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Once Severus woke he began to heal much faster. The days passed quickly and they were already nearing the end of June. Harry attended each and every funeral, crying at each and every one. He cried the hardest at Remus' and Tonks' funeral. Kingsley, who had been released from St. Mungo's, held him and was the only thing that kept Harry from collapsing to the ground. He cried hard at the funeral for Arthur Weasley, hugging each of the Weasleys tightly. He couldn't believe so many he had known and loved were gone. He had never considered the possibility of losing any of the Weasleys.

It had been a month and a half since the war had ended. Harry had spotted Dumbledore once while he was walking back from a funeral. He had mustered his worst glare and stalked back to the infirmary and to his fiancé. Severus had been moved from the room into the open infirmary. He was the only one there now but would be released any day. Sadly, Lee Jordan was the last funeral as he succumbed to his injuries just days after Severus had woken up. Everyone else had been released and were now grieving, planning, and helping to begin rebuilding the castle. McGonagall estimated it would take at least a year to fully repair the school.

Harry had waited until Severus was better before telling his fiancé what Dumbledore had done. Instead of yelling and cursing, a tear had rolled down Severus' cheek and he asked to be alone. Harry refused, lying on the bed with his lover as the man cried silently. Severus had eventually reached behind him and grasped one of Harry's hands.

Harry sat in his chair beside Severus' bed. "You're being released and we have nowhere to live."

"I thought we were going to travel," Severus said.

"We can't leave. There's so much to do. The castle has to be repaired and everyone's grieving. You still have to finish healing. We have to have the wedding. Then there's Teddy and the care house. All the children have to be brought back from North America," Harry rambled until Severus put a hand over his mouth.

"Slow down and calm down," Severus said. "We do not have to stay here. You were going to meet with Mrs. Tonks about your godson, weren't you?"

Harry nodded. "I love Teddy and I would love to raise him, but I don't think I can. I've just barely survived a war and I'm barely eighteen. I can't have a baby right now."

"Which is completely understandable. Mrs. Tonks will understand as well. As for the care house, there are many to look after it. You have been helping with the castle but we do not have to. The children are already being brought back to their families from Montreal," Severus said. "We will have the wedding here. Just a small one."

"Simple sounds good," Harry said. "We still have to wear dress robes though."

Severus rolled his eyes and Harry grinned down at his engagement ring. It had been at the care house in the room they used and Severus had sent Harry to get it the day after the proposal. It was a simple silver ring with an indented line that circled the ring and was emerald green. On the inside was a single word that had been engraved: Always. It now sat on his third finger on his left hand.

"August sixteenth," Severus said and Harry frowned in confusion. "The day for the wedding."

"Why then?"

"It's the day we got together. It'll be a year that day," Severus said casually.

Harry smiled and pulled him into a kiss.

"Harry, Mum wants—what the bloody hell?!" Ron cried.

Harry pulled away from Severus and spun around. Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Luna, Draco, Seamus, Dean, and the twins were standing in the doorway to the infirmary.

"Ron, I can explain," Harry said, looking at his raging friend.

"Harry, what's going on?" Hermione asked, looking at him warily.

Harry stared at his friends, hoping for acceptance. "Severus and I have been dating since last August," he said in a rush. "He's asked me to marry him."

"You must be joking." Ron gaped.

Harry shook his head. "I love him, Ron."

"After everything that's just happened!" Ron said. "I can't believe you. I'm out of here," and he stormed off. Harry watched him go sadly and watched as Hermione followed.

"You two are together?" Neville said as the rest of them came closer.

Harry nodded.

"Don't worry about Ron. He just buried his father. Anything will set him off right now," Draco said.

"When's the day?" Seamus asked.

"August sixteenth," Harry said.

"We need happiness back," Luna said. "Congratulations."

Harry smiled at her and the others. No explanation and they had still accepted it. He asked them why they were so accepting and they all said the same thing: they had all seen how close he and Severus were and knew they were good for each other. They also knew that Severus was not an evil Death Eater. His friends stayed for a while, leaving about an hour later when Pomfrey shooed them away.

