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The three girls' second year had gone by fast. Julia had learned she was metamorphous, and Veronica studied with Professor McGonagall to become an animagus. For Veronica it was easy. She discovered she could turn into a phoenix which explained why her tears had healed Harry's bite from the poisonous bascalisk. Harry had learned how to do a patronus that is a stag, just like his father's. Veronica had discovered hers was a phoenix, and she taught Hailey and Julia how to do Patronus's too. Hailey learned that she was very good at predicting the future and she had fun making up fake ones to scare her sisters. Over the summer Dom had brought back wizard candy which he had fun with since he gave them a tongue enlarger to Rebecca, his ex. Veronica's mom was getting used to Veronica being a witch, and quite enjoyed having conversation with Professor Dumbledore about magic. The three girls had fun in their second year, though Hailey had been attacked by Professor Lupin, the DADA Professor, by accident as he was in his werewolf form. No one knows about it except for her best friends, and Headmaster Dumbledore. So Hailey was now a werewolf, but her friends didn't seem to mind. After the third year during summer, Veronica studied very hard to become a metamorphous like Julia, and had succeeded. Veronica had fun with her metamorphous powers. She decided to change into Justine Beiber and walked down her town holding Julia's hand. A lot of the girls started to scream and run after them, including a girl they hated called Rowan.

Harry had decided to live with Snape. He hated Snape, but it was better than with the Dursleys since he knew McGonagall was going to be around. He knew she wouldn't let him starve. Harry came across what looked like a small nice cottage, but when he came inside it was a lot larger. It had warm colored wooden floors with walls that had the color of a soft orange peach. By the way it was furnished he knew it was McGonagall's house. It had antique dark wood furniture with white cushions and bright red plush pillows. The house opened up into a living room with a door that led to a white marbled kitchen with stairs in the back that led up stairs. Professor McGonagall had fixed up his room that had red sheets with moving quidditch players all over. The walls were charmed to look like the outside with a dome ceiling that let in sun during the day, and was filled with stars during the night. It was much bigger than the one Harry had at the Dursleys. Harry was speechless when he was showed his room.

"I hope you like it. I worked on it yesterday before you came." Professor McGonagall admitted to Harry while was smiling. "If you don't like it, we can always transfigure it differently to fit you kind of style."

"I…I love it. Are you kidding me? I would prefer this any day over my old room."

"Well I'm glad you enjoy it. I heard you lived under the stairs at your other home and I thought you deserved a real bedroom."

"Well thank you."

"You're welcome, make yourself at home. And enjoy the house this clean because in less than I week I bet it will be all untidy."

"Oh, that's okay." Harry replied as he stepped into his new bedroom and set his things down. There were even glass doors that led to a place filled with trees for Hedwig.

"You really out did yourself Minerva." sniggered Snape who had carried the rest of Harry's things up the stairs. "I think the old pink walls and unicorn bed spreads would have sufficed."

"Well I think he deserved a nice room." she responded smiling. She was pleased that Harry was happy with his room. Snape let out a snort and then set Harry's things down loudly.

"I'm going to take a shower." he said as he kissed her on the check. Harry was shocked to hear that he took showers He thought he never took showers because he always had greasy curtains for hair.

"The fresh towels are in the closet." she informed him and Snape left the room. "Harry chicken and rice will be for dinner, is that okay?"

"Yes that's perfect, thank you." Harry answered happier than ever. She gave Harry a smile and a friendly nod before she left Harry to himself so he could settle in. he then heard a little pop behind him. He turned around to see it was Dobby the house elf.

"Dobby, what are you doing here?" asked Harry surprised to see the house elf.

"Well Dobby likes to help professors during the summer sometimes with cleaning. When Dobby heard Harry Potter was staying here, I decided to come." he confessed with his big green orb eyes staring up at Harry. He then snapped his fingers as all of Harry's clothes went neatly into a dresser by the bed.

"Dobby you don't have to do that." said Harry.

