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Chapter Eleven: "A Watch with Secrets…" Part one

Picking up his stuff, he packed his clothes and everything that somehow had ended up all over their room. He didn't even remember going near those parts of the room. Tezuka was doing the same. They only had forty five minutes to pick up their stuff and get moving to the Onsen before Fuji threw a conniption fit. He really was looking forward to going early to check in, hoping to lounge around in the water all day. And truthfully? Fuji throwing a fit was something no one wanted to see.

When all was packed and done, everyone gathered in the diner to head out. Fuji was smiling contently, staring happily at Taka, who was blushing at the intense gaze. 'I wonder what that means?' Ryoma thought, hoping that he would never be faced with any such stare. He wondered how Taka-san could withstand such an intense gaze.

Yawning, they made their way out of the Tavern, and to the Onsen. It was a loud walk, they walked through the town, looking at all of the shops, stopping every now and then because someone wanted to look at something. They passed a Jewelry shop, which Fuji wanted to stop, and they all went in and split up. Fuji and Taka went to look at the promise rings, Oishi followed Kikumaru who went to look at charms. Inui was standing near the window, writing in his notebook, with Kaidou sitting in a chair next to him looking out the window at the people passing by. Momoshiro was smiling while talking to one of the employees, her nametag said Ann Ryoma could tell he liked her the way he was talking, and Tezuka excused himself to the bathroom.

Walking around, Ryoma looked at all the rings, and necklaces. They were all beautiful. Walking up to the watch section, he stopped, thinking that Tezuka would look good with a watch on his wrist. Looking, he knew that any one of the watches on display would look amazing on him, but he didn't know what watch to pick.

A near by clerk noticed his curiosity and walked over. "Is there anything pacific your looking for?" the woman asked, blushing, Ryoma said, "it's a present… for someone… because I want something that will remind him of me when he looks at it…" smiling, the woman said "Then I just might know what you might want…" Looking up, he saw the woman usher him to a secluded side of the shop, showing watches, pendants, and charms. Picking up a golden watch, she said "This is a very rare watch. We only get about three every year. This is the last of the watches that was sent to this store." motioning to the side of the watch, she showed him a little button, "There's a secret compartment for you to put a picture or another small object in there." Smiling, Ryoma thought that this would be an amazing present! Buying the watch, which was extremely expensive, nearly wiped out his money. He knew he would have to do something to get more money, but he was still happy.

Not long later, they all headed out to the Onsen, only Ryoma carrying a bag from the Jewelry Shop. Tezuka glancing at him curiously, Ryoma tucked the little bag under his arm.

When they finally made it to the Onsen, they were led to their rooms, but there were only two rooms left for that evening so they had to split the rooms. Fuji, Taka, Ryoma, Tezuka and Momo were in the larger room, while Kaidou, Inui, Kikumaru and Oishi were in the other. Settling down, Ryoma couldn't wait to get in the hot water… like the water from his little cave that was now so far away… grabbing a Yukata, Ryoma happily set out on his own to the open-air men's bath. It was quite full, but it was slightly eerie. He felt as though someone was watching him, not that he was surprised. They probably thought that he was a girl. Pulling his clothes off and putting them in the locker along with his Yukata, Ryoma wrapped a towel around his waist and went into the bath, but he still felt the staring.

Ignoring it, he soaked in the bath until everyone was in the bath except for Fuji, Tezuka and Inui. Apparently they had stayed behind for something. Getting up, completely refreshed, Ryoma made to leave. Momo blushed when he stood up, curious about the reaction, Ryoma said "What is it?" Looking away slightly Momo mummered "Your… body…" looking down, Ryoma blushed bright red, and rushed out, putting his Yukata on in a hurry, grabbing his stuff and ran to the room.

Needless to say, he was completely embarrassed.

Looking in the mirror, Ryoma looked at all the red marks on his body. He had forgotten about that. Re-wraping his Tukata into place, he let his hair cascade around his body, trying to hide any other marks that might show that his clothes didn't hide. Then, he started fretting about what Momo would say when he went into the room after his bath…

Blushing, he quietly walked out of the room, deciding that a quiet walk would do him some good. Putting his hands together in his Yukata sleeves, he walk around the Inn, looking at the other occupants, they were all quietly going about their business in couples.

Slill walking, he noticed that the further he walked great hallway, the less people there were. Yawning, he noted that there was a lot more wealthy looking people, than there ware of regular town-folk. he decided to turn back, he didn't feel as though this was a place for him.

Quickly, he made his way back to the room, where everyone was just getting back as well. Blushing, he went to bed in hopes of that days incident being a dream, ignoring the curious stares of Tezuka and the embarrassed glances of Momo.

Closing his eye's he lay in his Futon in hopes of sleep coming soon.


Shinji sat in his room, deep in thought. He had made his mind up. He was going to take Echizen Ryoma back. Back to Hanamura Sensei. She would be delighted, he knew, but he also knew what the consequences would be. Her time would be absorbed with the boy, making less time for him… non-the-less, he was taking him back. He just had to figure a way to get him to go. So he started planning.


