Title: Prisoner of Love
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own none; all belong to Joss Whedon
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Summary: Spike is a prisoner of sorts
Warnings/Spoilers: Season 5
Beta'd by: Skargasm
Prompt #258 from tamingthemuse- Prisoner

Spike was a prisoner. A prisoner of love, and how bloody corny was that? And who was the one who captured his heart, so to speak? Xander bloody Harris. With his shaggy hair and hazel eyes, a smile that could light up any room and a sense of humor that could disengage any serious situation. Those weren't the only qualities that attracted Spike to Xander. The most important ones were his heart and loyalty.

Now you might be asking why Spike was a prisoner of love. It was simple. Anything that Xander wanted or needed Spike would get for him. From something as small as a box of Twinkies to beating an unidentified demon to a pulp after it tried to proposition Xander into a little romp in the back room of Willy's. Now those sounded like things that wouldn't sound like that big a deal. No, Spike had absolutely no problem with that type of stuff. The thing that proved Spike was a prisoner and whipped was…

"Happy Birthday, Buffy!" everyone yelled out as Buffy stormed into Xander's apartment after receiving a cryptic message from Xander. Something about a demon and him being trapped in the bathroom while Spike was out playing kitten poker.

Spike aka William the Bloody, aka one fourth of the Scourge, aka Slayer of Slayers was attending Buffy Summer's twentieth birthday party. Not only was he a guest but he helped Xander plan the damn thing. From balloons and streamers to the ice cream cake. Hell he even went in with Xander for a gift certificate for the mall. Xander had told him Buffy was running out of clothes due to being slimed and covered in demon goo after basically every patrol and wouldn't it be the best idea to help her get some new clothes? If it being Xander's idea for the birthday present to be clothes didn't make people aware that Xander was gay, Spike didn't know what would.

He had no idea what was so different from the party then every other day except there were streamers, balloons and presents. But Xander seemed to be having a great time and Spike knew that once the party was over and all the Scooby's left the mess would be left until tomorrow and Spike would be rewarded for being such a good sport and only minimum complain-age. Xander's word.

Spike watched as Xander excitedly explained to Buffy how he and Spike made this master plan, though in reality it wasn't but Xander was happy so who was Spike to pop his pet's bubble…so to speak. He saw how Buffy smiled so happy that Xander had but so much thought into her party. Spike would never say this out loud even to Xander but Buffy deserved this. After Joyce became sick Buffy took over the role of mother to Dawn. She made sure Dawn got her homework done and made sure she would eat and do her chores, all the while keeping up with her own school work and keeping Sunnydale safe. Xander had commented more than once that Buffy didn't smile nearly as much as she used to. Xander Harris White Knight for any situation.

Xander smiled at Spike as he continued to chat with Buffy. Yup Spike was a prisoner of love but it definitely had its benefits.

The End