At last I've been able to finish this chapter and I have to say I like this chapter my self. It turned out to be almost endless, because there have been so many things going on between the last time we met Akira and now and I had to mention all the staff, so . . . Anyhow, the most important thing is that I'm done for the time being and here I present the chapter which at last contains some smut, sexual violence and other stuff we like so much :) P.S. not only Shiki is able to play with our beloved Akira ;) he, he . . .

Akira III : The Encounter

He's standing on a rooftop. Musing. Scanning the scenery before him. Toshima.

Rin was kind of right. It is beautiful. No, not in that sense. Not like art. It's not ravishing or alluring. No way! But it's appealing in some strange paradoxical even perverse sense. Like when you walk along the street and there's been a car accident. Dead bodies and blood and tears. It's awful, but you simply can't take your eyes off it. It drags you closer, because you want to see this captivating seductive act of misery as particular as possible. It's in the nature of humans. And Akira realizes that he is exactly this sort of human being. And maybe that is the reason for all of them to be here. To experience this misery called life as detailed as it could get.

Yes, all of them: himself, Keisuke, Rin, the old man, everyone.

Maybe even stupid Keisuke, who has dragged himself along and now went for Igura even, has some sort of bloodthirsty wish inside him. Ok, very extremely quiet one, but still. Akira couldn't believe the guy was here just out of some sick sense of protectiveness as he claimed. The only reason to put your life on the line is the possibility that your opponent is in the same situation. Theoretically both of you are risking. His blood can be shed as well as yours. His life can be taken as well as yours. And that's what counts. Nothing else matters as long as you can kill or get killed.

He was pretty sure, that Rin, this young blonde with sky-blue eyes, whom they met not so long ago, but who already acted like they're old friends for years, is here for the same reason. Yes, those exceedingly azure eyes. Blue is the color of danger. Akira had heard this somewhere before. Does it make sense? Well, in this case, definitely. 'Cause despite his girlish frail appearance the guy was quite skilled when it came to fighting. God only knows what paths he's been walking and where learned to wield knifes the way he did and actually it was no business of his. But this Rin was an oddball with his camera and photos of almost everyone and everything. Like a little spy or something. And why in the name of egg solid did he have a picture of Shiki. Akira was positive that the guy in black he saw in one of the photographs was no other then Shiki himself.

As silly as it sounds, Akira could have sworn that he's able to recognize his ex orphanage associate anywhere and any time. And he wanted to know why Rin had a picture of him. Only he did not want to ask, because in case he would it was sure as hell that the little brat would go for interrogation, asking questions like: "How do you know him?", "What do you think of him?", "Is there anything between you both?" and so on and on. Akira was no particular supporter of sharing personal information and for no actual reason Shiki had become some sort of personal "staff".

WTF? Seriously? Akira, what is wrong with you? Our beloved main hero did ask himself every now and then, 'cause each and every time it came to THIS topic, thoughts in his head all of a sudden transformed into fireworks. It was bright colors and expressive sensations. Shades of red and limen of lust. Lust for what? Akira couldn't explain that to himself let alone somebody else. It was definitely personal, so, he asked Rin:

- And who's this guy?

The counter-action was rather inconceivable. Smile left young man's lips like he would have gotten smacked around the face. There was something anger alike playing with his traits.

- Oh, you can have that picture, but it's nothing interesting.

With clear rage behind those words young Rin had replied. And that is how this conversation ended. Obviously Rin knew Shiki. And hated his guts. Well, that's no surprise, knowing Shiki. Akira deduced. And smirked inwardly. As much as he could remember everybody hated and feared Shiki. Actually, they loathed him exactly and only because they were terrified. Stupid miserable cunts.

But Akira was different. He did not abominate. He did not adore. He was incapable of such feelings. And maybe that was the reason why he was the only one who got along with the demon. It seemed Shiki had similar disability. Inability to feel. At least that was what Akira thought.

Wait! Why the hell was he meditating upon Shiki's inner world. Again! It had to stop!

Akira spun around leaving the setting sun behind his back and joined his company of old and new gained friends who had settled upon the rooftop and around the little bunch of foodstuff Rin had bought for them simply to cheer them. Weirdo! Thankfully thought Akira and sat down next to Keisuke.

The sun got swallowed up by clouds and left this side of the Earth. A full moon rose and cast ghastly light upon Toshima where the dark corners grew even darker and rats and druggies crawled to the moonlit surface of the city.

Keisuke had gone so quiet Akira was sure he's asleep while Rin was trying to get on Motomy's nerves. At last old man got on his feet and with his simple see ya' later left for whatever was on his mind.

Rin obviously was disposed to talk what led to a monologue about Blaster which reminded Akira of that day's odd encounter with the blue haired one. Basically the guy dragged him to a quiet alleyway to get back his precious possession, Akira poached after the fight, but in the end it turned out to be a relatively civilized conversation about things Akira haven't considered before. For example the fact, that you could participate in Igura to earn some money. But the most curious thing he said was, that if he would beat Il Re, he would become the new drug lord, which is the highest position in the world right now. That was something completely astonishing. Il Re the drug lord. And Akira started to realize how little did he know about Igura and this situation. But it made clear a couple of things as well. He recalled Emma and the main reason he was here. He had forgotten all about it, but now the good old despondency was back with new force. What was he supposed to do? How was he supposed to defeat a drug lord? It was clear as day that if this guy is a drug lord he's not alone. Instead he's like a giant spider in the middle of a web. Web which consists of tens and hundreds of men protecting him from likes of Akira. Now it seemed even more impossible to get to him then before.

