a small amount of relief to the ferocious storm.

Surrounding them was a ruined village. Everywhere their eyes fell, found rubble and collapsed structures. Mud saturated the ground, creating flowing streams in the street. Thunder rolled through the air, and they saw the gray sky light up with brilliance, then dull down again.

"My God." Miaka whispered.

"What happened here?" Taka said softly.

They could hear the distant wailing of children in distress, piercing the air like a needle. They slowly made their way towards the sounds, through the ghastly town.

As they rounded the corner, they saw a make-shift tent had been erected beneath an oak tree. About twenty people, men, women, and children, lay sprawled and huddled beneath it. They were laying in various positions; bandages seemed to dominate the majority.

As they stared, stunned in horror, one figure got up slowly from where he had been kneeling as he fed water to an elderly woman. He was bedraggled and mud stricken, his thin robe torn and soaked. His long hair was tangled and loose on his shoulders, which were hunched with chill. He rose quickly and went to attend to another form, then rose again and hustled towards them, carrying an empty water bucket.

"Excuse me." He bustled by them.

Miaka froze suddenly and stiffened in shock. She had sworn as he passed she had seen a familiar sight.

"Wait!" She called, turning around.

The man stopped and slowly turned, fatigue evident through his body. He raised a mud streaked face, and Miaka's suspicions were confirmed.

Although ragged and filthy, nothing could disguise the painful reminder of youth that had carved itself into his left eye.

Upon seeing them, he gave a startled gasp of "Miaka!" and then his eye rolled back as he sunk unconscious into Keisuke's arms as Miaka's brother rushed to catch the fallen figure.

The group stared in horror at the poor bedraggled monk who had once been the trusted advisor and comic of the Shichiseishi.