As Pomfrey did final scans on Severus and gave him his prescribed potions, Severus and Harry treated her with cool detachment as they had with McGonagall and Flitwick. After finding out they had participated in Dumbledore's plan to fake his death, they were anything but happy with the three of them. Harry was just glad that Dumbledore hadn't come in as he wasn't sure Severus would be able to handle it. Dumbledore faking his death had come as a great betrayal to Severus, one Harry didn't think Severus would ever forgive the headmaster for, not that Harry believed he should.

"You are free to go but you have to take it easy," Pomfrey said. "Do not miss taking any of your potions."

"I won't," Severus said shortly. "Good day." He took Harry's hand and they left the infirmary. They walked slowly, taking their time and ensuring they didn't aggravate their healing injuries. They also had to avoid all the rubble that filled the destroyed halls. In several spots, the sky was visible but spells had been cast to prevent any adverse weather from entering the inside of the castle. It was hard to imagine that Hogwarts could ever be repaired to be the way it was or even close to what it once was.

"We have to make invitations," Harry said suddenly and Severus looked at him. "For the wedding. I realize mostly everyone we will invite is here at the school but we should still send out invitations."

"You realize half the people we will invite do not yet know we are even together," Severus said and Harry smiled slightly.

"I know. They'll just have to deal with it," he said and Severus chuckled. "I do have a request."

"What's that?" Severus asked.

"I want Kingsley to officiate," Harry said. "I'm sure under other circumstances we would've had Dumbledore but there's no way I'm having that man officiate my wedding. He can attend but that's it."

"I agree. I have no wish to be closer to him than necessary right now," Severus said stiffly and Harry squeezed his hand. "Shall we find Kingsley and ask him?"

Harry grinned.

Harry sighed quietly as he lay beside his sleeping fiancé. Time had passed quite quickly as they now neared the end of July. Repairs on the castle had continued but with such extensive damage, it was difficult to see any progress that had been made. Most of those who had still been at the school after the final battle had finally left, heading home or to family. Harry and Severus had sent out the invitations for their wedding and had already gotten several replies along with heated questions about their union. They had asked Kingsley to officiate and he had readily agreed.

Harry had met with Andromeda Tonks and her lawyer, Samuel Regan to discuss Teddy Lupin. Harry had explained his position in the situation and was grateful for how understanding Andromeda was. She was more than happy to take custody of her grandson while giving Harry permission to see his godson whenever he wanted. She requested, however, that he sometimes take Teddy over night or for weekends as she had been affected in the final battle. She had been struck by an unknown curse that now affected her lungs. Harry agreed easily, glad that his godson would be taken care of and that he would be able to see the baby.

He and Severus had managed to get back to their rooms in the dungeons as the passage to the dungeons had collapsed. It had taken time and effort but they managed, recovering all their items. They packed up all they owned and brought it with them to the empty classroom they had temporarily turned into living quarters. They had already agreed that they would be leaving almost immediately after the wedding, beginning their travels for the next year.

Harry had also made decisions about the Deathly Hallows that he now owned. He knew he never wanted to use the Elder Wand again and would never use the Resurrection Stone. The only one he would keep was the Invisibility Cloak as it had been his father's. He hoped to pass it onto his own child someday. He wasn't sure what to do with the wand or the stone as he wanted to make sure no one else would ever be able to find them. He had been given his answer by their portrait of Salazar who told him of a secret place in his rooms in the Chamber of Secrets.

He had discovered the small opening in the wall in the lab and immediately hid the wand and the stone in it. He covered it up with the stone and then with a shelf and then cast his most powerful wards on it. He'd be damned if he let anyone get the items again.

Harry turned his head and smiled at the sleeping Severus. They had returned to the care house for a couple of days to spend time with the children.

They had all been ecstatic to see that two of their caregivers were alive and well. Harry and Severus, unfortunately, were the ones to tell the children of their lost caregivers. The children had sobbed and screamed over Arthur, Remus, and Tonks. They had held the children, trying to comfort them. It hadn't taken long to get a list of which children were now orphans either.

Lexi and Alex Barlow, Jeremy and Danny Hudson, the three Parkers, Mercedes and October Sanders, Carla and Bobby Sullivan, Rachel and Jacob Craine, Jessica and Roxy Sims, Seth and Demetri Ledger, Patricia Manning, Allison Thompson, Lyra Taylor, Jasmine Reed, Stella Martin, and Luke Newton now had no parents.