Two bright eyes staring at him pulled Akira out of his thoughts. Rin had leaned so close that his breath could be felt on skin. Ex Blaster champion who was so expressionless like the blue haired Takeru said back in the side-street felt a slight confusion in a form of blush creeping up from the pit of his stomach.

- I've always liked this pretty face of yours - all of a sudden revealed Rin.

- What? - Akira was at the loss of words.

Rin blossomed with a smile. He stretched his long pale fingers and gently brushed Akira's lips which our young fighter kept open since the amazement had a strong hold of him. Rin's fingers danced along Akira's cheek down his neck and stopped between his collar bones. All this time Akira stared at Rin like he was some kind of unnatural creature from outer space and he stared back but only there was no sign of bewilderment. Those amazingly blue eyes gazed back with joy, vitality and daring. And precisely when Akira comprehended where this was going Rin pushed forward and stretched him to the ground.

- Stop fooling around! - screeched Akira with true panic.

But obviously Rin wasn't joking. He climbed on top of Akira and pined his shoulders to the rooftop. Akira dragged in a gasping breath and Rin leaned down. Their lips met. Blonde's moist ones and Akira's soft ones. Two extraordinarily blue eyes disappeared behind the lids for a moment while a very active tongue explored Akira's mouth. And exactly when a certain someone was recovered enough to throw the other one off from the city beneath them came a frightened cry:

- Shiki! Shiki's here! - croaked the voice.

Rin was on his feet at once. And then he fled. Akira scraped up and run after him calling:

- Rin! Wait! Rin!

But it was too late. The blonde was already gone.

While dashing after Rin Akira mused. Shiki. Just who is he? Why the whole city is afraid of him? Rin seemed to chase Shiki. But why? What is the reason for this belligerence? In what particular way Shiki has wronged Rin? But most importantly, why in the name of egg solid is he all of a sudden thinking about this stuff? Why it seems so important? Why has everything considering his rather monstrous former acquaintance become so god damn important?

Akira paused. Wait! Why exactly is he here right now? Is it because he wants to make sure Rin's ok or maybe it's . . . Shiki . . . Quite feasible explanation to say the truth is the fact that Akira is somewhat drawn towards this enigmatic fighter.

Two guys screaming on top of their lungs passed him. That means he's close. Akira stopped short of a crossroad. He faced a narrow side-street hidden in pitch black darkness. He waited. He caught a sound of footsteps flopping. And then came an incomprehensible sight. A hideous creature staggered out of the lane. Probably once a man with his black empty eye sockets bleeding and cramp'y fingers fumbling the air fell on his knees right in front of Akira. With one last wheezy noise coming out of his half slashed neck the fiend died and his lifeless body hit the ground.

Eyes wide in shock Akira took a couple of steps backwards. And now the sound of unhurried, but firm footfalls approached. Akira's heart missed one beat.

And there he was. Shiki. In all his blood smeared grace marching towards him. There was no sign of mockery or playfulness in Shiki's face. No sneer. No nothing. Dead serious and dangerous he halted at the end of the street. He didn't cease to gaze at Akira. Right in the eyes. It seemed like Shiki's eyes mirrored all the blood spilled on the ground. So red, so swirl'y. Those pools of sanguine contorted the space and arched the time. Akira trembled but pulled a face of a dog ready to defend himself. Shiki attacked. He's almighty katana split the air way too close for a sudden victim to stay calm. Whoosh! Akira jumped back. Second whoosh and Akira squatted and drew out his blade. Right in time to protect himself from katana's razorsharp blade. Murderous steel twinkled with ominous spark just inches away from Akira's face which he felt congesting from almost cruel pressure. He had to use both his hands to keep Shiki's weapon at bay, though it only added fuel to the fire. Akira felt blind anger making way into his mind.

- - Is that all you got? - Shiki's voice came calm and uninterested.

- Don't screw with me! - Akira shouted.

And in that very moment adversary turned around but as soon as Akira got to his feet, he sent him flying backwards through a huge vitrine with a heavy punch. The glass smashed with deafening noise. Akira was lying on the floor. Shiki estimated the damage and slowly even elegantly approached digging the katana in the ground on his way. When he reached Akira who was still writhing with pain Shiki grabbed him by the neck and pined young fighter to the wall. Akira gasped at the sudden contact as with the wall as well as with Shiki's hand.

- You still brandish your knife even though you know you can't win, - emotionless voice pointed out.

For the answer Akira lifted his knife.

- It seems as though you really want to die, - he added.

Akira was fighting to regain his breath. Instead he was rewarded with even tighter grasp. Knife in his hand was shaking until it fell to the ground. He was left completely and utterly defenseless against this ripper. So, he opened his eyes as wide as he could grinded his teeth and glowered at the two-legged angel of death.

