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Puck was having a party. His parents were out of town, so the theme was "Get drunk off our asses while we have time to spare". He invited the football team and the glee club, they don't really mix but who's gunna even remember, along with other classmates who heard about the party. He had just broken up with Lauren, so he was probably looking to score.

Most of the glee club just started arriving. Rachel didn't come for obvious reasons. The party had just started to hit off when Sam came in. He and Quinn were still dating so he came with her. She was being a total bitch to him all week and he just wanted to cut loose and spend time with her. This wasn't the case for her. After they got their drinks, she made him hold her purse while she went off to dance with Santana and Brittany.

Puck was wandering around his house, he wasn't looking for anything just wasn't having any fun. He'd already boned all the girls here so it's not like that's gunna happen again. Then he ran into Sam in the kitchen. They weren't really friends but they didn't hate each other.

"Havin' a good time?"

"I guess."

"Not really?"


Puck noticed he couldn't hear him, "Come with me." He yelled. He motioned Sam over. They went upstairs and into Puck's room. It was actually hook-up free.

"You just wanna sit in here and talk?"

"Yeah. Wow, I can barely hear anything out there."

"Soundproofed the walls and shit so my Mom couldn't hear me gettin it on."


"You want some tequila?" Puck said, pulling out a bottle and chugging some.

"Sure." Sam took it and chugged it.

"So. Quinn huh?"

"Yup. Bigger of a bitch than ever."

"Yeah, and dry as hell."

"I know, I thought by now at least she'd put out."

"Nope. And Lauren was fun and all, but... I don't know."

"Hey, I'm really sorry about that."

"It's fine." Puck took another drink. "You can come sit on the bed over here, you don't have to stand."

Sam walked over to the bed and sat down. Puck smiled at him, and Sam smiled back.

"So," Puck said taking a drink, "you a virgin?"

Sam took the bottle and chugged it. "Yup!"

"It'll happen. You seem fuckable."

"Haha." He said sarcastically.

"I'm serious dude. If I was a girl I'd totally do you. I would ride you like a horse." Sam turned and looked at him. "You've got the looks, the personality, the body for sure. If I keep drinking like this, you might be getting some tonight."

Sam looked at him, and lunged at his lips. He pressed them against Pucks and reached his hands around to Puck's back. They kissed hard and heavy before Puck said, "Holy shit, took you long enough."

Sam stood up and took off his shirt, Puck rubbed his hands up him, dropping the tequila bottle to the floor. Puck grabbed hold of the back of Sam's neck and pulled his lips into his own. Sam came at him with an open mouth, Puck welcomed it with one as well. Puck's tongue reigned dominant in their mouths. Sam's huge mouth engulfed Puck's in a slow, sensual motion.

Puck rolled the two over, so he was on top, and ground his hips into Sam's. Sam and Puck moaned and took a break just to enjoy the grinding. Sam bit his bottom lip as Puck sucked at his neck. Sam reached from the bottom of Puck's shirt and pulled it up, over his head. Puck stood up to let Sam take it off him completely.

Puck laughed, "Mmm, you hungry?" Sam smiled and stood up to kiss Puck. Sam grabbed hold of Puck's big, meaty biceps as Puck scraped at his back. Sam flipped them over in one quick motion. Sam kissed at Puck's neck and Adam's Apple, biting at his clavicle and running his tongue down to his nipples. Puck moaned and bucked his hips up as Sam kissed at his left nipple, leaving it with a quick whip of the tongue.

Sam kissed hard on the bronze muscle of Puck's abs. Sam rubbed Puck's erection through the fabric of his jeans. Sam kissed down his stomach and twirled his tongue in his bellybutton. Sam stood up and rammed his crotch against Puck's.

Sam said in a breathy, moany voice, "You ready?"

Puck responded the same way and with a cringe, "Suck the fucking thing already. Aah!" Sam licked his lips and bent down. He undid the button and the zipper of Puck's pants and stood up to take hold of the bottom of his jeans and slip them off his legs. Puck's red, hard boner popped straight up with precum leaking from it's head. Puck moaned and rubbed his hands across his hot torso in sexual agony.