Relatives or parents had slowly started to come and pick up some of the children. Only about a quarter of them were brought home though and the rest would remain in the care house until solutions were found. He hadn't told Severus yet but Harry had already been considering turning the care house into an orphanage. He wanted to help the children and if he could help them find good families then he would love it. He knew better than anyone—except maybe Severus—that every child deserved a good life.

They had gotten several more children after the battle as well, half of them being the small children of Death Eaters or of people who supported the Dark. They had received a little baby boy who was only two weeks old, Noah. His mother had brought him, saying that she was going to be charged with aiding a Death Eater and her husband would be going to prison. She wanted her son to be safe and taken care of. She hadn't stayed around for any answer. She had given her explanation, given her son's name, and then left.

"Go to sleep and think in the morning."

Harry looked at Severus in surprise. The man's eyes weren't open but Harry could tell that he was at least partially awake.

He smiled. "Sorry."

"Everything will still be there tomorrow," Severus said, sliding his arm across his lover's waist. "Rest."

As it always was with Severus, Harry found himself unable to refuse. He just smiled again and eventually drifted back to sleep.

"What the bloody hell is this?!"

Harry and Severus turned around at Ron's angry shout. Harry winced at the anger and they saw Ron stalking towards them with their wedding invitation crushed in his hand.

"We're getting married," Harry said quietly. "Severus asked me after he woke up."

"Married? You're getting married to this son of a bitch?" Ron growled and Harry glared.

"Watch it, Ron," Harry said. "We didn't have to invite you since we haven't talked for nearly two months, but we did because you are still one of my best friends."

"Like I'd want to attend this joke," Ron said, crumpling up the invitation further and tossing it at Harry. "I know you used the Elder Wand in the final battle. Suppose that power has taken over you now like you said it would. Now you're going Dark and he's helping you right along."

"I love him, Ron, and I'm not going Dark or anything like that," Harry said. "Yes, I used the Elder Wand but I had to. It was the only way to defeat him."

"Love," Ron scoffed disgustedly. "I don't know what this is but it's not love. It can't be because he's incapable of it and the Harry that's my friend would never be able to love this bastard."

"Then clearly you don't know me very well," Harry said.

"Clearly," Ron said and glared at Harry and Severus hatefully before turning and stomping away.

Harry watched him go both angrily and sadly. After everything, Harry had thought that Ron might have been able to change his mind at least a little about Severus but apparently not. He wondered if Ron really meant it about not attending the wedding. He would hate to not have his once best friend at his wedding.

"Give him time, love," Severus said quietly behind him.

"It's been two months," Harry said, still staring after his friend despite him being long gone.

"He's also lost his father just two months ago," Severus said and Harry sighed, knowing his lover was right. No amount of time would be enough to finish grieving for everyone who had been lost. "I am sure he will still attend but will do so quietly."

Harry nodded. Severus gave him a small but gentle smile and took his hand. They were finally on their way to Diagon Alley to get new wands as they had finally gotten Kingsley away from the Ministry. He had been elected as the temporary Minister as it hadn't taken long for Fudge to be kicked out. Kingsley had discovered the damage done to the Ministry by Fudge close up and had been fighting non-stop to begin reversing it. They were meeting the man in Hogsmeade where Kingsley would Apparate them to Diagon Alley as they were unable to do it themselves without wands.

They walked across the grounds, heading down to the village. It had rained a couple of times since the final battle and the water had cleansed the ground of the blood that had flooded it. It was a slow process but the wizarding world was cleaning up and recovering from the years of war.

"You realize I'm doing this on my lunch hour?"

Severus rolled his eyes and Harry chuckled as they approached Kingsley who was standing just outside the gates.

"You are the Minister," Severus said. "You can leave whenever you want."

"You can't just go along with anything, can you?" Kingsley said even as he grinned at the man. Severus just shrugged one shoulder. "Ready to go?"

"Ready to finally get a wand again?" Harry said. "Definitely."