"Harry doesn't want Dobby to put his clothes away?" Dobby then started to hit himself. "Bad Dobby, bad…Dobby."

"Dobby stop, stop, it's fine Dobby." Harry then held Dobby's hands so he wouldn't hit himself. "Actually Dobby I have something for you." Harry didn't really have anything for Dobby, but just said it to make him stop. He reached in his at his now neatly folded clothes and found one of Uncle Vernon's socks.

"Here Dobby." said Harry as he handed the socks to Dobby. Dobby's eyes started to water.

"Thank you Harry Potter. Harry Potter is very generous. Socks are Dobby's favorite." Dobby put them on. "Dobby must go now. Bye Harry Potter."

Harry came down and saw Professor McGonagall preparing dinner. He saw the knives chopping by themselves. He never saw her with an apron on. She had her square spectacles on the tip of her nose and her raven black hair up in a bun as always.

"Could I help you with anything Professor?" Harry asked as he stood at the bottom of the stairs watching her as she cooked.

"Oh Harry hello, no I'm fine, but thank you for asking." she replied smiling at him and then returned to her cooking. "Oh and Harry since we're not at school any more please call me Minerva or Miss. McGonagall, but I always think my last name is so long to say."

"Okay Minerva will do."

"Harry our neighbors are four acres away so feel free to take rides on your broom or practice for quidditch. Also I sent an owl to you friends to tell them where you are. They can come over at any time."

"Why thank you." Harry uttered as he has never been able to do any of these things at the Dursley's. He wasn't use to her being this nice to him, but yet again she was his Professor and she really can't show favoritism at school. Harry went exploring around the house. Connected to the kitchen and living room was the dining room. It was a big long dark wood table that sat eight people. Yellow tulips were set in a vase in the center of the table. There was a piano in the back of the room. He then went back into the living room. Then there were double glass doors that led to what looked like a study. It was filled with bookcases and a desk with a laptop. The desk faced the windows that had the view of the garden. There were chairs with strips of white and red. There was also a chess set. And then there was a bathroom that also led to the kitchen. Harry went back to the kitchen and upstairs. Harry found the closet that was filled with clean linen sheets, towels, and a stock of toiletries. Then there was a bathroom across his room which he saw was for himself. The shower curtain was red with a golden snitch that flew around in the curtain. The walls were gold with a little soft red bathroom carpet. Then there were two more doors which Harry guessed that one was the master bedroom. One of the doors opened and Snape walked out in a black turtle neck and black pants. His hair was clean and shiny. He didn't smell, and he didn't have any potion residue on him. That was truly a sight.

"What are you staring at Potter?" He sneered. Snape might have been clean, but his attitude towards Harry didn't change. Harry knew it ticked Snape off that he would have to see him every day.

"Nothing Professor." Harry sneered right back.

He walked past Harry, and headed down the stairs. Harry could tell he wasn't happy. Harry went to his room as he wrote a letter to Ron and to Hermione. He wanted to write a letter to Veronica, but he didn't know where in America she was, plus Hedwig can't fly all the way there. He then spent the remainder of his time working on homework. He had dinner that night which was very good. Harry was happy. Minerva was nice to him, and Snape would act like he wasn't there which Harry was fine with. Minerva would take him into London and Diagon Alley many times for shopping and small errands. He didn't mind it because he used to never be able to go out. She also transformed some of his clothes seeing that they were all too big for him. Days went on and then it was the day of Harry's birthday.

"Harry," called Minerva.

"Yes," he called back.

"Come down we have company." she ordered him as there was an excited tone in her voice. Harry got quickly on his feet. He wanted to see who it was. He came rushing down the stairs.

"There's my god child." said a very familiar voice. Standing in the kitchen was Sirius. He looked a bit thin but better. He smiled wide as he embraced Harry in his arms. "Happy birthday! Let's get out of the kitchen shall we?" He said as he put an arm around Harry. In the Living room stood Lupin, and Mrs. Weasley. The fire in the fire place was emerald green as Fred and George came through, and then Ron and Ginny followed closely behind.

