Midnight Rendezvous 4



Pairings: Draco/Harry

Warnings: Slash, sex scene in this chapter

A/N: Last chapter you guys. I've really enjoyed writing this story even though it's really hard to keep up with everything. Before I started writing I never realized how hard it is for writers to keep up with everything. So for all of you who read my other stories I'm really sorry about the waiting limit for them but I'm really trying hard to finish all of them. And they'll get finished eventually. I'm going to finish my stories by the number of reviews I have. The one with the most reviews I'll work on before the others. I'm really glad you guys have enjoyed this story and I'm really sad yet relieved that this is the last chapter. So I hope I'll see some of you guys at my others stories. Enjoy.

Harry wrapped his arms around Draco's neck as he leaned down and kissed him. He pulled him close, his tongue battling with Dracos. One of Draco's hands was on the back of his head while the other rested on his hip. They pulled back, taking deep breaths. Draco leaned his forehead on the dip of his neck.

Harry shivered as Draco's breath ghosted across his skin. "Are we going to take this inside?" Draco leaned back and smiled at him. Harry couldn't help but think that Draco looked beautiful when he smiled. "What happened to the Harry that had sex in the potions masters class?"

Harry chuckled and looked around, spotting some bushes they could hide behind. He sat up and dragged Draco with him so they sat behind them. Plus, everybody was still in the classes so nobody would come outside. Harry pushed Draco so he was lying underneath him. Harry leaned down, running his tongue across Dracos bottom lip.

Draco reached up and tangled his hands in Harry's hair, bringing him down so their lips met. Dracos tongue invaded his mouth, sweeping around the hot cavern. Harry moaned and let one of his hands trail down to Dracos chest, stopping at the edge of his shirt. Draco pulled back and lifted his arms, letting Harry take the shirt off.

Harry kissed the area under Dracos ear softly, moving down the arch of his neck, stopping at the dip slightly to bite at it gently before moving down lower. One of Dracos hands were on his shoulder, gripping it softly, his eyes shut. Harry smirked and ran his tongue slowly over one of Draco's nipples, making Draco draw in a sharp breath.

He played with it for a minute before giving the same attention to the other one. The grip on his shoulder tightened. "Harry." Harry looked up, loosing himself in the gray pools. They swirled with so much emotion, darker then usual. The dark lashes brushing against his smooth cheeks when he blinked.

Harry gave him a small kiss on the lips before going back to his original position. Kissing softly as he moved down towards the edge of the pants. His fingers quickly undid the pants and as Draco lifted his hips, he pulled them down and set them down next to the shirt. Harry grinned when he saw that Draco was going commando. "Nice Draco." Harry purred, his fingers brushing Dracos hip bone.

"Harry." Harry glanced up and Draco grabbed Harrys sleeve. "You're too dressed." Draco smiled and Harry peeled off his shirt and then leaned back on his heels to take the rest off until he was as naked as Draco. He paused for a moment to look at Draco from where he was at; not knowing Draco was taking the same opportunity.

Harry draped himself on top of Draco, rubbing their erections together. They both moaned and suddenly Harry found himself underneath Draco, the grass tickling his bare back. "Draco." Harry wrapped his legs around Draco's waist, pulling him closer. Harry moaned as he felt Draco's hardness brush against his opening.

"Draco. Take me." Draco shivered and his mouth latched onto the point on his neck, biting softly, leaving a mark when he pulled away. He reached over for his pants, hands fumbling in the pocket for his wand. He muttered a spell and moaned as a coating of cool liquid hit his heated erection.

Harry took Dracos fingers in his mouth, sucking on them like he would Draco's erection. Draco closed his eyes, savoring the feeling. He pulled them out, Harry giving them one last lick before moving them down. Harry leaned his head back as he felt wet fingers probing at his entrance and bit back a gasp as one slid in. He breathed deeply as he felt moving around for a minute before another being put in.

He bit his lip and arched off the ground as Dracos curious fingers found the spot inside him. Draco smirked and stroked the spot over and over again, reducing Harry to a begging mass on the ground. "Draco. Fuck me. Now." Harry didn't protest as the wonderful fingers were taken out because he knew something better was on the way.

He waited impatiently and squirmed slightly as he felt something much larger pressing at his entrance. "Draco. Now." His hands were buried in the ground underneath him as he felt Draco's hands on his hips, holding him steady as he pushed in slowly. Not wanting to wait, Harry pushed down, taking Draco all the way in.

Draco groaned loudly, the fingers holding his hips in a vice like grip. "God Harry. So tight." Harry whimpered as Draco pulled out and slid back in slowly. His blood felt like it was fire, coursing through him but not burning him to ashes. He couldn't seem to stop moaning as Draco sped up. But maybe it wasn't all him.

He couldn't sword that half of them were coming from Malfoy, but he was far too gone to care where they were coming from. He felt everything he was feeling coming together at one spot and knew he was close. Harry pushed back, desperate to send them both over the edge. He tensed and his muscles trembled. "Draco!"

Harry's vision cleared enough to see Draco thrust in one more time before his head fell forward, his breaths coming in frantic gasps. "Harry." He groaned and he felt warmth fill his insides. That was the most wonderful thing he'd seen. And made a side note to himself that this wasn't the last time he'd let this happen.

Draco lay down beside him, his arms wrapping around Harrys waist, pulling them close together. Harry sighed happily as he pushed back the wet strands of platinum blonde hair that was sticking to his forehead. Draco opened his eyes and smiled at him. Harry smiled back at him, running his fingers across Draco's cheek.

Harry frowned when Draco looked away. "Draco? What's wrong?" Draco looked across the lake before turning back to him. "Is this just a sex thing Harry?" Harry bit his bottom lip and looked at Draco. How was he supposed to answer this? He knew what he wanted but what did Draco want?

He looked in Draco's eyes and tried to decipher what the emotions running through them were. Hope? Harry smiled and blushed, his eyes dropping down to Draco's neck. "Well, I don't want it to just be a sex thing. I think we could make something out of this. Do you want the same thing?"

Draco smiled again, leaning forward and kissing him. When he pulled back, Harry was flushed again and smiling even brighter. "I want the same thing Harry. To be truthful, I don't want to let you go." Harry hugged Draco to him, wondering when he had become the luckiest person in the world.

Harry shivered at the combination of the words and the breath against his ear. "I think this is the perfect time to celebrate this occasion by shagging my new boyfriend don't you think?" Harry just answered him by kissing him again.