I'm back! But I don't know for how long!
I'm really sorry to everyone who're waiting on Scars; I've completely lost my motivation and, to be honest, the plot, while I'm at it. Stress from multiple sources have knocked my writing abilities away, so I came up with this. The idea came to me a while back, and I think now is the time to give it a go. When I wrote Heroes, the first-person perspective drew me straight into the world. I felt myself become Link as I wrote, and it became so natural to write like that. So, I'm going to try the same approach here. It's definitely a fic I've wanted to write, to turn The Legend of Link into a true series. Hopefully, along the way, I can reconnect with my abilities and get working on Scars, because I've neglected too many things that have so much potential. I've almost finished my internship, so I have summer to work on whatever I like. So, here goes.
This is the prequel to Heroes of Time. I give you: The Hero of Light.

The Legend of Link: The Hero of Light


Darkness grows.

The eternal blackness blossoms, consuming all light in its path. Few can withstand the onslaught. Even strong light standing against it can be changed, manipulated… corrupted…

As he approached me, I sensed the darkness within him. A sinister power, unnatural, something corrupting him from within.

"Can you not see it is meant to be like this?" His smooth voice whispered. To my ears it was sinister, a flickering hiss. He did not know how he spoke. "It must be like this, for all… and for you…"

"No," I breathed. I would stand firm. "It is not for you to decide what is and what is not to be!"

He drew a breath and I felt his bright orange eyes meet mine. And in that moment, I felt cold rush through me. This had to be what it was like to be chilled to my soul.

Fiery power roared within them. This was not the man I knew. I saw things that should not exist within those eyes. Raw cravings, a drive, a lust that would not be satisfied…

"You do not understand, do you?" He spoke, remarkably softly, and for just a moment I feared I had misjudged him. But when he took a step forward, that cold rush returned tenfold. I felt my bones turned to ice when I realised could not have been more right. Why was I always right…

"The power I have been granted… It is absolute. The power of a true god! The power to decide, as the divine! I have done this for you, but I will do this without you if I must! Join me, Midna! Let us make our people greater than the worlds could ever imagine!"

I had never felt such fear in my life. Now was not the time to show it, but I just wasn't strong enough. I could not stop my body's retreat across the balcony. I nearly stumbled, trying to cover my unsteadiness with more resistance. "Never, Zant! You betray your own people… You turn against me… You shame the name of our race!"

"I will do what is necessary to ensure our race will become strong! If you cannot see that…" Fear flooded me once more as I felt my heart begin to race, each beat resonating through my ears. His eyes narrowed. "…then it is you who disgrace the name of the Twili!" His voice began to growl. "You are just a child… You are nothing…"

And with a sweep of his hand, I felt something I should never have felt.


The world went black and silent, and when my eyes finally reopened, I saw the ground I now lay upon. I stayed there a few moments, trying to piece together what had happened. I… I felt different, but as I lay there, I just could not place why. It was when I held out my hand to pick myself from the floor of the balcony, I saw…

My left arm, suddenly shorter, pulsed with surreal energy, ancient runes I could not pronounce lining them. With horror I looked myself over, and I saw them continuing all across my form. A form much smaller…

The body I saw was not mine.

It could not be.

Surely I dreamed it.

For long moments I stared at myself. Panic rose in my chest. He could not have done this. It was impossible. The strain of the past month had gotten to me. I slept badly in my bed. I was dreaming. I would awaken in moments.

Yet for all the time my thoughts raced, I did not change.

Could it be that I did not dream?

Was it real?

If I could not rouse myself from slumber, then it had to be… No it couldn't be… Yes, yes, what had he…?

I turned to face him, to make him pay, but he had fled. And with that I felt the dark energy pulse anew. The Palace whispered of its imbalance. I was not safe here.

With heavy heart and mind, I left. Left it all behind, all to him. I could do nothing, for I really was nothing.

Less than a princess.

Less than a child.

I almost wished he had ended my breath instead.

For now he would surely force me to watch as he remade my world as he saw fit.

This was how he would break me. He took from me everything… Everything and more. And now he would destroy it.

Do not give in.

Those words… Where did they come from?

You are stronger than that. Believe in your strength. Use it. You will not break. This is not how it ends.

From my pockets, I felt its call. I drew it out with shuddering breaths, barely able to look at it. And within moments, I felt rage.

It had caused this. Whatever it was. This evil thing, it had started this chain of events. It had brought about the destruction of our world. I had always known it.

The world you knew was gone long ago. This is the real world. This is the one you must learn from. Survive it, and you will find your salvation.

This is not how it ends.

This is how it begins.