This was written for the glee kink meme over on livejournal. The prompter wanted Rachel/various Cheerios, in uniform and in public. Those uniforms are sexy as hell, and I got inspired. First up is Rachel/OC, then Rachel/Brittany, and then Rachel/Santana.

This is basically just an excuse for smut. Let me know what you think.

Bless Those Skirts

Rachel Berry felt like she was going crazy. It was those skirts, those damn Cheerio skirts. As soon as she had walked into McKinley High on the first day of her freshman year, Rachel knew she was a goner. All she could see was red.

Cheerios were everywhere, walking the halls with their heads held high and their skirts ridiculously tight, stretching over their hips and coming down to cover the tops of their thighs. She wanted to reach out and run her hands over the material, sliding it upwards over toned thighs and hips.

She didn't know the name of her first Cheerio, but then she couldn't recall most of the names of the people around her. It was her first high school party, the culmination of the first week of school and she had heard some of the other glee kids talking about going. They weren't exactly popular enough to get personally invited but at large high school parties full of drunken kids, no one seemed to care exactly who was hanging around.

The Cheerio in question was ridiculously drunk, spinning around on top of a table, still in her uniform and Rachel sat entranced. She hadn't been drinking herself, just merely sipping on some water and watching the girl spin.

Her hair was light brown and her eyes were big and green and Rachel couldn't look away when her skirt started to rise up as she swayed her hips. The girl moved her body back and forth and that damn skirt kept getting higher and higher and when Rachel caught sight of her spankies, she knew she had to have her.

Rachel followed her to the bathroom and the girl didn't stop her from coming into the room with her. The girl had been eyeing Rachel most of the time she had been dancing.

Her kisses were wet and sloppy, but Rachel didn't care. All she could feel was the way the girl's Cheerio skirt felt as she ran her hands across her hips. The polyester-spandex combination was rougher than she had imagined and she pulled away from it to unzip the top half of the Cheerio's uniform.

She practically ripped it off before she attached her lips to the girl's neck, settling her hands on her outer thighs. She could feel the girl's back arching as she stretched her neck to give Rachel better access to it. Rachel attacked her neck greedily, nipping at it and sucking hard enough to leave marks.

She slid her hands up the girl's legs, raising the fabric of the skirt with them. She trailed kisses down the girl's neck across her collarbone down towards her breasts. She felt the cheerleader reach down and grab the top of her skirt, trying to tug it down.

"No," Rachel breathed out, "leave it on."

The girl obliged happily, trailing her arms up the wall behind her. Rachel reached around to grab her ass, pulling her closer as she latched on to one of the girl's hard nipples, rolling her tongue over it and sucking it harshly.

The Cheerio gasped and buried one of her hands in Rachel's hair, holding her there. Rachel bit down in response, drawing another sound of pleasure out of the girl as she continued her ministrations.

Rachel finally slid her hands across the girl's hips, slipping them down between her legs to the apex of her thighs. She pushed aside the girl's spankies and ran her hand across her slit, feeling how wet she was. Rachel practically growled in response.

The Cheerio skirt bunched around the girl's hips and Rachel wasted no time sliding two fingers into the girl who moaned in response. Rachel pumped her fingers in and out roughly, forcing them in as deep as she could and she sucked at the girl's pulse point.

The girl was moaning loudly and Rachel added a third finger, laying her forehead against the girl's breastbone and pulling away from her slightly. She looked down and watched as her fingers moved inside the girl and she licked her lips at the sight of her bright red skirt gathered up around her hips.

She brushed her thumb against the Cheerio's clit and pushed herself against the girl then, holding her against the wall. She could feel the girl's hands clawing at her shoulders as she cried out. She grabbed the girl's skirt with her free hand, pulling as much free material as she could into her grasp as she began to move her thumb against her clit in time with the motion of her fingers inside the girl.

She felt the girl starting to convulse as she began crying out, and Rachel bit down on her shoulder as hard as she could just when she felt the girl about to climax. She finally felt the girl's muscles tighten and clench around her fingers and she smirked.

Rachel pulled away immediately, sliding her fingers out of the girl, who just gasped in response. She stepped back and slid the girl's skirt back down over her hips to cover her thighs, wiping away the girl's wetness on her fingers as she did so. The girl just leaned against the wall heavily with her eyes closed.

Rachel adjusted her Cheerio skirt until it was just perfect, and then she walked out.