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The 1001st summer

An Air TV fanfic

Chapter 1: Arrival

Summer. It is the warmest and happiest season of the year for all ages. The cerulean waves crash upon each other in slow laps as they spread across the sandy beach. The cries of seagulls rise and descend over the ocean and small town of Kami. Children laugh and play under the hot sun. Their smiles and giggles grow as they chase each other around the only bus stop in the town. A bus slowly pulls up to the wooden shed and opens its doors. The only passenger to get off was a young girl with an owl feather in her hair carrying a suitcase. As the bus doors close and leave the girl behind in a cloud of exhaust, she stares up at the endless blue sky. Her hand moves her light brown bangs and tries to shield her eyes from the sun. A group of birds tower over her to reach their destination: the ocean. She smiles as the last of them swoops towards the horizon.

She sighs, "I think that this is going to be an interesting summer." From her skirt pocket, she unfolds a scrap of paper. She finishes reading and looks at the empty bench in front of her. As she scans the bus stop curiously, a small boy bumps into her.

"Woah!" The girl exclaims while she regains her footing and adjusts her wide, white hat. The child groans as he stands up to face her. "Hey...Are you alright?"

"Hai! No problem!" The boy grins. "I'm sorry about bumping into you. Are you okay?"

"Yes. Arigato."

"Hey! Ryuuya, come back here! It is your turn."

"Ok, Kanna!" The boy exclaims as he starts to hurry back to his friend.

"Oh! Wait!" The girl yells back at him. He turns around to the visitor. She asks him, "Do you know how to reach this address?" She hands him the piece of paper.

The boy squints at the tiny scrawled letters and answers, "Oh. Yeah. I know where she lives. We can take you to Granny's!" He motions to his friend, a blue-haired girl about his age, and whispers into her ear. The girl giggles, grabs his hand, and they both start running down the road.

On a dusty road, cicadas were buzzing outside a tiny house. A woman with dark pink hair rests on her porch with a piece of grass in her mouth. It would twitch every time she muttered something in her sleep.

"Neh…No, Misuzu. Don't go too far. You'll fall into the pool." She mumbles. The light sound of footsteps and rickety wheels wakes her up. Lazily, she moves her head to face the young stranger at her gatepost. "Ugh…whatcha want? If you are selling anything, I ain't buying. So, beat it." She turns her head away and tries to go back to her nap.

The girl states nervously, "Um. I'm not selling anything. I'm looking for a woman named Haruko Kamio. Do you know where she lives?"

"Yeah. Again, whatcha want?"

"Well, I'm Megan Flynn. I am the foreign exchange student that is supposed to be living with you over the summer."

"What?" Haruko jumps and falls off the porch in surprise.

Megan rushes up to her, "Oh my gosh! Are you alright?" She helps Haruko to stand up.

"Ugh! Yeah, I'm fine," groans Haruko, "It's just that I didn't know that you would be coming today."

"I'm sorry! I decided to come a day earlier to unpack and see the town. I tried calling earlier, but no one answered." Megan fiddles with a strand of her hair.

"It's okay. Now, let's go!" Haruko smiles as she walks to the entrance of her home.

High above the two females, a large black crow observes them. It had been a long time since he had last visited the place. He recognizes the fiery older woman. When he sees the younger of the two, he almost has a heart attack.

"Is it really? Could it be Misuzu?" he thinks to himself and flies lower to them. But, he sadly discovers that he was mistaken. Still, he finally lands inside the living room of Haruko's house. Haruko and Megan enter the room while the crow stares at them expectantly.

"Eh? Is that a crow?" Megan questions.

Haruko stares at the bird and wonders, "Hm…maybe it's Sora…"

Megan looks at Haruko with a puzzled expression.

Haruko explains, "Sora is a tamed crow that stops by every now and then. Though, I have to admit, I haven't seen him for a couple of months." She glances at the crow, "If you are Sora, then hop up two paces."

The crow does exactly what Haruko asks, but she isn't impressed. She just stares at him and continues the tour of her house with Megan. "I'm surprised you didn't freak out when you saw him in the living room."

"Oh! Well, I have always been attached to birds," Megan says, "It really doesn't bother me to see him."

The last room that Haruko shows her is a small bedroom. "This is where you will be sleeping." Megan walks into the room as her sky blue eyes curiously inspect it. There are stuffed dinosaurs scattered on the floor and bed. A small desk with a lamp for studying and a glass table are also in the room. The room even has a window beside the bed that overlooks the wonderful summer day.

