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This story is directly inspired by 'In His Shoes' written by AvocadoLove, to the point where I considered using 'In Her Heels' as a title. It didn't seem right to rip off the title like that so I chose something else. However if enough people (or AvocadoLove) think that's better than the title I'm using now I will change it to 'In Her Heels'. It's the same concept as the other story, but applied to different characters.

This story starts during The Drill. Mostly Azula POV for this chapter.

Chapter 1: Sugar and Spice

It had been a split second decision. Either chase the Avatar through one end of the Drill, or chase the two peasants running the other way. Azula couldn't do both at the same time, but fortunately had Ty Lee and Mai to take the path she couldn't. She had to choose one direction and have her friends take the other one.

"Ty Lee, Mai, your turn to fight the Avatar. I'll deal with those peasants" Azula ordered.

Azula ran down the metal hallway after the peasants, moving towards the rear of the Drill. She could hear them arguing as they ran, and Azula followed the noise. Eventually she reached a dead end, occupied by one of the maintenance hatches for the slurry pipeline. Azula spotted the peasants climbing into the open hatch and threw a blue fireblast at them, but they dropped into the pipe before the blast could hit them.

Walking up to the hatch, Azula looked inside it. I should have sent Ty Lee this way she thought while judging whether or not it was worth it to follow in the slurry. So much for these clothes she thought and climbed into the hatch, then dropping into the slurry.

The mixture of water and rock made Azula unnaturally buoyant in the slurry, preventing any chance of drowning in the dark pipe. As the slurry carried her along Azula saw a light appear at the end of the pipe. The light shined in her eyes as the slurry carried her out of the pipe and outside the back of the Drill. Just before hitting the ground the slurry moved backwards, carrying Azula back up and plugging the back of the Drill. Looking down Azula saw one of the peasants bending the water in the slurry.

"Try shooting lightning in that!" the girl yelled.

Instead of lightning Azula sent a blue fireblast at the peasant, who blocked by bending some spilled slurry into a shield. While the peasant blocked Azula swam up the slurry, grabbed the edge of the pipe and pulled herself out of the slurry. Then she jumped off the Drill and used twin blasts of blue fire to slow her fall. Azula landed on the ground, splashing the spilled slurry in the impact.

For a moment, Azula locked eyes with the girl peasant. Then Azula sent a large blue fireblast at her, forcing the girl to stop bending the slurry to defend herself. While the girl blocked Azula's fire the slurry rushed out of the pipe and hit everyone behind the Drill. The slurry carried everyone away from the Drill, sending Azula and the girl to the right and sending the boy to the left. When the flow subsided with distance Azula was alone with the girl peasant.

Immediately after getting up the peasant bended some slurry into a whip and attacked Azula with it. Creating a whip of her own out of blue fire Azula fought back, creating steam each time the whips struck each other. After blocking a strike from the peasant Azula fired several blue fireblasts, then charged a lightning blast while the peasant blocked the fire. Azula stepped on top of a small boulder while charging the lightning, then fired it at the slurry that the peasant was standing in.

The lightning hit the slurry and conducted through it. Most of the energy was diluted and diverted into the earth, but there was enough left to reach the peasant and flow up her legs. The peasant fell to the ground in pain, her legs shocked into paralysis. Azula stepped off the small boulder and walked towards the peasant.

"This is what happens when you fight your betters, peasant" Azula gloated. Looking down she spotted the peasant reaching for something hidden beneath her shirt. Curious, Azula let the peasant continue, spotting a small blue vial on a string. Before the peasant could do anything with the vial Azula stepped on her wrist, making her drop it. Azula grabbed the vial and held it close to her face, examining it.

"Give that back!" the peasant yelled.

"So this is precious to you" Azula said. She opened the stopper on the vial and looked at the contents. Strange, seems like plain old water she thought and put the stopper back on it. "Why would a Water Tribe Peasant carry around water in a fancy vial?"

"You wouldn't understand what that is" the peasant said.