Waking up the next morning, they all got dressed and decided to go walk to the library. Ryoma happily went along. They hardly ever went to a library, and this time there was something Ryoma wanted to look up so thirty minutes later they were walking out the doors, Ryoma wore a black Kimono with Cherry Blossom tree's climbing up the fabric and pink trimming. He wasn't the only one though, there was one other person wearing a Kimono. Fuji was also wearing a Kimono. His, however, was a dark purple with a gold Obi and gold trimming. Plain, but it looked good with his light colored hair.

Walking up to the library, he had never seen such a large library. He was excited to see all the books that the building held. He wished he hadn't left Karupin at the Onsen, for he loved to have him is his lap while he read the different books.

Walking up the steps, Kikumaru had decided that it would be fun to walk on his hands aalll the way up them. It was funny to Ryoma. He wondered if he could ever be able to be so balanced to be able to do that.

At the doors, Ryoma noticed that there were no books to be seen through the windows, "I don't see any books…" he stated, bluntly disappointed. Fuji chuckled "this building hold more than a library. It holds a municipal center as well." Ryoma had no idea what that was, but he nodded a conformation anyway. So he followed silently, behind them. After a few moments they entered large wooden doors, into a giant room, the walls were lined with tall shelves, and there were computers(something Ryoma was not comfortable being around), and in the middle, there were rows of shelves there as well. Towards the windows, there were some tables, a few of them filled with students studying for school. School… Ryoma had never been to a school… he usually self taught himself anything he felt he needed to know. He would go to the book store every now and then when he went to the fish market…

Ryoma slightly missed the tranquility of his little mountain valley… be he loved being with Tezuka and the rest of them just as much… walking around, he strayed slightly away from the rest of them and found a book on speaking English. He thought it would be fun to learn another language. He went to a corner table under the sunlight and began reading. He didn't know how long he sat there, and he was only half way through with the book,(Which was over 1000 pages long(fast reader…)) when he heard someone whispering in the corner. Looking over, he didn't recognize them. There was a small group of three people. One was a tall dark skinned boy with a cap on his head, and the other a tall, but petite looking man with a beautiful face. He had dark bluish hair, with a green bandana holding the hair out of his face. The other was a scary looking boy with eye's that reminded him of Kaidou-san's eye's, but either way… he didn't feel right being around them. Getting up from where he sat, he took his book and went to find Tezuka and the others when he passed a notice board. Looking up, there was a small piece of paper that said "Bounty Hunters Association Yearly Meeting" he paled and read the dates. It was in a few days. Suddenly, he felt sick. His head swam lightly, and he felt as though he needed to sit down, but more than that. He wanted to be with his friends.

After finding his friends, he saw that they were all laughing, and smiling happily. He decided not to tell them, but they could tell that something was wrong though. As soon as he got to them, he sat right between Tezuka, Fuji, Inui, and Oishi. They asked what was wrong but Ryoma didn't answer. In fact, he didn't show any acknowledgment at all that they were heard at all so they dropped it… for now.

Not too long afterwards, they all started getting ready to leave, saying they would come back the next day. Ryoma didn't want to, but he didn't want to dampen the others hearty mood so he didn't say anything. He really didn't want to be anywhere near the town… since that was where the meeting was being held.

Walking out the doors, this time there was a book for people to sign their names, without thinking, Ryoma signed with 'Ryoma' instead of a fake name, and they left. Ryoma felt oddly anxious. He felt like there was a bad Omen hanging over his head. The others noticed his gloomy mood and decided to stop somewhere along the way. Walking through town, Kikumaru noticed a small traveling zoo, and decided that Ryoma would like to go in there. In fact they all agreed with him too. So they veered off course and, luckily for them it had just opened so there wasn't anyone else there. The person in charge was a tall man, wearing a long cloak and facecloth. Facecloth's weren't rare, so they thought nothing of it when they entered. First there was a small amount of animals outside, a few goats, pigs, ponys, ducks, chickens, and rabbits. Ryoma especially liked the rabbits. They were really soft. Then they noticed the small trailer with a banner saying "the world of cats" and, all at once, they went in. as soon as they went in the curtins closed and there was a loud bang…

Ryoma's heart pounded. He was terrified. Then thr curtind surroundin them moved, revealing that they were in a massive prison like cage. Ryoma started shivering uncontrollably as the cloaked man started walking over, sliding off his cloak and facecloth. "Echizen Ryoma." was all he stated. Ryoma's world went black._/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/

Tezuka, who had been attempting to hide Ryoma from view, suddenly heard a low thud. Looking behind him, he saw that Ryoma had passed out. Bending down, Tezuka picked him up hurriedly. "Yaro…" Momo mummored, then "What do you want?" Shinji smiled. "Sensei has been looking for this child quite a while. His father has been sick with worry. It is time for him to come home, you kidnappers!" they were stunned. Them, kidnappers? HAH! "We will not send him back to that place!" Momo yelled, Kaidou next to him hissed in agreement.

"You don't have a choice in the matter." Shinji said, at the carriage was recovered and a sickly sweet smell started pouring in through the curtains, a white fog-like substance started gathering at there feet. Suddenly Tezuka spoke up "Cover your noses! Quickly!" they did, but it was too late. They started feeling slightly woozy and each slowly passed into unconsciousness. _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/

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