"Hey happy birthday Harry." said Fred.

"Having a nice summer are you?" asked George with raised eyebrows in a curious manor. He obviously wanted to know how it was like to live with the two strictest Professors of Hogwarts was.

"I can't believe you have to live with Snape." whispered Ron.

"Hi Harry." interrupted Ginny.

"Hi Ginny." said Harry as he looked all around. Then there was a pop as Mr. Weasley appeared. Then Percy, Bill, and Charley came through followed by Hermione. Harry was over whelmed by the amount of people that were there.

"Oh Bill and Charley please help Severus outside with the tables." instructed Mrs. Weasley. "I'll go help Minerva in the kitchen." Harry and all the kids went outside to help set up. Then suddenly there was a big blue flash of light. Harry couldn't see what it was but then he saw Veronica, Julia, and Hailey standing there as they were all holding an old shoe. Veronica came running towards Harry as she hugged him.

"Happy Birthday Harry." she said as she let go of him.

"How did you get here?"

"We got here through a port key. It's so good to see you." she smiled. Bother her and Hailey were tan. She had her hair in a pony-tail like always and one little braid in the front. She wore jean shorts and blue shirt that looked a little big for her. Julia looked a little sun burned but then it quickly went away. Her hair was black with red tips and she had a t-shirt that was altered as she too wore jean shorts. Hailey had a white shirt with blue ruffles on the top and wore a skirt. He was happy to see them. He had forgotten his birthday since the Dursleys never cared.

"We got our brooms to play quidditch and here is your present Harry." said Hailey as she walked towards them. Hailey couldn't try out last year for quidditch because there weren't any free openings but she was going to try this year. Julia had already replaced Malfoy as seeker. Malfoy wasn't too happy about it, but he got over it. Veronica had become the keeper for Raven Claw. They wanted her as seeker, but she didn't want Cho to be mad at her even though she was already mad at her for the team asking her to be seeker in the first place.

"Hey, you can't open presents yet. Not until after the cake." scolded Lupin as he took them and placed the new gifts with all the other presents.

"Dinner is ready I hope you have set up the table by now." said Mrs. Weasley as she came out side. The tables were up and they all quickly set all the silver ware and plates. Bill, Percy, and Charley put up the chairs. Then Mrs. Weasley came and told people where they should sit. Harry sat in the middle of the table with Ron and Hermione next tom him and Veronica sat across from Harry with Hailey and Julia next to her. Then beside Ron sat Fred, Gorge, and Percy. Next to Hailey sat Bill and Charley and beside Julia was Sirius and Lupin. Beside Hermione were Ginny and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. Snape sat at of end of the table. Minerva then came in as she levitated the food and placed them in the center of the table. She then shot confetti and lights into the trees as Snape lit the candles on the table. Harry was excited. He had never had a huge birthday party thrown for him. The only birthday he ever had was punches from Dudley, a sock, and a clothes hanger as a present. Then Mr. Weasley raised a glass in the air.

"Let us toast to Harry as he may enjoy his fourteenth birthday, and to Minerva who made this all possible."

"To Harry and Minerva." They all said as they took a sip from their drinks."

"Well dig in everybody." said Minerva as she set down her glass. They all started to serve themselves. Veronica had been telling Harry about her summer and Hailey and Julia would add in something. Harry told Veronica about his summer as Hermione, Ginny and Julia were in deep conversation about the muggle world. Hailey, Fred, and George talked about how it was to have so many siblings. Hailey told them all the lovely pranks she has pulled on her two sisters. Percy was talking to Minerva about how his work at the Ministry of Magic went since he got a job there after he graduated. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were talking to Sirius and Lupin about something that Harry couldn't hear and Snape ate quietly.

"So you swim on a swim team?" asked Harry.

