*Yadda-yadda: Summers 360 is the story of Alex Summers, Havok, thrown into a world that isn't his own. Originally written for a website I used to write for (tho' not all of it), it's *based on* the Mutant X comic.. which had SO much potential, but was canceled when it began to go downhill. So, as always, I hope you enjoy it.. and feel free to review. :D

Chapter One: Return .. and remember.

Your eyes open, meeting with those of a green haired woman like they have so many times before. The woman before you is someone special.. someone you've tried over and over again to regain -- to at least receive friendship from.

You know her as Lorna Dane, but many have known her as Polaris through her time spent with X-Factor.

You're Alex Summers, leader of X-Factor.


"He's coming to!" Polaris shouted, turning away from Havok. She had been towering over him, a concerned look on her face. Alex sat up, examining his surroundings. He was somewhere else.. Not with Greystone, trying to stop him from his insane madness. What was going on? It didn't matter; he knew he was in safe arms with Lorna--

"MAGNETO?!" Havok leapt up, but soon stumbled down. "Lorna? What is Magneto doing here?!"

"Calm down, Alex," The purple and red cloaked man spoke to him, motioning for him to sit back down on the examination table. "I know you must be in shock, only moments ago you were with your team.."

Summers ignored him. "Lorna! What is Magneto doing here ?!"

"You're at the X-Mansion, Alex. Everything is fine.. just stay calm. I know you've just been through a lot, but please.. try and relax. You're wounded."

"Where's the rest of X-Factor?" Havok changed the subject, still uncomfortable about Magneto being there. He could only trust his former love.

"X-Factor?" Magneto responded, a questioning look upon his face. "What is X-Factor?"

"Don't play games with me.. What's going on?! Lorna!"

"Alex, please!" Polaris tried to comfort him, placing her hand on his shoulder. Soon after, she pushed him back to his seat.

Seconds later, a "BAMF!" sound was heard -- accompanied by the smell of brimstone. Alex recognized Kurt Wagner, Nightcrawler, at once.

"Kurt?" Magneto and Lorna turned, speaking in unison.

"Forgive me for interrupting," Nightcrawler began, "but I have news of our friends."

"What is it?"

"Rogue and Pietro have recovered three of our comrades," he said in a low tone. His eyes were melancholy.

"Who? Where are they?"

"--Recovered, Lorna. They are dead."

Magneto's jaw dropped, but that soon changed as a look of hatred appeared on his face. "Who, Kurt?"

"The Fallen, Ice-Man, and.." he paused, Alex turning. "..Madelyne."

"What is all this? Who's doing this?! I WON'T be manipulated!" Alex stood, enraged. "WHAT'S GOING ON?!"

Polaris, Magneto, and Nightcrawler turned to see Summers coming straight at them. A magnetic field surrounded Alex, sending him back to his seat. Straps suddenly appeared from small slits in the side of the table, surrounding him and pulling him tightly to the seat.

"This is for your own good, Alex," Magneto began. "I understand your pain.. but you have to remain calm. You don't want to go into shock. You're still wounded yourself."


Later that night, Alex Summers awoke in the infirmary. Polaris and Magneto were very audible while discussing business in the next room.

"He's been through a lot, father," Polaris spoke, looking to Magneto. "The man just lost his team against The Wolverines.."

"You act like they're all dead, Lorna. We've only recovered three. They're strong... Sto--Bloodstorm as well as the Brute."

"They couldn't have survived against them, especially if they were alone. It's amazing that Alex came out alive from that one."

"He nearly didn't, as I recall. I know this, Lorna.."

"He was clinically dead," Polaris argued. "I don't know what happened. He was dead when we found him.. and then... he just.. woke up, with this look on his face.. Like he didn't know what was going on.."

"They're not dead, Lorna," Magneto sighed. "I refuse to believe it.."

"Let's just count our blessings!" Polaris demanded. "Elektra was with Scotty visiting that attorney boyfriend of hers.. so they're fine! And Alex.."

"..Alex, Lorna.. Alex is unstable. You saw him earlier.. and as for the others, I've ordered Rogue and Quicksilver to continue their search. They're staying out there until they can be found.. one way or the other."

Polaris sighed, defeated. But she still had one argument left. "What if the Wolverines attack Rogue and Pietro?"

"They're a formidable team, The Wolverines," Magneto began, "but I have no doubt they would survive the encounter. At the very least, they're fast enough to retreat, are they not?"

"..I would hope so."

I don't know what's going on here, Alex thought to himself from the infirmary, Kurt and Lorna on a team together? Working UNDER Magneto?! They mentioned Iceman, too.. They made it sound like Bobby was dead.. But who is the Fallen? And Madelyne? The only Madelyne I ever knew was...

"You're awake?" Lorna's voice interrupted Havok's thoughts. She flipped on the lights, and Alex squinted at the sudden brightness. She moved forward, unstrapping him with her own magnetic powers. He sat up, looking at her. "I know this must be hard for you.. You were even dead, Alex.."

"..I don't know what you're talking about. Only a short time ago I was with Greystone.. I--"


"Greystone, Lorna.. He.."