"Commando. Nice." Sam said, removing his own pants and underwear, and lunging down at Puck's cock. Puck moaned as Sam swallowed it into his bear trap of a mouth, and slid back up, sucking it. He licked the head and began jacking him off. Sam put his mouth on Puck's hairy balls, and swished them around in his mouth. He sent a shiver up Puck's body. Puck stood up and put his hand on top of Sam's head, messing around with his hair. Sam took his mouth off Puck's balls and onto his cock. Sam licked all the way up his length and stuck it to the back of his throat. Sam slid it back up in between his tongue and The roof of his mouth, sucking at the tip. He slid back down, to the back of his throat and up back again. He generated a rhythm and quickly bounced his head up and down Puck's stiff cock. Puck threw his head back and let out a big moan. Sam got turned on and began jacking himself off, moaning onto Puck's cock.

Sam pumped and bobbed up and down as Puck came closer and closer to the edge. He began moaning more frequently and louder. He shoved Sam's head down further and pulled him up by his hair, and thrusted his hips into his face. Sam pressed his tongue hard against Puck's cock and moved it around on it. Puck bit his bottom lip and moaned though his nose. The sweat on Puck's body was building from the lack of cold air and the high amount of musk and heavy breathing. Sam felt Puck's cock throb in his mouth, and bit down on it. Puck yelled and laughed and shoved his hips further in and more violently. He started breathing faster and faster, heavier and heavier. Sam pumped his cock harder and faster as well.

"Get ready for it." Puck said through his teeth. Sam moaned back and ran his free hand up Puck's sweaty body, squeezing his hard pecs. Sam bobbed his head harder and harder and Puck let go of Sam's head. Puck leaned back on his arms to thrust his hips faster into Sam. The sound of sweaty balls slapping against thighs filled the room as did Puck and Sam's heavy breathing. Puck's moans climaxed as he did. Puck shot his cum deep into Sam's throat and continued to face fuck him. Sam moaned as Puck shot down his throat. Sam took his mouth off Puck and stood on the bed to finish himself off. He jacked his cock faster and faster, the friction was making it red and hot. Sam groped his balls and pumped his cock while Puck sat back and watched. Sam let out a high pitched moan and clench everything as he came all over his chest. He breathed heavy as his caught up with himself. He came back from his high and laid next to Puck on the bed.

Puck looked at him and laughed, making Sam laugh. "I should go clean myself up." Sam said.

"Here's a tissue." Puck said, handing him one of his used ones. Sam sniffed it and cleaned himself off. As he did, Puck reached into his bedside drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. He spread some on his fingers and turned over a bit to stick his fingers up his ass. Puck's face was sexy as hell to Sam. His cock twitched along with Puck's. Sam scooted down to kiss and lick at Puck's sweaty body. Puck pushed and scissored in all three fingers and pulled them out.

"I'm ready. You got a condom?" Puck said. Sam came up and replied.

"Yeah, in my back pocket." Sam said, leaning over the bed to get his jeans off the floor. Puck admired Sam's ass and rubbed and squeezed it with his hand. Sam got back up and showed Puck the condom. He took it, ripped it open and put it on Sam's hard dick. He licked all around his cock to loosen it up and laid at the front of the bed in doggy position.

Sam got on the edge of the bed and grabbed hold of Puck's hips. Sam slid his erect cock deep into Puck's entrance. He cringed and lowered his head, while Sam moaned in a harsh pleasure. Sam pushed his hips in and out, as Puck got used to the feeling more and more. Sam picked up speed and gripped Puck's hips harder. Puck moaned and pushed his ass into Sam.

"God, harder Sam." Puck said. Sam began to generate a rhythm and Puck threw his head back. Sam humped hard and fast in and out of Puck's ass. Puck moaned and groaned and whined as Sam breathed lustfully.

Sam reached his hand under Puck's body and gripped his abs, the other hand grabbed hold of Puck's hard, sweaty cock. Puck moaned and threw his ass hard into Sam. Sam deeply thrusted his hips into Puck and hit his cock against Puck's prostate, making him beg for more.