"There are clothes in the closet," Haruko interrupts Megan's wandering thoughts, "I think that they'll fit you."

"Yes, thank you ma'am."

Haruko chuckles, "Please just call me Haruko. I'm not that old!" She looks around the room with a sad gentleness, "I hope this room is good enough for you…it's been empty for so long, so it would be nice if someone stayed in here for a bit." And with that, Haruko leaves Megan to unpack her things by herself.

She didn't bring a lot of things with her, so it didn't take long to finish. As she was putting her school supplies in the desk, she notices a small book in one of the drawers. On the cover is a girl with wings. Megan opens it and discovers that it is a diary written by someone named Misuzu.

"I shouldn't be reading this," she thinks, "It isn't right to read anyone's diary."

"Oy! Megan! Do you want me to show you around the town?" Haruko calls out from the kitchen.

"Coming!" Megan puts the diary on top of the desk. "Maybe I can give it back to Haruko-san when we return."

The ladies go out and Haruko shows her the school that she will be attending, the clinic, the grocery store (where Haruko bought some takeout sushi), and the sea wall.

"Hey! Let's go sit up there and relax before we head back. Okay, Megan?"


By the seawall, there is a drug store with a drink machine. Haruko stares and gives a wistful smile. She turns back, "I'm going to get us something to drink. Do you want one?"

"Sure." Megan catches up to Haruko and picks a flavor. Haruko hands her the juice box and watches as she takes her first sip.


Haruko nearly spits out her drink. "Nani? You actually like that stuff?"

Megan nods, "It is a bit strong, but it is very sweet." She continues enjoying her weird juice.

Haruko laughs silently to herself, "Hah. Just like her."

They end up sitting on the sea wall gazing at the orange-yellow water at dusk. When they finish their drinks, Haruko starts to ask Megan about herself.

"Your Japanese is good. How'd you learn to speak so well?"

"Arigato. I had a boyfriend from Hokkaido and he taught me."

"Oh, I see. So, what brings you here?"

Megan smiles, "Well, I was accepted to a summer scholars program, and we could travel abroad to take summer classes before we go to college. My mom didn't want me to leave the States, but my dad reassured her that I would be alright. Still, I couldn't go to Tokyo like I had wanted, and they decided to send me to a small town instead."

"Wow! I knew I would be getting a teenager, but I didn't think you would be so smart!"

Megan blushes and waves her hand in front of her face to dismiss the comment. "Um...Thank you, but really, I'm not a genius, and I won't be taking any difficult courses! Just the basics and a Japanese speaking class to improve my speech!"

Haruko gives her a teasing smile and stretches her arms. "Well, I think that that is enough sightseeing for one day. Now, let's go home and eat!"

Megan and Haruko eat in the living room, while Haruko informs her of the town and how to keep out of trouble. As they were cleaning up, Megan leaves the room to get the diary.

She places it on the table and slides it towards Haruko. "Um…while I was unpacking, I found this diary in the desk."

Haruko glances at her with a peculiar glare.

"D-Don't worry! I didn't read it! I don't think that it is right to invade people's personal lives. I just saw that it belonged to someone named Misuzu and thought that you would want to keep this in a safe place."

Haruko smiles sadly when she hears the name "Misuzu" and hands the diary back to Megan. "Arigato, but please, just keep it in the bedroom. It is where it belongs."

"Alright," Megan pauses, "But, if you don't mind me asking, who is Misuzu?"

Haruko puts her hands in her lap, "Misuzu…she was the girl who used to live in this house with me…she died last year."

Megan sees how hard Haruko is trying not to look upset, so she decides not to bring up anything more about Misuzu.

"Well, enough sad talk!" Haruko yells, "There are some rules that I need to lay down. First, you don't call me ma'am! And second," she pulls out a large bottle of sake, "you drink with me!"

"N-no thank you! I don't drink! Thank you for showing me around town. Goodnight!" Megan gets up from the table and walks to her new bed. She changes into her pajamas, pulls her mid-back length light brown hair into a pony, and dreams about how her first day of school will go tomorrow.

Outside under the starry sky, Sora sat guarding and blaming himself for his failure…of not protecting "her"…the girl in the sky. He gazes at the girl sleeping soundly on Misuzu's bed and promises to keep the stranger safe. With a flap of his wings, he flutters through the window and rests himself on the bed. This was the beginning of a new summer.

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