"A shame, then maybe I should just get rid of it" Azula said. She tossed the vial up into the air and sent a blue fireblast at it. The blue flames surrounded the vial and the heat shattered it, dispersing the water and sprinkling the peasant and Azula with hot drops of water.

"No…" the girl said quietly.

"If there's nothing else, I believe it's time to wrap this up" Azula said.

Azula was about to finish the peasant when the little drops of water from the vial started to glow. Tiny dots of blue light shined on Azula and the peasant, which spread across their bodies. The glow on Azula turned dark while the peasant glowed brightly. Then the dark glow flowed from Azula to the peasant while the reverse happened with the light glow, stopping when Azula glowed bright and the peasant glowed dark. In a flash the glow disappeared, the only physical effect healing the peasant's body.

Suddenly Azula found herself lying on her chest, confused about the abrupt change in position. She immediately got to her feet and turned to face her opponent. Azula's mouth dropped when she saw that her opponent was herself. She could only stare as she saw herself staring at her perfect fingernails, equally shocked.

"What did you…" Azula stopped when it wasn't her voice coming from her mouth. Instinctively she placed a hand on her throat, then noticed that her hand was dark skinned. Looking down she saw that she was wearing blue clothing covered in slurry. This can't be real! she thought.

"Me! You destroyed the spirit water!" the peasant yelled with Azula's voice. She swung her arms to bend the slurry, but got a handful of blue flames in her hands which dispersed harmlessly. Azula reacted by punching the air with both fists to firebend, but sent a wave of slurry behind her.

"OW!" a boy's voice cried out. Both girls turned to the voice and saw the boy peasant getting up after being hit by the slurry. "Katara! What was that for!" he yelled.

That's the peasant's name? Azula wondered. Then she noticed that the peasant had been yelling at her, unaware she wasn't really Katara. Then she spotted fear on the boy's face as he spotted the other girl, immediately throwing his boomerang at her. The girl dodged the boomerang but slipped in the slurry, falling to the ground.

"It's time to go!" the boy yelled and grabbed Azula's arm. The boomerang came back around and the boy caught it with his free hand. He pulled Azula away from Katara, heading back towards the Drill. Uncertain what to do, Azula let the peasant lead her away. Within minutes Azula found herself in front of the Avatar and the blind earthbender.

"So… Where do we go from here?" Azula asked.

"Did you hit your head Sugarqueen?" the earthbender asked. "We're going into Ba Sing Se, as much as I hate to admit it."

"Toph, how can you hate a place without being there?" the Avatar asked.

"It's a city, it's bound to be full of rules and people saying what we can and can't do" Toph said.

"Well they might make an exception for us, seeing as Aang is the Avatar" the peasant said. "Not to mention how we stopped that Drill."

"Yes, put some pressure on the guards for saving their city for them" Azula said. "Make them bring us inside or else we do something to them."

"Katara, did Sokka slip come cactus juice into your water?" Toph asked.

"I did not!" Sokka yelled.

"I'm fine, just plain old me" Azula said. Once I figure out how this body works you are all dead.


A few minutes earlier…

Getting up from the slurry, Katara watched Sokka drag herself away. Alone, the reality of what happened hit her. I'm her… and she's me… Katara thought. I have to do something to warn them…

"Azuuulllaaaaaaa!" a new voice shouted, interrupting Katara's thoughts. She turned and saw Ty Lee running towards her, with Mai slowly walking behind her. "There you are!"

"We Lost" Mai said.

Okay, I can work with this Katara thought. "Where have you two been?" she asked, trying to sound like someone in charge.

"We were fighting the Avatar, like you told us to" Ty Lee said.

"But he wrecked the Drill" Mai said.

"So what should we do now Azula?" Ty Lee asked.

Got to play the part Katara thought. "First we get cleaned up. Bring me some new clothes to replace this filth. Then punish whoever thought using a big drill was a good idea."

"Can do" Ty Lee said.

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