Kingsley held out his arm to Harry who linked it with his own. Harry wrapped his other arm around Severus' waist as Severus slid his arm around Harry's neck. They turned sharply together and were pulled away to Diagon Alley. Once settled on stable ground again, they looked around. The wizarding market was quiet compared to what it used to be. Only a year earlier, the streets were crowded with witches and wizards but now there were only a couple dozen people on the streets. Many shops had been closed as the owners had moved away, died, or gone missing.

"Come on," Kingsley said and led the way to Ollivander's. The little bell above the door rang as they entered the wand shop and Mr. Ollivander sidled up behind his counter.

"Mr. Snape and Mr. Potter," Ollivander said quietly. "I did not expect to find you in my little shop."

Harry discretely observed the old wandmaker. It was well known that Ollivander had gone missing during the last year of the war, presumably taken by Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Harry knew Voldemort had been the one to take him in order to get information on the Elder Wand and, by extension, the other Deathly Hallows. The man, while healed physically from his ordeal, looked haggard and exhausted. He was no longer as...exuberant as he had been when Harry met him at eleven years old. He was quiet, cautious.

"We both had our wands broken in the final battle," Severus said. "We have been unable to get here until now."

"Understandable," Ollivander said, inclining his head. "Who would like to go first?"

"I will," Harry said, stepping forward.

Ollivander inclined his head again before shuffling back to his shelves upon shelves of wands. He came back a few moments later with about half a dozen boxes in his arms. He opened the first box and pulled out a shiny black wand. It reminded Harry of Severus' old wand.

"If you would, Mr. Potter," Ollivander said, handing him the wand.

As Harry held it, he knew it wasn't the one but waved it anyways. It turned Ollivander's counter blue.

"No," Ollivander said and took it back. They went through the same process with at least a dozen wands, each doing more damage than the last. The second to last one he tried shattered every bit of glass in the shop.

Finally the wandmaker handed him a long, lightly coloured wand. It was a few inches longer than his phoenix wand and made of a slightly lighter coloured wood. Harry felt his magic flow through him warmly and wrap around the wand. He waved it and a gentle wave of magic washed over them, hugging them. He smiled. This was the one.

"Fourteen inches and made of ash. The core is a different one. Your core is a dragon wing. This wand is very good for defense, Charms, and honing wandless magic," Ollivander explained and Harry's eyes flew to him. "It helps transfer the power of wandless magic into a wand."

Harry nodded. "Thank you, Mr. Ollivander."

Ollivander gave a crooked smile before waving Severus forward. He scrutinized the Potions master for a few moments before gathering more boxes. They journeyed through the process as well though most of the wands did absolutely nothing when given to Severus. Eventually a wand roughly the same length as Severus' ebony wand was placed in his hand. The wood was dark but had a red tinge to it. As he grasped it, a white light surrounded Severus. When it disappeared, Ollivander was grinning.

"This wand was made just for you, it would appear," the old man said. "Thirteen inch, red cedar, and a dragon heartstring core. This wand entwined itself to your magic and heart. It will obey no one but you and maybe your beloved. It is your soul wand, the wand you were always meant to have."

"Then why did I get my last wand if this is the one I should've had?" Severus asked.

"Because it was not that soul it needed to connect with," Ollivander said. "It needed this one, the stronger one, the loving and loved one."

Severus gazed at the wand in wonder before Harry interrupted, placing a hand on his older lover's arm. Severus looked at Harry and smiled. They paid for their new wands and then returned to Hogwarts.

There was only one thing left to do now before they began travelling.

"I will strangle you with this tie if you don't stop moving," Draco growled in frustration. "I will risk Severus' anger."

"I'm sorry!" Harry said again as he tried to stop fidgeting. He couldn't believe the day had actually come. It was August sixteenth. It was his and Severus' one year anniversary and the day of their wedding. The small ceremony was taking place on the grounds near the Black Lake and near the large oak tree that had been burnt in the final battle. No one would be 'walking down the aisle'. Instead they would exit the castle together and walk down the 'aisle' together.

Draco, Seamus, and Dean had been the ones to help Harry get ready while Bill, Charlie, and Fleur were helping Severus. As far as they knew, nearly everyone they had sent invitations to was attending the wedding. Harry and Severus had kept the ceremony simple but were still dressing in dress robes. They were wearing black robes but Harry had deep red trimming and Severus had deep green trimming.

"Harry!" Draco said loudly, tugging on the tie to prevent Harry from moving.