"Stop it," Polaris sighed. "You don't remember, do you? You were with the rest of Strategix.. We received this transmission."

She stood, pulling Alex into the next room. Polaris placed a tape into a nearby television screen and gripped Havok's hand. He didn't object -- the motion definitely wasn't a foreign one.

The screen buzzed to life, showing Madelyne Summers looking on in desperation.

"Please! Help us!" She spat out. There was blood all over her, and she was shaking. Her voice was weak; she'd obviously just been in battle. "I think Alex is dead.." tears ran down her cheeks, "..I lost communication with Bloodstorm, Hank, and Bobby some time ago.. And I think I saw the Fallen go down!"

"Whoever gets this.. please, come.. You have to help us..." The broadcast broke up, but returned shortly after. "X-Men.. Avengers.. Anyone! Please hurry..!"

A voice was heard from elsewhere on the camera. "My my.. We got us a pretty'n here, Bub! Let's see what we can do to fix that..." A SNIKT was heard, and Madelyne Summers let out a shriek as the video went blank.

"Was that .. Jean?"

"MADELYNE, Alex--! It was Madelyne! Your WIFE!" Lorna screamed, water building in her eyes.

Magneto watched from the sidelines with a sigh. Neither of them had noticed him.

"My wife--?" Alex looked on like a confused child. "I'm not married! None of this is right!"

The doors next to them whizzed open and Elektra walked in. In but a flash, she was at Havok's side. In normal circumstances, she would hug a man in that position. But Havok had always been cold.. Yet she still felt for his family: Strategix.

She felt for her family as well. They were one in the same, as far as she was concerned. She's been taking care of Scotty since childbirth. "I came as soon as I heard, Alex.."

"Who--?" Alex gave her a blank stare.

"He has been wounded, it appears. Why is he up? Does he have some sort of amnesia?" Elektra spoke to Polaris.

"We're trying to figure that out, Elektra.. Where's Scotty? Maybe if Alex sees his son..."

"Playing with Cerebro. In the kitchen making his favorite sandwiches, I trust. He has yet to hear of his mother's fate.. Although he most likely knows," Elektra sighed. "Shall I take you to him?"

"No. Stay here with Alex, will you? I'll go get him.."

Lorna exited the room, two sets of eyes watching her leave. Elektra took a seat next to Havok on his bed.

"There is but one thing I can give to you now, Havok," Elektra spoke, gazing on at the Alex Summers she thought she knew.

Havok stood still as she pulled a glowing ball from the bag strapped at her side. From all sides it erupted with some sort of energy.

"Before I departed with Scotty, you gave me this. Do you recall?" Elektra asked. "No, I suppose you do not.. You weren't meant to."

She pushed it into his hand, closing his fingers around it. "You told me a wise man had given this to you -- that you would not make it back from the battle with the Wolverines alive."


"--You told me, Havok, to put this in your hand.. and you would return."


"Return.. and remember."

Thousands of memories flushed through Alex Summers' mind, pouring in as if they were one.

In unison.

He moaned in pain, falling to the ground in desperation. He'd never felt such a thing.. through all his years as a mutant.. as an X-Man.. as a member of X-Factor.. Nothing could compare!

..And then?

He remembered.


"Bloodstorm?" Havok pushed open her door. They had found her the same night Elektra had given him the orb -- it had only been a day since all of this had begun. Her room was much like the one he had been staying in. "Magneto said you'd begun to awake."

"By the Goddess," Bloodstorm said in a dark tone, her eyes glowing with a bright red. "You are alive?! What of the others?!"

"Gone," Havok replied, his head falling to glare at the floor upon which he stood. "There was nothing we could have done.. but we survived for a reason."

"To reform StrategiX," she said bluntly. "I knew you would put the quest upon the two of us. What I do not know, however.. is.. why? Especially so soon."

"There's a war coming up, Bloo--ARR!" Havok erupted mid-sentence, falling to the ground.

Bloodstorm leapt from her seat in the dark room, pulling Alex Summers up. "What is it?!"

"..I don't.. know. Ororo? What's. . what's going on? Where are the--"

"You have not called me by that name in a very, very long time, Alex.." Munroe spoke, gazing into his eyes with her own devious set.

"My God. ."


". .Your eyes. . Your. . teeth. Ororo. . what's happened to you?!"

The door opened, bright light filling the dimly lit one. "Just as I promised, Alex," Polaris smiled. "You have your candidates."

"Lorna, stand back! I think Ororo has been. ."

"Alex?" Polaris looked on with a confused stare.

..and all was fine.

". .I don't know what just happened," Havok said, running his hand through his hair as he grimaced. He paused for a moment before continuing. "Probably some effects of the drugs."

Bloodstorm and Polaris merely looked at one another -- they had no idea what had just happened.

"The candidates, Lorna?"

"They're.." Polaris paused, the events of what had just happened replaying her mind. It was as if he were two different people. "..in the Danger Room."

"It's time to start over then, isn't it?" Havok smiled to himself, and then at Bloodstorm. "Let's make ourselves a team."