It was a usual day in Forks, the sun was not shining but the morning breeze smelled just right. Leah rolled out of bed and stretched her morning stretch. It was still taking her awhile getting used to the little cabin on the reservation. She missed the sounds of her families laughter and her father, she missed him more than anything but it was time for her to grow up. She was an adult, she needed to be out on her own. Well, technically she'd never be alone, not ever. Not with the wolf pack being able to nose through every single one of her thoughts but Leah was getting really good at shutting her mind off. She didn't want to know what those boys were thinking and she definitely didn't want them to know what she was thinking.

After she ate breakfast it was off to the woods, it was her and Seth's turn to be on guard. The routine watches were never eventful, both Clearwater's were always bored out of there minds. But it was a thing all the wolves had to take turns doing weather they wanted to or not. When she arrived she made the painless change into her wolf form and waited for Seth. He appeared 10 minutes later, already in his wolf state.

LEAH: "You're late."

Leah said to her little brother through her thoughts. Seth looked up at his normally grumpy sister with a wolfy smirk on his face.

SETH: "I'm always late, get over it."

As she rolled her eyes they went off in their respected directions.

SAM: "Wake up!"

Was all she could hear in her mind.

SAM: "You know you're not suppose to be sleeping right now Leah, you only have to be on guard for 2 hours."

She let out a low growl, she hated when he did that. It was bad enough she was forced to be around boys 24/7 but to be forced to be around Sam and let alone him be in her thoughts and in charge of things, it was one thing she would never be able to cope with. Leah didn't reply back to him, she never did. She had to take his instructions with a grain of salt or deal with the Alpha chain of command.

Once the dreaded 2 hour watch was over she stalked her way through the forest and came to one of her favorite spots. It was a nice patch of green grass surrounded by flowers. Now, Leah was anything but a girly girl but that one spot in the forest seemed to be made for her. If not made for her then it was custom fitted to her small grey wolf body. By now, she made it a point to take a nap there everyday. It was like her own private nook in the world. Leah curled up and rested her head on her paws and was out like a candle in the rain.

The female wolf was awoken to a foul odor.

ROSALIE: "Well, what do we have here?"

The tone of voice rained down with bitchiness. The smell, the tone of voice, and even the sight of the stranger made Leah's hair stand up on the back of her neck.

ROSALIE: "You need to move your ass!" she yelled. "You're on my territory!"

With this continued onslaught of up front bitchiness it made Leah let out a louder and meaner growl. She couldn't believe that this leech had the nerve to tell her to move, this was clearly wolf territory. Any idiot could see that. No sooner than Leah was about to attack did Sam show up in his human state.

SAM: "Leah, hold!" he yelled.

ROSALIE: "Leah?"

The female vampire glanced at the wolf then looked at the man before her.


As this cold one continued to look at the wolf and wolf pack leader it made Sam squint his eyes.

SAM: "Rosalie?"

She nodded her head to let him know it was in fact her. It wasn't like Sam and Rosalie were happy to see each other, it was more that they had an understanding and had helped each others families out a time or two. By the time they were done semi-catching up Leah was running out from behind a big rock adjusting her shirt.

LEAH: "Who the hell are you to tell me to move my ass? This is clearly our territory!"

Rosalie watched as the heated Qeulite native jumped up and down.

ROSALIE: "You're a bit of a hot head aren't you?"

Sam placed a hand on Leah's shoulder.

SAM: "This is not the way we greet someone who has helped us in the past" he said in his fatherly tone of voice.

LEAH: "Helped us? She's helped me become this! And if I'm not mistaken, we've helped these bloodsuckers out as well. So I'd say we're pretty even"

Leah groaned out loud and walked off. She was pissed. Sam never had her back, if it wasn't benefiting the tribe as a whole then it wasn't benefiting Sam. Sometimes she couldn't believe she had ever been in love with him. She tried so hard to keep him out of her life but she couldn't now that she was bound to the pack. There were only 2 options she had: 1. Leave Sam's pack and go join Jacob's or 2. Become a lone wolf. The second one wasn't looking too bad to her. But only time would tell what Leah Clearwater would decide to do.