Midnight Rendezvous




Warnings: SLASH. NO PLOT

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Summary: Draco and Harry get it on in the Potions classroom after dark.


Harry ran through the halls, books held tightly to his chest. His robes billowing out behind him as he turned the corner. Ron, Hermione, and himself had been on their way to Potions class when he remembered he had forgotten his book. Snape would take more points away from him if he had no clue what they were talking about then he would if he was late. 'I will not be late. I won't give Snape any more reason to take points away.' Harry thought viciously as he tore through the halls.

He head the bells start clanging as he ran around another corner. He put on a burst of energy as he spotted the potions door just a little farther off. As soon as he got near to it, he pulled it open and jumped inside. Just making it as the bells stopped. Snape looked up at him. "Potter. You're late."

'I was not! Bloody… I ran all the way here just to have him take points off anyways.' But to his surprise, Snape didn't take off any points. "Well Potter. I was just pairing people off into partners for today. I think you'd do well with Malfoy. Maybe then you'd learn something."

Snape sneered. Slytherins laughed. It coming from all over the room since they were sitting spread out. As he moved to sit next to Malfoy, who was sitting in the back in the corner, he caught Ron and Hermiones sympathetic glances. They were lucky enough to get paired with each other. They were sitting in their usual front seats, just in front of Snapes desk.

He scowled and sat down next to Malfoy, who was ignoring him. Harry had no clue what they were supposed to be making since he hadn't been here. He despised asking but he didn't want to make a bad grade or have more points taken away. "What are we supposed to be doing?"


'What an unbearably boring class, as usual.' Draco smiled sweetly at Snape as he glanced his way. He heard the bells begin to signal that it was close for class to start. He looked around and idly noticed Potter wasn't sitting with his usual nerd squad. He figured they were worried since they kept glancing at the door.

He had just turned his attention back to the front of the class when he heard a large bang behind him. He turned and stopped. 'Whoa. Who knew Potter could be so attractive.' Dracos eyes widened. 'What!? Did I just say that?' But when he looked at Harry again he had to admit it was right.

Harrys robes were in a mess. One end slipping down his shoulder. His hair was falling into his eyes and was messier than usual. And his face was flushed, chest heaving for breathing. He watched, curious as Snape talked too him. He watched as Harry's face went from red to white and his eyes narrowing. "Potter, you'll be with Malfoy…." That's what Snape had said. 'Hm. This could definitely have some advantages to it.'

Harry glared at him as he made his way over to him. Draco turned around and pretended to ignore him, while really watching his every move. He had to hide a smirk when Harry glanced around the room a lost look on his face. He took a deep breath and turned towards him. "What are we supposed to be doing?"

Draco smirked and turned toward him. "What Potters lost? Ah, poor baby."

Harry glared at him. "I am NOT a baby."

Dracos smirk never left his face as he leaned closer. "You know Potter. You look quite good today."

Harry looked up at him in shock. Draco licked his lips slowly and deliberately. Harry flushed and looked away quickly. "Now what…!" Harry suddenly stopped. Dracos hand rested on his leg. Harry sat stone still. "What's the matter Potter?" Draco whispered.

Harry squirmed in his seat. Draco smirked but didn't lift his hand. With his other hand he lifted one vial with a blue liquid in it and poured half of its contents into the cauldron.


'OH MY GOSH!' Harry thought. Everything was a blur. His mind couldn't seem to hold still long enough to think long enough on one thought. 'What is this? Is he teasing me?' Harry sneaked a glance over at Draco who was currently pouring some liquid into the cauldron. The hand still rested on his leg, and he sat still as a stone. He couldn't help but notice how Dracos hair seemed to glow in the light coming from the window beside them.

'He is hot. I wouldn't mind being with him. Just for one night… what could it hurt.' Harry frowned. He was staring straight in front of him. But he was jerked back as the hand resting on his leg, squeezed. "Pay attention Potter." Harry blushed and tried to move away, but found he couldn't.

'Well two can play this game.' Harry thought and he smiled at Draco. He could clearly see the shock in Malfoys eyes. (A/N: He's still Malfoy to him people. But Draco to us. Aren't we loved;).) He reached down his own hand to captures Malfoys. He could sense Malfoy watching his every move. He rubbed his thumb against his vein.

Malfoy gasped and stared at him as if he was going crazy. But it wasn't long until understanding replaced it. Malfoy sneered. 'So Potter wanted to play. Well then, let the game begin.' Draco thought evilly. He brought his foot from under the table to rub against Potters leg, sliding the toe of his shoe up under his robes and up under his pant legs.

Harry grinned at him. Letting him know that Draco knew what was going on. A low rumble prevented them from doing anything further. Startled, they looked up to find everyone packing away their cauldrons and ingredients. They looked at their lousy potion that was nowhere being done. "Harry, come on." Hermione and Ron stood at their table, waiting for Harry and glaring at Malfoy. Malfoy stood up and walked away, his books clutched tightly in his hands.

Harry took his time gathering his books together. "I feel so sorry for you Harry. Having to spend all Potions class with him." Ron said, giving Harry a pitying look. Harry smiled. "It wasn't that bad Ron. Mostly we just ignored each other." Harry lied.

Suddenly somebody bumped into him. Almost sending his books flying from his arms. The trio turned as one and looked at the person. "Malfoy, what do you want?" Ron snarled. Hermione just glared at him. Harry was looking slightly amused between Malfoy and Ron, waiting to see if a fight would erupt so he could have enough time to stop it.

