Hey guys I'm back! Its a little hard to update since my computer has been broke for awhile but on with the update! Also I don't know if any of you guys like to RP because me and my friend are starting up a Jersey Shore RP. So if you are message me and I will give you the details)

In the morning Leah awoke to no one there. She had a bit of a smirk on her face because she would have swore Rosalie would have stuck around. She sat up in the bed and bit her bottom lip out of worry and confusion.

LEAH: "Was I not good?"

She asked out loud to herself. She really had nothing to go off of because Rosalie was the first and only girl she had been with, so no real way to gauge her tongue skills. The wolf sighed to herself and shook her head as she got up. She walked passed her scattered clothes all around the room and made her way into the shower. She turned the knobs and let the warm water run all down her body, she started to soap up as all her thoughts ran to Rosalie. Damn, that girl was good. She made Leah feel things she would have never imagined. Leah placed her hand on her chest as she closed her eyes and envisioned that it was Rosalie's hands that were touching her. Leah let her hands slowly run down to her stomach as she let her nails grip her there a bit. No sooner than she was about to place her hand on her clit there were already fingers there. She almost jumped out of her skin.

LEAH: Jesus Christ!

Rosalie had made her way back into the house and into the shower without Leah being none the wiser. She had her arms wrapped around the slender girl from the back and one of her hands was playing with her pussy.

ROSALIE: "Mmm, now you didn't think that I would go off and leave you, did you?"

She asked in a silk sexy tone as she moved her mouth over to Leah's ear. She let her lips linger there a bit before she sucked Leah's earlobe into her mouth.

LEAH: "Uhn...mmm baby..."

All Leah could do was moan.

LEAH: "I thought you left...mmm...I'm happy you're here"

Leah let a smile dance on her face as Rosalie continued to tease and please Leah's clit.

ROSALIE: "I did leave. I had to get some real food in here because you obviously can't cook"

She let a laugh out.

ROSALIE: "I can't have my girl eating microwaved pizzas all the time"

Rosalie rolled her eyes and laughed.

LEAH: "That's cooking on the go!"

ROSALIE: "Oh shut up"

LEAH: "Make me!"

ROSALIE: "Not a problem"

Rosalie used her Vamp speed and was in front of Leah before she could blink. She let her tongue slide all up and down Leah's slit. Her pussy was already nice and warm. Leah would never get enough of the sensation of Rosalie's cold tongue on her warm pussy. It was the best feeling on earth she thought.

ROSALIE: "I made sure to save room for this"

Rosalie winked then went back to Leah's pussy.

LEAH: "Save room? MMM...!"

She was trying not to moan but it was no use.

ROSALIE: "Yes, sweetie. I got you food this morning but I also went out and caught my breakfast"

Rosalie slowly licked her lips, tasting Leah's arousal all over her.

ROSALIE: "But I happen to like this a whole lot better"

As Rosalie was about to put her mouth back to where it was before she felt Leah move back and shook her head a bit. This made Rosalie frown her face up a bit.

ROSALIE: "Something wrong?"

Leah looked into Rosalie's eyes and she was infuriated.

LEAH: "I have watch today...then Sam wants to 'talk' to me about how I've been behaving lately...he's not my goddamn father!"

Leah's muscles started to tense as she finished washing up and got out of the shower. She dried herself off quickly then wrapped the towel around her waste.

ROSALIE: "Babe..."

She followed behind Leah slowly. Not because she was scared of her but because she wanted to make sure she was alright. Even tho she was the more mocho one out of the pair she was still a girl and she had feelings. Leah sighed and groaned as she pulled some clothes out to wear for the day.

LEAH: "Why even bother! They will just get ripped to shreds..."

These were the times that Leah really hated being a werewolf. Rosalie saw how Leah was stressing and she pulled her into a passionate liplock.

ROSALIE: "It will all be fine, shhh..."

And just like that Rosalie had soothed the beast.

LEAH: "Thanks baby.."

Leah kissed Rosalie once more but stood there kind of unknowingly. It was time for her to make a change and whatever decision she made someone wouldn't like it but it was about her happiness now. Screw the others. The only people besides herself that she cared about were her mom, Seth, and Rosalie.

LEAH: "I'm going to talk to Sam."