"Sorry, sorry," Harry said. "I'm nervous."

"Obviously," Draco drawled and finally managed to finish Harry's tie. "There. Finally," he said, smoothing the tie against his friend's chest.

"You guys done yet?" Seamus said, walking into the room. "According to Charlie, Severus is getting antsy."

"Is he backing out?" Harry said in panic, paling drastically.

"As if," Seamus scoffed. "The man is capable of many things but backing out on this, on you, is not one of them."

"Are you?" Dean said pointedly.

"No!" Harry said immediately and his friends chuckled.

"Then shut up, calm down, and pull on your outer robes," Draco said, shoving the black robes into Harry's hands. Harry glared but pulled them on anyways. He ran his fingers through his hair nervously and his friends rolled their eyes as his hair stuck in all directions. They hadn't even attempted to fix his hair as they knew it would be virtually impossible. Harry pulled at the robes, shifting them to sit comfortably.

"Ready?" Draco asked quietly, all joking gone from the atmosphere.

Harry looked at them and smiled. "Yeah, I'm ready."

"Good, let's go," Draco said. He, Seamus, and Dean headed out of the room first with Harry following behind. They had been in an empty classroom off the Entrance Hall and they led the way to the large front oak doors.

"We've got to go sit down," Dean said.

"Yeah, we've got front row seats," Seamus said as though it was the most important detail of the day.

Harry laughed. "Thank you for helping and…just thanks."

They smiled back at him gently, knowing he wasn't only thanking them for helping him get ready. He hugged each of them and then watched as they headed outside to await the ceremony. Harry turned and found Severus walking towards him with Bill, Charlie, and Fleur. He felt every nervous feeling he had disappear as he gazed at his lover and he began smiling. The man was, in simple terms, absolutely gorgeous.

"Little Harry is getting married," Charlie said, punching Harry playfully in the shoulder.

"Getting married before you," Harry said, grinning.

Charlie chuckled. "Some of us do not yet have the desire to be with one person forever."

"Someday?" Harry said.

"Someday," Charlie said and wrapped an arm around Harry's shoulders in a half hug. "Congratulations, Harry."

"Thanks," Harry said.

"We will see you outside, 'Arry," Fleur said in her heavy French accent and kissed the cheeks of both Harry and Severus. Bill smiled at them and followed his wife and brother out to the grounds. Harry and Severus turned to each other once they were alone.

"So," Harry said nervously and Severus smirked.

"Nervous, love?" Severus said and Harry nodded, sending him a slight glare when Severus chuckled. "You're beautiful," he said softly and Harry flushed. "Shall we?"

"Definitely," Harry said and they grasped hands, linking their fingers.

They pushed the doors open and stepped out onto the grounds. The weather had decided to be sunny and warm and with clear skies so there was no worry of surprise rain. They walked along the Black Lake and the rows of chairs began just before the oak tree and continuing just after it. Their friends sat and watched them walk along the lake with smiles. Well, from most of them. Just because they had attended, it didn't mean that all of them were all right with the union. Harry was happy to see Ron sitting in the back row with Ginny and Hermione.

They approached Kingsley who was waiting at the end of the 'aisle', his hands folded in front of him and a young woman standing behind him. Harry gave him a questioning look.

"I'm only the temporary Minister so I need a witness in order for this to be legal," Kingsley said. "This is my assistant at the Ministry, Guinevere Richardson."

Harry nodded and gave the woman a quick smile.

"Welcome, everyone," Kingsley began. "I must say that I am very pleased to be a part of such an event after all that has happened in the last few months, hell, in the last year. This will be a short ceremony, the shortest I have ever experienced but it is unique just like this couple. However, I find myself required to say a few words first if just to mess up the plans."

The guests and Harry laughed while Severus rolled his eyes, his lips twitching.

"No one saw this happening. Ever. I can guarantee that this is not something anyone here expected. Yet here we are. Now I know not everyone here is pleased with these two being together but you can clearly put that aside and be here to celebrate how happy they are together, to celebrate love. Love, happiness, celebration…we need to nurture these things back into full existence if we are ever to recover from the war. These two have taken the first steps," Kingsley said. "All right, I'm done."

The guests laughed again and Harry smiled at his surrogate brother.