"Yes I do swim. I like the feeling of it, but practices can be hard, and the meets aren't so fun. Plus the girls are so girly." Veronica looked around the table and then leaned towards Harry. "They sort of act like Ron when he was a girl." She whispered. Harry started to laugh. People started to get full as the day went on. Then George started to tell Hailey about their candy inventions but they didn't know how to make their bloody nose candy to stop bleeding. Minerva looked at George bored from the conversation with Percy and smiled.

"George try the root of a birch tree. I think that will help to stop the bleeding. Only just a little or else the person who eats the candy may get their nose enlarged." They looked at her in bewilderment. "Trust me it will work to stop your bleeding gushers or whatever you called your candy invention." They still looked at her in amazement. "Snape has some in the pantry I will show you how much to use before you leave as long as you promise not to use it in my class." They then laughed and agreed.

"Thanks Professor." said Fred and George in unison.

"You're welcome, anyone ready for cake?" Minerva asked as she used a cleaning spell which cleared all the plates. Then Mrs. Weasley brought in a big cake that had a quidditch field and the players on it. They sang happy birthday to him and Harry thought of what he wanted to wish for. I wish I could be this happy forever he wished as he blew the candles out. They all cheered except for Snape who just clapped feebly as Lupin started to hand Harry some presents. Harry got a quidditch playbook from Hermione and got a quidditch world cup shirt from Ron. Lupin gave harry a telescope, and Sirius got him a broom repair kit. Harry already had one, but didn't want to hurt Sirius's feelings. He was happy that he was there. It wouldn't even have made a difference if Sirius didn't even get him a gift. Fred and George gave him a fake wand that actually turned into a rubber chicken. Percy gave him a book about the Ministry of Magic, and Minerva gave him a quill set with all different kinds of colored ink. Hailey gave him a jacket from American Eagle, and Julia gave him an altered shirt that she made for him. Veronica gave him spy quill that would record anything, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley gave him a bunch of chocolate frogs and a ticket to the quidditch world cup. Snape gave him socks. Harry thanked them all for the gifts and they all ate cake. They then put all their names in a hat to split into teams for quidditch. Hermione, Mr. Weasley, and Mrs. Weasley sat out of the game because they didn't want to play, and Hermione was afraid of flying on brooms. Harry, Julia, Fred, Ginny, Percy, Sirius, and Lupin were on a team against Minerva, Veronica, Hailey, Ron, George, Bill, and Charley. Snape was referee. The two teams thought up of plans and strategies to thwart the other team. Ron wanted to be keeper, and Gorge and Hailey wanted to be beaters. Minerva, Bill, and Charley were chasers, and they all agreed that Veronica should be seeker. On the other side Harry was seeker of course, and Sirius was keeper. Ginny and Fred were beaters as Julia, Lupin, and Percy were chasers. This was going to be fun thought Harry. Snape brought out the bludgers, the red quaffle, and the golden snitch. Snape blew the whistle and everyone kicked off the ground. Mr. Weasley did the commentary with his wand.

"The quaffle is taken by Julia who passes it to Percy, oh but Percy is hit with a bludger sent from George."

"Nice hit George! Are you okay Percy?" Mrs. Weasley asked as she amplified her voice as well.

"The quaffle is taken by Minerva as she dodges Lupin, and Julia, and then passes it to Bill you dodges a bludger. He's making his way to the goal can Sirius save the ball? Where are his beaters? There's one as Ginny sends one at Bill and she missed. Bill shoots and scores through the left ring. Julia has the quaffle as she advances up the field. She dodges Charley and the bludger sent by Fred. She's heading toward the goal and oh, she is stopped by Minerva who passes the quaffle to Bill. She is not as old as she looks is she dear?"

"No she is certainly not, but let's not forget she was captain of the quidditch team when she was attending Hogwarts." said Mrs. Weasley.

"Was she really? I never knew that." said Mr. Weasley.

"So far the score is ten for the red team and zero for gold. Come on Gold You can do it. No sign of the golden snitch yet." said Hermione as she decided to do a bit of the commentary too. Then Mr. Weasley took the role back.

