Hello my lovely readers! I have returned. Please don't kill me. I know you've waited soooo long for this and I'm sorry it's so short but I'm still trying to figure out what comes next. I've been plotting this story in such a random way and I didn't want to keep you guys waiting any longer. So I hope you enjoy.

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Note: I made up most of the entrance to Tir Na Nog.

I looked to Puck who just shrugged and followed, me close behind, into what I guess was the entrance to Tir Na Nog.

Katelia's POV

After rushing to catch up with him, Puck and I followed Ash through the fog. At some point we stepped off of the dock and onto frozen water. As we continued on, a dark mass showed up in our line of vision and once we were closer I noticed that it was a tree.

"Sort of a weird place to plant a tree, don't you think?" Puck pondered.

"This is one trod to Tir Na Nog," Ash said, ignoring Puck's idiocy.

I raised an eyebrow, "A tree in the middle of a frozen lake? You couldn't be more creative than this?"

"Well, I don't exactly pick where the trods appear. It's not my responsibility. The only thing I must worry about is where they are and how to open them." With these words Ash's hand, which pretty much always rested on his sword hilt, grasped said sword and pulled it from its sheath. With both hands, he raised it above his head and muttered a few words before slashing it down. A blue spark flew from the tip and collided with the tree trunk. Much like glass, the tree trunk became spider-webbed with icy blue cracks. The tree soon glowed with these as Ash re-sheathed his sword. The lines that ran in front of our trio began expanding; joining each other until a slim rectangle of light appeared.

Without another word, Ash strode into the light, leaving Puck and I to scramble after him.

I remember a lot of cold washing over me and the feeling of falling down too quickly, making my ears pop. The next thing I knew, I was standing in a small alleyway, looking at a wall. I turned around and saw the alley was quite long and I could just make out figures walking past it. Ash and Puck were in front of me, looking out the same way I was.

"Now what?" I asked eager to get this trip through the frozen territory over with.

Ash merely glanced back at me for a split second. "We're travelling to a rose garden. That is where the trod lies,"

"Ok, that seems simple enough," I was about to take a step forward but Puck held an arm out.

"Hold on. Where exactly is this rose garden?" Puck questioned.

"It is beside my mother's castle. It is her rose garden."

"You're kidding me right? You expect us to get into your mother's garden? Why is it there anyway? Does she have a French fetish or something?" I earned a small smile out of Puck with that.

"She's right prince. You're an exile, she's an Iron faery, and I'm bloody Robin Goodfellow,"

"I've realized that. But for some reason you've both seem to have forgotten that I spent most of my life sneaking in and out of this place. I know every shortcut there is," Ash replied and I heard the underlying hint of smugness in there. He turned to the exit of the alley, cape swishing behind him and I glanced at Puck. He simply shrugged and strode forward to catch up, me in his wake.

Ash poked his head out of the alley, glancing back and forth. From where I stood, I could see that Tir Na Nog was actually a very beautiful place. Ice covered everything making it sparkle in that unique way. Faery gentry walked elegantly through the courtyard before us as red caps bustled around in their little gangs, eager to find something to kill.

Ash turned back to us. "Ok, this should not be too difficult. There aren't too many guards and the castle isn't far so-,"

"I believe you are forgetting something, Prince," Grimalkin's voice cut in. I didn't jump time, far too used to the cat's random appearances. "If you could observe the snow behind you," rose up from the now burnt snow.

Black footprints marked the snow, leading right up to where I stood. Lifting a foot, I watched as smoke
"Right," I said, raising my head. "Iron faery. Snow and I don't really have that great of a relationship. Come to think of it, grass isn't my best friend either."

"Won't invisibility glamour cover your tracks?" Puck asked.

"No unfortunately. I don't know why so don't ask but the burning footprint thing doesn't go away,"

"So what do you propose we do fur ball?" Puck turned and questioned the gray cat.

"I thought it would be rather obvious," he responded licking his paw pompously.

"You'll have to be carried," Ash stated.

I immediately took a step back. "Uh-uh, no can do boys. There is no way in hell either of you are carrying me. We'll just have to find another way." I crossed my arms and cocked a hip, determined to win this.

"We do not have time for that," Ash countered. "This is the only trod that I know of that is not constantly guarded. This is our only way in."

I just continued looking at the pair, my mind whirring trying to find some way out of this. But before I could say another word, the faeries looked at each other and moved towards me. The next thing I knew, everything was black.

I cracked my eyes open, only to find the world upside down. I tried to right myself but realized that I was being carried over someone's shoulder. A very warm shoulder.

"What the hell?" I murmured. I felt arms around my knees, holding me firmly in place. I looked to my left to see a familiar pair of black boots and a cape waving.

"Ash," I whispered/yelled. He looked down at me, finally noticing I was awake.

"Is there any way I could be carried a little nicer. Like, not upside down?" He looked up at my carrier and nodded. I felt myself being pulled up and then swung down towards the ground. My arms frantically grasped around my carrier's neck as strong arms wrapped under my knees and back.

I then looked up into the sparkling green eyes of Robin Goodfellow.

"You could loosen the death grip on my neck just slightly there, Katy," he smirked. I blushed before doing so. I was oddly comfortable being pressed against his warm body. I could feel the muscles in his arms and chest from my position, and couldn't help becoming an even darker shade of red as I realized my situation.

God, Katelia, what is wrong with you? Are you seriously blushing over Robin Goodfellow? Get a grip! I yelled at myself internally. I heard a soft chuckle from above and turned to hide my face in his shirt.

It felt like forever before I finally felt my feet being placed on the ground. I immediately stepped back from him expecting the cold to hit me like a wall. It never came and as I looked around I found out why.

Shelves of various things surrounded us, holding items that varied from books to sparkling liquid in a jar. A short little thing hobbled out from behind on of the shelves, carrying a box filled with glass jars. The box hid his face from view and also kept our presence from him. I felt a hand on my arm as Puck came to stand in front of me, hiding me. I peeked over his shoulder and watched as the faery put down the box and turned around. A startled yell broke the silence as he finally noticed his visitors.

"You startled me. I didn't realize I had customers."