"Nothing Weasel. I'm just trying to go. It's not my fault you morons have to get in my way." Malfoy scowled and moved forward. Before Harry knew it, Malfoys hand was on his chest, pushing him backwards. Anger flashed through Harry's eyes. He brought his hand up and caught Malfoys, intending on pushing him away. But Malfoy slipped his hand away easily.

As he walked off, Harry felt something in his hand. He looked down to see a crumpled piece of paper in his hand. He quickly shoved it into his pocket before Ron or Hermione could see it. "What a jerk." Hermione said, moving towards Rons side. "He's such a git."

Harry nodded in agreement. But his mind was down in his pocket along with the note.


Harry sat there beside Ron and Hermione, half listening to what Professor McGonagall was saying and half trying to find a way to read the note now. 'I'm dying of curiosity.' Finally a break came and McGonagall turned to grade some papers and Ron and Hermione turned to talk to each other.

He quickly pulled the note out of his pocket. It made a soft crunching sound as he unfolded it. He had to smooth it out, since it was so wrinkled now that it was hard to read. But finally he had it suitable for reading.


Tonight. Come to the Potions classroom tonight as soon as everybody's asleep. Meet me there and we'll finish what we started.


Harry was slightly surprised Malfoy had signed his name. What if it fell into somebody else's hands. Then they'd know. 'Well, not exactly. They'd probably think we had a duel or something.' Harry smirked. 'How Malfoyish.' He folded it back and stuffed it into his book. 'On second thought.' He grabbed it from there and returned it to his pocket. 'At least now, if it's washed, then no one can read it.'


Harry laid in bed, listening to the breathing around him. It seemed everybody was asleep. He opened the curtains around his bed. He was already dressed, so he slipped over to his trunk and gathered his invisibility cloak. He pulled it around his shoulders and over his head. He looked at himself in the mirror, making certain every part of him was invisible.

Finally satisfied, he walked quietly down the stairs to the common room. Thankfully nobody was down there. He slipped through the portrait. The fat lady had long ago gotten used to this. (A/N: There in their fifth year_) He walked down the hall. 'Why did he have to make me go all the way to the Dungeons. And to the Potions classroom… of all places! One times too many for my liking!' Harry grumbled in his mind.

He turned a corner and stopped dead. There in front of him were Filch, the caretaker, and his bloody cat, Mrs. Norris. He stood as still as he could. Mrs. Norris was sniffing around while Filch was…. 'Ew. He's picking his nose!' Harry smiled, having to struggle to keep from laughing. But that wasn't a problem for at that moment Mrs. Norris stopped. Harry, afraid she'd caught him, started backing up slowly. But then, somewhere behind them, came a loud bang.

Filch jumped and Mrs. Norris hissed, her hair standing up on her back. Harry turned his head to see Peeves, the poltergeist come flying out a classroom door, laughing his head off. Filch growled. "Peeves! I'll get you for this!" He shouted as he ran down the hallway after him, the cat following him. Harry laughed softly and began to move on. "I'll get you expelled someday Peeves! Come back here!" He heard behind him. And he couldn't help but fall into laughter.

He quieted down and shook his head, still grinning. To his surprise, he came up to the Potion classrooms door quickly. He stopped and listened for movement from inside. And when he didn't hear anything he pushed the silent door open. He slowly shut it, so it didn't make its usual bang. He stopped as soon as he was inside. Malfoy sat on one of the desks, legs crossed beneath him. He was wearing silver pants and a black shirt. And his hair wasn't slicked back as usual, but fell in soft locks on his forehead.

He walked up to him. Dracos head snapped up and his eyes searched the room. "Who's there?" He called out softly. No answer came back. He jumped as he felt a hand on his back. "Relax, it's just me." A voice whispered in his ear. Immediately he relaxed. "So you decided to show up did you?"

"Didn't you want me too?" Harry asked with mock shock and innocence. "Yes." Draco growled. Going straight to the point, like always, Draco jumped up and pushed Harry against the wall, while at the same time, pushing his lips roughly against his. Harry groaned and wrapped his arms around his neck. Draco gripped his hips and ground against Harry. Harry groaned, growing hard. Draco growled and grabbed the bottom of Harrys shirt and pulled it over his head.

Soon they were equally naked and rolling on the floor. Muttered sayings could be heard. Such as "Draco, harder!", "Harry." Soon, all that was left was heavy breathing. Then two forms could be seen in the dark, gathering articles of clothing from the ground. Harry had just managed to pull his pants up and Draco had just managed to button them up when they head a door slam close by.

"Bloody hell. Snapes coming." Draco muttered. They looked at each other before making a mad dash for the door. They threw it open and ran outside and down the hall. When they thought they were far enough away, they stopped. Harry slumped on the wall and Draco on the opposite one. Both laughing. "Oh man, that was hilarious. If only I could see his face." Draco said between laughs. Harry nodded, taking deep breaths.

Draco looked up and a glazed look came over. "Harry…" Harry looked up. Draco was staring at him with the same hungry look he had on earlier. Draco licked his lips. Harry was standing there, shirt off and skin still glistening. His pants unbuttoned. "Harry, you'd better got before I ravish you here and now." Draco warned, not taking his eyes off Harry. Harry smirked. "Well, then I'd better go, cause I'm sure I'm going to be sore tomorrow."

Draco stood there watching Harry walk away. And he was positive that Harry put an extra sway in his hips just to tease him.

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