Hi! This is my very first fan fiction so I hope you like it. This takes place after Iron Queen when Ash and Puck go find Grimalkin. Then he takes them to see Katelia.

I had just gotten back from dance that day, when the doorbell rang. I opened our front door but no one stood there. I stepped out onto our porch and heard a crinkle of paper under my foot. I picked up the small yellow sticky note. In particularly fancy writing, it said;

Come find us at the park.

I looked out at the woods that surrounded our house. I heard a bird chirping and saw a squirrel rush up a tree. Nothing out of the ordinary. I stepped back inside and went upstairs. I knew what was coming so I changed into my favourite pair of jeans and a t shirt. I also grabbed a sweater since it was October and it could get pretty cold at night. On my neatly made bed I left a note, explaining that I wasn't coming back and that they should all just forget about me. Heading back down, I put on my black Puma's and grabbed my iPod.

I walked out and shut my front door. At the end of the drive way, I turned around and looked at the house I'd lived in for 2 years.

"Goodbye," my voice cutting through the silence.

The park in our tiny division isn't that great. Just a set of swings, monkey bars and a slide; a normal park. It had a baseball diamond on one side, and a forest on the other. Our parents all told us never to go in the forest more than ten steps because it was dangerous. Some of the older kids would go in farther in, as a dare or just for fun. But when one kid went in too far, that all stopped.

Today though, I just went to the swings sat on one. It was late, around 8:30, so no one was there. I put in my ear buds and turned on Party Rock Anthem and started humming along. A crisp wind blew my hair in my face, and when a crow cawed close by, I pulled one of my buds out.

It cawed again, and when I looked up I saw that it was standing on the bar the swing was attached to. The startling part was its eyes. They were sea green, and sparkly: I hadn't seen eyes like that in a long time.

"Robin Goodfellow," I murmured. He must have heard me because when I blinked, a red head with bright green eyes and pointy ears stood in front of me.

"Katy Hazel, right?" he asked with a smirk and I blinked when he said my name.

"I'm guessing you're the one who left the note at my door?" I didn't answer his question but asked one of my own.

"Actually," he turned towards the forest, "That's my friend's handwriting." I gazed at the forest too and stood when two figures strode out. A cat and a winter prince and at closer examination, I saw that it was none other than Prince Ash. I glared at him and backed up a step.

"I'm guessing there's no need for introductions then," Puck said.

"Oh believe me, I know him very well," my eyes never left the Prince's.

"But do you know me?" a voice from the ground spoke. I finally broke my gaze and looked down to see the cat. I recognized him instantly.

"I think you mean remember, Grimalkin. Came to collect your favour then?" The other two looked to the cait sith. "You didn't explain who I am?"

"I thought you would do better. And I know how much you love telling stories," Grim gave me a sly smile.

"Wonderful," I muttered to myself. I looked to the boys, "I will explain who I am, but not here. There are too many fey in that forest, which I am sure you know seeing as you traveled through there. Grim does that old trod still work?"

"I believe so," he was now grooming himself.

"Okay, follow me," I turned on my heel and headed towards the baseball diamond. I took them to the bleachers and headed under one of them. A redcap lived here, guarding a trod into the wyldwood. By now he was a friend of mine, but when he saw my companions he tensed.

"Who're these people Katy? Friends or enemies?" he growled and I saw Ash's hand go to his sword.

"Will all of you take a breather? Geez," I rolled my eyes. "We need to get in Brutal,"

"Really? I thought you said you would never go back?" he talked to me but kept his eyes on the others.

"Well, times have changed. Will you let us through now?" I tapped my foot impatiently.

"I guess I can let you through, but I'm gonna need some payment from your friends," I turned to them and put my hands on my hips.

"Have any of you got anything?" I got blank expressions from all of them.

"I can offer a favour-, "Ash started but I cut him off.

"He won't accept that. He only takes physical objects," I explained. When no one else spoke up I turned back to Brutal.

"Can I pay for them?" I asked the red cap.

He looked to my companions and then back to me, "What've you got?" I slipped off the engagement ring that I had gotten from a garage sale and tossed it to him.

"Happy?" Brutal slipped the ring into a pocket of his and side stepped. Behind where he had stood was a tiny door.

"Good day," he said and we headed through.

We came out in a patch of wyldwood that I knew was right at the mid-point between the Seelie and Unseelie courts. I knew this because Brutal told me once.

I turned around and faced Grim, Puck, and Ash. Puck immediately spoke.

"So what's your story?" he asked, arching an eyebrow. I noticed that Puck and Ash had let down there disguises completely.

"You really want to know?" I asked. He nodded. "You're sure?"

"Who the hell are you?" he asked, clearly impatient. I let my own disguise fall away and smirked when Puck's jaw dropped and Ash's hand fell to his sword.

"I am Katelia Hazel Ellette, 3rd lieutenant of King Machina. But you can call me Katy,"

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