Puck could tell by how fast he was pumping and humping that Sam was close to coming. Puck lifted his body up and pressed his back to Sam's front. Sam could still push into him, but it got deeper than when he waw in doggy position. Puck moaned as the feeling of Sam's hard cock stabbing him deep in his ass. Sam's hand moved from Puck's abs to Puck's chest. Sweat from Puck's body moistened Sam's hand. Puck's sweaty back and Sam's sweaty torso squeaked as they collided harder and harder into each other. Puck hooked his arm around Sam's neck and turned his head to meet Sam's. Sam dug his nose into Puck's armpit and kissed him open mouth. Their heavy breathing and shaking bodies were signals they were both about to cum. Sam gripped Puck harder and bit down on Puck's shoulder. He thrusted his hips forcefully into Puck, both letting out heavy groans.

Sam came hard into his condom, and let his tongue hang out as he moaned. Puck was close, his cock throbbing as Sam continued to pump it and fuck him. Puck breathed through his teeth and came hard onto his face and torso, he let out a high-pitched, relieved moan as it hit him. Sam continued to fuck Puck, but slowed down his thrusts. They shared deep relieved breaths as Sam pulled out him and Puck flopped down on the bed. Sam caught his breath and laid next to him.

"Fucking amazing." Sam said.

"Yeah. So want to go at it again?" Puck said smiling and turning over. Sam scooted closer to him and smoothed his hand over Puck's hips and grabbed his ass cheek. Puck moaned as Sam's tongue entered his mouth. They kissed and slowly grinded into each other, moaning and rubbing their hands up each others' bodies.

Sam rolled them over so he was on top and ground his hips into Puck's. Puck groaned and arched his neck as Sam kissed down it. Sam kissed down to Puck's nipples and licked them while rubbing Puck's cock with his hand. Puck rested his hands above his head as Sam kissed down Puck's abs. Sam took a big inhale of Puck's sweaty, musky crotch and licked all the way up Puck's cock and let it hit his face as Puck twitched it. Sam stuck Puck's sweaty balls in his mouth and swished and sucked on them in his mouth. Puck moaned and tasseled Sam's hair.

Sam took his mouth off Puck's balls. "Mmm, I love the taste of you. Turn over." Sam said. Puck turned over and stuck his ass in Sam's face. Sam kissed in Puck's crack and licked along his entrance. Puck's mouth was muffled by the pillow, but he was able to moan audibly.

Sam tickled his tongue against Puck's entrance and massaged his ass cheeks with his hands. He pulled them apart and dug his tongue deep into it. Puck groaned and stuck his ass into Sam's face. Sam sucked and kissed at his entrance and stuck his tongue deeper and deeper into Puck's asshole.

"Fuck yeah." Puck whispered. Sam hummed and moaned between Puck's ass cheeks and licked along Puck's inflated prostate. Puck groaned each time he hit it. Sam dug his face deeper and picked up speed and force as he licked against Puck's prostate. Puck gripped the pillow hard and thrusted his hips against the bed. Puck moaned as the friction of the sheets and the pleasure of Sam's rimming climaxed him. Puck yelled loud as he came hard on the sheets. He shook from the orgasmic pleasure of Sam's amazing tongue. Sam pulled his face out of Puck's ass and crawled up next to him.

"Oh God, that was amazing." Puck said, turning back over. Sam rubbed Puck's crotch and kissed along his body. The two fooled around on the bed a little longer before Sam heard someone yelling out by the door.

"Has anybody seen Sam? He's supposed to give me a ride home!" It sounded like Quinn's voice. Sam jumped up and wiped the sweat off his face. He pulled on his jeans and threw on his shirt. He fixed his hair and threw his underwear at Puck, who was watching him.

"Here. A little souvenir of our sexy little get-together." Sam leaned in to kiss him. "I had a really great time." He said, biting his lip and kissing him again. Sam adjusted himself and opened the door to Puck's room. He looked around and saw no one was around. He ran into Quinn downstairs and after a long rampant bitch and moan about how she's late for her curfue they left.

Puck took a big inhale of Sam's boxers and got underneath his covers. Puck laid down and picked up his phone. He texted Sam,

Hey we should do this again

Seconds later Sam texted back,

How bout tomorrow in the locker room?

Puck smiled,

Definitely. Til then sexy

Puck rubbed himself and drifted off.

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