"Bill passes it to Charley who is now advancing to the goal, but oh he is hit by a bludger sent by Fred. Good one Fred. Now Lupin has the quaffle, but it's stolen by Minerva, but wait she is hit by a bludger. Julia grabs the Quaffle as she heads toward the rings. Come on Ron. She shots and score right through the center ring! Ron it's okay. And Charley starts with the quaffle as he dodges Lupin, and-"

"Toot! Foul on red."

"George, why did you hit Percy?" Mr. Weasley yelled.

"Sorry it slipped." George confessed as he tried to look as innocent as possible.

"Oh don't give me that excuse mister. You are grounded when we get home." Mrs. Weasley yelled at George.

"It's not my fault he didn't move." George implied. Mr. Weasley returned to the commentary.

"Percy takes the shot and saved by Ron. Percy you need to put more power in your shoots. The score is ten-ten. And Minerva has the quaffle and she moves down the field Ginny goes to hit the bludger, but is stopped by Hailey. Oh right in the face. That will hurt in the morning. Minerva has the quaffle she dodges Lupin, and another quaffle. She shoots and scores. It's now twenty to ten. Come on Percy move."

"This isn't really for me dad." Percy yells back.

"And Minerva is heading toward the rings she shoots and Sirius finger touches it, but it goes in. Score and the score is now thirty-ten." Mr. Weasley bellows.

"So how do you like your birthday so far?" Veronica asked as she went towards Harry.

"Oh it's good." He smiled.

"That's good." Veronica said as they both peered for the snitch. Veronica had her glasses on again. Harry liked it when she had glasses her on. The score was then twenty to fifty. Suddenly Veronica suddenly lurched to her side as she started to zoom away. Harry was surprised as he turned to go after her. She then pulls her broom abruptly to go in the other direction. Mr. Weasley goes back to his commentary.

"What's this? Veronica has spotted the snitch and Harry has fallen for her trick. Now she is inches away. And Harry has no chance of getting it. And Veronica has it. Red has won with two hundred against twenty. Sorry Harry maybe next time."

"What a game though." Mrs. Weasley exclaimed. All the players returned to the ground. The red team all clapped Veronica on the back. Veronica broke free to them and hugged Harry.

"Good game." She said.

"Good move." He retorted smiling. Secretly he was a bit upset that she beat him, but he couldn't be mad at her when she hugged him like that. He was just glad she wasn't going to be seeker at school. Veronica, Hailey, and Julia had to leave since their port key was about to activate. Veronica slipped a piece of paper in Harry's hand as she said good bye.

"Read it later tonight." she whispered in his ear. Once they left other people started to leave too. Harry had the best day in his life. Snape helped in cleaning up outside, while Minerva cleaned the inside. They were all exhausted except for Snape he was wide awake, but yet he didn't do much at the party. Harry finally climbed the stairs to his room and collapsed on the bed.

"Good night Harry and Happy Birthday." said Professor McGonagall tiredly as she pasted Harry's door and went to bed. Harry could hear Snape follow behind her. Harry then reached in his pocket for Veronica's note. He read it:

I recorded something for you on your quill.

Harry reached for his pile of presents as he searched for Veronica's gift. He found it. He then whispered to it play. He could then hear her voice.

"I will be in Diagon Alley next week for school shopping, would you like to meet me there? To reply you just have to say record and then your reply then say stop. Once your message has been recorded then just say send to Veronica. I have a quill too and will get the message. I will be waiting, bye."

It ended and Harry's heart lifted. He couldn't wait to see her. It would be nice to have free time together, but then he realized he couldn't. The quidditch world cup is next week. He then wondered if she could go next week. He then said record and recorded his message. The next morning he checked his quill she said yes. He was happy. Now all he had to do was ask Minerva. He came down stairs. She was reading the Daily Prophet as Snape was cooking. Minerva's hair was down for once and her black hair cascaded down to her mid back of her white bed robes. Snape was wearing all black as usual. Snape turned around to place a cooked egg on a plate. Harry could read his apron which had: Kiss The Chief written on it.

