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It is surmounting difficulties that makes heroes - Louis Kossuth

Tony dropped his backpack at his desk and sat down as surreptitiously as he could.

"Nice of you to join us DiNozzo."

Ziva smirked as Tony winced.

"Sorry Boss, traffic was pretty bad."

He glanced to his right.

"Hey, McGeek's not here either." He said observing the empty desk and dark computer screen.

Gibbs didn't say anything.

"He had a dentist appointment this morning and he had to take his typewriter to the shop as well." Ziva offered.

"Oh no! McWriter can't be without his typewriter!" Tony said in mock horror.

"I believe he will somehow manage" Ziva said still smiling.

"No" Tony said shaking his head, "you are mistaken Probationary Agent David. McTense uses the machine to unwind."


"This week is the week we have to go to the shooting range to re-qualify. He's going to be wound pretty tight."

"Yes, but-"

"If you two don't have enough work to do I'm sure I could solve that problem."

"Working Boss."

Gibbs looked at Ziva.

"What? I did not start this."

He continued to stare until she sighed and looked down. The ringing phone caused Gibbs to cut his attention short.

"Yeah, Gibbs. Uh-huh."

"Grab you gear," he said hanging up. "Dead SEAL, Anacostia."

"Ah, that's pretty close. I bet even Autopsy Gremlin won't get lost going to this one." Tony said on his way to the elevator.


"Thank you Boss."

McGee sighed as he sat waiting for the train. He looked at his watch for the thousands time. The day was not getting off to a great start. The visit to the dentist …well. He had never looked forward to going and now apparently he was going to have to make another appointment to have a bad tooth pulled. He dropped his typewriter off at the shop and the tut-tut sound the proprietor had made didn't instill much confidence in his hope of a quick or cheap repair. It was bad enough that his car was in the shop as well, and now the train from Silver Springs was late…

He had considered taking the taxi, but he would have been going in right at peak traffic time. Tim had learned the hard way that at certain periods of the morning sometimes the train was just faster.

The bright side was that he had given himself plenty of leeway with Gibbs. He wasn't sure how long it would take at the dentist but figured if he told Gibbs he would be into the office two hours late that would give him plenty of time. He had a feeling this day would not be good so he was glad he had thought to give himself some wiggle room. He sighed as he heard the Metro train in the distance.

He glanced down the bench silently adding one more tally to the column. This was the third time he had caught the man sharing the bench with him staring. As soon as he made eye contact the stranger would look away and it was starting to unnerve Tim. He just wanted to board the train so he could get away and shake the feeling he was left with.

As he stepped off the train at Union Station he smiled for the first time that day. Only two miles from the Navy Yard, he could almost walk to work and make it in plenty of time. He glance at the taxi area and then back to a small café. One quick cup of coffee wouldn't hurt; he would get it to go. He got in line in the café and glanced around. He frowned slightly to see the man who had eyed him at the station also walking around looking more than a little nervous. Tim studied him for several minutes before deciding to just get his coffee and go.

"It's not like he can follow me all the way to the Navy Yard." He said ruefully to himself.

"What did you say Mister?" A freckled little girl turned around startling him.

"Oh, I'm sorry, just talking to myself. I didn't realize it was out loud." He said turning slightly red, but giving her a smile.

She smiled back and he could see a few of her teeth missing. Her mother turned around as well and looked at him apologetically before speaking to her daughter.

"Emily honey, remember what I told you. Leave people about their business."

"But Mom, he's talking to himself!" Emily said giggling

Tim laughed out loud as her mother turned red from embarrassment.

"I'm so so sorry, sir."

"Its fine" he reassured her. "I was talking to myself, she's very observant."

"Oh yes" Emily's mother said looking pointedly at her daughter, "she notices everything."

Emily looked down a little guilty. Tim half grinned wondering what she had done to earn that reprimand. It reminded him of Sarah and some of the trouble she use to get into when she was young. Emily flashed him one more grin and started to turn around.

Suddenly there was a loud explosion right outside the café. Tim immediately dived on Emily and her mother attempting to get them to the ground, trying to avoid flying glass and good from the shelves.

It seemed like hours before he could pull his thoughts together enough to think. He looked up dazedly to see smoke filling the air. There were screams and cries of pain and fear that seemed to come from everywhere. Another explosion, followed by another could be heard but further away.

Ignoring the searing pain in his arm, Tim struggled to rise when he felt a pressure on his shoulder forcing him down. He felt his gun being removed from his holster sending a fresh rush of adrenaline through him urging him to fight. He finally focused in on a face. The stranger who had been watching him leered over him grinning evilly as he slammed the gun butt into McGee's temple sending him spinning into darkness.

Ok I hope you guys are proud. I did look at Union Station's website and the train website the make sure everything would match up. There is even a track that runs though Silver Springs, where Tim lives (Yes, I'm a Tim stalker, but I know I'm in good company! lol). However if you know more about DC trains, mass transit, and/or Union Station please feel free to share.

I also looked up how far Union Station was from the Navy Yard and it is two miles. A lot of the roads were marked "restricted usage road" which I thought was cool, I had never seen it before. I'm such a dork so don't laugh! :)

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