"Now, these two have prepared their vows."

Harry and Severus faced each other still holding hands, and spoke together. "I promise to care, I promise to help, I promise to smile, I promise to laugh, I promise to cry, I promise to try, I promise to love and live with you and only you. I promise with all that I have and it will always only be you."

"The rings," Kingsley said quietly and held out both his hands, a ring in each palm. The ring was the engagement ring Severus had given Harry and the other was identical except for the indentation. On the ring Harry would give Severus the indentation was red instead of green but the word 'Always' had been engraved on the inside of his as well. They took the rings and slid them on each other simultaneously.

"Let this always prove my love when words or actions cannot," they said together.

"It is within my power to pronounce these two men legal husbands," Kingsley said, smiling widely. "Let us congratulate Mr. Severus and Harry Potter and wish our friends all the happiness."

Harry and Severus kissed as their guests applauded and, from Harry's school friends, whistled and called out. Harry smiled into the kiss and up at his lover—no, his husband—as they parted. He cupped his hand around the side of Severus' neck and just continued smiling as Severus lightly stroked his cheek.

"Congratulations," Luna said, kissing Harry's cheek and then Severus' to the man's surprise. Harry pulled her into a hug.

They didn't have an official reception planned so it was more of a mingling of friends after the ceremony. Harry and Severus were parted at one point as guests wanted to speak to them. Harry found himself pulled away by Molly Weasley.

"Harry, dear," she said. "Are you sure about this?"

"I've already married him, Mrs. Weasley. I'm definitely sure," Harry said.

"Oh, but you've just been through so much. Are you sure you've had a clear head about this? Ronald told me how you used the Elder Wand. Perhaps it's affected you," the woman said and Harry frowned.

"Why? Because I can't possibly love him without being cursed or ill?" Harry said.

"Look at it logically, dear," she said. "He is much older than you and you have such a history. Not to mention the areas he's...dabbled in."

Harry's frown morphed into a glare. "I would thank you not to insinuate that my husband is a Dark wizard or a Death Eater," he said. "Yes, he was a Death Eater at one point and, no, he is not a Light wizard, but you listen to me. He has done more for me and this world than every existing witch and wizard combined. I would be long dead without him. I love him, Mrs. Weasley, and it is just as possible as magic is."

He glared at her again before stalking away. He felt it was time to leave. He had talked with nearly every guest and it wasn't as though he wouldn't talk to his friends while they were gone. They would write letters and Severus had agreed that they would briefly return for any major events.

He searched for his husband but was soon halted by a heavy arm around his neck. He looked at Kingsley with an exasperated expression.

"You look quite frustrated for someone who just got married," Kingsley said.

"Mrs. Weasley," Harry said simply.

"Ah," Kingsley said knowingly. "Not everyone was going to be like me and your friends."

"I know. I expected it," Harry said and found himself gazing up to the sky. He had never gotten the chance to tell Remus about his relationship with Severus. He had always been too scared and now it was too late. He was sure James and Sirius were rolling in fury by now as well. Even still, Harry wished they could've been there, even just Remus and Tonks.

"They were here," Kingsley said quietly. "I know they were. I felt them while you said your vows."

"I hope they at least accepted it," Harry said.

"There's no question," Kingsley said. "They're happy for you, even Sirius. They all loved you and just want you to be happy since they can't be here to do it themselves."

Harry smiled sadly. "I miss them. I wanted to stay with them. I was perfectly fine with dying if it meant I could be with them."

"Which is completely understandable," Kingsley said. "At the time, you had no idea what had happened to most of us and others you knew were dead or thought were dead. You had every reason to not come back to this. But you did come back and you came back for Severus even if you believed him to be dead."

Harry looked at him and smiled.

"I think you should join Severus now," Kingsley said and nodded to their left. Harry looked and found Severus who was talking with Draco but also found someone approaching the two. He frowned at Dumbledore as the headmaster walked up to his husband and best friend. He quickly joined them just as Dumbledore began speaking.

"I must say this came as a surprise," Dumbledore said.

"As it was for nearly every guest here, Headmaster," Severus said coolly. Neither of them had any desire to talk to Dumbledore.