- So, I'll grant you that wish, - with no expression on his face Shiki promised.

And fingers squeezed his windpipe so strong Akira would have screamed if he could, but instead he made no sound at all. Only his eyeballs bulged a little more.

- Ju - s - t . . . , - Akira forced some sort of articulate sounds.

What he wanted to say was - just stop teasing me - , but the words simply would not come out. And this one time Akira was grateful they didn't, 'cause only now did he realize how awkward would this phrase sound in the situation like this when Shiki was so close. Too close. Assassin cocked his head looking almost flirtatious then leaned forward and brushed his lips against Akira's ear. This movement sent shivers down Akira's spine.

- Dogs should be like dogs and just bark, - Shiki whispered causing new stream of shivers.

Akira couldn't take it anymore and closed his eyes. The pressure was just too big. His hand automatically pushed up and grabbed Shiki's shoulder.

- If you were to cry and beg for forgiveness, - he continued, - I might change my mind about killing you.

It sounded so truthfully almost gentle. Akira's eyes snapped open. This was bad. Akira started to enjoy listening to this silken voice no matter what horrid nonsense it was implying. He pulled himself together and pushed this spring body away from his. That left Shiki holding Akira's throat in his stretched hand. Black swordsman giggled quietly and kept watching his victim straining against his hold.

Akira gasped but kept glaring at this vicious creature before him. And he stared back with ridicule about his helplessness.

- What arrogant eyes you have, - Shiki added after this staring contest.

And then unexpectedly Shiki grabbed Akira's shirt and tore it. Akira felt cool night breeze against his heated skin. Soothing and alarming at the same time. But that was nothing comparing to what happened next. Black swordsman grinned wickedly and with the speed of light pushed his hand past Akira's belt. Fingers covered with leather wrapped themselves around his dick. Akira drew a sharp breath and tossed back his head.

That was unbelievable! He felt himself growing within Shiki's palm. No! No! No! Anything but that! Akira screamed inwardly. Shiki giggled again.

- So, the dog likes when the master touches him, - he mocked.

And he moved his palm upwards and downwards a couple of times. Akira lost it and let out a small whimper. Shiki repeated his previous movements. This time he was being rewarded with tiny cry and he smiled obviously pleased with the sight, so, he went past Akira's ball sack and pressed a tip of his finger against the entrance. Akira was ready to weep. Not only he was being molested he enjoyed it as well. No matter how hard would he try to deny that his throbbing member was a clear approval he found Shiki's doings arousing. And the other one knew it. He knew it too well, so, without further hesitation he pressed his finger in.

Stars swirled in front of victims eyes. At first because of pain. But then Shiki obviously found THE spot. In seconds pain was replaced with pleasure and Akira let out a long moan.

- What? - asked Shiki with a fake surprise, - do I hear you begging me?

Akira didn't reply just grinded his teeth even harder. He would not do the pleasure and admit how badly he wanted to come right now.

- Ok, - spat the molester and continued the sweet torment.

He moved his finger like drawing a circle stretching Akira's entrance for the next test. Soon enough Shiki added the second finger and Akira moaned even louder then before. More pain at first but no doubt more pleasure afterwards. It wasn't long before he would come, but all of a sudden Shiki stopped. Akira opened his eyes which he kept closed until now like he could block out reality that way. Again he met ruby red pupils full of wrath and viciousness. Those eyes reminded of two blooming roses in snow. They contrasted with Shiki's pale skin so much.

There was nothing left. No time and no space. No city and no moon. Just two ruby red irises filling up the whole. This was exactly what Akira needed. He pulled his knees to his chest pressed his feet against the blurry form before him and pushed it away.

Shiki let go of his victim and stepped back a bit. Akira fell to the ground. At last he was able to breathe properly and he drew his lungs full of air. Shiki just stood there watching him. Akira tried to get on his feet but failed, 'cause there was still too less ear in his circulatory system, so, he stayed on all fours.

Shiki came closer just like he wanted to make sure Akiras's allright. The one on the ground nailed his gaze to approaching figure and picked up the knife again. Then he crawled to the counter and pressed his back against it for support. And when finally he sat down and pointed his knife towards the enemy he mumbled:

- As if I'd be a dog . . .

Shiki approached a little more. Then stopped. Watched Akira for a moment until replied:

- We'll play again when you're in better shape.

And with that he turned around and walked out of smashed up place snatching his katana on his way.

Akira just sits there fallowing the black coat movements with his eyes until Shiki's figure vanishes in the night. So, here he is. Horny as hell despaired and on the verge of tears.

- So this is who you are, Shiki . . . - Akira mutters.

Why did he have to come here? Why in the hell did he allow THIS to happen? Why did Shiki do something like that? And for what fucked up reason he feels so empty right now? Like he would have lost something. But Shiki said they shall meet again. And so they will. And then . . . Then . . . Akira would avenge himself. He has to kill that perverted bastard.

So, this is the end of the encounter, but only the beginning of Akira's bittersweet torment. See you next time when our beloved heroes shall meet again ;)