"I don't understand why you cook without magic." she questioned as she rolled up her paper.

"I cook without magic because I think it's more thoughtful. I must do more than flick my wand." he smiled and then pointed at his apron. She laughed and then kissed him.

"Thank you," she said affectingly as she took her plate from him and sat at the island. "Good morning Harry."

Harry walked in and sat at the island next to her. Snape's smile had disappeared and he took his wand out to clean the stove and pan. He then had the egg magically crack itself and cook in the pan as the pan flipped the egg over until it was done.

"There you go." he said as he placed the dish in front of Harry.

"Thank you." Harry replied as he started eating. Snape turned on the muggle radio. Harry listened to it and noticed it was a Muggle band.

"Argh, why do you listen to this?" Minerva asked as she looked at him with her eyebrow slightly raised.

"Why do you still read the paper if you know it's all lies?" he retorted in a triumphant smile.

"I read it because I like to know what is going on and who is in power." she answered smiling back. "Now why do you listen to that music?"

"I listen to this music because it has a nice beat and I like the songs." he merrily confessed as he started to mouth the words to I kissed a girl by Katy Perry. She started to laugh and Harry couldn't help but smile. He was never like this at school.

"It's filled with vulgar language and concepts." Minerva said as she got up to get a drink. "I mean really, who wants to listen to a song about a girl who kissed another girl." she said as she took a sip of orange juice, and then poured a glass for Harry. Snape then took her hand as he twirled her around.

"I do."

"Of course you do." she laughed and put the juice away with her wand. "Harry I hope you enjoyed your party even though the game didn't go on so well."

"No, I loved it! I never had a birthday party thrown for me, and the quidditch game was fun. You were really good as chaser."

"Why thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it." she said as she was flattered by the compliment.

"Um, Minerva,"

"Yes, Harry,"

"I was wondering if I could meet Veronica at Diagon Alley the weekend after the quidditch world cup."

"Well, it depends. Did you start any of your summer homework?"


"And have you finished it."


"Well how far along are you then?"

"I just have to write my essay on potions and then my essay on witch burnings, and then I'm done."

"Yes you may go as long as you get at least one of the essays done before the quidditch world cup."

"Okay, thank you Minerva."

"You're welcome Harry. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday party." she said as she walked up stairs. Snape had made himself some eggs and toast as he read a magazine called The Potion Times. Harry had recognized the name for he saw Snape write articles for the magazine on the laptop. Harry couldn't wait for the quidditch game, and to see Veronica.

Soon the day of the Quidditch world cup game came on and Julia and Hailey came over to Veronica's house to watch it. They had popcorn ready as they ate and watched.

"So what's up with you and Harry?" asked Julia.

"What's up with you and Malfoy?" Veronica asked back.

"We are very happy together, so what's up with you and Harry."

"Nothing, what's up with you Hailey?" Veronica asked as she looked at Hailey.

"What, I wasn't listening." Hailey said as she stuffed her mouth with popcorn. Julia and Veronica laughed, and forgot about the question. Soon the game was over and they went to bed. The next morning Harry went home went home where Minerva was standing there with the prophet in her hands. When she saw Harry she shoved the paper to Snape whose smile faded to see Harry alive. She ran to him and hugged him.

"Thank Merlin you're still alive." she said as she let go of Harry as she looked him up and down. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm okay, just a little shaken up." replied Harry.

"Well let's get inside." she said as she led Harry back inside the house. Harry was glad to be back after the night he had. He wondered who conjured the death mark at the game. He then focused on the weekend ahead. He had to get his essay done. He should probably do it on the witch burnings since he hated potions. Harry had sat and started to write his essay thinking about the day when he would see her. The day had arrived when he went down stairs.

"Now behave yourself and don't get in trouble, and stay insight of the shops. I don't want anything to happen to you." Minerva warned him when he came down the stairs.

