Never Going Back Again

An NCIS: Los Angeles Fanfiction


Maxie Kay

This is part VII of my K/D Universe that started with Personal Questions, and it contains themes and references to events in prior instalments.
Full details of the series and the reading order can be found on my profile page.
This story begins immediately after the conclusion of
The Chain.

The rain was pelting down around them, with such force that it was actually splattering off the pavements and every time a car went past it sent up a wave of water, but Callen didn't notice. He was too busy kissing Nico and revelling in the familiar joy of feeling her body pressing close against his. And the things she did when she kissed him back meant he was oblivious to the fact that his shirt was completely soaked through and sticking to his skin.

"Just leave them," Sam advised. "Sooner or later they'll come up for air and realise they're providing free street theatre for the natives." He contemplated locking the front door behind him, but thought that might be taking things just a little bit too far. "Do you need a hand?" he called, watching Marty make slow progress of climbing the steps up to the front door.

Kensi threw him a grateful look. "Yes, he does, only he's too pig-headed to ask for help."

"I love you too." Deeks slung his arm gratefully around Sam's neck. "Kensi, that is. I just thought I should make that clear. I don't want you getting the wrong idea."

"Keep your hair on," Sam advised, almost managing to keep a straight face while he said it.

"My sides are splitting. These hair jokes are getting old pretty quickly. It'll grow back." Marty tried to sound confident.

It better had. And quickly too.

"Drawing room?" It was funny how quickly you became accustomed to terms that were completely alien to you, Sam thought. Who would have thought he'd be staying in a two hundred year-old house with a drawing room? Not that he wouldn't swap all this in a second for the chance to be back at home in LA with Crosby and Denise right now, but still – it really was pretty cool. And with any luck he'd manage to get a seat on a plane tomorrow, so he'd just make the most of his last few hours in Scotland while he had the chance. Who knew when he'd ever have the chance to get back here after all? Jack had recommended a few pubs to try, along with some local beers he'd said could not be missed. It looked like he'd be drinking alone though.

"Yeah," Deeks agreed as they finally reached the first-floor hallway. "I guess I'd better stick around and say hi to Nico." It was with considerable relief that he sat down on the sofa and pulled his leg up to rest across the cushions. "God, I feel as if we've been away for weeks, rather than just one day." Deeks let his head flop back on the cushions and stared up at the ceiling. "Exactly what do you think EJ is up to?"

Sam considered this carefully. "Protecting her own back is probably her first priority. It usually is, with EJ. So that could mean she more involved with Operation Frankenstein than we thought - or that she's protecting someone else who's involved."


"A distinct possibility. Hetty also suspects EJ's been working for the CIA all along."

"Great." Deeks raised his head. "Do you fancy a drink? Because I could sure do with one." He pulled a bottle of tablets out of his pocket and dry-swallowed a couple.

"You can't drink when you're on pain meds." Kensi came in just in time to catch this last statement.

"Actually, you can. You just get a bit light-headed, that's all," he argued.

"You're still not getting any alcohol. End of story." She wandered over to the tall window and peered down into the street. "Are they going for a world record or something?"

"Don't encourage them," Sam advised.

The shrill sound of the doorbell echoed in the hallway. "Thank heavens. They must have heard me. Can you imagine what the neighbours were thinking?"

Deeks smirked. "If it was me, I'd be sitting there with field glasses, thinking "this is like free porn" Live action right in front of your windows and in broad daylight - what could be better?"

"I don't believe you. I mean, there are times when I think Kensi's been the making of you and then you open your mouth and we go right back to square one again."

"Come on, Sam. You're really trying to tell me you think differently?"

"I didn't say that. I just wouldn't say what you said." Sam assumed a righteous expression.

Come on, Deeks – I'm a man, Of course I like porn.

"You'd think it though, wouldn't you? Which amounts to the same thing. I'm just more honest than you are."

"Or more stupid. Don't let Kensi catch you saying things like that."

Kensi appeared back in the doorway. "Knock it off. We've got a visitor." She made a mental note to discover exactly what they'd been talking about later on.

"Hi Nico." Sam waved his hand in the air without turning around. "Callen finally put you down?"

"It's not Nico," Kensi hissed and stood to one side.

"Good afternoon. Sarah MacLeod, from British Intelligence. I'd like to have a word with you, if I may?" A tall woman in her mid-thirties stepped forward, and showed her ID card.

"Sure." Deeks smiled ingratiatingly. "Sorry I can't get up, but I was trapped in this burning building last night and… But you know all about that, don't you?"

"Have you found EJ?" Sam asked, trying to recover his poise.

Sarah shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about."

"EJ Barratt? NCIS agent gone rogue, possible arsonist? Maybe has a side-line in dubious operations for the CIA?"

"No, that's not ringing any bells with me, though I'm sure my colleagues in agencies will be very interested to hear all about her, Mr Hannah. I'm here because of a dead Marine found at the Rosyth Naval Dockyard."

"Why's MI5 interested in a dead Marine?" Deeks asked. "Not that you said you were from MI5, or anything, of course."

"Normally, we wouldn't be. We'd let the US authorities deal with it. Except for the fact this Marine had half a kilo of pure cocaine in his backpack and the details of someone called Max Gentry. NCIS Director Vance in LA said we should get in touch with you immediately. And he implied that this could have significant implications for national security, which is why the Security Service is involved." She looked across at Deeks. "We don't generally tend to call ourselves MI5, by the way. It tends to give people the wrong impression."

"Like you're all going to be like James Bond, with cool gadgets?"

Sam wanted to bury his head in his hands: clearly Deeks was already high on the pain meds.