"I am no longer Headmaster, as I am sure you know," Dumbledore said. "I have decided that it is time for me to retire. I am old and I am tired. I need to rest now."

"Yes, faking death must be exhausting," Harry said, taking Severus' hand. They both noticed the flash of sadness in the man's blue eyes but didn't acknowledge it. Dumbledore deserved every bit of anger they had for him.

"I do apologize for my actions but, you must understand, I deemed them necessary," Dumbledore said. "You had to have the wand, Harry, and I also knew Voldemort would let his guard down if he believed I was dead."

"But he didn't," Harry said, "because we didn't let the news of your 'death' leave the castle. You must understand that we had to avoid panic and chaos and so no one knew except those in the castle."

"Yes, I know," Dumbledore said.

"I don't care what your reasons were," Harry said. "Faking your own death was not the way to go with this. Do not ask us to understand or to forgive because it will not happen. We believed you were dead, that we had lost someone we cared for. There will never be forgiveness. Acceptance, maybe, but never forgiveness."

Harry turned and pulled Severus away with him, ignoring Dumbledore's pained expression. The man deserved it and the man knew it. Harry meant what he had said. They would never forgive Dumbledore for what he did but they may accept it at some point given time.

"I think it's time to go," Harry said to Severus and his husband nodded.

"Looks like we're brothers now," Draco interrupted, grinning at them.

"What?" Harry said.

"Well, Severus is my godfather and now you're married so we are now brothers," Draco said and Harry chuckled.

He sobered quickly though and pulled Draco in for a hug. "I didn't need to marry Severus for us to be brothers. We were family long before this was ever a thought."

Draco smiled and hugged him again. "You two have fun and I demand a postcard or a picture from every place you visit."

Harry laughed. "I'll do my best."

Severus waved his wand and removed their dress robes. They had both been wearing regular clothing underneath so that, when they were ready, they could just leave. They had their small amount of luggage shrunk in their pockets. They were each only bringing a small bag with the essentials and a few changes of clothes. They knew they didn't need much as they would be buying things on their travels. They had sent the rest of their things to the care house for now until they settled in Severus' cottage in Sweden.

Apparently the atmosphere had changed and alerted their guests to Harry and Severus' imminent departure.

"We'll send letters and, on Draco's demand, pictures," Harry said. "If there are any major events then we'll come back. Otherwise we'll see you in a year."

They both found themselves being pulled into hugs and had goodbyes being thrown at them. Several people were actually crying though were laughing through the tears. As Hermione pulled away from Harry, he looked over her shoulder at Ron who was standing a couple feet behind her. Their eyes met and both gave half smiles while Ron also shrugged a shoulder. Ron nodded and Harry's smile grew slightly.

"Ready?" Severus said as Harry returned next to him. Harry smiled and nodded. They held hands again and, saying goodbye and waving at their friends, they headed down to Hogsmeade. They pushed through the gates and stood in the village. "You're still sure about this?"

"No complaints, no worries," Harry said, smiling.

"Well then, where to, Mr. Potter?" Severus said, squeezing his hand.

"No idea, Mr. Potter," Harry said, "but we'll figure it out."

With a glance over their shoulders at the castle, they held hands tightly and turned sharply, disappearing with a pop.

The End

Until Next Time...

A/N: Welcome to the end of Spur of the Moment. I cannot thank you guys enough for following me on this journey, a journey that sometimes seemed to take ages. Lol. I have no idea how this story got to be this long, this intricate, this...epic?...if that's the right word. In any case, it happened and apparently it all came together well. I have never been so pleased with a story of mine and I know that I will never be able to ever write a story quite like this one again. In some ways, that's probably a good thing. I'm not sure I have the time to take another two years for a story. Lol.

This was my very first Snarry story. Saying that, I actually have some acknowledgements.

1) A Brave New World by Cithara - this is the story that initially got me to love Snarry and I have to admit that I got inspiration for some of the events in my story from this one. Though it has not been updated for a long time, I encourage you to read it if you have not. It is a wonderful story.

2) My best friend, Jess - she hasn't read this story and she probably won't even though she wants to (she just doesn't have the time), but she has always been there through my writing. She's helped a lot, pushed me to keep writing, and made sure I wasn't fatally ill when there were the occasional days when I didn't feel like writing. :P

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