"Oh, just give him the powder so he can leave." said Snape irritated. Harry took the powder from Snape and threw it in the fire place. He had the warm twirling sensation inside him as he left he could have sworn he heard Snape say.

"It's about time he left." Harry landed in the Leaky Cauldron. There wasn't anyone there so he went behind the building and tapped a brick. The wall opened up as he stepped inside the light and was in Diagon Alley. He looked around.

"Harry!" said a voice from behind. It was Veronica. She ran towards him and hugged him. "How are you?" she asked.

"I'm much better now that you're here."

"Are you alright? I heard about the death mark and everything that happened after the quidditch game." Harry said. "So are doing some school shopping?"

"No I already got all my things this morning."

"Oh, so are Julia and Hailey here?"

"No they got banned from a lot of the stores." She replied smiling.

"How can someone get banned from a…"

"You don't want to know." Veronica smiled. School was just a week away, and Harry had to get the new books and things for his classes. They went to Shackle and Bolts for his books first. Veronica looked around the store with Harry as he picked up a book.

"Unfogging the future" Veronica read aloud. "Are you taking Divination?"

"Yes I thought it could be interesting, plus I needed to add an extra subject. What are you taking?"

"I'm taking the normal ones, and I added ancient runes, astronomy, and arithmetic."

"Ewe, you're taking math?"

"Shut up." She laughed as she wacked him lightly with a book. He laughed too. They stopped at the quidditch window shop. The fire bolt was in display with many little witches and wizards crowded around it.

"You have one of those, right Harry?" asked Veronica. She wrapped her arms around his. Harry looked down and liked the feeling.

"Yes I do. Sniffles gave it to me." he smiled at her.

"Oh Harry can we go inside the pet shop? I always love to see the animals."

"Um, sure I guess." Harry said as he opened the door for her. Veronica looked at little winged bats that could shoot fire through their nostrils.

"Their cute aren't they?" Veronica said as she looked at them like they were cute cuddly kittens. Harry didn't know what she was talking about but then remembered she did have a giant bascalisk as a pet.

"Yeah, you could say that." Harry said as he scratched his head. "Let's go to the Leaky cauldron to drop off my stuff and then we can go get some ice cream and go for a walk."

"Sounds like a plan."

They then went back to the Leakey Cauldron where there was the care keeper there. He agreed that he would take care of their things until they got back. Veronica got a mango orange fire cracker twist and Harry got dragon tracks. They walked around where there were houses and kids playing around.

"May I try yours?" Veronica asked as they switched ice creams. "This one's good. It does of a fiery touch doesn't it."

"Yeah I like your ice cream. It feels likes fireworks in your stomach."

"I know. Well I can say I have fire in my belly." she said and they both laughed. They walked on and Veronica felt content. Harry didn't know if he really had fireworks flying in his stomach or whether they were butterflies. He then reached for her hand and took it. He didn't look to see her expression, but she held his hand.

"It's getting dark. We should probably head back." Harry said as he turned to face her. The sun was going down as it casted their shadows on the pavement. Veronica tapped Harry on the shoulder.

"I'll race you back!" she said as she started to run. He ran after her. He was fast as he caught up to her. They laughed and were neck to neck. Harry's heart was beating so fast. Veronica caught something from the corner of her eye. She slowed down a bit to see what it was. It was some cloaked figure in the shadow. It raised its wand as it shouted Avada Kadarva. A green light shot out as it headed towards Harry. Veronica sprinted towards Harry as she pushed him aside. The green light struck her right in the chest. Harry had turned to where the light came from. The figure laughed cruelly. It raised its wand to Harry and shouted reducto. Then Snape had appeared from nowhere and stepped in front of Harry. He grabbed his wand and shouted Protego. The figure was than blasted backwards. Snape ran after the figure but it disappeared. Harry ran over to Veronica's crumpled body. She then lit up in flames before his eyes.