I am trying to give everybody what they want, but it's just too damn hard!
"Ooo, I don't want Mr. Schue in this meeeh!"
"Waaah! I want a foursome already!"
"Ew, are you gunna have Kurt!"
"Wah, you're grammar sucks lemom-flavored canine butt cheeks!"
"I want a story! Why am I reading this if I want a story, oh yeah! CUZ I DIDN'T READ THE FUH-REAKING SUMMARY!"
"Here, take my many whiney suggestions and use them all!"
"By the way, you seem to have missed a part where Will cums im his ass, so therefore it's not a dry fuck. Oh ho ho, look at me with my degree in Smutology oo! Don't *I* know everything!"

Sorry about all that, I understand I'm being a bit hostile...okay, one more.

"No! This guy was facing this guy. Puhleaze u call urself a writer."

No I don't. I'm simply a horny gay guy who happens to like to write, and who happens to like hot man-on-man action on home alone weekends with their fucking sexy teacher, and is tired of all these other writers posting boring, dry, and dramatic un-M rating-worthy Fanfics!

I am just saying. There, how does it feel to have your reviews reviewed! Hmm! Hmm! Seriously though, thank you for the feedback and such.

Heres a list of possible situations. Read em and tell me what you think:

- The untold story of Kurt going to Blaine's house (with promise of a story because I have tons of funny things for Kurt to say, and have been thinking of a steamy scene between the two)

- Mike fucking with Sam

- Puck and Will doing it in a classroom

- Finn and Kurt?

- Puck and Sam break into a motel room and have sex in there

Again, trying for a story.

- A song (because I have alot better ideas than "Sexyback")

- Sam's stepdad (played by Daniel Craig) walks in on Will, naked at their house while waiting for Sam, and they do it

- Comedy or Drama?

- If comedy, quite possibly heavy on the sex but also a few good lines

- If drama, possibly one of them gets an STD or Will gets arrested, or two of them come out as a couple

- More locker room sex, with them getting caught

- I will not do a fivesome, it's awkward enough trying to write a foursome

- Again, taking song suggestions, if you want that

- Will's nephew comes to town, played by Zac Efron, and has relations with one of them

- Public sex

I won't do anything wierd like bondage, or those guys that dress up like cartoon animals and have vigorous sex, the Fuzzies? Cuddlies? Something wierd.

- Driving blowjob

- Road trip

- I could stop here. I could try to Google Image other gay sex positions, but I don't have very many left

- Sam and Puck realize they can't be with girls anymore after saying each others' names while making out with the females, and have "feelings"

- Blaine and Sam?

- Carl comes back and him and Will do stuff

- Storystorystory, why is this so hard! Okay. A future fic? Yes! Glee Club Reunion!

- Straight sex (Blech! :P)

- Someone gets sick and a whole bunch of funny stuff happens, whoop de doo

I better be getting some feedback from y'all, because I haven't slept for 20 hours! But that doesn't make sense. Neither do you!

- Sam gets offerred a modeling job, I don't know where I'm going with this. I just want an excuse to fantasize about Chord Oversreet's body *licking lips*

- Jesse gets involved with the group.

- Sex in their clothes

- Emma walks in on Will

- Sue walks in on Will, takes a pic, and shows the whole school?

- Everyone is a deer now! I'm not gunna make'em have sex er anything but it'd be cute if everyone was a deer :)

If worse comes to worse, I'll just take all the unmatching suggestions you may have chosen and label each chapter to fit all your precious needs. Please review! I love you all!